The Titanic had a “Glitch” – Obamacare is a Disaster

Ron Fournier:

Why Obama Should Be Freaked Out Over Obamacare

1. It’s worse than his team has let on. The White House has tried to position the failed first days of Obamacare as mere hiccups caused by the site’s popularity. Obama called them “kinks.” An administration spokesman told the Washington Post on Sunday that the “main driver of the problem is volume.” This is intentionally misleading.


2. This is the easy part. Finding and motivating people to take action online is the founding strength of Team Obama. This is what they do best. Managing a complex law is a different matter, and it’s fair to question whether the president and his team are up to it.

How do you convince healthy young Americans to pay for insurance they may not need in order to fund the program? Do companies shed workers and working hours to avoid coming under the law? Are people with cheap catastrophic plans forced to pay more in the exchanges? Tricky questions likes these will soon make the hard art of website design look like fingerpainting. “The online federal health care exchange, the heart of the Obamacare project, is such a rolling catastrophe that it may end up creating a major policy fiasco immediately rather than eventually,” wrote Ross Douthat in a New York Times column titled, “Obamacare, Failing Ahead of Schedule.”


5. It could hurt Americans. For decades, politicians in both parties pledged to ease one of the leading causes of anxiety in the post-industrial age, the lack of affordable health care. Nearly 50 million Americans are uninsured, or about 15.4 percent of the population. Millions more are underinsured. Obamacare, enacted three years ago over the objections of Republicans, may or may not be the answer. But, as the White House likes to remind Republicans, it’s the law and it deserves to be shot.

Okay, I may have changed that last sentence a little bit.

Things are gonna get a lot worse. This is just the ‘roll-out” phase. Obamacare hasn’t even killed anyone yet. If only someone could have predicted that Obamacare was going to be an epic clusterfuck!

Oh, wait.

I did.

(Never argue with the Klown. The Klown is always right.)

The Hindenburg Glitch

The Hindenburg Glitch

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      Huffington Post’s Sam Stein said. “No one beta tested the site, which is almost criminal, when you think about it. The president was caught off-guard, which is really unfortunate and also really kind of messed up. So you need someone who brings accountability to the process; I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people lost their jobs.”

      Notice Obama is NEVER accountable. “It’s unfortunate he doesn’t have a clue.” They didn’t beta test the site for this ginormous project????

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    Unaccountable bureaucracies. We need much less of them. MUCH.

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      Wait….didn’t The One just tell us the other day to IGNORE all the blogs and such?

      I’m sooooo confused. 🙂

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      Truly frightening. And how much attention do you think this will get?

      Schweizer contends that the common belief that outside forces and special interests seek to bribe Washington politicians is wrong. The reverse is true: lawmakers use a series of “brass knuckle legislative tactics” to politically extort wealthy interests and industries into forking over large political donations—some of which can then be funneled to a politician’s friends or family members.

      “Built into the valuations is the implicit extortion value of the [committee] seat,” explains Schweizer. “Sitting on the House Financial Services Committee means you can extract lots of money from wealthy financial institutions.”

      According to the author, committee assignments have far more to do with fundraising prowess than policy expertise.

      “We want to believe that committee assignments are based on knowledge, expertise, and background,” writes Schweizer in Extortion. “But a member of Congress will end up on a powerful committee like the House Ways and Means Committee or Financial Services Committee only if he or she can raise money.”

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