The Nutroots Troll Themselves

Apparently the past few days there was a meeting in Detroit. It was the annual gathering of the progressive blogosphere, also known as Nutroots Nation. (It started off as “YearlyKos” but they changed the name a few years ago.)

Conservative bloggers took the opportunity to put on a seminar in trolling. They trolled the hashtag #NN14 so well that many of the Nutroots didn’t even realize they were being mocked. The blogger known as redsteeze earned his greasepaint and horn with some epic clowning.

Not to be outdone, the Nutroots finished their three day event by trolling themselves at an afterparty:

These are apparently the rape culture lyrics they were referring to:

One thing I ask of you
Let me be the one you back that ass to
Go, from Malibu, to Paris, boo
Yeah, I had a bitch, but she ain’t bad as you
So hit me up when you pass through
I’ll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two
Swag on, even when you dress casual
I mean it’s almost unbearable
In a hundred years not dare, would I
Pull a Pharside let you pass me by
Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you
He don’t smack that ass and pull your hair like that
So I just watch and wait for you to salute
But you didn’t pick
Not many women can refuse this pimpin’
I’m a nice guy, but don’t get it if you get with me

The progressive puritans are now freaking out over the lyrics in naughty pop songs. It just doesn’t get any funnier than that.

Or maybe it does:

Now this is intentionally funny:

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  1. The Klown says:

    Here are some articles explaining why “Blurred Lines” is some kind of rapists’ anthem:

    “Rape culture is the condoning and normalizing of physical, emotional and sexual terrorism against women and girls and marginalized subjects. It is the production and maintenance of an environment where sexual assault is so normative that people ultimately believe that rape is inevitable.”

    • The Klown says:

      I honestly cannot visualize what a radfem version of an appropriate heterosexual love/romance/sexual relationship would be like.

      • WMCB says:

        No fun at all.

      • elliesmom says:

        A lot of the really radical feminists are lesbians. Like Mary Daly, Andrea Dworkin, Monique Wittig, etc. Robin Morgan plays for both teams.

        • WMCB says:

          And when discussing sexuality, that may indeed be part of the problem. No offense to lesbian ladies, but in the area of the interplay of men/women, and what is “creepy” or what is exciting in the right context, they haven’t a clue. Why would they? Their responses will not be my responses. Sexual attraction between men and women is a dance, with all kinds of signalling going on. Lesbians need to respectfully butt out of deciding what is OK or not OK in that dance.

          • The Klown says:

            Over at Reclusive Leftist some lesbian Radfem was dissing a Taylor Swift song because it was a love song.

            IIRC it was “You Belong With Me”

          • WMCB says:

            I mean, I don’t butt in and speak authoritatively on gay or lesbian attraction, and how it “ought” to be. I have no clue – not my thing.

        • elliesmom says:

          One of my dearest friends was happily married to a wonderful guy for many years. They had two children and a good life. He died quite unexpectedly, leaving her devastated. When she was ready for love again, she met and married a very wonderful woman, who personality-wise is a lot like the husband she lost. She struggles with the lesbian friends she has acquired through this new relationship. They talk about how she’s been “rescued” from her other life. But, while she’s very happy in her new relationship, if her husband was still alive, she’d be happily married to him. He remains the love of her life. I would trust her to explain the difference in sexual attraction to me, but we’re sewing buddies, and sex just come up that often. She does appreciate that I understand no one will ever replace her husband, though.

        • lildoggy4u says:

          I read that so I had to look at the guy’s picture since he mentioned all the women he’d slept with. I figured this guy must really be hot. Uh, not so much in my opinion.

        • WMCB says:

          I didn’t even look. And yeah, his attitude is smarmy, but many of his points were true. When you make everything in the courting dance political, you kill sex. Or at least put a big damper on it.

      • DandyTIger says:

        I think it would look a lot like what happens in orthodox muslim marriages.

      • Constance says:

        It wouldn’t be fun that’s for sure!

      • angienc says:

        It doesn’t exist — according to radfems *all* PIV (“penis in vagina”) sex *is* rape.
        ALL. No exceptions.

        • threewickets says:

          Sometimes I think half the political activists in the nation are gay men and gay women. They have so much time for activisting.

          • threewickets says:

            Good portion of the rest would be radical Jewish Zionist activists and radical Black Muslim activists.

          • threewickets says:

            So much fucking non-stop whining. And their constituents collectively wouldn’t represent 10% of the US population.

          • threewickets says:

            In the states where gay marriage is legal, so far only 1% of self-identifying gay adults have become married. Probably lower than Andrew Sullivan expected.

          • angienc says:

            I bet it’s more than 1/2

        • The Klown says:

          Sounds like my ex-wife.

