The White Devils Are Invading!!!

Redneck "Gentry"

Redneck “Gentry”

I know it will shock you but this article came from Salon:

Spike Lee’s epic anti-gentrification speech

Filmmaker Spike Lee has never been one to hold back his feelings. This, after all, is a man who’s compared Tyler Perry to Amos n’ Andy and said that Clint Eastwood ought to have an encounter “with a .44 Bulldog.” And at an African American History Month lecture at Pratt Institute Tuesday evening, he had some strong words for the mostly local crowd, this time about “the other side” of gentrification. His response to an audience member who brought it up: “Let me just kill you right now.”

Lee, who’s been famed for his explorations of class tensions and community ever since his groundbreaking 1989 “Do the Right Thing,” went on to expound about “some bullshit article in the New York Times saying ‘the good of gentrification.’” As Joe Coscarelli reports Wednesday in New York, Spike told the crowd, “I don’t believe that” before launching into an expletive-laced seven-minute discourse on the G-word.

“I grew up here in Fort Greene,” he explained. “I grew up here in New York. It’s changed. And why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed-Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better? The garbage wasn’t picked up every motherfuckin’ day when I was living in 165 Washington Park … The police weren’t around. When you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers, three o’clock in the morning on 125th Street, that must tell you something.”


With his trademark passion and irritability, Lee made strong points Tuesday night about the exasperation felt by long-term residents when newcomers arrive with an inflated sense of entitlement. “The motherfuckin’ people moved in last year,” Lee said, “and called the cops on my father. He doesn’t even play electric bass! It’s acoustic!” And he certainly can’t be argued with regarding his questions over “Why did it take this great influx of white people to get the schools better? Why’s there more police protection in Bed-Stuy and Harlem now? Why’s the garbage getting picked up more regularly? We been here!”

Yet in Lee’s eagerness to be enraged, he glosses over the profound complexities of neighborhood flux. He rather dramatically announces that “You can’t just come in the neighborhood and start bogarting and say, like you’re motherfuckin’ Columbus and kill off the Native Americans. Or what they do in Brazil, what they did to the indigenous people.” The opening of a Connecticut Muffin shop is not now nor ever will be akin to genocide. And Lee can rail about “the white people” moving in, but that simplistic breakdown ignores issues of income and class.

I’m a white mom in a racially and socially diverse neighborhood, but I’m certainly at an exponentially lower socioeconomic level than Mr. Spike Lee. As are plenty of working families looking for affordable housing in an increasingly prohibitive market. Where are we all supposed to go? And though Lee can rightly question why it takes an influx of newcomers for the public schools to improve and the police presence to increase and the garbage to get picked up, there’s also no denying that most of us – of all races and classes — prefer to live in places with better public schools and lower crime and regular garbage pickup. The conflict that arises is, what happens when you start to get those things, and with them comes an artisanal cheese shop?

The challenges faced now are the same one Jane Jacobs wrote about beautifully over 50 years ago in “The Death and Life of Great American Cities,” the same ones Lee himself confronted 25 years ago in “Do the Right Thing.” How do we support the existing community of a neighborhood while welcoming newcomers? How do we improve living conditions for everybody, without pushing people out? These are hard issues for those of us who live in and love our neighborhoods and the people who inhabit them. They require considerably more than the untrammeled greed of real estate developers and trust fund kids looking for someplace edgy, but with kombucha. They also require more than just being pissed off. But though Lee is very much a mixed bag on the subject of gentrification, where he is correct is in his assertion that whoever you are, “You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here?” As he says, “Get the fuck outta here.”

Money quote:

“You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here?” As he says, “Get the fuck outta here.”

Imagine the outrage if a bunch of white Americans reacted that way to a huge influx of non-European immigrants. (Hint: “Arizona”)

The comments at Salon are hilarious. You really should go read them. They are totally clueless that they sound like some of the worst bigots and xenophobes that ever lived. Apparently they think that white people were racist for moving out out of those neighborhoods years ago and their kids are racist for moving back now.

This “gentrification” happened in San Jose when I was living there. Growing up in Merced I used to hear stories about what a rough town San Jose was – basically the high-crime slums of the Bay Area. Then Silicon Valley happened.

At first they were building new houses all over the Santa Clara Valley. But when they started running out of land they started remodeling and rebuilding the older neighborhoods. Crime rates plummeted.

