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This Is What Real Misogyny Looks Like

Lisa Daftari at Fox News: Islamophobia in action? ‘Honor Diaries’ screening shut down by CAIR CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is at it again. This time they have succeeded in shutting down a screening of the film, “Honor Diaries,” at … Continue reading

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What a Load of Crap! Part II

(Shhhh! Move closer to your monitor so I can use Whisper font) The Village Voice: Yes We Can! (Make Better Biopics Than Cesar Chavez) The Chicano labor leader César Chávez can now join Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela in the … Continue reading

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Paging Colonel Sanders!

Michael Goodwin: Chickens come home to roost for Obama It is impossible to dismiss as mere coincidence the Russian Bear’s invasion of Ukraine and the continuing mayhem of the Affordable Care Act. In their own ways, each reflects the full … Continue reading

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What a Load of Crap!

How stupid do they think we are? The NY Times: California Farmers Short of Labor, and Patience HURON, Calif. — When Chuck Herrin, who runs a large farm labor contracting company, looks out at the hundreds of workers he hires … Continue reading

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Please, God, Make it Stop!

This is like being in a zombie horror flick: Influential Republicans working to draft Jeb Bush into 2016 presidential race Many of the Republican Party’s most powerful insiders and financiers have begun a behind-the-scenes campaign to draft former Florida governor … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Open Thread

I’ll write a better post whenever I finally wake up.

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Why Does The Blue Model Keep Failing?

Joe Moneybags Gazette: Why Can’t the Left Govern? The Left can win elections. Why can’t it run a government? Surveying the fall in support for the governments of Barack Obama, New York City’s progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio and France’s … Continue reading

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