If Ignorance Is Bliss Then Vox Must Be The Happiest Place On Earth


It’s not what Progs don’t know, it’s what they think they know that just ain’t so. This first little gem comes to us from someone named Kelsey McKinney. She is your typical young, done-nothing/know-everything JuiceVox writer:

The new face of country music is young, female, and feminist

Country music is supposed to tell a story. The stories that many of the genre’s current leading men tell are filled with short denim shorts, bikini tops, and objectification. In these stories, women are submissive, passive, and exist to be pursued. But the rising women of country aren’t any of those things. Their songs are still lyric-heavy, full of twang, and powerful, but instead of stories about loves won and lost, they’re singing about misogyny and gender stereotyping. They aren’t the first women in country to do so, but they’re certainly leading a new, more direct feminist country charge.

Country music has long been dominated by women as strong as their voices. From the legacy of Loretta Lynn to the belting gunpowder and lead of Miranda Lambert, feminism has been a lyrical undercurrent for many of country’s all-star artists. “My mistakes are no worse than yours just because I’m a woman,” Dolly Parton sings in “Just Because I’m a Woman.” That mantra of equality is matched by dozens of female artists happy to sing about being strong, capable women.

For political feminist commentary, just listen to Loretta Lynn’s “The Pill,” Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her,” or the Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl.” Listen to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” or Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder & Lead.” Sure there have been some very notable and popular exceptions such as “Stand by Your Man” by Tammy Wynette, but some people have made the case that even that has feminist undertones. In fact, songs about equality and respecting women have been a staple in country music songs written by men as well. Feminist themes have always lingered in the background of country music, but today’s up-and-coming female artists are bringing it to them forefront — and acting as an antidote to a misogynistic trend among their male country colleagues.

Wait . . . what? I was actually nodding my head there for a minute, then that last sentence threw me.

But wait! There’s more!:

When exactly country veered substantially away from equality is hard to peg down, but the rise of “bro country,” as coined by music critic Jody Rosen, certainly set the genre off-course. Bro country is a catch-all term for the Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean brand of white-boy, pick-up truck-driving, light-beer-drinking music. These are songs about acquiring women and getting drunk. A perfect example is “Cruise”, by duo Florida Georgia Line. The chorus goes like this:

“Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle
Every little farm town with you
In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it”

Car: check. Lady: check. Goals accomplished. In a 2013 University of South Carolina study of country songs that have been Billboard Top 40 hits, researcher Anna Rogers found three of the twenty songs she analyzed implied that “men should try to get sex from women, no matter what the circumstances are.” Those songs— including Kenny Chesney’s “Out Last Night” and Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup”—are bro-country hits. It’s this objectifying form of country music that is changing the way young female artists approach the genre.

“Bro-country?” WTF?

Since when does a single NYC music critic get to redefine a whole genre of music?

That classic country vocal style wasn’t just ornamental. It stood for a masculine ideal, for stoicism and resolve in the face of hardship. It bespoke country’s devotion to realism, to songs about Saturday night’s hootenanny and Sunday morning’s moral reckoning, not to mention the kitchen-table truths of Monday through Friday. Country has always been pop’s most mature genre. If rock strives to “hold onto 16 as long as you can,” as Mellencamp once put it, country aims for the opposite. Young country singers have learned to project gravitas beyond their years, singing songs about home and hearth and other grown-up stuff.

Bro-country breaks with that tradition. Hubbard, 26, and Kelley, 27, pay lip service to “little farm towns” and pickup trucks and such. But what they care about is getting drunk and laid. The titles tell the story: “Tip It Back,” “Dayum, Baby,” “Party People.” For Florida Georgia Line, it’s always Saturday night—here’s to the good times, all the time. You could call Florida Georgia Line country’s first boy band.

