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What’s Up Doc?

Remember the “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.” promise that Obama made? Weakly Standard: “The president made clear throughout the effort to pass the Affordable Care Act and throughout the period in which — that … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Tuesday: Creigh Deeds Edition

In 2009, Deeds sunk McAuliffe for the Virginia Dem nomination for Governor by 22 points. His name never came up in 2013. McAuliffe beat Cuncinelli in 2013. Coincidence? The national news story breaking now (and as Klown always recommends, wait … Continue reading

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Kool-aid Makes You Cray-Cray!

From How to silence GOP nuts — and stop the Obamacare repeal campaign by Brian Beutler at Salon: That leaves two possible futures for the Affordable Care Act. One in which it limps ahead. Another in which it undertakes a … Continue reading

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