Some People Are Never Satisfied


William C. Rhoden in the NY Times:

A Triumph of Enlightenment … Eventually
Too Long a Wait for Michael Sam at the N.F.L. Draft

By the time I arrived at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan on Saturday, the sixth round of the N.F.L. draft had started, but Michael Sam had still not been selected.

The team that took Sam, an all-American defensive end at Missouri, would be the league’s first to draft a publicly gay player.

No team had raised its hand.


And so it went, Denver taking an Oklahoma linebacker at No. 242, San Francisco selecting a Boston College defensive end at 243, Dallas skipping over Sam again at 248.

This had the makings of a horrible day for a league already up to its eyeballs in moral and ethical questions about the safety and the culture of the sport.

Finally, around 6:45 p.m., Mike Kensil, the N.F.L.’s vice president for game operations, strode to the lectern to make a historic announcement: With the 249th pick of the draft, the St. Louis Rams had selected Sam.

“It was somewhat overwhelming to walk out,” Kensil said after the draft. “I really felt like I was a part of N.F.L. history. It was a memorable moment, and I really felt honored to be a part of it.”

Asked if he was concerned that Sam might not be drafted, Kensil said: “I don’t know if we were concerned about it. He’s a good player. St. Louis realized he was a good player, and they were smart enough to take him.”

Kensil added, “Anytime you get the SEC defensive player of the year in the seventh round, that’s a pretty good pick.”

And that is precisely why the N.F.L. doesn’t get a parade: Sam should have been taken three rounds earlier. You cannot acknowledge the Southeastern Conference as the best college football conference, as the N.F.L. has, and then let one of its top players be drafted behind kickers and players from obscure programs in obscure conferences.

“As is the case in the draft, sometimes players fall,” Rams Coach Jeff Fisher said in an interview with “He fell.”

So why did Sam, a 6-foot-2, 261-pound senior pass rusher, fall?

His off-the-field conduct was apparently stellar: no firearm violations, no driving-under-the-influence arrests, no reports of domestic abuse or barroom brawls. Especially after his mediocre performance at the scouting combine in February, critics said he was too slow to play linebacker in the N.F.L. and too small to be an effective lineman.

Sam may have been overlooked, though, because of his sexual orientation. Even teams that had no problem with Sam’s being gay might have been wary of the possibility of a news media distraction and of a public-relations quandary, real or imagined.


The N.F.L. did the right thing by Michael Sam; I only wish it would have done the right thing a little sooner.

Some people are never satisfied. It’s not enough that Michael Sam got drafted by the NFL, he should have been drafted sooner.

Saturday night on Twitter there were Progs looking for examples of the raging homophobia the media told them to expect in reaction to the news about Sam. Apparently they had trouble finding homophobes because they were launching attacks on gay conservatives and people who merely said they did not care about such an historic event. The worst they could find seems to have been people who thought “The Kiss” was a little too much.

It was quite amusing.

The National Football League is a business. Unlike most businesses, most owners are not satisfied with merely turning a profit, they want to win championships. Owners are wealthy fans, and some of them are willing to lose money in order to win games. More than anything thing else owners and fans want the best players their team can get.

Michael Sam is one of the elites. Millions of young men play Pop Warner and high school football each year. Thousands of young men play NCAA football at one of the 340 Division I schools.

There are 32 NFL teams. The NFL draft has 7 rounds. Including compensatory picks only 254 players are drafted each year. This year, Michael Sam was one of those players.

A cold hard fact is that lot of those players never make it past training camp.

If Sam makes the team and plays for four years he will make a minimum salary of $2,270,496, not counting any other benefits or endorsement contracts he might receive.

If he doesn’t make the team, it won’t be because he’s gay. It will be because he wasn’t good enough. That’s the bottom line.

Many people have been comparing Sam to Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in major league baseball. But if Jackie Robinson couldn’t hit a curveball nobody would have ever heard of him.

I hope for Michael Sam’s sake that all the media attention to his sexual orientation doesn’t interfere with how well he performs on the field.


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  1. DeniseVB says:

    And so it begins…… I think Tebow was a perfect example of what you’re pointing too, it wasn’t he was too Christian, he just wasn’t good enough. Then there’s Michael Vick, Jets fans are already talking of boycotting the game because dog killer.