Bro-country isn’t monolithic; the bros come in different flavors. The king of the genre is Luke Bryan, country’s top male star. In March, Bryan went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with Spring Break … Here to Party, a collection of songs about getting wasted at oceanside keggers. There’s less Daytona Beach on his new album, Crash My Party, due out this week, but in general, Bryan stands for bro-country’s gentrifying impulse, shifting the scene of the party from the honky-tonk to the frat house. Jake Owen looks like a bland pretty boy, but he has better songs than Bryan or Florida Georgia Line, and in hits like “Alone with You,” he slips in some interesting shades of vulnerability. Jason Aldean comes on like a rough-and-tumble outlaw, but don’t be fooled by the Stetson: Look to the leather choker and the pocket chain. Zac Brown is a woolly jam band bro, the singer of choice for that corner of frat row where the Hacky Sack flies beneath billowing ganja smoke.

It’s easy to make fun of bro-country, but in at least one respect it’s cosmopolitan. Listen to Bryan, Aldean, and Owen, and you’ll hear a surprising sound: hip-hop. In concert, Bryan has been known to break into “Baby Got Back” and “Rack City.” Aldean raps, after a fashion, and had a No. 1 smash with “Dirt Road Anthem,” a collaboration with Ludacris. In “Summer Jam,” Owen serves up an appealing half-rapped, half-sung version of the frat-boy beach-bum fantasy.

I don’t see anything in there about misogyny. What I do see is three different people (McKinney, Rosen and Anna Rogers) demonstrating some profound ignorance about Country music, along with its performers and fans.

Country music is one of the oldest American music genres. It is older than Jazz, R&B, Rock and Hip Hop. It’s older than radio and phonographs. It has its roots in Old World folk music brought to America by immigrants, especially the Scots-Irish who settled in the Appalachians during the 18th and 19th Centuries. It has always had multiple strains ever since Country fused with Western to create a new genre. It has influenced and been influenced by other music genres, most notably Rock music.

As the country has changed over the years so has Country music. It has evolved a long way from the early years of the Grand Ole Opry back in the 1920’s. Some times it’s upbeat, and some times it’s sad. Some times it addresses important political and/or social issues, some times it’s devoutly religious, and sometimes it’s just for fun.

Like a lot of art it is emotional. There are lots of songs about falling in love, and lots more about heartbreak and love lost. There have always been songs about drinking and pretty girls. References to smoking marijuana have become fairly common, including several involving Willie Nelson. That may come as a big surprise to people who associate Country music with social conservatism.

Now let me change trains for a bit. I found this nugget of ignorance written by Amanda Marcotte at Salon, but it could have just as easily come from the shallow intellects at Vox:

This discovery about female sexuality will make conservatives’ heads explode

Ever since the second wave of feminism kicked off, women—straight women, anyway—have been darkly warned that embracing sexual liberation and demanding equality in their relationships would only bring them misery and doom. We’re told that unless we marry young and try not to be picky about our partners, we will face certain lifelong loneliness. We’re told men will never accept us as equals and that if we get too much education or make too much money, we’ll be left on the shelf while men pursue women who aren’t too threatening.

We’ve even been told it’s fatal to the sexual health of a marriage to allow the husband to do his chores, with conservative gender warrior Lori Gottlieb arguing in the New York Times that women don’t really want men to do their share, and you can tell because our libidos supposedly dry up at the image of a man holding a broom. You may think you want feminism in your personal relationships, the dour reactionaries of mainstream media warn, but you’ll be sorry if you try it, ladies.

Well, it’s all nonsense, as a new series of reports from the fine folks at the Council on Contemporary Families (CCF) demonstrates. Collectively titled “After a Puzzling Pause, the Gender Revolution Continues,” the reports find that Americans are growing fonder of egalitarian relationships, both in theory and in practice. Conservatives have long held out hope that Americans would taste equality and find it bitter, electing instead to run back to traditional gender roles. Instead, researchers find that while there is some ebb and flow in American attitudes about equality, the general trend has been toward more equality, with an uptick in recent years. Oh, and our sex lives are not actually sadder because men have learned how the vacuum cleaner works.

