Oh Please! Oh Please! Oh Please!


National Journal:

Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party

It took a tea-party insurrection that disabled the federal government and wrecked the Republican brand, but after months of handwringing, establishment Republicans are preparing to attack ultraconservative ideologues across red America.

From Alabama to Alaska, the center-right, business-oriented wing of the Republican Party is gearing up for a series of skirmishes that it hopes can prevent the 2014 midterm election from turning into another missed opportunity. This will not be a coordinated operation. It will be messy, ugly, and prone to backfiring. And if the comeback succeeds, it will be in fits and starts, most likely culminating in the selection of a presidential nominee in 2016.

“Hopefully we’ll go into eight to 10 races and beat the snot out of them,” said former Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio, whose new political group, Defending Main Street, aims to raise $8 million to fend off tea-party challenges against more mainstream Republican incumbents. “We’re going to be very aggressive and we’re going to get in their faces.”

The caterwauling over the GOP brand ramped up after President Obama’s reelection and a handful of setbacks in the Senate before hitting full screech as the country hurtled toward default. For some Republicans, the time for soul-searching is over. “This is a battle we have to fight,” said GOP consultant John Feehery, who has advised top Republican leaders on Capitol Hill. “We can’t just lie down and let this happen.”

Tactics being discussed among Republican strategists, donors, and party leaders include running attack ads against tea-party candidates for Congress; overthrowing Ron Paul’s libertarian acolytes dominating the Iowa and Minnesota state parties; promoting open primaries over nominating conventions, which can produce Republican hard-liners such as Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli and shutdown-instigator Mike Lee of Utah; and countering political juggernauts Heritage Action, the Club for Growth, and FreedomWorks that target Republican incumbents who have consorted with Democrats.

There isn’t anything better in politics than a bloody civil war for the heart and soul of a party. This one will be the grassroots vs. the establishment.

I’ll be rooting for the grassroots.

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  1. helenk3 says:

    If more of the public starts reading the book Extortion, many of those who have been too long at the fair from both parties will be gone.
    I can only read a few pages at a time, before my Irish temper starts.
    Since neither party does not want to really govern, just make money at our expense they have to go.
    All new people, for a short time no more than 3 terms should maybe change the atmosphere in the DC swamp
    the republican and democratic establishment will have a lot more than the tea party to worry about

    • Been thinking about reading this book. Your endorsement just tilted me over! LOL

      • helenk3 says:

        so far I have read less then 20 pages and have used every word I learned on the railroad. I have to read some, then go read something else to calm down or I would be leading a parade of people with pitchforks and torches to DC

      • Somebody says:

        His other book was good, but it also made your blood pressure shoot up. I completely understand why Helen says she can only read a few pages at a time!

  2. The Klown says:

    I really don’t think it’s accurate to label this fight as one between the GOP moderates and the far-right. It’s establishment vs. grassroots.

    The Tea Party is small government/low tax, but they are social and foreign policy moderates. It was the GOP establishment that was pushing for war in Syria.

    • helenk3 says:

      many times image is everything. During the shutdown the younger republicans came out and stood with the WW2 vets. Not one democrat or establishment republican did that. It is not that far until the 2014 elections and that will NOT be forgotten.
      I know the dems and the msm put the blame on the republicans for the shutdown and I am sure many believe that. Coming out for the WW2 Vets would have altered that image

  3. If justice prevails low level party wonks all over the nation are gonna hafta find a way to slither away from the “Establishment” mouthpieces and find a way to claim they were TP all the time. About 5% were.

  4. 1539days says:

    The Democrats had that fight a decade ago.

    When there’s a fight for the soul of the party, the soul loses.

  5. trixtat says:

    If any of you were wondering why CGI, then perhaps this is the reason:

    “More on the Obamacare Princeton Connection”

    “Look, as I said below, I don’t want to cast aspersions at anyone. I just want someone in the media to notice some connections.

    CGI Federal is the company that was hired by the Obama Administration to design the online health insurance exchanges for Obamacare. The reported price tag is more than $600 million.

    Obamacare was signed into law on March 30, 2010.

    According to this bio, Toni Townes-Whitley was hired by CGI Federal in May 2010. Her expertise is not technical, it is “business development.”

    Toni Townes-Whitley was a Princeton classmate of the first lady, Michelle Obama, in the Class of 1985.

    Is it improper to ask the question whether Ms. Townes-Whitley was hired precisely because of that connection and to leverage that connection into getting CGI Federal a big chunk of the Obamacare business?

    Has anyone reviewed the White House visitor logs to see if she and Michelle Obama have met?

    Is there anyone in the media who thinks these might be interesting ‘news’ stories, given the ‘train wreck’ of the Obamacare website rollout?”



    “Toni Townes-Whitley is Vice-President of Consulting Services at CGI located in Fairfax Virginia. CGI is among the largest independent information technology (IT) and business process services firms in the world. She has responsibility for CGI’s IT services, hosting and consulting business with Federal civilian clients. She joined CGI in 2010, after serving as Vice President for Global Public Sector System Integration and Consulting at Unisys Corporation. Toni also serves on CGI’s U.S.Cabinet which is responsible for driving the strategy and growth of the U.S. business.” [….]


  6. helenk3 says:


    for some people trying the obamacare website, it shows
    they are in jail or they are their own grandpa

  7. helenk3 says:


    more on Benghazi

    On Sunday’s 60 Minutes there will be an interview with this man

  8. The Klown says:
  9. helenk3 says:


    obamacare website not the first website government screwup

    DOD travel website created in the 90s for millions of dollars. still not working and costing more than needed for fares

  10. driguana says:

    I’m shakin’…

  11. driguana says:

    please, please please….

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