The Dumbest Thing Ever Posted At Buffoon Juice


Seriously. John Cole:

Speaking of White Privilege

Someone in the last thread mentioned white privilege, and I was reminded of something I meant to post a couple weeks ago. While I was doing my car search, I hit a lot of places to test drive a lot of cars even though I knew I was going to buy a Subaru. At any rate, I was absolutely shocked how many dealerships I went to, just walked in, said my name was John Cole and that I needed a car and was willing to spend up to 20k on a used one, but would prefer value.

Talked to them for a while, and at five different dealerships, without even showing a driver’s license, salesmen gave me the keys to a car and let me test drive the vehicles. On three occasions, they didn’t even ride with me- they just gave me the keys and slapped a dealer plate on it and let me drive off.

I’d like to think this is all because of the club tie, the firm handshake, and the easy smile, but I am almost certain it has something to do with the fact that I have blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s the little shit you don’t even notice about white privilege that makes it so hard for white people to recognize how fucking good we have it and how different our lives are from other Americans of different hues.

The whole experience reminded me of the Eddie Murphy SNL skit when he was in white face and went to the bank for a loan, and they just threw money at him.

Someone needs to tell John Cole that the Era of White Guilt is over.

If that had happened to me I would be surprised too, but I would not assume it only happened because I was white. But John Cole is a progressive, which means he has a special ability to look into the hearts of other white men and see racism.

I thought his post was the stupidest crap I had read all week until I read the comments that followed it.

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  1. this white privilege/racism thing is passing over the left like a fever. Hopefully it will pass soon….

  2. The Klown says:
    • 49erDweet says:

      Cole is so dumb he doesn’t even recognize obvious signs of the commercial culture he entered. He was an “up”. Every “up”, whether white, brown, black, tan, rich, poor, medium or whatever, is immediately classified by at least four financial sharks as to his potentiality to be “played”. He obviously was judged (almost instantly) by several concerns to be fatally stupid. Cole’s subsequent writings serve to confirm the accuracy of that snap diagnosis.

  3. The Klown says:
  4. The Klown says:
  5. The Klown says:

    Daily Caller:

    Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is accusing members of Rep. Elijah Cummings’ staff of colluding with the IRS to investigate the conservative group True the Vote.

    “Although you have previously denied that your staff made inquiries to the IRS about conservative organization True the Vote that may have led to additional agency scrutiny, communication records between your staff and IRS officials – which you did not disclose to Majority Members or staff – indicates otherwise,” reads a letter sent to Cummings by Issa and five subcommittee chairmen.

    Issa and Cummings have battled over allegations that the IRS has specifically targeted conservative groups over applications for tax-exempt status.

    In Oct. 2012 Cummings, the Oversight Committee’s ranking minority member, opened an investigation into True the Vote. Cummings was concerned that the vote-monitoring group was engaging in voter suppression.

    Though Cummings has denied that his staff has contacted the IRS concerning True the Vote, Wednesday’s letter provides at least some evidence of a connection between staffers and the agency.

    On Jan. 25, 2013 IRS staffer Catherine Barre responded to an email request from Oversight Committee minority staff members. The staffers, Barre wrote to colleagues, were seeking “any publicly available information” about True the Vote.

    Barre forwarded the request to others within the agency, including staffer Holly Paz and Lois Lerner, the embattled ex-IRS official who has refused to testify to Congress about IRS targeting.

    Paz, who is currently on administrative leave for her role in the alleged targeting, asked other IRS employees to look into True the Vote.

    Lerner took interest in the request, emailing Paz three days later. “Did we find anything?” she asked.

    When Paz said she had not, Lerner instructed “check tomorrow please”.

    On Jan. 31, Paz obtained True the Vote’s IRS 990 forms and authorized their release to Oversight Committee minority staff.

    Wednesday’s letter also raised suspicion over similarities between requests sent to True the Vote by both Cummings and the IRS.

    Issa and his co-signers pointed out that within a span of five days in Oct. 2012, both Cummings and the IRS requested information about True the Vote’s volunteers and training methods.

    “This timeline and pattern of inquiries raises concerns that the IRS improperly shared protected protected taxpayer information with your staff,” reads the letter.

