Sharyl Attkisson is the latest victim of the White House War on Freedom of the Press

Yesterday from John Nolte at Breitbart:

Via her verified Twitter account, CBS investigative news reporter Sharyl Attkisson announced Monday that she has resigned from CBS.

Although Politico received no comment from Attkisson other than that the split was amicable, the left-wing outlet is reporting that Attkisson left due to the network’s “liberal bias.” This split is ahead of her contract. “She increasingly felt like her work was no longer supported and that it was a struggle to get her packages on television.”

Politico writes that Attkisson became “a polarizing figure at the network.” Some saw a political agenda in her work. Politico adds:

The bulk of Attkisson’s work since 2009 has focused on the failures or perceived failures of the Obama administration, including the administration’s failed green energy investments and the attack in Benghazi, though she has reported on several Republican failures as well.

Of course, in 2009 President Obama became president. Apparently Attkisson stuck out as an oddball to some at CBS and the rest of the media for daring to investigate power when it is held by a Democrat.

Back in May, Breitbart News reported that the President of CBS News, David Rhodes, is the brother of President Obama’s National Security advisor, Ben Rhodes. According to ABC News, Brother Ben was very much involved in the Benghazi scandal, specifically the infamous talking points that — with the help of the mainstream media — misled the nation for weeks in the heat of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

But wait! There’s more!

Yesterday from John Sexton:

Sharyl Attkisson’s Time on CBS Evening News Fell by Two Thirds After 2009

Earlier today Sharyl Attkisson announced on Twitter that she was leaving CBS News. Early reports suggest the split was “amicable” though Attkisson is said to have wanted to leave because she had grown frustrated with the network’s “liberal bias.” Specifically, she felt it was a struggle to get her work on the CBS Evening News, the network’s flagship news program.

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post reached out to Andrew Tyndall who was able to put some numbers to the frustration that apparently drove Attkisson out the door:

Attkisson was the 18th most used reporter in major network nightly news, with 160 minutes of exposure. In 2008, she held steady at 18th, with 145 minutes, and in 2009, she was 19th, with 152 minutes.

She hasn’t landed in the top 20 since.

In a quick chat with the Erik Wemple Blog, Tyndall said that Attkisson tallied a mere 54 minutes on “The CBS Evening News” in 2013, a third of her previous totals. That was good for a ranking of 78th among network news reporters. “She was obviously being sidelined,” says Tyndall.

So Attkisson did not imagine that her status at CBS had changed, it really did. And given that it changed after 2009 when she started to focus on the Obama administration it stretches credulity to suggest that this was not a primary reason for the sudden change.

I remember years ago when running back Marcus Allen angered Raiders owner Al Davis with a contract holdout. Al retaliated by reducing Allen’s playing time. These were some of Allen’s prime playing years, and reduced playing time meant reduced stats, taking Allen out of contention for seasonal awards and effectively lowering his career totals.

The reason I bring up Marcus Allen is he is an example of the fact that you don’t have to fire someone to screw up their career. Sharyl Attkisson is in the prime of her career. CBS punished her for covering the “wrong” stories, and also sent a message to the rest of their staff. Don’t think they didn’t notice.

Sharyl Attkisson is not the only victim of the White House War on Freedom of the Press, she’s just the latest one. What is really ridiculous about the Obama Administration’s attempts to control the media is that most of them are already eager lapdogs. No POTUS in my lifetime has received such disproportionately positive coverage from the media. The media are not only reluctant to report anything negative about Obama, they go out of their way to defend him when a Republican criticizes him. (See: Crowley, Candy)

That is the scariest part of the White House War on Freedom of the Press – the press has gone over to the enemy.


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113 Responses to Sharyl Attkisson is the latest victim of the White House War on Freedom of the Press

  1. The Klown says:
  2. 1539days says:

    Politico is trying to write Atkisson’s story before she has the chance to do it. She probably can’t go on TV and her book isn’t out for months. They want to imply that she went after “perceived” (fake) scandals, and when CBS tried to stop her, she imagined liberal bias. Of course, none of this was said, but Politico writers created a whole book about the 2008 campaign using anonymous sources.