The poor and criminal classes were squeezed out of the South Bay Area by high rents. Many of them moved to the Central Valley. That’s part of the reason why we have such high crime and welfare rates around here. Should we be outraged by the cultural changes?

How would you stop gentrification? Prohibit white people from moving in? Force landlords and sellers to accept lower-than-market rents and bids in order to maintain the racial and class identity of the neighborhood? That sounds suspiciously like redlining and racial covenants.

I know! Let’s have the government take over ownership of these neighborhoods! The “projects” worked so well back in the Sixties.

By the way, Spike Lee doesn’t need to worry about gentrification destroying his own neighborhood. He lives in Manhattan. And those white devils that are reinvading the slums of New York City? How much you wanna bet they’re Progs?

Spike Lee's modest $32 million Manhattan townhome.

Spike Lee’s modest $32 million Manhattan townhome.

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128 Responses to The White Devils Are Invading!!!

  1. wmcb says:

    I actually have some sympathy for the people in neighborhoods that are being gentrified. I just despise the blatant, glaring double standards.

    And BTW, where the hell did you get that pic?????

  2. The Klown says:
  3. swanspirit says:

    The last time I said “There goes the neighborhood ” was in 1986 . I was living in Ocean City , with my ex-boyfriend ( it was doomed from the start) . We were standing on our third floor balcony at about 3AM , looking down one of the two main streets in town ; and down the road; slowly on huge wide load trucks, came a row of about five complete houses that were being moved by the city , late at night so as not to impede traffic. It seemed like the right thing to say at the time .

  4. Lulu says:

    My neighborhood is being gentrified. Some people who make more money than we do have moved into several houses up and down the road. One dared ask who our landscape architect is and it made us feel bad because we don’t have one. But we have an arborist and they didn’t know what that was. I feel that that was culturally insensitive and they should not live here. /s/

  5. mothy67 says:

    Seriously who is walking down any street in Manhatten at 3 am with a baby in a stroller. Spike Lee is an angry little man whose only good film was She’s Gotta Have It. When I lived in a basement apartment that had been a real estate office on Great Jones Street he came by because my roommate was editing his sister’s film. So annoying. Kept going on about how funky the place was. It was an office with two futons and a sofa bed. Idiot. Lay money on wherever his townhouse is that neighborhood too has been gentrified.

  6. driguana says:

    As a city planner for almost 40 years and currently working on my planning masterpiece, A Philosophy of Yard, about how change occurs in neighborhoods…’s my professional thoughts on the subject….times change, neighborhoods changes, change your mental gears…get outta first gear and move on! ….and be careful of those rear-view-mirror images!

    • mothy67 says:

      When you want to find an up and coming neighborhood follow the gays. Chelsea? Hell’s Kitchen? East Village? Did you know there is a newspaper called Chelsea Clinton(Clinton being the real name for Hell’s Kitchen)?

      • Somebody says:

        Spot on Mothy, gays tend to be sort of neighborhood pioneers, imo. There are several older lovely neighborhoods in my area that have been revitalized. There were many efforts through the years with various historical grants, etc. Nothing really caught on until each of the areas became sort of a mecca for the gay scene and also or because of that both became very artsy communities. That was the birth of revitalization, it finally took off and OMG the changes. I’ve seen the same thing in other cities, I can’t explain it…..I just know it to be so.

  7. elliesmom says:

    All neighborhoods change over time. When we moved into our house over 25 years ago, the street was teeming with families with little kids. The kids grew up and moved away. Now it’s a neighborhood of crotchety old folks. Nobody had to move in or out for that to happen. The “neighborhood culture” changed just the same. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a block party. Now we prefer to sit in each other’s comfortable chairs to visit. I’m sure the new families moving in think they have unfriendly neighbors. We’re just too old to plan a party that requires permission to close down the street. As the old folks start moving out, either for warmer climes or to nursing homes, young families will start to move back in. And the cycle will repeat itself.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    I’m not sure what Spike Lee’s upset about, the latinos have long ago taken over Brooklyn, in fact, the section my daughter lives in is called Little Puerto Rico. Does he have a problem with them? He’s such a racist pig.

    I read about his little rant in the NYDN:

    • The Klown says:

      He’s mad cuz white people are moving in.

      • mothy67 says:

        Always has been mostly white Working class but like Williamsburg (which I believe it abuts) it has become hipster central. Started twenty some years ago so do see why he’s now venting.

