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Free HBO Weekend Open Thread

I got free HBO and Cinemax until Sunday night. It actually started Monday but I didn’t find out until Thursday night. So I’m binging on movies all weekend. You know where I went yesterday? Nowhere. But I’m out of beer … Continue reading

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Songs You Pretend To Hate Open Thread

Every generation has them. They were big hits at one time but nobody will admit to liking them now.

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Black Friday Open Thread

It’s Black Friday. Get out there and shop til you drop! Our economy depends on you!

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Blah, Blah, Happy Thankgiving Yadda, Yadda

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Hanukkah too if it applies to you. I want you all to do me a favor. If any of your Obot/Vile Prog family members (and we’ve all got at least one of those annoying weirdos) tries to … Continue reading

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The Great Turkey Slaughter Nothing-Burger

Has it been five years already? Gawker: Never Forget: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Slaughter Interview Five years ago, then-Gov. Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey in anticipation of Thanksgiving at a farm in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. She then chatted with … Continue reading

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Boo Hoo Barry Blames Big Bad GOP (Again)

Daily Mail: President Obama lashed out Tuesday at Republican lawmakers during a Hollywood speech seemingly designed to shift public debate away from his Obamacare- and Iran-related political train wrecks and toward safer territory: jobs and the economy. Speaking to a … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday

Daily Caller: Prof corrects minority students’ capitalization, is accused of racism Racial tensions are inflamed at the University of California at Los Angeles following several incidents — most notably, one where a professor corrected the grammar, punctuation and capitalization in … Continue reading

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It all depends on whose ox you gore

Guess who got fired? Alec Baldwin has been fired by MSNBC, sources say. The rage-aholic’s weekly show, “Up Late With Alec Baldwin,” has been canceled because of the actor’s foul-mouthed rant at a photographer he called a nasty name. “The … Continue reading

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The Great Pretender

Barack Obama: I’m ‘not a particularly ideological person’ I’m inclined to agree. “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” – Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope Kevin D. Williamson: … Continue reading

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Kill Me Now Open Thread

This is how my daughter, my sweet baby girl, has decorated her Christmas tree. Just stab me in my broken heart. Lear: If she must team, Create her child of spleen, that it may live And be a thwart disnatur’d … Continue reading

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Proggles R Stoopid

From a Proggle named Jason Easley at Politicus USA (“Real Liberal Politics”): Sarah Palin Humiliates Herself On Fox News By Not Knowing What the Nuclear Option Is Palin said, Well, there are a lot of wild outside the mainstream nominees … Continue reading

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Munich Pact II – Changing the Subject

Apparently we have made some kind of a deal with Iran. I’m sketchy on the details and I really don’t feel like analyzing the deal anyway. If you want some wonky dissection of the terms and conditions there are lots … Continue reading

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Just Keep Shovelin’!

Charles Blows is feeling optimistic: You can’t promise more than you can produce. When the president told people they could keep their doctors and current insurance plans and that turned out not to be true, that hurt his standing more … Continue reading

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Caturday Open Thread

The cat ate my post.

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Always. About. Obama. RT @WhiteHouse: President Obama on President Kennedy and the American spirit — John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) November 22, 2013 Un-fucking-believeable! Dogs in heat have more shame than Barack Obama.

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Hook, Line and Sinker

From Free Wood Post: Sarah Palin: “Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians” Sarah Palin has put her foot in it again. You may recall back in 2008,when then Gov. Sarah Palin, fresh off her Vice Presidential bid loss, did … Continue reading

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Why Obamacare is Obama’s Vietnam

Dylan Byers: Obama holds off-record meeting with MSNBC hosts, liberal pundits President Obama held an off-the-record meeting with MSNBC hosts and liberal pundits on Thursday, POLITICO has learned. Present at the meeting: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell, Washington Post … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Filibuster 1837-2013

Shit happens: The Senate went nuclear on Thursday, making a dramatic change to the Senate rules for confirming judicial and executive nominees and significantly curbing the power of the minority party. Under the new rules, only a simple majority would … Continue reading

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Tin Pot Thursday Thread

When tea and kool-aide collide, the popcorn starts popping! That made a lot of sense in my head, btw. I just wanted an excuse to use that photoshop. Open thread.

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The Red Herring and the Big Shiny Race-Baiting Squirrel

Mediate: MSNBC’s Dyson Accuses Matt Lewis of Exerting ‘White Privilege’ in Explosive Exchange Daily Caller and The Week columnist Matt Lewis appeared on MSNBC with Martin Bashir on Wednesday to discuss the Affordable Care Act’s roll-out and the lack of … Continue reading

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