This may make Ms. Batshit Crazypants Marcotte’s head explode, but studies show that conservative Republicans report higher rates of sexual satisfaction than liberal Democrats. Anyone who has lived on a farm knows that farm kids learn about the birds and the bees at an early age.

The people at Vox and Salon have some really weird ideas as to what conservatives believe and the lives they live. This is common feature in the all the articles I cited up above. The only term for it is bigotry.

Anyone who thinks conservative women are sexually repressed doesn’t know conservative women. The same thing for anyone who thinks that conservative women are all meek, submissive housewives.

Every single one of those “bro-country” artists that McKinney was talking about has legions of female fans. Those women will laugh at you if you try to tell them they are being oppressed by The Patriarchy. Most of them own guns and know how to use them.

They like men, but they won’t take no shit off of them.

It’s getting late and this post is already too long so I’ll stop here.

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136 Responses to If Ignorance Is Bliss Then Vox Must Be The Happiest Place On Earth

  1. The Klown says:

    Sometimes I ramble on and run out of time. Today is one of those days.

  2. the culture wars between the women of left and right are just absurd. All started by the left…..

  3. The Klown says:

    This is one of the alleged “feminist” songs:

    Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow:

  4. The Klown says:

    While the lyrics to this one are certainly feminist the video is so thick with irony you could cut it with a sling blade.

    Maddie & Tae – Girl In A Country Song:

  5. DeniseVB says:

    The tolerant left feminists never go after rappers or take their angry dancing vaginas to the mosques. The “normal” women on the left and right are just fine, thank you very much 😀 I think they’re chickensh*ts for ignoring the real war on women.

    • threewickets says:


      • threewickets says:

        They defer to their bro-cialist brethren on misogyny in rap lyrics or misogyny in the Muslim world…for some reason. And even beyond the post-wave multi-cultural multi-sexual “there are actually 51 different genders” feminists, I’ve never been able to figure out why the atheism activist left in the US supports the religious extremist right in the Middle East. Don’t their brains hurt from such blatant hypocrisy.

        • WMCB says:

          It pretty much boils down to “America is a hateful Imperialist Monster, and anyone who will help us tear her down so we can remake her the way we want is cool with us, so we’ll ignore your even worse sins (because those are prolly all America’s fault anyway, and you’d all be Kumbayah once we get rid of her.)” Of course, the idiots ALWAYS think that they, or those like them, will be the ones in charge if America sinks – not the militants they ally with.

          I am seriously not sure if the America I knew is going to survive. And I don’t mind discussing, theoretically, what might or should emerge if the whole shebang collapses. But I’m not going to hasten it – that’s madness.

          • Constance says:

            Well I think we could split the USA right down the Rocky mountains which would free the West from the idiocy of the multinational corporation Federal government as it exists now. What are the Northeast dominated Feds going to do about it, hire a bunch of guys form Appalachia to fight us for them? Once the West broke free the South wouldn’t want to stick with a northeast dominated Federal government they would split too. And how do you draft multinational corporations to fight for the current Fed government?

            The thing is the USA federation has grown too big and too far flung to work efficiently. There is a sort of critical mass that works with human groups, too small fails and too big fails and we in the USA have exceeded it.

          • Not to pick on you, Constance, but you might want to read up on your history. From at least the Civil War onward to the end of WWII, it’s been basically a “a bunch of guys from Appalachia” that won wars for us. I wouldn’t bet against them for this reason.

          • Constance says:

            I know it’s been a bunch of guys from Appalachia who win wars for the elitists who start them. Elitists don’t fight their own wars, but the elitists were at least somewhat on the side of regular Americans before and so they could get country people to fight with them. But if the states start withdrawing from a federal government that serves multinational corporations with an east coast elitist perspective I don’t think country people will step up and fight a war for the feds that exist now, I think they would follow the real Americans, the patriotic rebels who would be trying to reestablish a country that is based on our constitution. This Federal government does not represent us regular people and they are sucking us dry. And I don’t think the elitists of DC and NY can or will fight their own war. So who will they pay to fight for them this time? The multinational corporations with person-hood? People who work for the federal government, good luck with that plan.