        • DeniseVB says:

          The hipsters from W’burg are moving into Bushwick for cheaper rents and studio spaces. Fortunately for my dd’s bike shop, they’re bringing their bicycles too. I’ve been joking with realtors about looking for “vacation” property there. The cost of a week in a Midtown hotel = one months rent in the ‘wick 😀 Several subway lines run through the area too, which makes it very desirable for the Manhattan commuters.

          I also like the Brighton Beach area on the ocean. Or Little Russia. Should get my foot in the door soon before the real estate goes through the roof. I’ve seen plans of renovating the entire Coney Island area into a major world resort destination.

          • mothy67 says:

            Coney Island may be my favorite place in the world. So much texture. Have not been there since Sandy. The abandoned park with some sort of towering parachute drop sitting in a field of weeds brought out the Scooby-do in me. Love that place. They had a shoot the freak sign on the boardwalk so I asked what do you get if you hit the freak. Guy said nothing for 5 bucks you get to shoot another human being with a paintball. He ran between some props and when hit he made the most over the top yelps and fell dead. Then you head into one of the open air bars and hear whacked music like You Don’t Send Me Flowers. Brilliant place.

          • DeniseVB says:

            mothy, I spent my childhood at Coney Island when it had the freaky Steeplechase Park with the scary clowns, shiny wooden slides, the human mixing bowl and other nightmares for the insurance companies 🙂 Great memories. I think it was Trump’s dad who tore it down and built a baseball park years ago.

            I go back when I have a day to kill on my visits. I still ride the Cyclone, despite the *warnings* and always feel I passed a major health check up, LOL. Is Shoot the Freak still there? My dd got in trouble for starting to shoot at him before he got his protective helmet on, but fortunately for him, she was a bad shot. The old Ferris Wheel is still there and it’s amazing to see the views from the top. The parachute jump hasn’t been operable for decades, but still a great landmark. I did it as a kid. An unforgettable experience to feel a real parachute experience for a couple hundred feet.

            Made me nostalgic, so I checked wiki and she has a page ! Quite a history, it was created based on Russian military sky diving training.


          • 49erDweet says:

            Hearing about Coney Island makes me think the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, CA, might be a doppelganger, except younger. The town itself is ultra proggie, so it’s carnival beach should be extremely far out, and it is. Bohemia, meet 2014.

    • mothy67 says:

      Yep that’s the drop. I haven’t been there in years. I had moved to NYC by myself and Coney Island of My Mind resonated with me so I took a solo day trip. Got my Nathan’s and was walking up aimlessly looked up and saw that thing. When I die and my life flashes before my eyes I know that image will be there. The Cyclone I can never resist. You must know the open air bars with the sounds of hooked on a feeling and Funky Town pouring out at sunset. Raggedy arcades with SKEE BALL!!! Everyone talking in different languages. The place is a diamond in the rough.

      • DeniseVB says:

        A perfect day is the subway ride out from midtown, the aquarium, eat, drink my way up the boardwalk, a few rides, people watching and catching a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game.

  9. DandyTIger says:

    Hey, how did you get that picture of our neighborhood block party? Ah, good times.

  10. The Klown says:
    • DeniseVB says:

      I agree. Sounds fishy. An old blog trick to pretend to be a former party member and diss it. I still think the FB page Republicans for Obama was an OFA venture, yet Lola and I got a lot of grief for being Democrats for Romney, which was real.

  11. gumsnapper says:

    I bet I’m not the only one curious to know the story behind that photograph.

  12. The Klown says:
  13. The Klown says:
  14. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile in Arizona….

    I think she made the right decision. I remember the outrage over a gay hair salon owner in NYC who refused service to women over 45 because they’re “difficult to style”. Fine, people went elsewhere and he eventually went out of business. It’s how the free market works.

    • Anthony says:

      Bingo. There’s always someone next door who will welcome the ppl you turn away

      • wmcb says:

        Yup. I think, myself, that business owners should do what they want. And I will choose not to shop with those who are bigoted assholes. See how that works?

        But I still say that gay marriage cakes was the STUPID wrong damn hill to die on over free business practice.

