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Free HBO Weekend Open Thread

I got free HBO and Cinemax until Sunday night. It actually started Monday but I didn’t find out until Thursday night. So I’m binging on movies all weekend. You know where I went yesterday? Nowhere. But I’m out of beer … Continue reading

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Songs You Pretend To Hate Open Thread

Every generation has them. They were big hits at one time but nobody will admit to liking them now.

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Black Friday Open Thread

It’s Black Friday. Get out there and shop til you drop! Our economy depends on you!

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Blah, Blah, Happy Thankgiving Yadda, Yadda

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Hanukkah too if it applies to you. I want you all to do me a favor. If any of your Obot/Vile Prog family members (and we’ve all got at least one of those annoying weirdos) tries to … Continue reading

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The Great Turkey Slaughter Nothing-Burger

Has it been five years already? Gawker: Never Forget: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Slaughter Interview Five years ago, then-Gov. Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey in anticipation of Thanksgiving at a farm in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. She then chatted with … Continue reading

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Boo Hoo Barry Blames Big Bad GOP (Again)

Daily Mail: President Obama lashed out Tuesday at Republican lawmakers during a Hollywood speech seemingly designed to shift public debate away from his Obamacare- and Iran-related political train wrecks and toward safer territory: jobs and the economy. Speaking to a … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday

Daily Caller: Prof corrects minority students’ capitalization, is accused of racism Racial tensions are inflamed at the University of California at Los Angeles following several incidents — most notably, one where a professor corrected the grammar, punctuation and capitalization in … Continue reading

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