    • Lulu says:

      This is the woman who was then harassed by OSHA, EPA, etc repeatedly at her business. The regulatory agencies had never contacted her before and were unclear why they were “raiding” her business. They found nothing and left. The agencies who were hassling her need to provide emails on why they repeatedly appeared at her business also for what appears to be no reason.

  6. The Klown says:

    While I look forward to seeing a female POTUS in my lifetime, I don’t want to see her elected BECAUSE she is a woman.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I don’t think Hillary’s going to win over the Miliennials who elected Obama twice. It won’t have anything to do with her gender either. It’s the party that promised them everything and delivered nothing …. could apply that to the other demographics that voted Dem too. Are the blacks better off now? Are the Hispanics? Are any of us?

      • dailypuma says:

        excellent analysis. The question is, what percentage does she have to win over. Obama won 43% of the white vote in 2008 to go along with 91 to 93%% of the african american vote to win. Hillary Clinton probably has a majority of several other demographics locked up and may not need a majority of millennials to win. Plus, millennials may just not vote if they are not happy with either party. The other thing to consider is Chelsea Clinton is a millennial and nobody knows how that will play out for 2016.

        • elliesmom says:

          Hillary Clinton probably won’t have the same turnout from the African American voters Obama had. The ones who do show up at the polls will give her a large margin, but after all, they called her a racist in 2008. Many will decide they’re “too busy” to vote. While her gender will be a plus for her with a lot of people, her age is going to be a turnoff for others. Expect a lot of comparisons to how old Reagan was. I’m not sure a “Vote for my mom” from Chelsea will help with that. The silly thing is a lot of young folks are behind Elizabeth Warren, and they are surprised to find out “she’s old”, too. What will get Clinton the nomination is the lack of depth to the Democratic bench. There really isn’t anybody else, but Hillary is going to look old and tired after a few months on the campaign trail. If the Republicans put up someone with “youth and vigor” who can keep himself away from the social issues and concentrate on economics, she’s going to be in trouble. But the Republicans don’t always “choose wisely”.

          • foxyladi14 says:


          • mike says:

            I prefer the “Vote for Monica’s boyfriend’s wife” slogan, myself.

          • Erica says:

            She may look old and tired a few months into the campaign, but then again, she smoked Obama during the 2008 primary. Poor guy had to be carried across the finish line. So who knows how it might go.

            And for the record, drumming up Lewinsky, Mike, is what’s really old and tired.

        • gxm17 says:

          Also, I think a lot of the “progressives” who voted for Obama will suddenly switch to third party. I’m already seeing it on FB. People who have no problem ignoring that Obama (Bush v3.2) is firmly center right will have no problem jumping ship if Hillary tops the ticket. These folks are some of the most self-deluded, self-righteous sexists I’ve come across.

  7. jeffhas says:

    Jeebus, is this really what life is reduced to ? Fretting every day about every slight (perceived or actual), and dissecting the minutiae about said slights? Talk about analysis paralysis.

    Last time I checked, you only get one go ’round in this thing called life. It seems to me (but then again I’m a white male – with obvious privelege) that you can spend your time concentrating, advocating, speculating, worrying, exasperating (and a whole lot of other -ings)…. OR you can spend time living your life with family and friends and working to have a better life (and overcoming obstacles we all get in life – jeez, is cancer or heart disease racist too?) and enjoying this short time you have in this life with people you can love and have meaningful (if to no one other then yourself) relationships that touch people and leaves memories for all to remember when you are long gone from this world.

    OR… You could just be bitter, focus on the negative (perceived and/or real), and lose out on all the wonderful memories and relationships you coulda had – if only you weren’t so focused on the negative.

    We all have to overcome something… Sometimes more, sometimes less then others. So whattaya gonna do, spend your time whining about what you have to overcome? – or get on with your life and how to make it bearable/livable/better?

    Sheesh! Common Sense 101 needs to be a college course.

  8. The Klown says:
  9. The Klown says:

    Rev. Al was there too. Must have been an awards dinner for federal informants.