  3. votermom says:

    Attkisson is one of my heroes – can’t imagine the courage she has.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    I look forward to Sharyl’s next chapter, if she survives her IRS audit and Palinization in the media 😉

    • Constance says:

      So true, the Obots will likely set the FBI and the other government agencies on her too.

  5. lyn says:

    Obama owns our national media, and as a J-School grad in 1981 I’m disgusted. This isn’t about being brainwashed into thinking that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad. It is an orchestrated effort to destroy any opposition to Obama.

  6. The Klown says:
  7. The Klown says:
  8. driguana says:

    Another indication that the progressive media is now entirely the Propaganda Broadcasting System. The sad thing is that you can turn them off or ignore them but they are still influencing millions of people with their arrogant demeanor, lies and biased “reporting” and misinformation. The progs are also pounding this one but Dr. Carson may, in fact, be on to the next big Obama move….via “executive orders”.

  9. DeniseVB says:

    I just added Rick Perry to my 2016 Wish List. This was a ballsy statement, from the RGA last month…..

  10. Lulu says:

    I have added CBS to my parental lock on my television. I never watched that network anyway. I hope Ms Attkisson makes tons of money on her book and can do whatever the hell she wants after that. Contrast and compare HER to the ninnies of VoxDotCom who want to explain (spin) the news rather than make news public. She also complained of corporate interference in the news division at CBS (owners? sponsors?) which fits right in with the Obama graft machine from Chicago. I’d like to see the Rhodes brothers emails and transcripts of their phone calls which the NSA is collecting for a Republican president. Idiots.

  11. wmcb says:

    The sad thing is, she made her bones, and won her Emmy award, by going after the Bush administration. She dug into corrupt GOP campaign financing. This is not a partisan. She believes the duty of the press is to hold accountable whoever is in power.

  12. The Klown says:

    Shamelessly plagiarized from AofSHQ:

    Republican “Super Lobbyist”: Conservatives Need To Shut Up And Listen To Republican Leaders

    I love self-described “bi-partisan, super lobbyist” John Feehery. If you wanted to create a caricature of the out of touch, self-important, above it all Republican establishment class you’d have to invent him. Thankfully he already exists and he loves to take to the digital pages of The Hill every now and then to remind the rest of us who runs things.

    Today’s sermon is dedicated to the joys of knowing your place if you’re a conservative. You see according to Feehery the real problem in the GOP and our politics at large is too much individualism and not enough collectivism with a chosen few (not surprisingly he’s among the few) leading the way. Sure it starts out as a bashing of millennials but he really only warms to the task when he gets to his frequent target…conservatives.

    For our kind of democratic Republic to work, the people have to delegate certain powers to their elected representatives, and with that delegation comes a certain amount of trust. But if the people don’t trust their fellow citizens, how can they trust their elected representatives?
    And that is where you hit the limits of individualism.

    We are seeing the fraying of the social contract in both political parties, but perhaps more acutely in the Republican Party today.

    Sure, Barack Obama is unpopular with the conservative base, but almost as unpopular are Republican leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. There is little patience to follow the leaders within the GOP. Trust has broken down. The movement will not be satisfied.

    The Republican Party used to fall in line, but now, it is seemingly falling apart. The Tea Party insurgency is virulently distrustful of big government, big business and big labor. It despises the “Republican Establishment.” It has even declared war on the Chamber of Commerce.

    The Democratic Party will not escape this chaos, as we hit the limits of individualism. The gender and racial political alliances upon which the modern party is built are not sturdy. One slip of the tongue, one off-color joke can end the career of a Democratic politician.

    Liberals are even more anti-establishment than the Tea Party. They glorify Edward Snowden just as they call for the dismemberment of Wall Street. The Democrats are primarily a secular party that ignores, if not condemns, most church teachings (such as on abortion and gay marriage). The party has come unmoored from any religious values. It glorifies the individual, no matter what choices that individual might make.

    Someone actually wrote with pride and a sense of loss that “the GOP used to fall in line”. And look where that got us. Bigger government, record debt, oh and the loss of the House, the Senate and the White House.

