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When the Blue Model Fails Don’t Blame the GOP

Sally Kohn at the Daily Beast: The Republican Occupation of Detroit It took him two tries, thwarting his state’s voters’ will, but Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder got his wish—a major city that is dead politically. Detroit is no longer a … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday Wound-Up

A couple things happened yesterday. @lydiadepillis @owillis @NLRB One more step on the way to fast food becoming fully automated. — Klown 2.0 (@realmyiq2xu2) July 29, 2014 — Klown 2.0 (@realmyiq2xu2) July 29, 2014 If fast food workers start … Continue reading

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How Sausage is Made

There is an old saying that if you watch sausage being made you won’t want to eat it. Let’s take a peek behind the curtain at political sausage being made. Democrat Michelle Nunn’s campaign plan was accidentally made public. Eliana … Continue reading

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Trapped on the Not-So-Merry-Go-Round

Jazz Shaw puts his finger on the problem: The committees have apparently recruited and deployed more than 16,000 workers on the local level – primarily precinct captains and minority outreach coordinators – to make first person contact with “low propensity … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nothing Breakfast Burrito

I just spent the past two hours looking for a topic to discuss. I found nada planada. I’m gonna go back to bed and try to sleep until Monday. Maybe the world will look better by then. This is an … Continue reading

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It’s Caturday Open Thread

The original working title for this post was “Hollywood, Race, Sexism, Homophobia and the Rulz” but after staring at a blank screen while stuck on stupid for about an hour I realized how late it was and put this thread … Continue reading

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Flood Control

From the Department of How Stupid Do They Think We Are?: Mexico concerned about Texas’ plan to deploy National Guard on border The Mexican government on Tuesday expressed its “concern” over the decision by Texas authorities to send 1,000 National … Continue reading

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