  10. The Klown says:
    • elliesmom says:

      Because you know women should have “choices” as long as they make the right choice. When they don’t, then they’re stupid and dumb. And making other women look bad. And heaven forbid they should enjoy being in a relationship with a man. Because all “PIV sex” (where do they get this stuff?) is rape. A woman who likes to cook and sew and take care of her children must be mentally ill. We should through her in jail and force feed her until she repents and recants.

  11. DeniseVB says:

    (parody account) But sounds true to me 🙂

  12. DeniseVB says:

    Oh my … I didn’t watch the video or click on the links … but, oh my ….

    • Lulu says:

      The first comment:
      “Well, technically, they are puting VULVAS on display… Because the vagina is the interior portion leading up to the cervix and uterus.
      Because, you know… Anatomy.”

      Uh, yeah. Why are the “artiste’s” so dumb.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Since the Democrats are celebrating Civil Rights and LBJ this week, decided to take a peek at the law’s history…..those pesky Southern Dems almost ruined it for everybody….

    • elliesmom says:

      But the current “narrative” is that all of those Southern Democrats became Republicans – except, of course, they didn’t. I think Strom Thurmond was one of the few that switched parties. But Al Gore Sr., Robert Byrd, and the rest of the white supremacists remained Democrats. And a lot of ordinary folks down there who started voting for Republicans did it to get the racists out of office.

    • Somebody says:

      Talk about how the stupid burns, last night I followed a link Klown put in the last thread about Hank Aaron’s comments. The comments following that article were unreal, the stupidity, the twisting of history, lots of misinformation about civil rights. I started to comment myself and then decided why bother I’m not going to change any minds and facts apparently don’t matter to some.

  14. dailypuma says:

    Most Car Dealerships follow strict guidelines when it comes to their test drive policies because if they carelessly give out a car and something goes wrong and they did not follow protocol, their own insurance may not cover the damage.

  15. DandyTIger says:

    I hate to break it to John Cole, but it’s an age thing, not a race thing. Poor guy. He has Age Privilege and doesn’t know it.

    • elliesmom says:

      My husband’s license had expired, and the way he found out was trying to test drive a car. He insisted on seeing both of our licenses. We thought it was funny, but the car salesman didn’t. He was going to let us take the car out without him, but I think he was afraid I’d pull over and let my husband drive if he didn’t “supervise” us. We went to the DMV the next day and got my husband’s license renewed and went back and bought the car. But from a different sales person. Because the first guy didn’t acknowledge our presence. I hope it hurt when he saw us hand over the check for the car. You see, it wasn’t a car for my husband. It was for me. But the first salesman only talked to my husband. The second sales person was a woman. Who knew it was a “chick car”.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I bought my first car as a minor, so I needed my dad to co-sign the loan. I knew what I wanted after salivating over the new ’67 Mustangs on the lot, it was just picking the color. I was being totally ignored by the sales people (which was nice thinking back on that). Called Dad at work and told him I was ready to buy. He showed up in his work clothes…a USMC Colonel. All of a sudden, I was the most special person in the worrrrrld on that lot. Got a pretty good deal too 😀

        • elliesmom says:

          Several years ago I was taking an adolescent psych course. We were doing group work, and we had to describe the members of our group as cars. My group said I was a Volvo. Expensive, but reliable and good to have around in an emergency. I was so tired of being the responsible reliable person type I went out the next day and bought myself a little blue Mercury Capri convertible. I have driven a series of little blue convertibles ever since. This time I was determined to change the color, but the only car on the lot with the options I wanted was blue. So it’s still blue. But the cars have gotten more expensive over the years. This one is a BMW. And it sucks in the snow so I get to stay home.

      • foxyladi14 says:


      • 49erDweet says:

        Most dealerships have a salesperson hierarchy. Those “on the floor” are the newbies. Some, like the one who wouldn’t acknowledge you, won’t make it. It’s a cutthroat world. The customer is king. Or queen.

        • The Klown says:

          The newbies’ job is to show you around and get you to settle on a car and then they hand you off to a more experienced “closer”.

  16. DeniseVB says:

    Allen West ask’s a pretty good question here…conservative media seems to be the only ones covering this….

    So it seems the persecution Ayaan thought she was escaping has found a home right here in America.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves. Where are Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Sandra Fluke decrying a “War on Women?” Where are the ladies of “The View?” What say you Ellen Degeneres? Cowards — cowards all of you and same for Brandeis University.