    • Constance says:

      Well they are tools of the Prog men. It’s sad. Back in 2008 the Prog men understood how badly NOW and feminist types wanted to be part of the in crowd so they gave them the “war on women” to occupy them if they turned on Hillary. Most of the female Libs still think that it is Hillary or some woman candidates “turn” in 2016, they haven’t figured out they were duped yet. I don’t know if the silly little twits have it in them to get mad when they figure it out in 2016. I suspect they don’t have the capacity for anger but will enjoy a good wallow in “that wasn’t fair” whining.

      • The Klown says:

        Modern feminism is based on anger and resentment. If you are a woman who is angry and resentful, modern feminism will appeal to you. If you believe in equality but you aren’t angry and resentful, modern feminism won’t hold much appeal.

        The abortion fetishists are all about rape, incest and total control of “my body” – IOW, they are angry and resentful.

        • The Klown says:

          Personally I have never known a woman who was obsessed with being able to have an abortion whenever she wanted one.

        • The Klown says:

          In fairness I should point out that a lot of those angry and resentful feminists have good reasons to feel hostile towards men.

        • Constance says:

          It’s sad. I don’t know where to start with modern feminists. It’s like they are angered by any positive display of femaleness. I think they might be angered by the cutoffs and bikini top uniform of country which is actually very comfortable. Of course I’m a content old broad now and haven’t worn it in years but we wore stuff like that in the 70’s and it’s cheap (cut off your worn out pants) and easy.
          Another thing I don’t get with the political lesbian feminists is why they dress in mens clothes. Mens clothes don’t fit women so they can’t be comfortable. And why imitate someone or thing you profess to despise? The whole lesbian imitation man thing is beyond me.

    • Lauren says:

      So true. Clueless hypocrites are also souless. Hank Williams and Emy Lou Harris go right over their collective brainless heads. Poor vile progs, they are so culturally compromised.

  6. piper says:

    Where are the dancing vaginas hiding – no words from Medea Benjamin on what is happening in the Islamic New World Order

    • cynic says:

      I read that Turkey was going to have a Flotilla II to Gaza. Code Pink, Ayers, Dohrn & Kerry were involved with the first one.

      At the time of the march, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., wrote a letter in support of a “humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts” to Gaza. Members of Ayers’, Dohrn and Evans’ group documented on their blogs how Kerry’s letter was used at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo while attempting to pressure Egypt to let their group into Gaza.

      • Constance says:

        I really like the idea of sending our Progressive nutcases to the middle east. It would be even better if they self selected and went over there on their own dime.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Allen West writes, as a dad of young coed, on women protecting themselves, though I do think this young lady should change schools and get off social media for starters. Hopefully they’ll keep her stalker in jail or an institution. That’s were the feminists should be hanging out, the courthouse were this guy will be tried……it’s a war on women I tell ya and that’s where it should be fought!


  8. votermom says:

    OMG OMG Starz has the first ep of Outlander free on its website! It’s one of my fave books and I was so happy watching it last night! Then it ended and I was sad because I am too cheap to pay for Starz.
    Oh well, I’ll just wait until the season 1 dvd comes out & rent it from the lib, AEDGMF.*

    *Assuming Ebola Doesn’t Get Me First

  9. The Klown says:


  10. Constance says:

    Why do these liberal women pick country music to analyze for misogyny but give Rap music’s in-your-face misogyny a pass? The only women singers I enjoy anymore are country singers. The pop singers and Rap babes act like they belong in some sort of sex show.

  11. SHV says:

    “The United States dropped laser-guided bombs on ISIS artillery in Iraq on Friday, the Pentagon said — the beginning of airstrikes threatened a day earlier by President Barack Obama.

