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Execrable Klein:

How the White House sees the shutdown (and debt ceiling!) fight

To the White House, the shutdown/debt ceiling fight is quite simple, and quite radical: Republicans are trying to create a new, deeply undemocratic pathway through which a minority party that lost the last election can enact an agenda that would never pass the normal legislative process. It’s nothing less than an effort to use the threat of a financial crisis to nullify the results of the last election. And the White House isn’t going to let it happen.


The White House has decided that they can’t govern effectively if the House Republicans can keep playing Calvinball. The rules and promises Boehner makes are not their problem, they’ve decided. They’re not going to save him. And that also rules out unusual solutions like minting a platinum coin or declaring the debt limit unconstitutional. The White House doesn’t want to break the law (and possibly spark a financial crisis) in order to save Boehner from breaking a promise he never should have made.

Top administration officials say that President Obama feels as strongly about this fight as he has about anything in his presidency. He believes that he will be handing his successor a fatally weakened office, and handing the American people an unacceptable risk of future financial crises, if he breaks, or even bends, in the face of Republican demands. And so the White House says that their position is simple, and it will not change: They will not negotiate over substantive policy issues until Republicans end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

Funny thing – every one of the 432 seats in the House was up for reelection last year. The Republicans control the House because they won 32 more seats than the Democrats. That’s right, THE REPUBLICANS WON MORE HOUSE ELECTIONS!!! They are the “majority” in the House.

George W. Bush won reelection in 2004, but in 2005 the Democrats opposed his Social Security reform proposal even though they were in the minority. In 2006 the Democrats took control of Congress by promising to oppose Bush. In 2008 they took the White House too. In 2009 the Democrats passed Obamacare without any GOP support. In 2010 the Republicans ran against Obamacare and re-took the House and almost got the Senate too.

Ezra Klein knows these things, because in 2003 Ezra started blogging about politics. His posts were supportive of Democratic efforts to oppose George Bush by every legal means. I don’t recall any of his posts back then asserting that Democrats had any obligation to support the president.

Quite the opposite.

The Obama-Reid Method of Negotiation:

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  1. The Klown says:

    To be fair, back when the Republicans were in control of Washington they said the same kind of things about the Democrats that the Democrats are saying about them now.

    Both sides are guilty of breath-takingly egregious hypocrisy.

    • Lulu says:

      Yep. I’ve known snotty know it all Republicans all of my sentient life. Condescending, dumb, entitled, clueless,lazy ass, and ugly in every way. Now they are Democrats!!!

  2. The Klown says:

    Prog math from Spoony:

    It’s important to remember that in 2012, 1.4 million more votes were cast for Democratic House candidates than Republican ones. That’s in addition to President Obama’s smashing victory over Mitt Romney.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah, yeah, and Hillary won the popular vote.

      But it didn’t mean anything to the Progs.

    • wmcb says:

      In 2012, Mitt Romney won far more congressional districts than Obama did. Where’s his inauguration?

    • angienc says:

      51.7% of the vote = “smashing victory” only if you’re using vile prog math.
      To sane people it means the country is pretty much evenly divided; especially when you look at the make up of the House (R controlled) and Senate (46% R).
      I’m sick of these lying moron progs pretending the “Other” (i.e, not Ds) are some lunatic, fringe group comprising 5% of the population.

  3. The Klown says:


    Profitable privately owned restaurant on federal land in SF ordered closed “due to shutdown”; managers however still getting paid

    Most of the news about the “Shutdown Theater” — unnecessary closures ordered by the Obama administration to purposely maximize the pain of the government shutdown — has focused on the Washington, DC area, but the epidemic of artificial Potemkin Suffering has now struck the West Coast as well.

    San Francisco’s Cliff House, a privately owned and very profitable restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean, was suddenly and unexpectedly ordered closed today, “because” the building sits on federal land. This, despite the fact that the Cliff House racks up $11.5 million in annual sales and is one of the most profitable independent restaurants in the nation.

    How does the government save money by shuttering a profitable business? And a private one at that?

    There are no federal employees at the Cliff House restaurant; a receptionist still manning the phones there today confirmed that all employees are paid by the restaurant’s owners, not by the government. As the Cliff House’s own Web site notes today, the restaurant is a “concessionaire” operating a business on Federal land — in this case, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which encompasses much of the Pacific shoreline along San Francisco and Marin counties — which means it is a private business which pays a fee to operate on government property

    • The Klown says:

      I don’t know the terms of their lease but that doesn’t sound legal.

