Hump Day Open Thread

We need a new thread and that gives me an excuse to post this video. Watch and weep for our future.

Or cheer. Whatever floats yer boat.

It's good to be the king.

It’s good to be the king.

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    Michele Malkin’s blog’s been blocked by Google ?

    • Underwhelmed says:

      They did the same thing to Oz journalist Michael Smith — big corruption enquiries going on here, and he’s been a leading light in exposing left wing crap.

  2. Somebody says:

    I thought they weren’t going to ask the guy doing his senior thesis on Hillary about her accomplishments as SOS, but they did. I guess they saved the best for last because his answer was her greatest accomplishment as SOS was how she handled Benghazi…..OUCH!

    I expected to post a comment saying they either edited out the senior thesis guy or selectively edited the video to aid in making the people look like idiots…….but they gave the senior thesis guy lots of time to ramble on and he came up with Benghazi.

  3. mothy67 says:

    Went to read Coulter’ s column and when I searched for her name three articles came up about the backlash she is getting for her “Bring back our country” Twitter. Read one article going on about how it backfired on her and then the comments. Idiots that was I’m sure her intent.

    • angienc says:

      Three articles discussing her? I agree: it “backfired” just like she planned.

  4. DandyTIger says:

    Dr. Vlad Evil:

  5. helenk3 says:

    can I rant for a few minutes. i am ready to throw the temper tantrum of all temper tantrums.
    I put my house up for sale several weeks ago. I had two people look at it. one was an investor looking for a cheaper place. the other was a couple who love the house and put an offer on it. my real estate agent is on vacation. there is another girl who is supposed to handle her business. I talked to the other girl today. she informed me that the first agent wanted all offers put on hold until she returned from vacation. my answer to that was life is a bitch and then you die. the she then informed me that the reason for the wait was that she was so busy that the first agent did not want to increase her workload.. I do not know how much the offer is for and if it is reasonable I would take it. the 2nd agent told me I was overpriced and agents were not showing my house as there were other houses for sale in the area. so can someone tell me what i will be paying for other than a computer listing showing my house. the people that came were from other real estates not the one I have my house listed with. I am calling the agent who showed the house to the people that made the offer and talking to her and if necessary i will take the offer without the agency that has my house listed.

    i really do not understand the work ethic out here

    • mothy67 says:

      Ouch. I would call and speak with the manager.

    • Constance says:

      The problem is when you list the home you sign that you will pay a commission to the listing company if the house sells in a set period of months whether that company brought you the buyer or not. At this point you probably can’t fire them and go with a different agency. I’m a feminist. I only list my houses with men who have at least 2 children to support. My favorite agent has 4 children. There is nothing worse than the lazy socialite who dabbles in selling real estate. They waste your time and time is money.

    • leslie says:

      I don’t know where you live, but here, if you list with a realtor who has a multiple listing then any agent that subscribes to the listing can show the house and can present and offer to your agent. If your agent is passing her listings to another agent while she is on vacation, then the substitute should call you with the offer – that is what her job is as the “replacement” agent. (This is what happened to me when I sold my house… I got an offer when my agent was on vacation. The replacement called me with the offer. And then was involved with the negotiations. My agent returned from her vacation and was present at the closing.) If your representing agency is not doing what they are supposed to, then First call the manager of your listing agency. Second, if that doesn’t move them, call the state’s attorney general office to report that agency. And let them (the listing agency) know you are going to do that.

      • helenk3 says:

        I had no problem with other real estate agents showing the house. What I had a problem with was her telling there are other houses in the area that are priced lower and agents were not showing my house. Now I do not know if that was agents from the agency I hired or not. Then being told that I should wait until the agent came back from vacation to decide the offer because the replacement was too busy.

  6. Underwhelmed says:

    Big Pink, always prepared to call a hammer a hammer:

  7. angienc says:

    That video shows how she’ll win if she runs “Yay! It’s *time* for a woman POTUS!!!”

    Sarah Palin — no, not *that* woman. Nikki Haley — no, not *that* woman. Etc., etc. for every woman with an (R) after her name.

    The only women who count are the ones with a (D) after their name.

    That’s the saddest part about this video — these morons will turn around and call a Republican woman a C U Next Tuesday in the same breath that they squeal about how *cool* it would be to have a female(D) POTUS.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    The Obamas will be at the 9-11 Museum opening tomorrow for a quick 20-minute tour and to deliver remarks. They’ve spent more time at DNC fundrasiers in the city since yesterday. Ugh.