    • mothy67 says:

      What frustrates me most about the LGBT movement in hyper drive is the fear of a backlash against young kids growing up in depressed areas. Domestic abuse rises in hard times due in large part to self hate. Can’t find a job angry with yourself come home knock the kids and the wife around. Well what about entire communities feeling worthless. Dejected. Makes you feel a little better to look down on someone else. Limp wristed boy or butch girl are easy targets. The staff at MSnbc are so far removed from all that. Football and every other TV show. I hear the annoyance. We are constantly being reminded that this or that is offensive. You are some sort of phobic if you don’t think like a progressive. Meanwhile their xenophobia of what lies outside their fantasy worlds is deafening.

      • votermom says:

        It’s very true – the shit-stirrers are protected from backlash in their bubble world and the people who just want to survive in this economy pay the price.

    • mothy67 says:

      I am in descending order Irish, German, Cherokee, English, French, and some sort of eastern Eurropean Jew. What am I? Pretty sure the German was Jewish but hid that a century before WWII. My family will sleep with anybody and it is one tradition I have upheld.

  15. Anthony says:

    So Spike is having a fit because “white people are moving in!!!”. Screw him. Did he even think about the fact that the house his folks bought for $45K will now be worth $2M? How about that! Sell it, move to the Upper East Side and live large! Oh, wait a minute – that would mean actually being close to white people…… never mind….)

    Sounds like Lee is all for bringing back segregation. What’s next? Will he demand bringing back separate drinking fountains?

    Meanwhile, the First Black POTOS is doing this:

    • mothy67 says:

      He’s not from the hood. Went to private school and grew up in a working class predominately white section of Brooklyn. To his credit I get annoyed by people who wear 500 dollar jeans that looked like they came from a thrift shop as well. The article I read he never mentioned race.

      • swanspirit says:

        What a squeaky little twerp . This plan sounds like some excuse for redistricting . It just seems so Machiavellian to me , that we are all color coded by the census ; then to be regrouped somehow , by some unelected bureaucrat , in Obama’s “post racial” world .

        • Somebody says:

          So leave race off your next census response or claim to be “other”. Pick a gender from the facebook list while you’re at it.

          Hopefully you won’t be selected as an audit census, we were last time and OMG. They kept calling with more and more threatening messages, sent goons to the door multiple times. I finally took the damn census, but refused to answer many of the questions that I felt simply weren’t any of the government’s business.

          • wmcb says:

            I never answered the census. So I guess that’s 6 white devils unaccounted for.

          • 49erDweet says:

            As with all other intrusive surveys, I have waaay too much fun with tweaking their stats by feeding as much false information as my twisted brain can generate. My honey listens to all those names and dates that don’t exist, and just shakes her head.

          • swanspirit says:

            I say we have some serious fun with it , and apply the same standards to “race” as Facebook does to gender . If we are going to throw out the biology bathwater , why not throw out the race baby with it ? I am half Italian , and half Jewish , that puts me in the other category for sure ; )
            But ,why can’t I be a “cis” Caucasion ; and identify as Asian ?? After all, race is really and truly the biologic inaccuracy . Scientifically, there is no such thing as race , we are a species . We prove it by interbreeding all the time . And I know some people that should identify as Neanderthals .

          • wmcb says:

            Actually, almost all caucasians do have some Neanderthal genes. They show up (though less frequently) in a smattering of other groups as well, from asians to semites to northern africans. About the only group where they haven’t found any Neanderthal genes are pure sub-saharan africans.

            I’m claiming Neanderthal. Can I get a grant or something for that? 😀

          • The Klown says:

            There are some people roaming around that gotta be at least 1/2 Neanderthal. That isn’t surprising cuz some men will screw anything no matter how ugly.

          • The Klown says:

            I am 1/2 redneck and 1/2 white trash.

          • Somebody says:

            Well we should get to work on creating our list of 50 or more races so we’ll be ready for the next census.

            Klown……yes some men will screw anything, tragically my son is one of them. I will never understand.

          • driguana says:

            Don’t be dissin’ on our Neanderthal kin….lots of recent research is now saying they aren’t exactly who settled science once thought they were….

        • DandyTIger says:

          I’m 1/2 redneck, 1/2 white trash, and 1/2 neanderthal. And the rest native american. You know you’re a redneck if your fractions don’t add up.

      • Anthony says:

        @mothy – maybe I’m reading you wrong, but did you say you read an article about Spike Lee’s latest little tantrum and it didn’t mention race?

    • lyn says:

      Fascism is a slippery little beast.