    The bombs, 500 pounds each, were dropped by two Navy F-18 fighter jets near Erbil..”
    Sounds like the WH is running the operations….”drop a few small bombs but don’t hurt anyone, don’t offend CAIR”. ISIS out in the open, sounds like a perfect situation for cluster munitions.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Barry said no Boots on the ground??????? :facepalm:

    • The Klown says:

      When I was talking about the limits of power yesterday I was referring to using military power for things like nation building. There are some things that military power (or military power alone) cannot do.

      OTOH – destroying an enemy army in the field is precisely what military power was made for.

  12. foxyladi14 says:

    And this

  13. 49erDweet says:

    WordPress for Android Alert! No longer “fetching” new posts. Either that, or they’ve lost their charm.

  14. The Klown says:

    Sweet jeebus, they are dumb.

  15. The Klown says:

    This has gone viral:

    Ask Andrew W.K.: My Dad Is a Right-Wing Asshole

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m writing because I just can’t deal with my father anymore. He’s a 65-year-old super right-wing conservative who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics. I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know that people like my dad are going to destroy us all. I don’t have any good times with him anymore. All we do is argue. When I try to spend time with him without talking politics or discussing any current events, there’s still an underlying tension that makes it really uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love him no matter what, but how do I explain to him that his politics are turning him into a monster, destroying the environment, and pushing away the people who care about him?

    Thanks for your help,
    Son of A Right-Winger


    Dear Son of A Right-Winger,

    Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again. Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father — the person who created you — to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you. And you don’t consider your dad a person of his own standing — he’s just “your dad.” You’ve also reduced yourself to a set of opposing views, and reduced your relationship with him to a fight between the two. The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won. And even if one side did win, it probably wouldn’t satisfy the deeper desire to be in a state of inflamed passionate conflict.

    The world isn’t being destroyed by democrats or republicans, red or blue, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist — the world is being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world. The world is being hurt and damaged by one group of people believing they’re truly better people than the others who think differently. The world officially ends when we let our beliefs conquer love. We must not let this happen.

    When we lump people into groups, quickly label them, and assume we know everything about them and their life based on a perceived world view, how they look, where they come from, etc., we are not behaving as full human beings. When we truly believe that some people are monsters, that they fundamentally are less human than we are, and that they deserve to have less than we do, we ourselves become the monsters. When we allow our emotions to be hypnotized by the excitement of petty bickering about seemingly important topics, we drift further and further away from the fragile and crucial human bond holding everything together. When we anticipate with ferocious glee the next chance we have to prove someone “wrong” and ourselves “right,” all the while disregarding the vast complexity of almost every subject — not to mention the universe as a whole — we are reducing the beauty and magic of life to a “side” or a “type,” or worst of all, an “answer.” This is the power of politics at it’s most sinister.

    At its best, politics is able to organize extremely complex world views into manageable and communicable systems so they can be grappled with and studied abstractly. But even the most noble efforts to organize the world are essentially futile. The best we can usually achieve is a crude and messy map of life from one particular vantage point, featuring a few grids, bullet points, and sketches of its various aspects and landmarks. Anything as infinitely complex as life, reality, and the human experience can never be summed up or organized in a definitive system, especially one based on “left or right,” “A or B,” “us or them.” This is the fatal flaw of binary thinking in general. However, this flaw isn’t just ignored, it’s also embraced, amplified, and deliberately used as a weapon on the very people who think it’s benefiting their way of thinking.

    Human beings crave order and simplicity. We cling to the hope that some day, if we really refine our world view and beliefs, we can actually find the fully correct way to think — the absolute truth and final side to stand on. People and systems craving power take advantage of this desire and pit us against each other using a “this or that” mentality. The point is to create unrest, disagreement, resentment, and anger — a population constantly at war with itself, each side deeply believing that the other is not just wrong, but also a sincere threat to their very way of life and survival. This creates constant anxiety and distraction — the perfect conditions for oppression. The goal of this sort of politics is to keep people held down and mesmerized by a persistent parade of seemingly life-or-death debates, each one worth all of our emotional energy and primal passion.