    While those results might be cause for concern if you care about the future of the country more than a party, Feehery longs for those days. He seems very upset that conservatives aren’t satisfied with a pat on the head for their volunteer efforts and votes. Now they want not just rhetoric but results? It’s terribly embarrassing for everyone when the help forgets their station.

    I love the part where he’s absolutely flummoxed as to why conservatives would turn on the Chamber of Commerce so allow me to help… they supported Obama’s so-called “stimulus”, they are cutting deals with big labor to force amnesty on the country and exists basically to get as much money and regulatory favor from taxpayers via D.C. as possible.

    What a bunch of ungrateful bastards these small government, pro liberty conservatives are. Why aren’t showering the entrance of the Chamber’s offices with rose petals?

    This self-declared elite wasn’t built in a day and it won’t be destroyed in one election cycle either. But when people wonder why I don’t really care if the GOP wins the Senate or even the presidency (get in line and support Chris Christie! Or Jeb Bush!) guys like this are at or near the top of the list. Putting the same people back in power and expecting different results is a fool’s errand.

    Posted by: DrewM. at 10:41 AM

    • wmcb says:

      I love that passive voice “trust has broken down”. No, asshole, YOU guys destroyed trust. It is not just some natural entropy process at work that makes people view their govt and their parties with disgust and suspicion. It’s what you have DONE.

    • 1539days says:

      It’s also a huge misread of today’s Democratic Party. Elements of it may talk the talk, but they get very quiet when what they say interferes with Obama’s success. Corporate greed is okay if Democrats get a taste during election season. Government spying is wrong in theory, but Edward Snowden did it in the “wrong way” and embarrassing Obama is worse to them than spying. Democrats learned to fall in line.

    • wmcb says:

      Love this Revelations tweak from the comments:

      And behold I saw a white RINO and him who sat on him was portly and lame.

    • 1539days says:

      The last Republican who tried to keep spending down was Eisenhower. He was the last one where the National Debt actually went down. He also raised taxes on the top 1% to 91%. Most presidents after him tried to cut spending on the programs they didn’t like and avoid raising taxes that could lose elections.

      The Chamber of Commerce and Big Business (I repeat myself) believe in a game where the government will always create winners and losers. In that case, they gear everything toward being the winners. The Stimulus and immigration are “bipartisan” because they help Democrats win elections and they create big kickbacks for big businesses who still think of themselves as Republicans.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’m not a Republican, so I don’t have to shut up 😀 This GOP “civil war” is starting to remind me that the establishment Repubs would rather lose in 2014 & 2016 than give up the duopoly of rewards and riches. They proved that in ’08 and ’12.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    I hear the Dems are having (had) a sleepover in the Senate? Reading Dr. Suess books or something about finding the cure for Gorebal Warming ? Just saw some of the mocking on twitter, this was my fav ….

  14. foxyladi14 says:

    term limits

    • 49erDweet says:

      It’s proof they lack gravitas. Further evidence the labor movement died two decades ago and what we see today is straight from the pages of The Onion.

  15. The Klown says:

    I dunno who linked to us but our hit stats just went KABOOM!!!

  16. barney bass says:

    you all sound like you blame Barak Obama for everything bad that has ever happened. according to you all he caused your dog to eat your bedroom slippers – talk about biased and one sided. the more extreme you all get the more you show your stupidity and you letting yourselves be brainwashed by your handlers.

  17. bigtoad45 says:

    There are three “major” political parties in this country. The Right Wing Tea party, The Leftist Communist Party, and the McCain/Pelosi Establishment Party. The majority of the media has fallen in with the leftists but even the Righties on Fox are guilty in the nation wide media blackout over the Ukrainian situation. I wish some brave investigative reporter would look into the backgrounds of the Nazi leadership now claiming power in Kiev. Evidence exists that THEY ordered the shootings of civilians and police during the riots. I’ve seen the videos. More than a few of Kiev’s new leaders have criminal records. But our news agencies are hell bent on spouting Cold War propaganda instead of doing their job and investigating the facts! Now our president is going to host their leader in the White House! What a disgrace. What happened to our Free Media? It’s gone. It has sold itself and crawled into bed with the politicians.