    • 1539days says:

      I can’t imagine anything that would make Jezebel happy about the world.

    • Predicts “Marginalized Subjects” will be a Grammy-winning band of mostly progressive white dudes with excellent educations within two years.

  2. The Klown says:
  3. DeniseVB says:

    I’d vote for this guy 😉

  4. WMCB says:

    HAHAHA! Sarah is at it again:

  5. Lulu says:

    Nutroots is like a balloon with a tiny hole in it. It is shrinking and becoming floppy and flaccid. Soon the perennial “kids” will throw it behind the sofa.

    • The Klown says:

      What caused the progressive blogosphere to grow in the first place is that it was an alternative to what the traditional corporate media was saying. Now it’s just one more propaganda outlet for the administration. The conservative blogosphere is now the alternative media.

      • Lulu says:

        Yep. It was overtaken by better practitioners. It is very common with new “things”. And they took themselves way too seriously. They sold out too, got out-hustled and are boring.

      • Lauren says:

        So true.

      • lildoggy4u says:

        Not to mention that they are no longer the cool kids. They’re getting older and the newer, younger ones never heard of em.

        • The Klown says:

          The problem with young people not respecting their elders is that one day they will be elders too. Karma’s a bitch.

          • mothy67 says:

            My brother in law is the uncle of the kid who shot a woman in the head because she would not give him a cigarette. We do not use aunt/uncle with my siblings children. He tells me kids need to learn respect. I do not want some blind adherence I am brother not some sort of greek god. I care for my brats. I pray if they ever need me I am a phone call away.
            I think sometimes that is all I can teach them. A safe place.
            Baby girl bit me once when she was tiny and I pinched her in response. 8 years later I still beat myself up about it.
            I watch a lot of parents with kids and it is scary. I could not nor would I want to control her thoughts. She is young but she is her own person. Granted I am a hypocrite I beg her not to be a cheerleader. I am not a fan of half naked girls cheering on boys. I want my baby to be cheered on. Five years from know I might have to face her wanting to be that. I will eat it but I might tell her I am gay and I gave up my life to enrich yours. Go ahead say rah rah.
            I would never I’ll accept her no matter what.

  6. The Klown says:

    Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Jon Stewart & Lib Cranks Deliberate Misleading On Hobby Lobby Decision:

  7. Ann says:

    Weird Al…. Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st century.

  8. The Klown says:

    It’s not like we were gonna send Special Agent Gibbs and his crew in there to identify the perpetrators.

  9. The Klown says:
    • 1539days says:

      This one has to be true.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Fake Vox has even fooled Real Vox into retweeting them. 😀

      • mothy67 says:

        That is cold.

        • Lulu says:

          When you have said as much vicious, racist, sexist, regionalist, ageist stuff as he has it is nice to see it fly back at him once in a while. Really nasty idiots depend on others being better behaved and with manners to get away with what Willis does. I’m glad to see it flung back at him in the guise of satire.

        • The Klown says:

          Yeah, I don’t really care for taking personal shots at people unless they have done something to deserve it. Oliver is actually not a bad guy.

          • Lulu says:

            Maybe one on one he is. But he is a judgmental, ignorant bigot when he is tapping away in his hole. He ought to get out more and meet some people who are not just like him. Being in thrall to group-think is not a good way to go through life.

  10. The Klown says:
  11. The Klown says:
    • 1539days says:

      I have one, too. Israel continues to defend itself due to its intelligence and advanced technology. Hamas continues to fight because of abject stupidity and unwillingness to accept reality.

  12. The Klown says:
  13. The Klown says:

    Gotta love AofSHQ:

    Expanded and enlarged from some moron comments several weeks ago, this is what the MSM is like:

    CBS News is like your drunk uncle who tells lousy stories and then gets mad when you don’t believe him.

    ABC News is like Joe Biden after he drank something he found in your garage.

    CNN is like a senile old woman who talks to no one but herself.

    MSNBC is like the stringy-haired crazy woman who lives in a run-down old house with 83 cats.

    Fox News is like a carnival barker outside of a strip joint.

    NPR is like a con man with a fake British accent.

    The BBC is like a con man with a real British accent. And bad teeth.

    Reuters is like a pimply-faced college freshman who’s just read Howard Zinn and now considers himself enlightened.

  14. WMCB says:

    The Left is booooooooring anymore. Kiss of death.

  15. Lulu says:

    Breitbart News is like the guy who just stuck his finger in a light socket.
    Drudge is like the sneaky kid peeping out the closet.