    But the truth is, the world has always been and always will be on the brink of destruction. And what keeps it from actually imploding is our love for life and our deep-seeded desire not to die. Our love for our own life is inextricably connected to our love of all life and the miracle of this phenomenon we call “the world.” We must give all of ourselves credit every day for keeping things going. It’s an incredible achievement to exist at all.

    So we must protect and respect each other, no matter how hard it feels. No matter how wrong someone else may seem to us, they are still human. No matter how bad someone may appear, they are truly no worse than us. Our beliefs and behavior don’t make us fundamentally better than others, no matter how satisfying it is to believe otherwise. We must be tireless in our efforts to see things from the point of view we most disagree with. We must make endless efforts to try and understand the people we least relate to. And we must at all times force ourselves to love the people we dislike the most. Not because it’s nice or because they deserve it, but because our own sanity and survival depends on it. And if we do find ourselves pushed into a corner where we must kill others in order to survive, we must fully accept that we are killing people just as fully human as ourselves, and not some evil abstract creatures.

    Love your dad because he’s your father, because he made you, because he thinks for himself, and most of all because he is a person. Have the strength to doubt and question what you believe as easily as you’re so quick to doubt his beliefs. Live with a truly open mind — the kind of open mind that even questions the idea of an open mind. Don’t feel the need to always pick a side. And if you do pick a side, pick the side of love. It remains our only real hope for survival and has more power to save us than any other belief we could ever cling to.

    Your friend,
    Andrew W.K.

  16. WMCB says:

    I am not much on interventionism. But I’m ready to send ALL the troops back in there and kill every last one of these ISIS fuckers.

    • piper says:

      I have questions about ISIS – where did they really spring from, how many men are in this army, who trained them and who’s funding them (only Qatar and Turkey).

      • Lulu says:

        Psychopaths. There are a bunch who “converted” so they could go there and do this kind of stuff. The women who are going to “marry” them are just as bad. The leaders are psychopaths who attract other psychopaths and the atrocities grow because they have no limiting ideology to rein them in. It is very reminiscent of the Nazi’s who are some of the most recent. But history has had a number of them. You have to kill them. Mass murders cannot be rehabilitated or released from Gitmo.

      • Constance says:

        Sadly I think that we probably trained a good number of the foot soldiers. They were supposed to be a national Iraqi army but they turned into jihadists or mercenaries. Once civilization breaks down epidemics can take hold. Greta just had a guy on who said the dam in Mosul is structurally unsound and that there is a program to constantly pump cement under it because it sits on shifting sand but if anything happens to disrupt the constant repair it will fail likely in less than a year.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Have you seen the #iraq that’s trending? Lots of photos of graphic stuff.

      • Lulu says:

        I don’t think the current administration gives a shit nor do most of the leadership of the first world nations. It is estimated by Texas law enforcement that 25% of the illegals swarming over the US border from the south are felons. This includes thieves, burglars, armed robbers, drug criminals of every type, murderers, child rapists and traffickers, sex offenders of every sort, etc and this administration gives not one flying fuck at the moon as long as it stays out of the US media. The US border now has the highest crime rate of any part of the US. Nor do those swine that govern Mexico give a fig. Why would Obama elites give a rat about genocide in the Middle East if they don’t give a hoot about it here? We are governed by psychotics and I don’t put their mental health as a lot healthier than those of ISIS. It is a matter of degree of atrocity and by overt action or intentional neglect.

