Wait . . . What?

Jesse the Homeless Guy

Jesse the Homeless Guy

Rolling Stone:

Miley Cyrus Sends Homeless Youth to Accept VMA Video of the Year

When Jimmy Fallon announced Miley Cyrus’ name as winner of Video of the Year for “Wrecking Ball,” the singer stood and directed a young man with long, blonde hair to the stage. “Thank you, all,” he said, as Cyrus looked on. “My name is Jesse.” He explained that there were more than 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth in the U.S. – “I’m one of these people,” he said. It was the beginning of a touching speech that put an emotional Cyrus into tears.

“I’ve survived in shelters all over the city,” Jesse said. “I’ve been an extra in your movies, I’ve been an extra in your life…. Outside these doors are 54,000 human beings that have no place to call home.”

The speech was a call-to-action to visit Cyrus’ Facebook page, where she spoke in a video about a campaign to bring awareness and raise funds to stop youth homelessness via My Friend’s Place, a homeless center for young people in Hollywood. Part of the campaign includes a contest to see Cyrus live in Brazil. Jesse closed the acceptance speech by saying, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream we dream together is reality.”

Wait . . . what? Am I missing something here?

First of all, why is Jesse homeless? I realize that it is politically incorrect to ask a question like that. I smacks of the “worthy poor” concept that liberals disdain. Everyone is presumed to be “there but for the grace of God (who doesn’t exist) go I”. But I’m asking it anyway.

After searching news stories for a bit, this is what I learned about Jesse:

22 years old

Originally from Oregon

Met Miley Cyrus last Tuesday when she visited the homeless shelter where he was staying.

Claims to have spent “most of his youth homeless in Los Angels.

Here are some of the things I want to know:

1. Where is Jesse’s family?

2. Why did he leave home?

3. Why did he come to L.A.?

4. Does he have a high school diploma?

5. Does he have a criminal record, and if so, what is it?

6. Does he have a substance abuse problem?

7. What jobs has he worked in the past four years?

8. What efforts has he made to be self-sufficient?

9. Has he considered military service?

Give me time and I’ll think of some more.

The dirty little secret of homelessness is that most homeless people are homeless for a reason that has to do with choices they have made. Those bad choices usually include drugs and crime, which explains why their own families want nothing to do with them. Even the mentally ill that are homeless are usually that way because they refuse treatment.

According to liberal theology, the homeless are all innocent victims of capitalism or some other societal evil. If you want a reality check go down to a homeless shelter and meet the residents. Better yet, visit a local homeless encampment.

Remember Zuccotti Park? The Occupy movement started off as a bunch of spoiled middle class brats having an outdoor sleepover but things turned ugly when the real homeless moved in.

So I ask again, why is Jesse homeless?


Miley Cyrus and Jesse the Homeless Guy

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  1. The Klown says:

    It’s been awhile since we discussed Miley.

  2. The Klown says:

    Part of the campaign includes a contest to see Cyrus live in Brazil.

    I am all in favor of Miley living in Brazil.

  3. The Klown says:

    That is soooo wrong but I lol’ed anyway.

  4. The Klown says:

    The Left still hasn’t forgiven Bill Clinton for welfare reform.

  5. The Klown says:

    I need to bring the cat inside and go to bed. My brain is fried.

  6. Lulu says:

    I cannot imagine what interest Miley has in this guy. /S/
    I think it is called “slumming”. He is pretty and dangerous and pretty much worthless except for one thing. And he is pursuing the same profession as John Kerry. Gigolo.

    • The Klown says:

      I wouldn’t even want to drink out of the same glass as a homeless guy.

    • Constance says:

      This is how she plans to crawl her way back from her creepy disgusting image of last year that caused her TV special and her tour to bomb. Latch on to a hot looking male cause. The female fans who deserted her when she became a public twat will at least look at her for a second with an attractive hunk next to her. But not much longer than a second.

  7. elliesmom says:

    There are people in this country who are temporarily homeless – like women who flee from abusive relationships with just their children and the clothes are their backs. You could say that’s from bad choices, too. But their goal is to not be homeless, and they usually are able to accomplish that in a short amount of time with a little bit of help.

    • Lulu says:

      I bet he is a serial “crasher”. If he was in a shelter it was because he had run out of people who would let him crash in their homes or apartments for various reasons. And I bet most of the places he crashed were habitations of females. “Baby, baby I need someplace to STAY!”

    • The Klown says:

      Actually there are special shelters for abused women, and special programs to relocate them into permanent housing. They are also eligible for welfare and food stamps.

