WHEN ASSHOLES COLLIDE – Piers Morgan vs Touré Neblett

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105 Responses to WHEN ASSHOLES COLLIDE – Piers Morgan vs Touré Neblett

  1. The Klown says:

    “What a load of fatuous nonsense you speak, Touré, don’t you?”


    Piers Morgan’s finest moment.

  2. mothy67 says:

    What is bluesy humour?

  3. The Klown says:

    I want VDH to be the father of my children:

    The new millennium has also given us a new American profile — the hip richeral. Richerals are, of course, well off. But they are even more cool and liberal. The two facts are not so much incompatible, as complementary.

    For some, big money allows three things: wealth’s cocoon enables you to dream safely about utopia rather than being laid off and broke; it exempts you from worrying much about the high taxes and regulations needed to pay for your redistributionist fantasy agendas; and it gives you the influence, capital, and opportunities to flee from the messy ramifications of your own ideology.

    The other side of being liberal is just as important for the richerals. Guilt is a primordial human emotion — usually in civilization’s history assuaged by religion and the accompanying fear of damnation in the hereafter. But richerals are more likely than average to be either agnostic or atheistic. Yet that fact does not mean that they feel any less guilty about unfairness and inequality. So they do have deities of sorts — a hip Olympic pantheon of race, class, gender, and environmental gods. Their own privilege — be it the techie lifestyle of the Silicon Valley, the Ivy League quad, the Malibu gated estate, the Montana getaway, the Upper West Side ambiance — even under Obama just cannot yet be extended to everyone.

    And that’s the rub, isn’t it? How can a richeral be redistributionist and statist when such ideologies are targeted at one’s own cherished lifestyle? So penance, medieval exemption, and confessions step in as civilization’s age-old remedies for the guilt of such a pious sinner.

    Wear jeans as you board your jet. Listen to rap as you review your stock options. Champion a baitfish. Hate Sarah Palin. Make Travyon into a symbol of resistance. Amnesty for your gardener and nannie alike. Being a richeral apparently means you never have to say you are sorry about the means you used to get your cash, why you mean to keep and expand it, and how you plan to pass it on to your richeral kids.

  4. votermom says:

    Saw this quote last night and thought I’d share it before I forget:
    “If you are taught bitterness and anger, then you will believe you are a victim. You will feel aggrieved and the twin brother of aggrievement is entitlement. So now you think you are owed something and you don’t have to work for it and now you’re on a really bad road to nowhere because there are people who will play to that sense of victimhood, aggrievement and entitlement, and you still won’t have a job.”

    — Condoleezza Rice

  5. gumsnapper says:

    What’s laughable is that Toure is talking about his network’s “standards and practices”, the same network that doctored the Zimmerman tape.

  6. votermom says:

    • 49erDweet says:

      IF we were downsizing everything Fed, there’s a smart way to downsize AND build up an instant “ready reserve”. But that’s not what stupid is doing. This will not go well. Time to stock up provisions and brass.

  7. votermom says:

    NYT article says their study of surnames across centuries and countrues show that the drive to succeed is and overcome failure is largely inherited. Interesting though I am skeptical about the methodology.

    • mothy67 says:

      Only read part of the article because I was on the phone and in front of desktop. It is an interesting topic but the writer bored me too much to attempt to read on kindle. Interested to know if the study provided any data on siblings adopted by families of varying incomes. And maiden names vs married names?

      t the writer bored me

  8. mothy67 says:

    Two hours on the phone trying to find out if I have health coverage. Feel really bad for those poor people in the call centres. My problem doesn’t seem to be with the market place but with insurance company. How can they accept a payment for which I have a receipt with their letterhead but then have no record of me. Don’t need to see a doctor and hope I do not need one n the month of March but I have to find a primary care physician as I have switched insurance. Still not resolved. No plans on ever staying in a hospital again. All I Need is a scrip for my blood work. Might as well just pay for the whole thing myself. Can’t imagine navigating this if I were in dire need of medical care.

    • votermom says:

      You went through the exchange? That sucks.:(
      Hope it gets sorted.

      • mothy67 says:

        Not a pressing issue, but I know it takes time to to find a P C P and as I had paid a month ago and had not received anything I figured I’d check on it. Tried to find a doctor a month or so ago and had no luck. I know squat about insurance and tried to buy it on my own. No clue what I was doing. Have LifeLock and get texts from bank so identity theft not a concern. I am done with hospital procedures. I wasn’t even going to get any coverage but I was guilted into it. No way in hell I am having some dead person’s liver put inside me. I’ll take a bottle of Jim Beam and a morphine drip.