  18. votermom says:

    Dem Senators up all night “not filibustering” Climate Change

  19. The Klown says:

    There is bad, then really bad, then this:

  20. The Klown says:
  21. The Klown says:
  22. The Klown says:
  23. helenk3 says:

    I wonder how many have preordered Sharyl Attkison’s book since the news broke? I know I did.

  24. wmcb says:

    The more I watch my govt, the more resistant I get to govt involvement in much of anything at all. And the primary reason? They refuse to undo their mistakes.

    I’d be much more inclined to be in favor of govt “helping” more, if I had any confidence at all that, when they tried something with good intentions, and IT DIDN’T WORK, they’d go back, cancel that program, try something else.

    But in my lifetime, what I see is some shitty failed program remaining, more and more “fixes” being layered on top of it, and every jot and tittle of govt power being treated like the most necessary thing in the world that we’d collapse into Somalia without. They act as if it’s rank heresy for them to STOP doing something once they start, even if it is an abject failure obvious to all.

    So long as that’s the attitude, then I am adamantly opposed to govt doing a damn thing more. Because it is NEVER a targeted thing with goals, it is ALWAYS just a blank check in the end.

    • wmcb says:

      Seriously, what if a business tried to run this way? We introduced a new sandwich. It’s a complete flop, and is costing us millions instead of making money. The whole country hates it. As a matter of fact, most of those who tried it got physically ill from it. But it HAS to stay on the menu, because 3 people in Boise like it, so they “benefit from” this sandwich. And besides, we hired people to market it and develop it and oversee the sandwich, and we owe them those jobs.

      That’s how our govt runs programs.

  25. The Klown says:

    H8ers gotta H8:

    Left-wing racists are attacking Johns Hopkins University physician Ben Carson, who delivered a crowd-pleasing speech Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

    The indispensable Twitchy Team collects many jaw-dropping assaults on Carson as a thinker, a professional, a leader, an American, and a human being.

    Carson is an “Uncle Tom,” tweets self-described comedian Laura Levites.

    “I’d like to thank brother Malcolm X for explaining the House Negro and Field Negro,” adds “Unabashed class clown” @WiseGuy Eddie, who promises to “make you laugh” in his Twitter profile. “Ben Carson is the former. #CPAC2014″

    CEO Elon James White tweets that Carson, whose record in the field of neurosurgery has won plaudits from far beyond the narrow world of politics, defies “science, history, common sense too.”

    “They like a black man telling them it’s okay to discriminate and hate political correctness,” feminist funmaker Kaili Joy Gray deduces.

    Other epithets hurled by progressive bigots: “lunatic,” “clown,” “house negro” and beneficiary of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” — this last a sophistical phrase baritone Michael Ditto expropriates from former president George W. Bush.

    • wmcb says:

      I’m going to start using the terms “house negro” and “Uncle Tom” to routinely refer to black Democrats.

    • Somebody says:

      I do not understand the “soft bigotry of low expectations” being applied to Dr. Carson.

      You can disagree with his politics fine and dandy, but by all accounts he’s a brilliant surgeon. The whole low expectations thing doesn’t carry over into the OR. If he wasn’t a good surgeon it would show in his patients.

    • helenk3 says:

      Dr Carson had a mom who wanted her kids to succeed and did what she had to do to make it happen. did not take the victim route. Dr Carson is a credit to her, and himself . that does not play into the left’s idea of the poor black man never given a chance and should not have to apply himself to get ahead

    • SHV says:

      “soft bigotry of low expectations” — this last a sophistical phrase baritone Michael Ditto expropriates from former president George W. Bush.”
      After “Axis of Evil”, probably Michael Gerson’s most remembered quip.

  26. votermom says:

    Twitter just kicked me out with “a could not authenticate you” and now it looks down when I try to sign in

  27. The Klown says:

    Okay, which one of you broke Twitter?

  28. The Klown says:

    Who is the writer referring to?

    But bullies do not aspire to lead through rhetoric; they dominate by intimidation. When confronted, they either lash out or they obfuscate.

  29. helenk3 says:

    the good old days

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