      • elliesmom says:

        While there are shelters for them, there isn’t always room. They are eligible for welfare and food stamps, but you need an address to get them. A lot of abused women do have friends and family who will help them, but they don’t want to put their friends and family in danger. I’ve been a stop on the flight from hell for a friend. We got her from New Jersey to Washington state before the bastard could get his act together. While he knew her college friends would help her, he had kept her so isolated he figured she wouldn’t know how to find us. But she only had to find one of us to get us all. By the time she got to Washington, there was an apartment and a job interview waiting for her. But not every woman has those resources, and a lot of women who do, don’t believe they have them.

    • Propertius says:

      And, of course, some people end up homeless because of a combination of massive medical bills and sudden unemployment. . Unlikely to have happened to a young fellow like our friend Jesse, of course, although jobs are still really scarce for young adults. He could be a bum, he could be mentally ill and undertreated, or he could just be spectacularly unlucky. Not every unemployed 20-something has a parent’s basement to live in or a friend’s couch to crash on, you know.

  8. votermom says:

    Congrats to this straight white male – he found a way to join the victim class! 🙄

  9. The Klown says:
  10. DeniseVB says:

    Hmmm? Looks like Liam Hemsworth ? That was a pretty bad break up last year….

  11. The Klown says:

    After several near misses last week I was able to corner and terminate with extreme prejudice a possum that has been hanging around my back yard and eating cat food on my back patio.

    Last night it either returned from the dead or its mate came looking for it. I’m pretty sure it didn’t return from the dead. I was very thorough the first time.

    • Chris says:

      Dear Klown: Couldn’t you have simply removed the cat food or picked it up after you fed the cat(s) to eliminate your possum problem? If you feed them, they will come. Nature loves a vacuum and as long as you leave food out, you will have critter problems. Just sayin’.

      P.S. Love your blog.

      • The Klown says:

        I have been fighting a war on possums for several years now. They are disgusting creatures.

        • catarina says:

          Disgusting they are, and they eat my goddamned grapes.
          Possum lovers, you are welcome to trap n take.
          Until then, I’m with TK

      • 49erDweet says:

        Dear Chris. Possums moving on in from the countryside are becoming an increasingly serious vector problem in many, many CA communities. Thank you for your concern. Their native population is burgeoning and their habitat has multiplied the last few decades. They do quite well, traveling on overhead power, phone and cable lines, and though “cute,” are now disease carriers for humans and pets. No, they weren’t here first, either.

        • Somebody says:

          The possums around here don’t bother me it’s the armadillos…….oh how I want to figure out a way to get rid of them. Well a way without discharging a firearm because I’m not supposed to do that. Armadillos are not native to this area, but you’d think they were there are so damn many of them.

  12. The Klown says:
  13. The Klown says:

    I wouldn’t bother clicking on the link, I’m just posting it for shitzengiggles:

    • lyn says:

      The Obola virus is more insidious. What the privilege-baiters try to do is lump us all in a shameful category. Not gonna happen, asswipes.

    • votermom says:

      I don’t think Salon has any black people on it’s Management Team or Editorial Board. I guess that makes them an expert on insidious white privilege virus.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Nothing like white progs living in their lily white enclaves saying they hate white people, making noise like they support their black comrades (well, at lest their “one black friend”) while doing nothing to reduce their individual power or privilege or share their wealth.

      • Anthony says:

        Prediction: Led by none other than Joan Walsh, self-loathing Salon “white guilt” writers will engage in excruciatingly slow mass suicide by barricading themselves in their cubicles and subsisting on their own dung.

        World approaches balance, race relations improve.

        Remember: You heard it here first

  14. The Klown says:
  15. The Klown says:
  16. The Klown says:

    You could start by changing the culture of black America.

    • lyn says:

      Already happened, and nothing changed.

    • DandyTIger says:

      If we find out the cop did shoot the guy in cold blood. Gunned him down like an animal while he was standing still with arms up, or running away with arms up, and it really had nothing to do with the strong arm robbery, and there was no struggle at the car, then we’ve got a horrible cold blooded murderer, and that should be addressed by the legal system. That cop would be a vile piece of shit and should be dealt with very harshly precisely because he didn’t something horrible while in a position of such power.

      If on the other hand we find out that Brown did struggle with the cop, did pose a threat, and/or was known as a fleeing strong-armed robber posing a threat to the general public, then the cop’s actions may have been justified. Perhaps there was over reaction, perhaps not. But there was justification in stopping the bad guy. If the cop was indeed assaulted, then thems the breaks dude. Brown in that case deserved what he got.

      In either case, I’m seeing a sad, horrible incident that resulted in the death of one guy and hopefully will result in fair legal outcome for the other guy. And I’m seeing in the aftermath a lot of race hustling, showboating, victim hustling, and violence from black communities and their leaders. All without knowing what happened. That to me is even more sad than an isolated tragic event. The black culture in this country is in very sad shape, and I don’t see the will to not be perpetual victims.