    • fif says:

      I’ve gone through a two month nightmare with Blue Cross. My previous plan was cancelled, and “they decided” (without my consent or approval) to enroll me in another plan that was more than twice as expensive. Despite numerous calls (and being put on hold for hours, redirected and cut off), faxes, letters, online grievances etc. to ensure I was NOT enrolled in this plan because I chose another provider, they went into my bank account and withdrew payment for it in January. 2 months later, I am still calling them and being assured of an “expedited” refund. Meanwhile, I had a colonoscopy in December before that policy expired because it was supposed to be “fully covered,” and I received a separate bill for the mandatory doctor’s visit to prepare for the procedure, and a $1,600 bill for the anesthesia because it was outsourced by the hospital. Of course the hospital said nothing about this prior to the procedure and there was no way to know they would use a different code. Blue Cross has denied the appeal. If this is what is happening nationally…

      • mothy67 says:

        OUCH. Sorry to hear that. Again I do not need anything right now so for me it is just an inconvenience. Sure there are people out there who are seriously panicking. All to preserve so.some’ s Iegacy. Okay if you suffer needlessly or die as long as we have our signature piece. Wretched creatures the whole fucking lot.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        OMG!!! That is terrible. 😡

  9. The Klown says:
  10. DandyTIger says:

    They were together and no one thought to blow up the studio then? Lost opportunity. {{NSA/DHS people listening: that’s what we call a joke.}}

    • mothy67 says:

      Think it’s what those smartly pants call trick photography. Really one person playing both like on Bewitched how Samantha and S e r e n a where actually both Elizabeth Montgomery. Ever notice how all the witches on Bewitched names ended in the letter A?

    • votermom says:

      That is a hell of a speech.
      I almost forgive him for his shamnesty support.
      I actually put him back on my twitter follow list last week precisely because he’s the only US congresscritter tweeting about Venezuela.

  11. votermom says:

    Thinking about that AZ law:
    I think businesses should not be allowed to turn away customers based on who they are, but neither should they be forced to support speech they disagree with.

    A baker should not be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding, or a cake that says “Happy Abortion Day!”, etc.
    But the baker should not be able to keep a gay (or black, white, asian, etc) person from buying a ready made cake from his shop.
    Although a baker should be able to prevent said gay person (or straight person) from entering his shop if he is wearing a shirt with an offensive message (frex, “Sarah Palin is a C–T”).
    Like a restaurant owner should be able to deny service to someone in Nazi uniform.

    • Constance says:

      That’s pretty much my take on it too. The politically correct Nazis shouldn’t be allowed to drive someone out of business because they don’t want to make an abortion day cake.

      • The Klown says:

        I really wouldn’t want to force someone to do business with me. What happens if one of these conscientious objectors is required to bake a cake and does a crappy job?

        • wmcb says:

          Frankly, if I were the baker, photographer, whatever, forced serve an event I didn’t want to serve, I’d come up with some very good passive resistance ideas.

          • DandyTIger says:

            Sorry all those pictures turned out blurry. I had trouble keeping the camera steady. Doing business with you evil, vile pieces of crap caused me to lose parts of my soul at the time.

    • mothy67 says:

      If I were a photographer I would not be comfortable attending a white supremacist wedding or even a biker wedding. Just not my thing. If my business is healthy enough I should be allowed to accept the gigs I want. Ian’ t Stevie Wonder permitted to never play in Florida again because he disagrees with stand your ground. Well if think he should be forced to if they are going to ask other people to put aside their personal beliefs.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Exactly!!! 🙂

  12. The Klown says:
  13. The Klown says:
  14. DandyTIger says:

    Hahaha, VA Gov. McAuliffe says drill baby drill. Me, I really don’t like offshore drilling given the bad quality control. But it’s still funny given his backers.


  15. The Klown says:
  16. The Klown says:
  17. votermom says:

    Ok, so 25 kids in California have come down with polio-like virus; 3 kids tested positive for enterovirus 68.

    If it is enterovirus 68, this probably came from China (there were outbreaks there in the past)

    At this point, maybe CDC should ask NSA for their fancy pants metadata to figure out the connection between the kids who got sick. Get them to ID Typhoid Mary.

  18. votermom says:

    Hey Klown, you’ll love this


    Employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) destroyed veterans’ medical files in a systematic attempt to eliminate backlogged veteran medical exam requests, a former VA employee told The Daily Caller.

    VA Greater Los Angeles Radiology department chief Dr. Suzie El-Saden initiated an “ongoing discussion in the department” to cancel exam requests and destroy veterans’ medical files so that no record of the exam requests would exist, thus reducing the backlog, Mitchell said.

    Audio from a November 2008 meeting obtained by TheDC depicts VA Greater Los Angeles officials plotting to cancel backlogged exam requests.

    “I’m still canceling orders from 2001,” said a male official in the meeting.

  19. votermom says:

  20. Lulu says:

    Expert Claims Selfies Are Giving Teens Head Lice
    “But now, teens are sticking their heads together every day to take cell phone pics.”
    How do you tell your children not to touch heads with their lice-ridden friends? I am so glad my kids are grown up.

