I Want!


If you watched Justified last night you saw Raylan, Art and U.S. attorney Vasquez celebrating the arrest of Theo Tonin with a glass of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 20 year old bourbon.

Since I have a birthday coming up I thought I would drop a hint and tell you I would really like a bottle. I’m sure you can find one somewhere.

This is an open thread.

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  1. The Klown says:
  2. 49erDweet says:

    Man, what a shame! I don’t go to LA that much, the nearest RVW outlet, so you’ll have to settle for a Tim Horton’s Gift Card.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Congress dodged a bullet, but California didn’t 😀


    As far as expensive booze goes, I never could tell the difference between top and bottom shelf stuff. Johnnie Walker Blue comes to mind 😀

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Obama needs to hire Putin’s PR person. This is how you do a photo op……..


  5. The Klown says:

    The international media is bitching about the hotels in Sochi.

    My ass bleeds buttermilk for them.

  6. mcnorman says:

    You won’t find it in Sochi. From one of the menus.

  7. The Klown says:

    Check out all that global warming!

    • Constance says:

      It is really cold here in Seattle, 27 degrees as I drove into work and the traffic is miserable due to the Seahawk parade. I bet they are going to have trouble with people being sick from the cold. Seattle people aren’t used to these temps and many don’t have the coats for it.

      • elliesmom says:

        About the same temperature but we’re at a foot of snow, and it’s still coming down heavy.

        • leslie says:

          We had our 3rd emergency storm action in my town in the past week. I’ve lived here for 30 years, and this is the first time I remember having more than one in a season.
          This morning there were an additional 6 inches of snow and people are being way more helpful at the train instead of griping at one another (as they had last week). I have no idea how many more inches have accumulated since I left for work. It’s still snowing.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    For those who need a break from the whiny Sochi journos, this is a pretty cool video ….

  9. wmcb says:

    Article on purse snatchers and muggings of women:

    “Where are our men? Why are they not protecting us?” Sanchez continued, her voice full of frustration. “Men are failing us. I feel as though we are not being protected.”

    He pointed out that the old code of the streets, that thieves don’t hurt women and children, is no longer honored.

    What men? The men you have spent a decade or more bashing and belittling that you don’t need them because GRRRRRRL power? The men that you sneered at for opening a door for you? The men that get told every day that they offer not JACK SHIT that a woman can’t do for herself? The men that you told to fuck off and mind their own business, and how DARE they even suggest that women might be a weaker sex and in need of male protection? Those men? Wonder where they went?

    Yeah, that role that you are bitching now that they won’t fill? YOU shoved them out of it, forcibly, cupcake. We have an entire generation of young men now who feel NO compunction to protect women at all. They have had it drilled into their heads. No special treatment. Women are STROOOOOONG, dontcha know. YOU built that special modern breed of feral unchivalrous men who don’t see women as anything worth risking their male ass to protect, sweetcheeks. You.

    Be careful what you wish for. Because your utopian female-centered dreams only work so long as men as a whole LET you have it both ways. The moment men start actually behaving as if women are “equal” in the sense of being IDENTICAL (which is what you claimed to want), you are fucked six ways from Sunday. Because women and children will always be easy prey unless MEN voluntarily protect them – that is a fucking biological fact. You threw out the old tradeoffs without considering for one second what you were trading away.


    • DandyTIger says:

      They knew best. The solution many have come up with is of course big daddy government protecting us all. Which effectively means a police state.

      • wmcb says:

        They should talk to Uncle Sugar, the State. Men got no special responsibility to women, right?

      • wmcb says:

        Look, I’m not saying that every single thing about the old social contract was good. Of course not. But we could have tweaked it. Instead, idiots decided to burn it down totally.

        The older I get, the more I observe, the less inclined I am to burn down very old, time-tested constructs. Improve on them? Sure. But what comes after when you burn it down is too often much much worse in the end.

    • underwhelmed says:

      That is a righteous rant. And so, so, true. Also, when are people going to realise that the grrrrl power chicks beating up the bad guys on tv have the scriptwriter on their side?????

      • wmcb says:

        I’m sure idiots will try to tell me I must be opposed to equal legal rights, equal pay for equal work, etc. Nope.