    • Somebody says:

      Relegating us all as colored dots on a map is sooooo post racial huh?

      MLK has probably turned over so many times in his grave he has severe vertigo by now.

  16. The Klown says:

    I sure am glad it’s Obama violating the constitution and not that evil George Bush!!!

  17. The Klown says:


  18. wmcb says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! GayPatriot on twitter has renamed himself White Homo Demon, because of this sign in Harlem.

  19. mothy67 says:

    My pain in the ass little girl is doing me proud. She has a classmate whose mother is white and father black. Who gives a royal flying fuck in a class of twenty there are 4 asians and two hispanics. So what. The little mixed race girl has taken bullying to levels I was shocked by. Parents complained and nothing done. The offended child moved to another classroom. I work hard with my pup as do my parents as it is a collective that none of us chose but could never walk away. She does not have mom and dad but she has structure. She takes three different dance classes/wk, swim lessons and has art therapy and I pray she knows she’s loved. 7 years old and the other girl screamed at her that she was a freak because she was raised by freaks. Multiple parents have complained about her behavior but I assume out of fear of being called racist nothing done. I feel for the little girl she’s a pawn in her mother’s awaiting lawsuit. My overwhelming pride flooded in when I said pip squeak you are allowed to be ashamed of me. Iwould be. She laughed and said thank you for reading all seven Harry Potter books aloud to me when I broke my arm.We step in shit sometimes.

    • wmcb says:

      Timothy, that, to me, is the saddest part of the whole fake racism card thing.

      Any group of persons, ANY of us, need feedback from society. If any of us were cut off from childhood from that feedback, we’d grow up to be feral self-entitled assholes. I know I would’ve. The situation we have now, where people are *afraid* to bring a black or mixed kid in line, is cruelest of all to the black kids themselves.

      We’re basically denying the black community access to the normal societal feedback re: acceptable behavior that all the rest of us get. That’s fucking CRUEL.

      • swanspirit says:

        That ^ lack of feedback and lifelong victim hood ^ is the basis for many problems we are facing in our modern life today .

      • mothy67 says:

        I envy your ability to express yourself. Iwas saying what you said but I get tied up in knots. My baby girl is doing welll. She is so kind. I could not ask for more. Little tyke got stuck with a faggot and a one eyed black lab that only chewed one eye out of her stuffed animals. And she laughed Only thing I am afraid of is that she is to hard on herself. She was heartbroken when she got a B. Inconsolable and it was 89 percent. Rugrats are not easy.

  20. swanspirit says:

    Absofuckinglutely NOT — Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE)–which received more than $2.75 million in government funding in 2012–has produced and posted online a video specifically aimed at teenagers that promotes bondage and sadomasochism (BDSM) and proposes “rules” to follow when engaging in these activities.

    “People sometimes think that those who practice BDSM are emotionally scarred or were once abused—not true, it’s a total myth,” the host of the video, Laci Green, informs its intended audience of teens.
    “BDSM relies upon and creates trust,” she says.
    UNFUCKING BEELEEVAABLE This is such a complete lie .
    If Planned Parenthood does this nationwide , I am so done with them .

    • wmcb says:

      Look, I have no problem with adults doing whatever the hell they want to do. Go get your kink on, if you have one. No problem.

      But this business of deliberately introducing young people to the details of various out-of-the-ordinary sexualities while they are impressionable and still forming their sexual ideas is BULLSHIT. Quit tinkering with our fucking kids.

      And the sane gays and lesbians and fetishists or whatever need to help us vanilla people put a STOP to this shit, because when the backlash comes (and it will) they will get caught up in it. And I really really don’t want to see that happen. At all.

      I feel like a damn Cassandra again. You keep pushing people into a corner, you are NOT going to like it when they finally come out swinging a battle-ax. And no, they are NOT, at that point, going to give one sweet shit whose head they are chopping off. It’s what humans do.

      But by seeing that train coming, and trying to fucking warn people, I am pro-train and pro-head chopping, I suppose. *eyeroll*

      • swanspirit says:

        I am ready to go battle ax shopping after reading that , and watching that video . And the total brainless idiot who is the spokesperson in that video , my Goddess I have seen some idiots in my day , but she is another rung below the bar entirely . Her IQ is in the single digits.

      • wmcb says:

        BTW, I don’t mean by that we need to teach kids that ppl with non-vanilla sexualities are bad, or ignore that gay/lesbian ppl exist, and may be their neighbors. But no, they don’t need to be focusing on the details of every variety of out-of-the-box sexuality in their formative years.

