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Do you know the difference between quinoa and couscous?

This is not a parody: Like other 5-year-olds, Erela Yashiv likes pizza and cupcakes and detests food that contains “green specks” of vegetables. But her mother, Stephanie Johnson, 46, who lives in TriBeCa and runs a cosmetics-case and travel-accessories line, … Continue reading

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Here’s another open thread thingie

That old thread was getting full and I don’t feel like writing another post. My nose is stuck in this book by Joe Hill, and I gotta rake leaves before it gets dark. Here is your brain on Kool-aid:

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This Must Be Some Of That New Civility I Heard About

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen: Christie’s tea-party problem The day after Chris Christie, the cuddly moderate conservative, won a landslide reelection as the Republican governor of Democratic New Jersey, I took the Internet Express out to Iowa, surveying its various … Continue reading

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