  16. mothy67 says:

    The Blaze is well Glenn Beck

  17. The Klown says:
  18. mothy67 says:

    Doctors on Fox are talking about the deleterious effects of booze. Sure they are competent but clueless when it comes to abuse. Three glasses of red wine per week was their wisdom. Yeah that will work. Fifteen minutes babbling. 1 in 10 dies from something alcohol related according to them. So if you are gonna sit on a Sunday morning panel say something. I am sure there are people looking for answers for loved ones and they said nothing. Talk about an SSRI. Celexa is very good for some people.
    I had never seen this show, House Call. Doctors from the cream of the crop talking about things like fortified cereal. I never thought about it but if you give your kid a Flinstones chewable and a bowl of cereal you are giving them way too much zinc and A. Fat soluble vitamins can be dangerous. Interesting stuff, but they jumped all over the place. Website offers some further info but it is doc speak. I think it would be awesome if they followed it up online.
    I am really careful with food but I had no idea you should stop whole milk at age 2 or 3. Super skim is supposed to be the best but it is a pale blue and gross. 2%works fine. I got the your kid is a fatty letter too. She is a little thing but solid. What a waste of the stamp. Next week we start archery. Letter said I need to involve her in activities Let’s Move. Huh? BMI needs to be scrapped.

  19. mothy67 says:

    I have been waiting years to say this — I thought someone else would say it. I waited no one has. Netanyahu has a very sexy voice. Am I wrong?

  20. mothy67 says:

    Gee the Washington Post now thinks something is awry at the border.
    What a load of stools. Anyone with a quarter of an IQ point saw this coming. I saw it for crying out loud and I am far from smart or a part of the beltway.
    Disgusting pukes each and everyone. Every child that suffered en route is the responsibility of these dims. Think about it it some poor kid was subjected to the hell of sexual abuse so Obama could win.

  21. The Klown says:

    Who could have predicted?

  22. mothy67 says:

    Ted Cruz just said children are cutting off ears and fingers and mailing them home. Is that possible? I make helicopter parents look paranoid but I think this is pure hell.

    • 1539days says:

      I heard this on Hannity. The smugglers bringing minors across the border are criminals. Some of them abuse the kids. Sometimes they try to get additional money in ransom. One thing they’ll do is cut off an ear or a finger and mail it back to the parents. Just to add more cruelty, they’ll make another kid do it on the threat of cutting them if they don’t comply.

      • Lulu says:

        I’m not saying this hasn’t happened at all but it is very rare. But since the pro-amnesty crowd has been so fast and loose with the truth (example that tiny children are walking across in their tiny shoes! when they are in fact accompanied by their mothers and meet no criteria to stay) that Cruz is going the full Criminal drug trafficker are running circles around OBAMA!!! the idiot tract. Republicans can run PR agendas too and Obama is an absent idiot who can’t be trusted and is encouraging kids’ ears to be cut off by his trafficking partners is a pretty good one.

        • 1539days says:

          I agree that ransom schemes are probably rare, since the parents could barely afford the smuggling fee in the first place. However, any of these coyotes bringing the kids across are straight up drug mules trying to pick up some extra money.

          • Lulu says:

            Most of these are sob stories to get attention and sympathy which the administration are hyping. Yes there is trafficking for cheap labor, prostitution, and family unification of a sort as there have been for decades. The US public is being manipulated emotionally. The bad guys are the drug cartels but all the Dems and cheap labor Repubs are doing is enabling them and doing nothing, zero, to put a stop to the drug OR human trafficking which is driving this. Diverting the Border Patrol to taking care of illegals (this is DHS’s job) instead of chasing the traffickers is the first and most glaring clue and this administration has been doing this increasingly since 2010. Do you take the cops off the street during a mob war to take care of the mobsters in a hotel? That is essentially what Obama is doing.

        • 1539days says:

          My point in this case is that Obama’s magnet of “all minor children in the US get to stay” is being exploited by adults sending kids across the border with the assumption that ICE won’t deport them. The pro-illegal forces are creating a narrative of children in terrible poverty riding the rails and walking across the border for a better life. The reality is that we need to send these kids back because it will discourage any more from coming. Otherwise any of the bad things that happen to these kids on the way here or the gang murders of MS-13 teens making it over are on our hands.

    • mothy67 says:

      I will say what I think 99% of America feels . Fuck off. I will not be played. I passed angry way back. I fueled up on pissed as hell at marker 2.

      I am a heartless teabagger. Fine do my polocies involve a chilf being fucked . Time to call out these assholes.

  23. The Klown says:
  24. taw46 says:

    Just to remind everyone, if you get a chance, watch Harris Faulkner on Fox at 7:00pm EST. The panel is usually on from 7:30-8:00. The regular 3: Pat Caddell, Doug Schoen, and John LeBoutillier.