        Have some fucking discretion. And teach them that you treat ALL people kindly and keep your nose out of other people’s private matters. No one has to hide who they are. Not at all. But no one has to be a damn Nosy Parker, or Pushy Polly, either.

        LEAVE. PEOPLE. ALONE. The raving Christianists need to do it, the environmentalists need to do it, the gay activists need to do it, everyone needs to do it. We need some psychological privacy in society again. We need a respect for one another’s interior space, and the ability to politely ignore things we might dislike or disapprove of. I am SICK of every single view of every single group in the country being shouted in my face as needing to !!!!BE VALIDATED BY EVERYONE!!!!, 24/7. Bring back MYOB. It works really well.

    • wmcb says:

      BDSM ppl are not monolithic. I’ve met some who were perfectly mentally healthy and just “playing”. And I’ve met some who were very obviously fucked in the head.

      • swanspirit says:

        Exactly , and I do not care what consenting adults do either , unless actual abuse occurs that goes beyond the realm of consent and crosses over into criminal behavior . But it is a complete lie to say that BDSM is practiced by healthy adults across the board. That is so untrue , and abuse victims are especially prey to being manipulated by a skilful sadist into extreme abuse.
        And to teach it to children ? Minors ????I think someone needs to go after them with a lawsuit .

      • The Klown says:

        It’s been so long since I’ve had sex I forget who gets tied up.

        • wmcb says:

          It varies. We’ve done both. 😉 But quite honestly, could never get too far into the weird stuff, because we inevitably end up with one of us falling off the bed or unable to find the right button on the toy or something, and cracking UP laughing our asses off at our dramatic selves.

          Cheeky sexual klutzes really don’t do roleplay all that well, but we still have lots of fun. 😀

        • Somebody says:

          Who gets tied up? You just have to trust your partner. You know you’ve been a very bad boy Klown, LMAO!

    • The Klown says:

      It will only seem kinky the first 4-5 times.

  21. helenk3 says:

    Remember the good old days when the president represented all the people of the USA?

  22. wmcb says:

    A lot of societal problems would be easier to deal with if people just recognized the fact that every single human thing in this world distributes along a Bell Curve. Sexuality, whatever. Society HAS to be set up to mostly favor and support the fat middle of that curve. This is what is commonly called “the norm”. OTOH, that DOES NOT MEAN that you treat the tail ends of the curve badly. They exist, too, and have lives, and every right to be part of society.

    I so often feel like I have idiots on the one side saying “Chop off the tail ends!” which is just stupid and oppressive. And on the other side saying “Let’s pretend it’s a flat line, and no norms exist! Woohoo!” which is just monumentally stupid.

  23. mothy67 says:

    Iwish I could ask you to watch the Law & Order SVU episode that aired on Wednesday but I am afraidd your head would pop off and roll all the way to Guadalajara. To be fair I did not watch it to the end. Could not. Once upon a time I liked the show. Everyone I knew had a guest role. You have to watch it to believe it.

    • wmcb says:

      That was a great show 90% of the time. But you could always tell the 10% of the time when they decided to go all “let us tell you who the bad people in society are.” It was such obvious preachy messaging, and not even deftly or artistically done, completely two-dimensional characters. Propaganda fail.

      Even true evil is more complicated than the cardboard hate figure caricature of the week they put up.

      • mothy67 says:

        Have you ever thought about writing? I always wanted to be one but I digest things in my head and lack the talent to put pen to paper. You have a blunt gift of conveyance.

        • wmcb says:

          I’ve thought about it. I’ve been told all my life, from school teachers to family to friends to college professors, that I should write. But I’m a lazy ass. No ambition at all.

          • mothy67 says:

            You have a way with words. Take a chance unless that is not you– in that case just keep on coloring the world in your way. I could alter my life with a few phone calls. Don’t want to. Rather be me.

      • The Klown says:

        I tend to prefer shows where the good guys and the bad guys aren’t always easy to tell apart. Kinda like the real world.

        • wmcb says:

          Yep. And where the good guys are deeply flawed, and the bad guys sometimes have understandable motives.

          There are lots of actions that are either good or bad. There are very few people who are.