  2. votermom says:

    I admit I am cynical of the timing of when he announced he was gay. Seems like a diva move to me. We’ll see – if he buckles down and focuses on being a good team player then I’ll admit I was wrong. But my skepticism predicts he’s going to keep making “controversial” reasons to be in the news.

  3. Lulu says:

    It all seemed like a big PR campaign run by the lame stream media to make a point that no one cared about. But when Bronco made the phone call to the number 783th draft choice it all made sense. It was all just a fakey publicity stunt like the #hashtag# campaigns of nothing. I don’t think a bunch of professional football players are going to be very nice to a guy who is a ringer for a publicity campaign. At best they will ignore him and he will be cut. At worst he will get hurt. A local kid didn’t get drafted, but got a free agent offer five minutes after the draft ended. He is 6’8″ 280 and will get his accounting degree this month. I guess he is too boring for the NFL draft and the media hustlers.

  4. The Klown says:
  5. angienc says:

    There was a time in this country when “get a room” meant something. Now with the rampant narcissism and lack of decency in society today, people actually *think* others are interested in who they sleep with and are shameless enough to post pics.
    I don’t want to see anybody making out — not a guy & girl; not 2 guys; not 2 girls.
    Of course, that means I’m a homophobe.

    • Lulu says:

      Every up and coming generation thinks they have discovered sex. Every single one. This kind of stuff is always new and daring to the “new” generation. It isn’t. It never has been. And the media cover it because they are too lazy to cover anything else. And that isn’t new either. But I think the media would rather watch than do “it”. Again because they are lazy themselves. I always preferred doing it myself to watching someone else. But I’m not lazy. In that anyway.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’ve seen less smash-mouth-kissy-face at troops returning after several months in a war zone reuniting with wives and girlfriends.

  6. driguana says:

    I’m starting to think of it like media laser pinpointing. Doesn’t matter what all is going on in the world when the media decides to focus on a smaller, perhaps more controversial issue, that’s the name of the game. While I like pro football, I don’t really care much about the draft, despite its importance. Look, the highly touted Johnny Mr. Football Manziel didn’t get drafted right away either… what did that mean? It means certain teams didn’t need him or his highly touted services.Tim Tebow was (is) a much better player than Sam. In an odd way, and I hate to say this, it will be very interesting if Sam doesn’t make the team….then what? Boycott the Rams?

    Then there is the media laser pinpointing of Boko Haram, for example. So far they have hacked, burned, beheaded and slaughtered around 400 Christians and moderate Muslims over a five year period. I’ve posted a number of those incidents. But now, because of the kidnapped girls (and I have tremendous sympathy for them and their families) they are a big deal. It is a big deal because Boko Haram is a violent Islamist group waging terror since 2009. Also, Boko Haram are a northern Nigeria Hausa ethnic group…..the Hausa have been Muslim for centuries and waging war against Christians and other ethnic groups for a long time.

    What’s going to be the next beam of media laser light???? Certainly not the Benghazi hearings!

    • angienc says:

      If it wasn’t for the Benghazi hearings, the media wouldn’t be paying attention to Boko Haram and the kidnapped girls *at all* –you know they are desperate for a distraction when they even considering giving air time to a group that proves that Obama does not have “AlQ on the run.”

      • Lulu says:

        The bait and switch isn’t working like it did even a few years ago. The audience fell off so they get more and more hysterical and manipulative which leads to even less audience. It is now a vicious cycle. Somehow messing with football is not going to have the result they want. I don’t know how but it is going to blow up in their faces. Messing with passionate fans, testosterone and huge amounts of money may have been overly ambitious for the progressive social engineers.

      • votermom says:

        Yeah, I’m a hater of religions that say “convert or die.”

      • DeniseVB says:

        I’ve seen several stories pointing to the “wag the dog” theory. Some even go way, way back with even worse brutalities by this group, which we ignored. Oh look, the First Lady has a sad duck face and holding up a hashtag sign ! And, and, those could be her daughters too! Cue the outrage.