  25. Constance says:

    OH GREAT! Obama is going to come out and “fundraise” Seattle/Bellevue next week during the I-90 floating bridge shut down which will result in carmageddon even if the President isn’t here. This is surely a situation that rivals the Christie bridge scandal, of course no one will ever hear of it because the national news (east coast news) doesn’t give a rats ass if we Seattle people are stuck in Obama made traffic for hours.

  26. elliesmom says:

    Introduction to “His Girl Friday” (1940) It happened in the “dark ages of the newspaper game — When to a reporter “getting the story” justified anything short of murder. Incidentally you see in this picture no resemblance to the men and women of the press today”

    • 1539days says:

      I watched that movie for a film appreciation class in college because it was an example of the Howard Hawkes screwball comedy of the era. I also watched “La Jetee” which was an obscure French film that was turned into “12 Monkeys” a few years after I saw it.

  27. mothy67 says:

    I was just thinking the drama at the border is like Section 8 housing. I have zero problem with helping out people in need. But for the grace of God and a big family there go I. I have a problem with mini slum lords. Most of where I live are single family homes. Once upon a time it was the main route out of the city that led to the horse tracks. Lots of stately homes that would command millions on Long Island. Community fought like hell to keep section 8 out. Hearings protests. They did it anyhow against the will of the people. Feds gave them a ton of cash. Affordable housing is a need but Section 8 drives up the rent and most owners buy the property and neglect it. People living there don’t care. It is not theirs Window breaks put in a piece of plywood. Not yours so what. Forget about the people that invest in the community. We are racists for saying cut your grass. Funny thing is that 99.99 % are white. But still racist comes in. Small town with one or two people that occasionally have a thought.. They went hard core with fines. Everyone gets them. My neighbor had a crack on his front step. Big fine. Put the skids to absentee landlords renting out junk for a government check. It is working. I see a parallel with the border because it seems like the right thing to do but the consequences are far reaching and negative. I am only half heartless little girl who runs wild e area destroyed my baby girl’s micoscope. Thing cost me 400 and Shay knew it was only to be used with me. It was in a box and in a protective bag. Ruined. I spent hours reliving 10 th grade chemistry so I could look at slides. Her mother is single raising two kids. Boo fucking who. I had a framed print on little one’s wall not a walmart poster but a print from a friend who starts at 10 grand. Somehow it came off the wall broke a very expensive frame and ripped.
    I get it the child is jealous. No one pays attention to her. I love my baby and she comes first. I see the pain this child is in but I cannot fix it. I give or rather my crud takes all of my change. I spend a dollar and use a 20 she banks 19. Monster thinks she is going to buy a gerbil. not going to happen. I take care of her rabbit.
    Anyhow my brat has a 100 dollar bill tucked in her sneakers. She knows my passwords and has access to her own account. . A lot of money went missing from her cash drawer. Hundreds. I am the only person she would consider sharing the money with and although she was mine to start she charges crazy interest. Little girl lied and stole. My baby girl was a throw away. She has a f a g g ot great uncle. Talk about a kid that should say poor poor pitiful me. Fat chance.

    • 1539days says:

      That’s the tough thing. I was watching a PBS show about a public school district where some of the Black kids get bused to better White schools. The neighborhood schools got worse because the kids left had parents who don’t care. The White schools got worse because the parents who don’t live there only care that it’s a better school.

      The White parents want to incorporate a new school district and they’re being called racists. Others are calling them selfish. The reality is that it’s too easy for a few uncontrolled students to screw up a school. The liberal answer is to spread the misery. The real answer is to fix the problem and if they won’t let you fix the problem, cut your losses.

      • mothy67 says:

        There are so many facts you are forbidden to say. Kiss my ass suck my shorts. You can look at the increase in free school lunches and see a measurable decline in tests.
        I was a poor kid. Screw internet we did not have indoor plumbing.
        I did well. My mom had her first kid at 15. She then made 5 more. I was one born with a bum ticker. She was 18 a x never left thr hospital. I get the luxury of being a greatvgay uncle because my mom built that. She gave me coursge, compassio , strength. Fuck you Elizabeth Warren my white trash momma taught me loads and yes she built a bunch of kids that do not make the wotld ugly.

  28. mothy67 says:

    There is an upside of being called a racist, homophobic. Islamapfobic pig for 7 years. I no longer care. I speak my mind louder than ever and people get my back. I am not going to sit doewn and shut up EVER. Queer as a three dollar bill but I do not feel I can demand someone bake a cakr for me. I think if you get trashed at a frat party and wake up realizing you had sex with a stranger that does not equal rape. Call me a sexist pig but once you start doing tequila shots out of a navel it is hard to argue poor me.

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