  24. helenk3 says:

    stolen from a commenter at Rev Amy’s place

    This is too good not to share with you and your blogger friends. Sorry if you’ve already read this…I’ve been “out of the loop” lately. But it made me laugh, so I give it to you….

    “Only weeks after leaving office, Barack Obama discovers a leak under his sink, so he calls Joe the Plumber to come out and fix it. Joe drives to Obama’s new house, which is located in a very exclusive gated community where all the residents make more than $250,000 per year. Joe arrives and takes his tools into the house. Joe is led to the guest bathroom that contains the leaky pipe under the sink. Joe assesses the problem and tells Obama that it’s an easy repair that will take less than 10 minutes.

    Obama asks Joe how much it will cost. Joe checks his rate chart and says, “$9,500.”

    “What?! $9,500?” Obama asks, stunned, “But you said it’s an easy repair!

    Joe says, “Yes, but what I do is charge those who make $250,000 per year a much higher amount so I can fix the plumbing of poorer people for free,” explains Joe. “This has always been my philosophy. As a matter of fact, I lobbied the Democrat Congress, who passed this philosophy into law. Now all plumbers must do business this way. It’s known as ‘Afordable Plumbing Act of 2014.’ I’m Surprised you haven’t heard of it.”

    In spite of that, Obama tells Joe there’s no way he’s paying that much for a small plumbing repair, so Joe leaves. Obama spends the next hour flipping through the phone book calling for another plumber, but he finds that all other plumbing businesses in the area have gone out of business. Not wanting to pay Joe’s price, Obama does nothing and the leak goes unrepaired for several more days. A week later the leak is so bad that Obama has had to put a bucket under the sink. Michelle is not happy as she has guests arriving the next morning. The bucket fills up quickly and has to be emptied every hour and there’s a risk that the room will flood, so Obama calls Joe and pleads with him to return.

    Joe goes back to Obama’s house, looks at the leaky pipe, checks his new rate chart and says, “Let’s see, this will now cost you $21,000.”

    Obama quickly fires back, “What! A few days ago you told me it would cost $9,500!”

    Joe explains, “Well, because of the ‘Affordable Plumbing Act,’ a lot of wealthier people are learning how to maintain and take care of their own plumbing, so there are fewer payers into the plumbing exchanges. As a result, the price I have to charge wealthy people like you keeps rising. Not only that, but for some reason the demand for plumbing work by those who get it for free has skyrocketed! There’s a long waiting list of those who need repairs but the amount we get doesn’t cover our costs. This unfortunately has put a lot of my fellow plumbers out of business, they’re not being replaced, and nobody is going into the plumbing business because they know they can’t make any money at it. I’m hurting too, all thanks to greedy rich people like you who won’t pay their fair share.”

    Obama says, “Joe! This is really bad. If all the rich people learn how to fix and maintain their own plumbing and you can’t charge the poorer people, you’ll be broke! What will you do then?”

    Joe replies, “I may have to run for office!”


  25. DeniseVB says:

    How Spike Lee profited from “gentrification”, that little whiny slimeball ……

  26. The Klown says:

    It’s been almost two months since Riverdaughter posted anything. I hope she is okay.

    • cynic says:

      Weird, I was just over at her place yesterday checking on her. She mentioned health issues on her last post.

  27. wmcb says:

    But if you say that too many illegal immigrants is straining our system, you get called a LYING LIAR LYING, NOT TRUUUUEEE!

  28. The Klown says:
    • wmcb says:

      The problem with sending this message, is that when long-tolerant people finally GET this message, and the worm turns, it’s going to get very very nasty. Oh, the only way to be heard is to riot, or threaten to do so? Ok, fine. This is how you fucking CREATE religious and race and culture wars. Big chunks of the Ukraine opposition were OPENLY neo-Nazi. No one cared. No one even blinked an eye at what would have been unimaginable even 20 years ago. Because when people are fed up, they ally with whoever. Our govt is playing a very very dangerous game.

      • wmcb says:

        Sorry to be such a doomsayer again. I really don’t want to be watching when it all goes to shit and open street warfare, horrified, shaking my head and saying, “I told you so. I told you so. Did not you morons see this coming?”

        • mothy67 says:

          I loved teaching adults to read. I had a natural penchant for it– like doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. I just had to figure it out. Then I let them teach me how to teach them. After 2008 no way in hell. Want no part. Iwas free now people are being paid to try some sad adult book on junkies? I think Michelle approves.

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