  7. votermom says:

  8. 1539days says:

    This morning, they were making the point about Tebow being openly criticized for his religious beliefs and the celebration by some when he’s cut from a team. I’m wondering how bad of a player Sam would have to be to be cut or traded. If he were the worst player in the NFL, (he’s already the 5th worst draft pick) would the Rams dare to let him go after a season or whatever the length of his contract is?

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’m wondering about the St. Louis fans ? MO is smack dab in the middle of flyover country and one of the reddest of the red states. Will they welcome him on the field? That is, if he makes it out of training camp.

      • elliesmom says:

        If he can play good football, they won’t care . If he plays crappy ball, they recognize he plays crappy ball, and they get called homophobes for it, they’ll double down. It’s really all about the game.

  9. swanspirit says:

    Speaking of never being satisfied …. this gay dad wants to be a mom and be celebrated on “Mother’s Day …I guess he can’t wait for Father’s day
    Call me a homophobe if you must , but I fail to understand why this is even up for discussion .
    As for the first OPENLY gay guy in the NFL yaaaaaawwwwnnnnn… A Gay Dad’s View On Mother’s Day By Rob Watson | The Next Family

    Mother’s Day is a fascinating event. Most holidays are ones that we relate to each other in a common experience, and yet personally, each participate with our own set of rules, traditions and experiences.

    Mother’s Day seems especially this way, almost more than others. At least it does for me as a gay dad. One of the first parental arguments I had with my partner when we adopted our boys was how we were going to celebrate Mother’s Day with them. I wanted the holiday to be about the concept of mothering, being nurtured, loved and cared about, as our sons were. He insisted the holiday was about the closest biologically female relative. We never did find resolution.

    The origins of the holiday in the U.S. were equally conflicted. The earliest proponents of the theoretical concept, Ann Reeves Jarvis and Julia Ward Howe in the late 1800s, had nothing to do with caretaking of children. Their concepts called for the mothers of the country to take activist stands in re-unifying the country after the Civil War, and to stand for world peace.

    What a crock of …

    • Lulu says:

      The drama of being ……a drama queen. He even manage to squeeze in “world peace”. Me, me, me, me, I, I, I and let me tell you about me. And what I think. And what I feel. And what I figured out. It was about ME!!!!

      • votermom says:

        I feel bad for his mom.

        • Lulu says:

          Motherhood is a biological function. Parenting is raising young. The various strains of the left want to deny or eradicate biology. It has been perfectly acceptable to parent non biological children for thousands of years and be admired and rewarded for it. But that is not enough. They want their own day so I am prepared to offer a “Just Shut the Fuck Up Day” to celebrate the perennially aggrieved, butthurt and outraged who cruel biology somehow screwed over. I will ever give them a box of taffy that will pull their dental work out. I don’t feel sorry for his mom because she raised a dense, self obsessed twerp.

    • elliesmom says:

      Mollie Hemingway wrote a piece about how unfair it is to celebrate Mother’s Day because it’s a “trigger” for women who have lost children, can’t have children, or for both men and women who had bad mothers. Now gay men want to be celebrated as mothers. You can’t make this stuff up.

      • lyn says:

        We all have mothers. Let them have their day. (By choice, I’ve never had children, and Mother’s Day is bittersweet chocolate day for me.)

      • Lulu says:

        How infantile. We all have “triggers” but adults learn to deal with them. Part of Mother’s Day for me is taking flowers to the cemetery. I go alone because I don’t want anyone bugging me while I arrange flowers in big granite urns. These “children” don’t want or know how to learn to deal with loss. They are in for very difficult lives if they don’t and little sympathy.

  10. helenk3 says:

    I guess I am old school. keep your private life and your work life separate. you are not being paid for your sex life,or your color, you are paid to do a job. if you can not do the job , get out of the way so someone who can do the job will get it.

    • DeniseVB says:

      You’re right helen, there are laws on the books already that bans discrimination in the work place.

      Now I’m wondering what would have happened if Michael Sam didn’t get drafted ?

  11. helenk3 says:

    here we go. he will most likely get his ass kicked on the field, not because he is gay, but because he is a big mouth whiner

    • lyn says:

      It’s too bad that the 40-Whiners didn’t pick him.