  17. The Klown says:
  18. The Klown says:


  19. The Klown says:
  20. foxyladi14 says:

    Special Lil’ Angels. 🙂

  21. The Klown says:
  22. votermom says:

    New witch hunt: lefties going after DropBox for having Condi on their board

    • The Klown says:

      What is DropBox?

      • votermom says:

        Its a service that gives you storage on the cloud for filess, photos, etc. Very handy.
        I have a free account (one can get a paid for more space)

        I can send u a link which gives me bonus free space if you want

        • The Klown says:

          Post the link and let everyone sign up.

          • votermom says:

            Could you try it first to see if it shows my real life email?
            I dont want to have lurkers see that …

            Plus you can generate you rwn link after you sign up and get bonus space for yourself .. I don’t actually use it that much.
            Right now I have 3.25 GB available and I’ve only used 4MB

            (Edit: I sent the link to your email lmk if you didn’t get it)

          • The Klown says:

            This is what came thru:

            Hey Klown

            here’s a link to dropbox – if you use it to create a new account I get bonus disk space


            Or you can sign up on their website

          • votermom says:

            You know what, the link is probably safe – just seems to go to a DB sign up page

            So, extending the invite to all:
            If you want to sign up for DropBox, if you use this link I get bonus space.

            (If you want to use someone else’s referral, or just sign up without one that’s great too.)

            EDIT: Actually, I get referral space if you put their app on your pc I think – don’t feel pressured to do this if you don’t want to. Just signing up wil be a good response to the witch hunt, imo.

    • mothy67 says:

      Signrd up with your link but couldn’t download app on kindle PC is far away. Okay downstairs but I emrace my indolance. Will try tomorrow. Hope you still get credit. FYI amazon gives free cloud service for anything bought from them. Great sales too.

  23. The Klown says:

    This must be Douchebag Thursday.

    • The Klown says:

      Maybe when we get another GOP president Colbert will start being funny again.

      I doubt it, though. His shining moment was the WHC dinner, but that was a long time ago. His fake conservative schtick was kinda funny at first but it got old fast.

    • 1539days says:

      That must have been in the works, since Colbert was likely in negotiations with Comedy Central, too. I suspect this is a bad idea. If anyone remembers, the second Late Late Show host was Craig Kilborn. He was also the first host of The Daily Show.

      I was enjoying the speculation. My secret wish was that CBS hire Leno and move to Burbank. I assume not hiring Leno is in Letterman’s contract. Besides, Dave owns the production company.

  24. The Klown says:
  25. mothy67 says:

    I went to Wendy’s rhis morning because I love bacon cannot keep it in the house because I will eat it all in one sitting. Anthow I walk in and there is this huge group of young men all clad in pristine white shirts and black pants. I judged them on sight. Knew they were Mormons on their mission. Ended up talking with them. Polite considerate kids.They cleaned up after themselves and were articulate and respectful. Many businesses in my area only permit 4 students at a time on their roperty. Malls are losing business because of packs of children running rampant. Refreshing to see a large group so mature. Know nothing about Mormanism but they appear to have a church near by and they are holding some big thing. Might attend. Ihave enough decency that if I go I will be an observer. I was very impressed and as I walked home kept wondering what the religion entailed. Watched the Kelley File piece above and the woman denied the honorary degree spoke about the attacks on Mormons in this country. Gonna see it as a sign.

  26. DandyTIger says:

    Could be silly, but worth it just to make prog heads explode:

    Quite a few years ago, I had the pleasure of watching the Dutch version of Survivor (Expeditie Robinson) with my feminist roommate. That particular season would have two islands, one populated by men and one populated by women. My roommate had been promoting that particular series to me and the other students in the house for weeks because it would show us, according to her, what a society run by women – free from the evils of patriarchy – would be like.

    The women settled into a routine as well. The hung up a clothesline to dry their towels, then proceeded to sunbathe and squabble. Because unlike men, women were unable to do anything without consensus of the whole group. And because it was a group of at least a dozen women, consensus was never reached. During the next few episodes, the women ate all their initial supplies, got drenched by tropical storms several times, were eaten alive by sand fleas and were generally miserable. The men on the other hand, were quite content. There were disagreements of course, but they were generally resolved.