        • Constance says:

          The people who control the Federal government don’t care about us Citizens or about parts of the country where they don’t live. The only semi good news is this is so obvious to anyone (and terrorists aren’t stupid) that any terrorists that cross the southern edge of our country will head immediately for the DC NY area. If they blew up some place like Texas or Washington state the Feds would just waggle their butts and say “Ha ha, Ha ha! missed me you missed me now you gotta kiss me” but they wouldn’t give a rats ass. So even terrorists know it would take a direct hit on NY or DC to be considered serious by the Feds and the “national” east coast media. That means the rest of us are relatively safe. I’m thinking I should buy a gun though and head out to the shooting range to get used to it.
          when societies break down it can’t be a good idea to be the only guy who isn’t armed.

  17. The Klown says:
  18. DeniseVB says:

    Anthony Weiner’s opening a restaurant. It’s supposedly a non-profit training sort of eatery, so I wonder if that’s how he’ll get around the threatened $15/minimum wage increase? Of course, fast food restaurants have been training our youth for decades before unions tried to hijack them.


  19. SHV says:

    FWIW…”44″ is back up from hack attack.

  20. DeniseVB says:

    Yes, John Kerry really said the answer to starving children in Africa is not to build more farms because they hurt the environment.


    • votermom says:

      Let them eat ketchup!

      • DeniseVB says:

        From who’s tomato fields ? LOL. Don’t look in my backyard, I keed my husband being the son of immigrants’ spawn of the Irish Potato Famine. We wouldn’t have made it past the Clinton administration if we depended “farming”. I think it’s genetic 😛

  21. foxyladi14 says:

    They should just go to the store like he does. :facepalm:

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Not just any store. Their local organic fair trade co-op.
      But they will have to go to the PIggly Wiggly for the ketchup if they want Heinz.

  22. Glad to see you’re still plugging away, Klown. I miss all of you guys, but I’ve been working so much the last six months, I barely have time to check my Facebook feed.

    Agreed that Vox is an intellectual wasteland. It’s so transparently-obviously ThinkProgress for capitalists. Basically prime internet real estate being developed for sale in late 2015 /early 2016.

  23. helenk3 says:

    hello. I am back after a really interesting move. I am now in Orlando Fla. missed all of you

  24. helenk3 says:


    there are priorities and then there are priorities. backtrack’s have always been screwed up

    • DeniseVB says:

      How do I post photos here?

      • DandyTIger says:

        You can either link to an image. But sometimes that doesn’t work well. The sure fire way is just to download the image locally, then add it to the FB page images. Just add generically or even create “albums” for different categories.

    • Somebody says:

      WTF? Klown is this going to fly? Brady lived for 31 years after being shot, but now that’s he’s dead Hinckley murdered him?

    • Anthony says:

      My message to them would be a simple and demure “BRING IT, BITCHES!!!”, but somehow I don’t think we have the leadership to follow up…

    • SHV says:

      Jeebus!!! Made the mistake of reading a few comments at Daily Beast re-ISIS…Bush’s fault and the big banks and the NRA supplying the guns to the crazies..Obots remind me of the 50s, every problem was the Commies and flouride in the tap water.

  25. votermom says:

    Hubby borrowed Noah on dvd. OMG whoever wrote the script must have been higher than a kite LOL.

  26. Anthony says:

    Oh brother…. here it comes

    German Handelsblatt Releases Stunning Anti-West Op-Ed, Asks If “West Rabble-Rousers Are On The Payroll Of The KGB”


  27. Holy cow. Fodder for thought, Klown. I’ve been doing some research on the Yazidi, the ethnic Kurdish subculture we’re hellbent on saving from that mountain top in Iraq. Remember that quote about how even Genghis Khan didn’t go this far? It can apply to the Yazidi ethic group as well. I haven’t seen a more intolerant group yet. Do some research.

    The leaders are poly-amorous, and they consider themselves decedent from Adam–but not Eve. They accept no converts and are responsible for the stoning of Du’a Khalil Aswad. We went from committing American lives to defending oil (under Bush) to defending the patriarchy (under Obama). And I don’t think that’s hyperbole after what I’ve read. It’s fucking bullshit, but being sold as us defending an “ethnic minority”. There’s a story there, but I don’t have time to uncover it.

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