        I’m saying that the **social** fabric of the relationships between the sexes didn’t need to be thrown out like they’ve tried to do. Dumbasses.

    • 49erDweet says:

      “But…….. but……. but.. why didn’t SOMEBODY warn us”?

      • wmcb says:

        Oh, some did warn, and are still warning. Unfortunately, anyone who objects to even the most insane feminist batshitness gets lumped in with “keep ’em all barefoot pregnant and oppressed.”

        It’s how the Left operates. ANY objection, any limit on their agenda at all, is painted as some weird extreme view that wants to return to the stone ages.

  10. swanspirit says:


    During NBC’s live State of the Union coverage Tuesday night, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd sneered at Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson being a Republican guest at the event: “…after the shooting with Gabby Giffords and for a couple of State of the Unions in a row….There was more of a dignified feeling about the guests that you would invite. Boy, you can tell things are a lot different now, when you’re inviting Duck Dynasty stars. Everybody’s trying to make a partisan political point.” [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

    Todd concluded: “You get the feeling that whatever Kumbaya that there had been, at least in the last couple of years, that’s – that’s gone with this State of the Union.”

    Since when is Chuck weird little poodle trim bearded Todd the arbiter of who or what is dignified ? Who the fuck do these people think they are ?
    I wish someone would drop lil Chuckie way out in the woods , so he could cry and wish someone from Duck Dynasty would find him and help him .

  11. wmcb says:

    I made a facebook movie.

    https://facebook.com/lookback/ ‪#‎FacebookIs10‬

    • DeniseVB says:

      That’s the link to MY movie 😉 I think there’s a “share” button for it ? Put it on the TCH page !!!! I’m going to test it now……

    • DeniseVB says:

      Okay, here’s mine, just c/p’d the url while the video was playing, will it work? We’ll see …

      There’s a share button too, I’ll test if it takes me to the TCH’s page….

        • DeniseVB says:

          Because you’re a FB friend? Wonder if anyone else can see it ? I saw yours, swan’s …. if myiq was my “friend” he’d see my rawkin’ granddaughter for his grandson /snork. I mean, she copped backstage passes for Yo Gabba Gabba at Madison Square Garden 😉

          LOL, how desperate do I sound for attention?

  12. threewickets says:

    Totally OT, does Afrocity ever come around. If anyone knows..

  13. wmcb says:

    Personally, I think that IF we are going to have an absolute minimum standard of living, we need to get rid of the dozens of various help programs and have ONE “dole” that is easy to track, easy to manage, and easy to adjust. In some places there are over 60 overlapping federal “programs” being administered, with all the attendant bureaucracies and graft. Welfare, foodstamps, section 8, unemployment, get rid of all of it – make it ONE check, given via tax return, that gives them minimal support.

    If you’re going to do it, then do it simply, and transparently. We don’t need 47 branches of bureaucracy and offices and departments and State employees and cushy appointments and boards etc to administer and suck off of it.

    But the pols NEVER want to do help in a manner that is simple and transparent and end-result focused. Where will they hide the graft and turf-trading and nepotism and favors?

    Good article on the minimum wage:


    • The Klown says:

      I’d bring back poorhouses. Places to eat, sleep and bathe. Minimal privacy, strict rules and no cash payments.

      • Constance says:

        I like the poor house idea. There is an old poor house in Troutdale Oregon that is now the Edgefield. I love to stay there and they have stories of the old residents all over the hotel. They also have about 8 bars on the property so you can go out at night and not have to drive back to the hotel. Anyway in the old days I guess they had the “meat tables” for those who did the job they were assigned and the “no meat” table if you didn’t do anything. They have a lot of local history lectures and the poor farm sounds like a pretty good idea. I know a lot of my friends who have been pushed out of their careers between 55 and 65 because of the economy would like to work. They don’t want hand outs they want a job!


      • 1539days says:

        When Carl Paladino ran for governor of New York (as a Tea Party Republican) in 2010, one of his platform items was to bring back poor houses. I love the idea because people can find one-stop shopping for everything. They could build an apartment building with hard to damage concrete walls, furnish it from Wal-Mart, but in a cafeteria, a alundry rom and computer room / wifi.