    • wmcb says:

      How many is that now? Eight in past 2 months or so?

      You know, the banks are just wrapping up the process of self-testing their capital reserve requirements. The govt will approve or disapprove banks based on whether whatever self-test system they are using is deemed adequate to make sure they stay solvent. They’ve been doing this for a few years, and now the rubber is about to hit the road.

      I find it very curious that just as the govt is supposed to be making some BIG decisions on which banks survive, and whose books look solid or not, we have this rash of mysterious banking deaths. Does someone know that some books are cooked? Were any of these deaths potential whistleblowers?

      Tinfoil, I know. But hell, after what I’ve seen in the past decade, nothing would surprise me.

      • DeniseVB says:

        This was the 9th. The comments at the article are all donning their tinfoil hats now, something’s not right. I was thinking whistleblower around #7.

        Makes me think of the movie Ghost, wasn’t Swayze killed because he was on to some embezzeling mischief by a co-worker ? But this is Obama world now, something’s definitely amiss.

  21. wmcb says:

    Blarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!! Can someone please rid the internets of BOTH the “America can do no wrong” idiocy AND the “America is responsible for every evil in the world” idiocy? Because both are stupid as fuck.

  22. DeniseVB says:

    McA’s evolving 🙂

  23. wmcb says:

    This was an interesting comment. Proggies are basically hunter-gatherers in mindset. It’s why they can’t build a civilization. They scavenge what is already built – they don’t build.

    They look at the world as hunter-gatherers do – the universe provides stuff and they just have to find it. If there isn’t enough stuff, then there must be too many people. Or else someone is hoarding. Never occurs to them we’re able to make more stuff, even when we’re already making it. The really evil part of their outlook is that other people who make things are seen as just another part of the universe. Not as people, but as the equivalent of a blueberry bush, just another source of stuff they’re entitled to have.

    • wmcb says:

      When you think about it this way, it makes sense. Why should you get the benefit of a blueberry bush that just happens to be there, and I don’t? That’s not fair! Everyone ought to be able to pick from the bush!

      And it wouldn’t be fair, if businesses and civilization and prosperity were blueberry bushes that just mysteriously came into being via some organic growth from “all of us together.” If those things just sprouted via osmosis from “society”, then they’d have a point.

      But it’s not true.

    • Constance says:

      I never looked at things that way but I agree with that comment.

  24. DeniseVB says:

    Oh for f**ks sake….speaking of aholes ….


    Don’t “junk foods” sponsors usually buy scoreboards and stuff for schools ? Diet drinks and food will be okay, but I thought the artificial sweeters are causing more health problems these days ? MO’s just pulling silly stuff out of her butt these days.

  25. The Klown says:
  26. wmcb says:

    Even my gay peeps online are so sick of all the drama. “Mo-oooom! He got his gay on my football! Waaaah! Mo-oooooom! Make him bake me a cake! Waaah!”

  27. wmcb says:

    • wmcb says:

      I seriously do not get why LEAVE PEOPLE MOSTLY THE FUCK ALONE is such a difficult concept to grasp. It applies to people you like. It applies to people you think are weird/wrong. It is not fucking rocket science.

      • Constance says:

        Because it deprives the little Progressive Pets of their victim-hood moment. Their lives are too easy and they don’t get too many chances to wallow in self pity which is very enjoyable to them.

  28. wmcb says:


  29. wmcb says:

    I retweeted this guy, then added a comment:

  30. wmcb says:

    I just put this up on my facebook page.

    Hey, remember when I said that Dodd-Frank was a scam?

    And that the Obama administration had absolutely no intention of fixing the banking problem, but rather papering over it and hiding the malfeasance? And that the SUPER DUPER REGULATION!!!! that was going to give those nasty bankers what-for was only going to entrench their power, and make the too-big-to-fail mindset even worse?

    Remember when I told you that the entire POINT of their supposed “regulation” (Yay, regulation!) was to squeeze out the SMALL banks who couldn’t get a sweet govt deal, and make the huge financial conglomerates even stronger?

    Remember when I said all that craaazy tinfoil hat shit back when Dodd-Frank was being passed to great “liberal” cheers?

    Yeah, about that:


  31. mothy67 says:

    Wonder if this gay thing will peak too soon. folks will be bored to tears with it come Nov. It’s already become exhausting. Go to drudge and its like what now? The constant push is not going to cause a person who believes homosexuality is a sin or an illness to change, but the never ending drone might push those who just want to be left alone more to the right. I strongly dislike the use of the terms homophobia. You don’t agree with me so I am going to call you a name which hints at insecurities about sexual identity. I wish I could blame everything in my life that find’ t go my way on being gay but I have to admit to myself maybe I’m just an asshole.

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