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A Tale of Two Leaders: Obama vs. Putin

The video above and the story below say it all: Ukraine denounces ‘armed invasion’ as suspected Russian forces raid Crimea airports Ukraine’s interior minister claims Russian forces have now taken control of two airports in Crimea. Eyewitnesses in the regional … Continue reading

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Dear Media: Please Treat Obama Like A Hollywood Star

Seriously, I wish they would. Ed Driscoll has another good article at PJ Media, titled “Say, Maybe TMZ Could Open Up a Branch in DC“. In it he first talks about the invasive and hostile coverage that Hollywood stars receive … Continue reading

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I just saw the weirdest thing

I went to the gym earlier and I saw something really weird. The sun was shining, but there were these big fluffy cottonball like things floating in the sky. They were way too big to be smoke signals. That’s not … Continue reading

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The White Devils Are Invading!!!

I know it will shock you but this article came from Salon: Spike Lee’s epic anti-gentrification speech Filmmaker Spike Lee has never been one to hold back his feelings. This, after all, is a man who’s compared Tyler Perry to … Continue reading

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How to handle a hysterical Prog

“Calm Down, Get ahold of yourself!” This is an open thread.

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The End is Near?

Perfesser Glenn Reynolds: People often confuse “decadence” with drinking and screwing a lot. Those, however, are often present in young and vital societies as well. But political decadence means a loss of any sense of tradition, or duty, or political … Continue reading

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Tin Foil Hat Tuesday Open Thread

I worked out yesterday. Today I feel like I got worked over by Ronda Rousey. I gotta mow today cuz it’s s’posed to rain tomorrow and the grass is already too high – in FEBRUARY!!! FML

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