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Who does this Clowney think he is?

If the answer is “The best damn college player in the country” then he’s right: Clowney should quit while he’s healthy Jadeveon Clowney does not want to play college football. Simple solution: Don’t. Clowney should hand in his South Carolina … Continue reading

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Obama – Then & Now

Obama today: President Obama would accept a short-term increase in the federal borrowing cap , rather than one lasting a year or more, a senior White House official said Monday. The statement was an acknowledgment by the administration that it … Continue reading

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Oh Crap, It’s Monday Again!

I didn’t write a post because I was up late watching the Raiders beat the Chargers. The game did not start until 8:30pm Klown time. Just wait. I’m sure Obama or his minions will do or say something stupid I … Continue reading

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