    Eventually, the people running the program decided something had to change. In order to help the women out, three men would be selected to go to their island. In return, three women would take their place at the men’s island. The look on my feminist roommates face during this episode was priceless.

    • WMCB says:

      Anyone who thinks a society run by women would be paradise knows JACK SHIT about women. Both genders have their general strengths and weaknesses. We need both. We balance each other.

      Yeah yeah yeah, exceptions exist, everything is on a Bell curve. I know that. But general traits are general traits, and sticking your head in the sand and singing “LALALALA they don’t exist!” is asinine. Yes, they do. Men are not “better” because they are aggressive and problem-solving oriented, nor are women “better” because we tend to be intuitive and consensus-oriented. Both can be an asset OR a liability, depending on the circumstances.

      Balance. Yin and yang. Makes the world go ’round.

      • The Klown says:

        There is a feminist myth about an ancient Matriarchy, when women ran things and everything was peaceful and happy. Then the men took over and things got mean and violent.

        There is ZERO evidence of any such culture or civilization.

  27. mothy67 says:

    If I was in charge at cbs I would have moved Ferguson to 11:35 or gone with Kevin Hart or Simon Cowell. Colbert bores me. Wonder sometimes how programmers get their jobs. Katie Couric with a talk show? Matt Lauer as the host of Jeopardy? Next up Casey Anthony will host a parenting talk show.

  28. DandyTIger says:

    • leslie says:

      It was 40 degrees below zero and the snow in some area still hasn’t melted completely. Let’s wait to see what the real effect is in July.

  29. angienc says:

    What kind of patch of clover does this moron live in that he has time to worry about how “easy” and “good” he has it?Pfft. Go work with special needs kids if you want to know about having it hard in life (hint: none of it involves having to show your ID to test drive a car).
    Plus, I’m skeptical of this story in the first place — I can imagine one sales guy at ONE dealership forgetting to ask for an ID before letting Cole test drive a car, but THREE? Bull-fucking-shit, at least not at reputable dealerships as we’re talking major liability issues. Of course, this idiot Cole may have gone only to no-name “used car lots” with a pot head who lives on the lot in a van running them — I can see those guys not giving a damn about IDs. But Occam’s razor tells me Cole is lying.

    • angienc says:

      seriously — can you imagine the lawsuit if some idiot wrecks a car he’s test driving killing someone else & it turns out he doesn’t have a license because it was suspended and the dealer allowed him to drive off their lot without checking that he was allowed to drive on public streets? Again, I say: Cole is lying.

      • Lulu says:

        It has reached the point where Vile Progs have to make things up to find victims. Strawmen, fake hate crimes, turning mentally disturbed people into presumed Republicans gun nuts when they are just crazies, etc. It seems to be a compulsion for some of them and a desperation to validate their own goodness and self worth. Now they are making themselves oppressors to find more victims. It is sort of like Münchausen syndrome by proxy.

    • SHV says:

      He is lying. For Progs, lying for the cause of “Social Justice” is honorable. Every dealership that has given me a car for demo or loaner required a valid operator’s permit and proof of insurance, which they copied.

    • The Klown says:

      I’m pretty sure they check the ID’s of people who want to work with kids too. You are dead on about the liability thing – no matter what your skin color or the way you are dressed.

      Not only that, but imagine if some guy took a car and never came back.

      • votermom says:

        I’m pretty sure they check the ID’s of people who want to work with kids too.

        The school the kids go to, they require that parents who want to volunteer get a state police clearance and a child abuse (DHS) clearance. That’s even if you are just going to chaperone a field trip or be part of a bake sale.

  30. votermom says:

    OT. My kid got a letter inviting her to apply to West Point.
    (She’d never go – very un-athletic; but still a compliment on her grades/scores or whatever, I guess)

    • mothy67 says:

      Congrats. West Point is no joke. I am in hell waiting for GATE(Gifted and talented Education) scores. Kid said the tests were easy. Second grade seems a little early to me to attach labels.

      • votermom says:

        Second grade seems a little early to me to attach labels.

