Late Night Drunk-Bloggin’ Open Thread

I don’t actually have time to blog, what with working some 60+ hours a week between a full-time+overtime rent-a-human gig (at a major insurance company no less…Irony, your name must be Lola!) and my way-underpaid adjunct faculty gig. But what the hell. I’m on my third high-volume (aka gravity) beer, and facing down 42 minutes until my bed-hog husband gets up for his third-shift gig. Oh, he’ll complain tomorrow that he’s just exhausted that he also has to attend another 4 hours in class this week and 4 hours in homework, but hey, we aren’t keeping score. Or are we? Hmmm…… FTR, I do 90% of the housework. Bullshit.

Mostly I’m here to ramble. And to give you new breathing space after after the last thread filled up with comments. 132 and counting last I looked. I’m not looking again. I’m just throwing this up, because sh!t is WHACK out there right now. What with Obamacare in full meltdown mode, the complete theater over the “shutdown”…aka…”debt ceiling”…aka…”budget negotiations. I mean honestly, who the feck cares? I teach English and I’m too drunk to SPELL. That is a an actual serious problem. And I’ve been addicted to the music of my youth lately. I don’t even give a shit about Miley Cyrus or whatever the latest marketing flavah is. GnR!

I mean, honestly, who could give a shit in the midst of all this manufactured bullshit? Maybe you could. I couldn’t. I’m pretty sure things are heating up to get real bad next year economically. And I’m past rooting for the bottom. It doesn’t exist. There a 132 levels to hell, and we’re on, like, 42. Get ready.

Yeah, my give-a-damn just busted. Right in the middle of this post. Mostly because we’re down to 31 minutes to bedtime. What’s on your mind?

Oh, did I mention I got ordained? And I’m performing my first wedding on Halloween. How apropos is that?


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61 Responses to Late Night Drunk-Bloggin’ Open Thread

  1. helenk3 says:

    a good question stolen from a commenter at Rev Amy’s place

    This was a comment by a reader on facebook about whether or not Obamacare should be “defunded”.That I am still trying to figure out myself
    Check this out:
    “I have a simple question to ask: According to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Affordable Care Act (AKA Owebummercare) is a TAX, right?
    So explain to me how the government has gotten so completely screwed up that TAXES require FUNDING??? I thought taxes were supposed to be a source of REVENUE.”

    So Guys why are we funding a Tax??????(My question).

    • 1539days says:

      Obamacare is about 1000 pages of silly putty, so it means anything Obama wants right now.

      Obama originally sold the ACA as being revenue neutral. The idea being that it was a series of laws that made money available for insurance and a bunch of regulations that made insurance companies cover everyone (at whatever price they saw fit). According to the Supreme Court, (and the administration’s lawyers, who also called it a tax for legal purposes) there is a tax imposed on every single American for Obamacare and a tax break for anyone who buys health insurance.

      This means that the Democrats were the first in US History to impose a national poll tax, which every liberal said the right wing was going to do.

      The funding is presumably for implementation and enforcement. If the IRS has no money to enforce Obamacare compliance, people could say they bought insurance and the IRS couldn’t investigate it. If it were defunded last year, that half a billion dollars wouldn’t have been pissed away on that crappy website, either.

      Removing funding is ultimately useless since almost every government healthcare system in the world is in massive debt anyway and they still exist.

  2. DandyTIger says:

    Way cool on the ordination. And it’s most definitely time to get drunk.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Cory Booker won the NJ Senate seat. That gives them 55, or 57 including McCain and Graham 😉

    I’m just sorry the guy Sarah campaigned for didn’t win.

  4. swanspirit says:

    Congratulations on your ordination , I haven’t felt up to much commenting lately , but today was the first day I drove since I hurt my back ,and I am still losing weight even though I haven’t been able to work out , so I am feeling optimistic about my health and recovery , although it is very slow and frustrating .. I wish I could say I was optimistic about the outcome of the legislation passed tonight, but it was encouraging to hear that Ted Cruz will continue the fight .

    • Swan, I hope your back is feeling better. A friend of mine with ms suggested a PBS program for exercise with my back issues. Have you heard of Sit and be Fit? Glad you chimed in.

  5. helenk3 says:

    to all those congress critters that voted yes

  6. The Klown says:


    Yale Law professor Dan M. Kahan was conducting an analysis of the scientific comprehension of various political groups when he ran into a shocking discovery: tea party supporters are slightly more scientifically literate than the non-tea party population.


    In fact, tea party members tend to be more scientifically literate than other self-described conservatives, who have slightly negative scores, overall. These findings should give both liberal and GOP establishment types pause over their caricatures of tea party constituents.

    • 1539days says:

      Given that they are less prone to accept scientific principles, I would say it won’t give liberals and the GOP any pause at all.

      I’m a Tea Party supporter and I took physics at an engineering school.

      • 1539days says:

        I also just read the original article. Here’s an example of the very thing he’s writing about. The comments run the gamut to explain why the tests are wrong and that if open-mindedness and the scientific method were tested, then they would get the pro-liberal results they crave.

        They’re missing the obvious answer. The Tea Party skews slightly older and older people know more stuff. I am truly enjoying the freak out by those guys about how 1 out of 5 people they encounter every day may be secret Tea partiers since they can’t use intelligence as a screen.

    • swanspirit says:

      They do the math 😉

  7. The Klown says:

    Tonight’s Final Jeopardy answer was “Taylor Swift”. I was the only one who got it!


  8. The Klown says:

    This was an opportunity cost of time. We could have been talking about jobs, farm bill, immigration, any number of issues that need to be addressed, and I commend the Speaker for coming around for bringing it to the floor. I salute — I never saw anything like what Harry Reid did. To watch him, was to watch a master at work. He was superb, intellectually, politically astute, and just the sheer stamina of it all.


  9. The Klown says:
  10. Jadzia says:

    Can I ramble a little bit? I am still friendless and alone over here, ugh, but happy to report that Cecilia is being skipped out of her preschool class up to the next level, which makes her the 3rd of my kids to skip a grade. I said to the teacher, “How can you possibly know if she is smart or not? What are they doing besides playing, bringing home communicable diseases, and getting their clothes dirty?” Teacher: “You are aware that I was your sons’ teacher, too, right? We might as well get this out of the way now.”

    So either they subscribe to some kind of genetic theory of intelligence here, or the teacher was telling me in the politest way she knows how that my kid is a pain in the ass. Frankly, it could go either way.

  11. votermom says:

    Congrats on your Ordination, Reverend Lola!

  12. lyn says:

    Congratulations, Lola! How will you dress for the Halloween wedding?

  13. Thanks for all the congratulations on my ordination, folks. I appreciate it. I’m wearing a pumpkin-orange and white polka dot dress with pearls for the wedding, ftr. 😀

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