  14. wmcb says:

  15. wmcb says:

  16. Well, remember, the Olympic committee is one of the few orgs to say to Obama: “Nah, we can do better.” And Putin is the only world leader to take delight in showing Obama’s incompetence every chance he gets. It’s a double-whammy. So I really don’t trust the progressified American media to tell me the truth about any of what’s going on in Sochi.

  17. wmcb says:

  18. wmcb says:

  19. wmcb says:

    I am just not in the mood for this today. A facebook friend posted some meme pic about teh evil Republicans “GUTTING” foodstamps while people starve.

    I replied that a 1% cut of a program that has expanded by almost 50% in 5 years is not a “gutting” of anything.

    Not. In. The. Mood. for the emotional kneejerk bullshit today. Maybe I’ll go read a book.

    • leslie says:

      You can direct their attention to the SNAP program. Anyone can apply. And this includes the working person and persons with assets. It also includes food stamp recipients.
      Let him cry. Their crocodile tears or tears of ignorance.

  20. wmcb says:

    Oh, in all the hoopla over the 2.5 million job losses due to Obamacare, the media has missed another pertinent part of the CBO’s report. We are going to end up with even MORE uninsured persons than we had before:

    One killer detail comes on Page 111, where the report projects: “As a result of the ACA, between 6 million and 7 million fewer people will have employment-based insurance coverage each year from 2016 through 2024 than would be the case in the absence of the ACA.

    Even more damaging is this projection: “About 31 million nonelderly residents of the United States are likely to be without health insurance in 2024, roughly one out of every nine such residents.”

    When all this started, we had 30 million uninsured. A decade from now, we will have destroyed our healthcare system, spent TRILLIONS, and go up to….. approx 31 million uninsured.



    • SHV says:

      ” One killer detail comes on Page 111, where the report projects: “As a result of the ACA, between 6 million and 7 million fewer people will have employment-based insurance coverage each year from 2016 through 2024 than would be the case in the absence of the ACA.”
      The 6-7 million number has about as much value as the original CBO cost estimate for ACA. Loss of employment-based covered is a feature of ACA; that is why is had corporate support. The “exchanges” are the perfect cover for faze out of work based coverage. A $2000 per employee “tax” is dirt cheap compared to providing health insurance.

  21. wmcb says:

    In which author Sarah Hoyt explains what is happening with the slow preference cascade, and the refusal of evil horrible conservatives, libertarians, (or none of the above, like me) to adhere to the Left’s stereotypes of us, or reflexively apologize anymore when scolded.

    The Left is losing credibility. Fast. No one may like the R’s much either (I don’t), but the elite opinion-shaper intelligentsia has lost control of a big chunk the public mind. Read the whole thing. It’s long, but good.

    They have nothing I want. They certainly have nothing I need. And I’m not alone.

    To make things worse, for all these years, they’ve been able to go off more and more on their insanity, drinking their own ink (Darling, that’s unhealthy!) and spinning more and more out of contact with reality till to be a “real radical” you had to say completely insane things and demand that everyone follow them. (“PIV is unnatural, because first time hurts! “PIV” is totally a thing, because I can’t say heterosexual sex, because that would be like hatey mchatey and stuff! Women have mental communication with plants! My head is made of cabbage and I mainlined an entire DVD of Avatar!”) And we didn’t say anything, because we wanted to eat.

    Then suddenly… suddenly it’s all changed, and when they say what is – I want you to understand this – in their circles completely unexceptionable and sensible, the world explodes around them.

    They have no explanation for it. They try to mau-mau those double-plus-ungood thinkers (it works in colleges still!) and call us names, and we laugh in their faces.

    We’re seeing that happen more and more. And it will only accelerate as the preference cascade unrolls. You can only keep a completely unrealistic system of beliefs in place if you can make sure no one publicly laughs at it. Not just that most people don’t laugh at it, but that no one laughs at it. Because once someone shows up laughing at it in public, other would-be-mockers know they’re not alone. More coherent systems than this and older and more dignified too, have fallen to the pointing finger and the horse laugh.


  22. votermom says:

  23. The Klown says:

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