    • votermom says:

      Looks like Sam’s ego is bigger than he is.
      All the NFL drafts should be grateful and humble, in my opinion. They get to be completely overpaid doing something they love.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I think NFL minimum wage is a little over 2 million/yr. I remember taking a VIP tour of the Miami Dolphins training camp by one of the trainers. (My son’s neighbor was on their chartered flights crew and she set it up). This trainer was funny, took us everywhere, including the locker room and showers, while telling us anecdotes about how stupid the rookies were. You get this kid from a small midwestern town and give him 2 million dollars and the first thing he wants to do is buy an Escalade with all the bells and whistles, then a mansion in Miami, and then bling for his mama and girlfriend……and himself, then he comes to you with financial problems, then we have to make him sell the car, house and jewelery and make him stick to a budget. Since the kid has all this mess in his head now, he isn’t playing good and we have to cut him. The worse part, all his “new” friends are now leaving him high and dry. So their Rookies get a class in financial management when they report for summer training, among other stupid mistakes they make like their big fat heads in the clouds. Many rookies are cut in training camp too, those lucky to make it out of there, are often cut in the pre-season games.

        It almost reminded me of those old Hollywood contract players when young actors and actresses were owned by the studios and were made to do whatever the studio wanted them to do, like date gay actors to make them look straight 😀

        • lildoggy4u says:

          I worked at the Dolphin’s training camp for a few years. I tell you that it was a stressful time for those guys. The pressure they were put under as they played their hearts out for a place on the roster, many so talented and really admired back home that made the pressure even greater to make it. Days would go by and in the morning a player would be missing and you’d know he got cut sometime since the afternoon before and the following morning. There were so many endearing stories. These guys were in a strange land, far from home, lonely and under a microscope.
          What it must have been like to be sent home and have to tell your friends and family you didn’t make the cut. You have no idea how many there were. Multiply that by all the teams in the NFL and you have 100’s of heartbreaking stories.

          • DeniseVB says:

            It had to have been summer of 2003 when I was there because I remember the twin grandgirlies were about 6-7 months old and Jay Fiedler was the quarterback. My son took a picture of him holding the babies and had the photo framed with the girls’ mini-Dolphin Cheerleader outfits. Adorbs 😉

    • swanspirit says:

      ^This ^ is true. Michael Sam is by far not the first gay guy in the NFL , just the first openly gay one. There have been gay men in the NFL for years .The guys in the locker rooms know who is whom , and they haven’t cared for years .

  12. helenk3 says:

    charles barkly refuses to apologize to the women of San Antionio.
    what the hell they are only female

    • elliesmom says:

      Is Charles Barkley someone whose opinions matter? I don’t think so. He’s just a dumb jock other dumb jocks listen to. The mistake is making him think he said something important.

      • helenk3 says:

        suppose his name was donald sterling?

        • elliesmom says:

          Donald Sterling doesn’t get paid a lot of money for being rude and obnoxious. Charles Barkley does. But we don’t have to listen to him. And if the only way we can watch a game is to put up with him, we can limit the influence we give him. He was offensive to the women of San Antonio. Instead of demanding an apology, the correct response is ,”Who is Charles Barkley, and why would his opinion matter to anyone but him?” Diminish him. Don’t give him headlines.

          • DeniseVB says:

            True dat. Look how it’s hurt Bill Maher’s career for using the c-word. He’s still on the air playing his “comedy card”.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Speaking of some people never being happy …. why do we need an African-American History Museum ? Isn’ their history our history? I saw the construction site on my DC trip, next door to the American History Museum (home of the First Ladies ball and inaugural gowns), and across from the Washington Monument. Will they move Michelle Obama to the new museum then? What about black republicans like MLK ? Booker T. ?

    Do we need a LGBT museum now? How about one dedicated to just women? The list could go on……here’s a preview:

  14. Mary says:

    Michael Sam is now claiming he SHOULD have been chosen on the 3rd or 4th round.

    • lyn says:

      Poor baby.

      • Lulu says:

        Why did he choke during his testing (or whatever it is called) for the team scouts? He did terrible in sprints, bench lifts, and a little written test. He may have been nervous or something but that is his problem not the teams who had the opportunity to draft him. If he doesn’t function under pressure the teams need to know that too as it is kind of important to them. This young man needs better advisers as they are not helping him out here. Whining about round you are drafted in the farking NFL makes him look like an asshole.