    Here’s a preview of the museum via NBC news. I found it difficult to watch đŸ˜¦

  9. trixta says:

    SOS legacies — or what I vaguely recall about these SOSs:

    Kissinger — the smart, unattractive guy with a heavy accent; detente with the USSR; opened the
    way for Nixon’s visit to China; his celebrity status as SOS.

    Madeline Albright — first woman SOS; smart woman who held her own in on the international front.

    Colin Powell — first AA SOS; his speech at the UN about WMD in Iraq and the urgency to invade
    that country; decided not to run for POTUS.

    Condi Rice — her testimony before the 9/11 Commission and her dismissal of the memo warning of
    an impending attack in the USA; “never let a crisis go to waste”; shopped for
    (Feragamo) shoes during Katrina.

    HRC — smart power vs (BO’s) celebrity power; rebuilt US ties abroad after GWB; pushed the empowerment of women at the forefront of US diplomacy; revamped the State Dept; the mistranslation of the “reset” button with Russia (& Medvedev); saved the Turkish-Armenian accord at the eleventh hour; clashed with the Chinese about internet freedom; clashed with BO on ousting Mubarak; the invasion of Libya and the death of Kaddaffi; Benghazi?; dealt with a nitwit, anti-American boss throughout her tenure.

    • Somebody says:

      My that’s a really jaded view of SOS legacies and completely ignores some major accomplishments by SOS’s from both sides of the aisle that I guess you prefer to forget ever existed.

      • trixta says:

        Jaded? Perhaps. Definitely disillusioned about our “leaders” and politics in general, especially since 2008. I’m not “preferring” to “forget” or “ignore” when it comes to these SOSs (that would presume I’m willfully editing out stuff that I actually remember). As I said, those were vague (&, I might add, off the cuff) memories that came to mind concerning these particular SOSs, not a thorough study of their legacies. I’m sure if I did research I’d find a lot more to credit or criticize each with. Actually, any of them would have been qualified to run for President, IMHO, except for Kissinger who was not a naturalized citizen. (Also, I might have even voted for Powell had he decided to run.) In any case, I think we mostly remember what Presidents accomplish in their tenure rather than their SOSs.

        • trixta says:

          i.e. Kissinger was a naturalized citizen (not a natural born citizen).

        • mothy67 says:

          I feel like trixta on this. Pre 2008 I credited success or failures with the sitting president. I read the paper and watched the news. I had been raised D and Rs were bad. Thought no more of it until I was silenced.

          • trixta says:

            Yeah. 2008, the year of infamy. On the other hand, Mothy, there’s something freeing about shedding off old ideological blinders.

          • trixta says:

            Many here feel the same way you do about HRC, DandyT. I still support her candidacy if she decides to run, although I too would like to know exactly who was responsible for what with regard to Benghazi. But, as you say, the entanglements between SOS and POTUS are great, although the larger diplomatic vision and policies are set by the Prez and his team. I think Valerie Jarrett has pretty much been running the show for BO on some of these failures.

        • DandyTIger says:

          It is mostly about the presidents. And we have to remember the SoS works for the president, so a number of things we might like or not like might be due to the president rather than SoS, but that can be hard to figure out. Funnily I tend to like most of the SoS better than their respective presidents. Doesn’t say much for our presidents over quite a number of decades. Hillary was a failure IMO. Some might argue that some of that was Obama. I’m not sure Obama gave a crap about anything to have been involved, which perhaps makes Hillary look worse. Russia, Libya revolution, and Benghazi later were such epic failures, I’m not sure she should get a turn in the big chair.

          • trixta says:

            [see response above]

          • 49erDweet says:

            Others here have mentioned it. Classic error in judgement by HRC when she accepted SoS. Classic. Never, ever, ever trust the guy who blindsided you once.
            Sorry, trixta, but less than brilliant SoS record due mostly to the idiot in the WH, and then colossal judgement failure leading up to Benghazi, made even worse by the coverup. “At this point, what difference does it make?” is the final nail in her political coffin. I wish her well, but if she runs she’ll face insurmountable odds plus the Obacklash factor. It will crush her.

  10. mothy67 says:

    Joined twitter. Know not why. Following all of two people and there are a ton of tweets already. I can’t sift through all that noise.

  11. trixta says:

    Interesting … According to Politico, Clay Aiken wins NC House primary. His opponent suddenly died (from a fall), but was lagging slightly behind Aiken. Didn’t know Aiken was a Dem…he seems like a nice guy.

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