      • Lulu says:

        It isn’t. We need some court orders to cut this shit out.

        • To do thst they’d also have to close all the “service” stuff in Yosemite, like the store, gas stations, coffee shops, etc., which would REALLY inconvenient the NPS families living up there. Wanna bet they don’t close ’em completely? Wink, wink? Cliff House should sue, but they don’t wsnt the IRS looking at ’em.

        • The Klown says:


          And for those wondering, other restaurants on federal property, like Louis’ up the road and Dixie in the Presidio, are unaffected so far because they are lessees of the National Park (that’s how Louis’ explains it, at least); businesses like the Cliff House and the also-shuttered Warming Hut are concessionaires of the National Park system.

    • mothy67 says:

      Same thing happened at City Tavern in Philly(where I worked in college). Most restaurant employees can not go very long without pay.

  4. The Klown says:
    • Lulu says:

      It is like the Syria debacle. They run their mouths with absolutely no idea of the end game. It is government by asinine blurting. I think Cruz set them up a la Putin. And yes I think Cruz is a smart enough strategic thinker to do it along with Senator Lee.

    • DandyTIger says:

      He’s drawn a red line.

  5. foxyladi14 says:

    So will John B. cave? 😦

  6. t says:

    Still thinking you should front page post the Reid could care less about cancer kids video..

  7. wmcb says:

    So my husband is getting pissed off again. The govt has instituted this thing called “Core Measures” for hospitals (which sounds oddly like Core Curriculum for schools, and is just as sucky.)

    One of the new rules is that anyone with a CHF diagnosis has to leave the hospital on an ace inhibitor. Now, ace inhibitors are useful drugs, and often appropriate. But they are not always needed. You know what works just as well or better for many? Plain old diuretics. Lasix. CHEAP old diuretics.

    There are other measures having to do with what drugs MUST be prescribed, and lo and behold they are curiously always the patented expensive ones. Sure, he can not do it, but he gets dinged, the hospital gets dinged, and if you fail to meet a hefty percentage of Core Measures, Medicare cuts your reimbursement level or even decertifies the hospital.

    Tell me again how Big Pharma isn’t working hand in hand with govt via HHS and ACA. Tell me again how ACA isn’t primarily for creating a govt-enforced crony market for the Insurance companies and pharma. As my husband said last night, “I am very grateful for the pharmacuetical industry. They’ve invented some good stuff. But they should not be driving how I treat my patients.”

    The hospital is also downsizing floor staff (you know, the ones who actually take care of patients), but hiring on lots ond lots of compliance and oversight staff. And every doctor and nurse and aide he knows is shaking their heads in frustration at the STUPIDITY of all this.

    • wmcb says:

      And BTW, good medicine will not completely die under ACA. It will go private. You wouldn’t believe the number of docs I hear discussing how to set up cash only practices and clinics. It’s all the buzz.

      The poor and elderly and lower middle class are going to be stuck with increasingly poor care, lackadaisical drone docs and crap insurance in the ACA system. And anyone with money is going to go get GOOD care in the completely private system.

      • mothy67 says:

        Can a cash only operation charge different amounts for the same service?

        • wmcb says:

          I don’t think so. At least not without getting sued. I mean, Target can’t arbitrarily charge one guy $10 for an item and the next guy $15. Even if it’s legal, it would just be stupid business practice.

          But cash payment allows you to control who gets discounts, so long as you do it in an aboveboard, consistent manner. For instance, you could offer discounts to military, senior discounts, etc.

        • The Klown says:

          You are legally allowed to discriminate, except on the basis of certain things, like race, religion, etc. Whether you should or not is another question.

    • swanspirit says:

      What happened to the PATIENT RIGHT to refuse a medication? And you know who is going to get caught in the middle of staff reduction? Why the nurses of course , the hospital administrators favorite scapegoat . How is that national nursing shortage coming along anyway , I wonder ?

    • swanspirit says:

      Stealing ,paraphrasing and reposting on FB

    • westcoaster says:

      underground hospitals will be the new speakeasies

  8. wmcb says:

    Just posted this on facebook. I’m sure some of the primitive “Oog. My tribe good, your tribe bad.” folks will get pissy over it.

