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The Illiberal Left are the New Puritans

Orson Scott Card: And as my politics diverged from the political correctness that has captured the left — I mean, (in) 1976 I was a Daniel Patrick Moynihan liberal Democrat — and without changing any of my principles, I’ve now … Continue reading

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The Lie Bringer

Roger L. Simon: God, Lies, and Obama Americans are far from strangers to presidential lying. Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon excelled at it. Both, however, were liars of what we could call self-defense. They were guys that got caught — … Continue reading

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A Very Bush-y Squirrel

Think Progress: BREAKING: Three Bush-Appointed Judges Reinstate Texas’ Anti-Abortion Law A panel of three Republican judges, all of whom were appointed by President George W. Bush, granted the state of Texas’ request Wednesday night to reinstate a law that will … Continue reading

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