        No kidding!

        Your kid sounds like a smarty pants, from your stories.

        • mothy67 says:

          She is on the fifth grade sylvan learning books at home. Educating a kid is not the sole responsibility of the school. Far too many invest no time or energy in a kids development then turn around and blame the school. I think it would be hell to spend a whole day with twenty 7 year olds.

          • SHV says:

            #1 educational activity is reading with a child. It’s now considered passe, that’s why the new head the college boards is dumbing down the SATs, especially the vocabulary sections in order to meet the Social Justice goals for people of color or some such bullshit.

    • angienc says:

      Congrats to the kid!

    • SHV says:

      Why not apply….a “free” education and a guaranteed job after graduation is unusual in today’s environment. Cost of education and the resulting debt burden is insane.

    • taw46 says:

      Awesome, indeed. My kind of lawyer.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Love him and I keep hearing rumors about unseating Boehner and replacing him with Gowdy as Speaker (maybe after mid-terms?)

      • cynic says:

        Oh, I’m thinking that Eric Cantor wants the job. Don’t think I care for him too much anymore. I think my Congressman is one of his ‘yes’ men, and in return, Eric directed a nice amount of campaign cash his way.

        My Congressman was gung ho in going into Libya, and he was a ‘yes’ on Syria as well.

        I’m a Trey fan as well.

      • leslie says:

        that would be an awesome change. Rep. Trey Gowdy is one of the very few in Congress that I’d vote for. And I’d do it in a heart beat.

  31. The Klown says:


    • DandyTIger says:

      Said the guy who illegally was communicating with Lerner behind the scenes.

      • Lulu says:

        What is so funny is that his staff kept sending questions to Lerner, who in turn had IRS send out their questions to True the Vote. THEY DID NOT CHANGE THE WORDING OR ORDER OF THE QUESTIONS from Cummings staff who I doubt wrote them either. The IRS, including Lerner, just wrote it all up verbatim. That is how they got caught. They plagiarized Cumming’s staff to harass and hassle this woman. So when the emails came out it was obvious and they were caught red-handed. Lerner nor IRS even bothered to convert the questions into federal-eeze or IRS tax language.

  32. mothy67 says:

    Wasn’t McCartthy largely vindicated with the Venona papers? The difference btween Cummings and Gowdy is astonishing. Gowdy was the issue of law Cummings was naked emotional manipulation. Red scare and share cropping have nothing to do with the IRS scandle.

  33. votermom says:

  34. DandyTIger says:

  35. The Klown says:

    I guess conservatives aren’t allowed to evolve the same way Obama did.

  36. DandyTIger says:

  37. The Klown says:

    Ho Lee Chit:

  38. DandyTIger says:

    • mothy67 says:

      Ezra is the most special of all the special snowflakes. Never mind that he spews about politics but thinks the Constitution was written 400 years ago. He has overcome having the letter Z in his first name. What that manboy must have gone through. Many probably thoight it was a 2. If you cannot apprecite him you are most likely a conservative teabagging homophobic r ay cist bitter gun clinging woman hating Palin loving fox watching duck hunting Paula Dean butter loving climate denyer xenophobic. Did I miss anything. Oh yeah PUMA

    • mothy67 says:

      Guess the writer never heard of Arseneo Hall or Joan Rivers or George Lopez. Ellen makes more money in Syndication than a network show would pay. Fey is a writer and has a couple of shows in development. Rock is in movies. Vapid uninformed piece. Handler has a big chunk of the woman and gay market and because she is on cable she can get away with a lot more. Late night talk shows do nothing but promote movies/tv/music. There are plenty of niche cable channels to have your voice heard.

    • votermom says:

      It’s like the authority figure, beating up a kid while saying “this hurst me more than it hurts you.”

    • piper says:

      I’m surprised that msnbc is still on the air! She looks like a poor high schooler reading from notes that one of her parents wrote. What’s with the pencil in her hair bit. How much did dad how to pay for her to host this show?

  39. mothy67 says:

    I think Loni Love is funnier than all the late night hosts put together. She also an electrical engineer

  40. helenk3 says:

    I finally got it to work.

    please read this and tell your family and friends to stop – look – listen and think around railroad tracke

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