    • DeniseVB says:

      OMG ! (So fine and suspend me 😉 ) Votermom was right. Diva timing for the pre-draft attention. AND, he’s still not happy?

    • abc says:

      I agree with him. He was SEC Defensive Player of the Year in his senior year. He should have been an early pick. Homophobia played a role. Why is it such a burden to say so?

      • angienc says:

        It’s a “burden” to say so because it isn’t true. Only people ignorant of his pro-scout evaluation performance OR those who base their opinions on FEELINGS instead of FACTS would think it was.

        Educate yourself. Or ignore it (as I’m sure you will).

        Being a great college player doesn’t always translate to great pro player (ask Herschel Walker, who won the Heisman Trophy before washing out in the NFL). Of course, scouting isn’t a science. Sam may be among the roughly 7% who are drafted as late as he was & who actually make the cut onto the team. But if he *is* cut, it will not be because of homophobia, although I’m sure he will claim that it was (just as I’m sure you will be right there “agreeing” with him based on ignorance and FEELINGS instead of fact: no one gives a shit that he’s gay except for freaks like you).

      • The Klown says:

        Rolando McClain. Tim Tebow.

  15. DandyTIger says:

  16. Somebody says:

    He probably wasn’t drafted in an earlier round because of climate change……I mean honestly you can blame climate change for everything right? Like for instance you can blame the kidnapping of those school girls in Nigeria on climate change like this article does
    I think I’m going to blame my waistline on climate change. Yep, that’s it, there is so much more carbon it’s making us all fat and, and it’s so hot/cold… the weather is so harsh we can’t get outside and even if we did there is too much carbon or something…..yep that’s it.

  17. DandyTIger says:

  18. helenk3 says:

    sad yet hilarious
    all crime in this country is committed by white people

  19. The Klown says:
    • lyn says:

      The dots were connected beautifully. Hillary should have spilled the beans.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Isn’t her new memoir coming out soon. From previews, there’s nothing meaty in it 😦

        • lyn says:

          “Hard Choices” will be out on June 10th. (I wonder how many times she mentions Obama.)

          • DeniseVB says:

            I just made my quarterly Amazon order, her book wasn’t on it. Made a good call on that one. 😉 Also I figure the politcal books have all the best stuff online anyhow. Yay for the 5th Estate !

        • Lulu says:

          She is part of it. They hooked her into their idiocy and now she cannot back out. Even if she resisted initially she eventually participated, cooperated and is now complicit. She never should have taken the job, or after taken it she should have quit. The Rhodes memo says it all. It is about FAILURE (they know and are afraid of being exposed as patsies, suckers and dumb asses) and their avoidance of any kind of acceptance that they have catastrophically failed. This is the story of their foreign policy. The domestic failure started earlier with the bank bailouts and then the coup de grace of Obamacare. Hirohito is a great historic comparable to Obama.

          • DeniseVB says:

            By the time a politician/celebrity book/memoir comes out, the good stuff’s already been chewed and spit out online. The rest is just filler. I followed HRC/SoS in the news long enough to no there’s no there in the filler.

          • The Klown says:

            If it was a real tell-all book maybe it would be a good read. But this one is just a pre-campaign “aren’t I so smart and wonderful” piece.

  20. helenk3 says:

    here we go again another commencment speaker protested.

    why not just not have any speakers at all. either just form a line and get diploma or if they need to extent the time show donald duck cartoos. that way the grads will not have maybe learn anything on their last day

    • helenk3 says:

      have to maybe learn

    • lyn says:

      Those special little snowflakes will be shocked when they enter the real world.

      • SHV says:

        My great niece is graduating from Smith this year and she is not having a easy time finding a job. She has a full scholarship; her parents are barely making it financially. IIRC, cash cost for a year at Smith is ~$70,000.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Speaking of Massholes, my hubby’s going up to SE Mass this weekend for his 50th college reunion. Funny that his little college was sucked into the UMass system years ago, he’ll get a new diploma from UMass-Dartmouth. Does that ring a bell for anyone? 😉

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