    57 House Democrats just voted with the R’s to fund WIC (nutrition for pregnant women and children), veterans benefits, some federal workers, and many other things. This is a BIPARTISAN temporary compromise to fund what we can agree on for now. Harry Reid is blocking from it even coming to a vote in the Senate, and Obama vows to veto.

    So can we please stop with the massive pretense that it’s only the evil evil GOP who is being intractable and all-or-nothing? This is a stand-off on BOTH sides, both of which are representing the interests of the people who elected them. The Democrats are more than willing to shut down the govt in order to save the ACA mandate from even being delayed by one year. And the Republicans are willing to shut it down to gain a year’s respite from the ACA mandate.

    Both sides are playing hardball. But the GOP House, and now many Dems, are at least willing to make this ongoing stand-off a little less painful to the public. Harry Reid and Obama have made it clear now that they want MAXIMUM pain as leverage.

    There are no pure blameless angels here, and never were.

    • wmcb says:

      I edited to add this: Harry Reid and Obama have made it clear now that they want MAXIMUM pain as leverage. That’s a valid and oft-used political tactic, of course, but let’s stop pretending, shall we?

    • DeniseVB says:

      There’s a lot of stuff sitting on Dirty Harry’s desk that hasn’t seen the light of day …. jobs bills, budget anyone? If the GOP doesn’t run this up a flagpole, they’re dumber than I thought they were.

      • wmcb says:

        They need to be screaming from the rooftops that they have bipartisan agreement to make this less painful for the public. Will they? I don’t know. They are known for not having a clue how to message.

  9. The Klown says:

    He’s not just a plant, he’s a FRAUD!

    Update: What could make this a more quintessentially Obama story? How about if Chad Henderson is lying about signing up for ObamaCare?

    His own father “contradicted virtually every detail of the story the media can’t get enough of” during an interview with Reason, and says neither the elder or junior Henderson has enrolled for ObamaCare coverage yet.

    Reason’s Peter Suderman adds that “some of the details that Chad has released are also at odds with published rate schedules and how ObamaCare officials say the enrollment system works.” So there’s a good chance that the “poster boy for ObamaCare” is not just a plant, but a complete fraud.

  10. The Klown says:

    Via Hot Air:

    Terry Holt, a longtime Republican strategist, said Mr. Obama’s strategy rests on a cold-eyed calculation that Republicans are the ones with the most to lose. “As long as the president thinks his poll numbers are going to be good, I don’t expect the government to reopen,” he said.

    Said a senior administration official: “We are winning…It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.”

  11. DeniseVB says:

    Yay, they’ve reinforced the WW2 Memorial barriers, take that you old geezers…….and be sure to blame the Republicans!!!!!

  12. wmcb says:

  13. The Klown says:
  14. The Klown says:
  15. The Klown says:
  16. wmcb says:

  17. tommy says:

    I don’t care about the shutdown. Thats just media news. About ACA (Obamacare), I’m worried. From where I’ve come, lots of underground hospitals have sprung up. And reputable doctors are available there. Its on a cash & carry basis. Its like the old abortion issue all over again.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I think it was on Twitchy where I saw a boatload of tweets by young Obots mad Obamacare WASN’T FREEEEEEEE, and told if they didn’t sign up their penalty would be $95/yr. To a young min.wage earner, that’s a lot of money, especially when it’s deducted from a tax refund.

      • wmcb says:

        They are in for a rude surprise. It’s not just $95 It’s $95 or 1% of income, whichever is LARGER. And it goes up in 2016.

  18. wmcb says:

  19. The Klown says:

    WMCB: Add this to your collection:

  20. foxyladi14 says:

    Any said, Helen is on vacation with her daughter, and her daughter’s sister-in-law for a few days. Hopefully she will be rejoining us soon!

  21. DandyTIger says:

    Latest polls on the shutdown show the blame equal between Obama and the Repubs in house (24% each), then slightly less for All (20%), then slightly less for Dems (17%). Statistically it’s close to a four-way tie.

  22. wmcb says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      Sad isn’t it. The best they can do is offer catastrophic. Which does no good if you have any sort of ongoing issues where you need actual care. Fine for young people that will have no issues. But then, for them, the penalty is cheeper. And if they have an issue, they can just sign up then. So there is absolutely no reason to sigh up.

  23. 1539days says:

    This did not suck

  24. wmcb says:

    Reason’s Suderman is not letting up. This kid may have been a paid OFA operative.

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