      • Anthony says:

        In a reasonable world, these would be the most accurate conclusions at the end of the investigation. Sadly, thanks to the usual suspects (MSM, Dem operatives, Obama Dems), the shooting of Michael Brown has been politicized from the get go.

        The Dems are in danger of losing the Senate, and nothing will motivate the (remaining) base to flock to the polls like good old fashioned racial tension and conflict.

        The meme (started by Donna Brazile two days after the shooting and picking up momentum from other operatives since) is “If you want equality, VOTE!!!”

        • lyn says:

          If you want equality, run away from the Democratic plantation.

          • Anthony says:

            That would require people to think for themselves and reject victim status. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening – too many years of Pavlovian conditioning.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Seems that all the professional race baiters have accomplished is that Black Thug’n’Drug Culture should be an acceptable way of life. Where’s that outrage for the little 9-yr-old boy shot execution style in Chicago recently? Jesse and Al should be there knocking heads together, sigh, but they can’t blame whitey for that.

      • Somebody says:

        Very good synopsis Dandy. Let’s suppose all of part two were true, that he attacked the cop, he was known as a threat and strong-arm robber………..BUT the cop didn’t pursue him, the cop didn’t shoot him. Maybe the cop was too dazed, maybe he feared he might endanger other people in the area so he just let MB leave. Then shortly afterward MB strong arms someone else. Let’s say this victim is a 13 or 14 year old AA or a granny AA, but this time he seriously hurts his victim or bashes their head in and kills them. Then what would happen? Would the same people be complaining that the police are racist and don’t do their jobs because they don’t care about black victims?

        I’m serious. I could see the same “outrage” and definitely some lawsuits against the police.

  17. The Klown says:

    Gee, I sure hope this Ft. Lee shooter doesn’t ruin the television coverage of Mike Brown’s funeral.

  18. The Klown says:
  19. The Klown says:
  20. The Klown says:


    I will NOT be live-blogging the Mike Brown funeral. You can do what you want.

  21. piper says:

    Understand that the Dominican Republic banned Miley’s concerts on morality grounds. Is homeless guy who cleaned up nicely another way for Miley to get her much needed dose of attention and adulation?

  22. votermom says:

    OT I thought this was funny:

    Last night I was helping kid 1 look through a huge pile of books and papers on her desk (it was like the Jenga of school stuff) for a notebook that turned out to be in a completely different room – anyway… I saw her SAT prep books that she’s done with and asked “Why not lend these to (her best friend)?”
    D: “I don’t think she’s retaking the SAT.”
    Me: “I thought her mom wants her to?”
    D: “Yeah, but she doesn’t want to. Her mom doesn’t have the power you have, mom.”
    Me: 😎

  23. abc says:

    Refuse treatment? Or had no capacity to get treatment? I know at least a couple of people who were thrown out of mental institutions or drug treatment and were left on the street to die. Guess what? They died. In my world, people are often homeless not by choice, but by circumstances.

    • Somebody says:

      OK yes people can be homeless due to circumstances, but most people do what it takes to pull themselves up by the boot straps. Most likely there is still an element of personal choice, as in I choose drugs over food in my belly…….I choose whatever over a roof over my head.

      Sorry, but most likely you can find a job. It may be a shit job at a fast food joint, but you can find a job. There are shelters or you can rent a room at a boarding house, sure the boarding house is probably seedy but it’s a roof over your head. That’s where you start and you continue to work and save until you get your feet firmly on the ground. If you can’t get ahead with whatever job you found, then you find yourself a second job or you take on side jobs like raking leaves or cutting grass or babysitting or whatever it is you have to do to better your situation. I’m sure having children complicates that process, but Jesse has no kids. There are shelters, soup kitchens and all kinds of programs to help people. You may not like eating at a soup kitchen, but it beats starving. People are quite charitable too, walk up to a restaurant and volunteer to wash dishes or sweep floors and most likely they’ll not only feed you, but give you a few bucks. Expect someone to feed you, expect someone to hand you everything, insist you’re a victim and you might not be as lucky……but work and try to improve your situation and most people would be happy to help you if they can.

    • DandyTIger says:

      On the other hand, if you’re severely mentally ill and can’t handle much of anything, then you’re in need of help. We had institutions for that, though they could be very bad. They were mostly shut down with the obvious consequence of homeless mentally ill people.

      • swanspirit says:

        And even some of the “homes” available are less than desirable , My Uncle Danny was once “kept ” in a home . The owner had several mentally ill men which she kept in her basement on cots . They had an ashtray in the center and sat around it smoking all day . From what I heard she also fed them occasionally .She received a large subsidy from the government for each one . The only reason she was eventually reported was that my mother kept track of where her brother was , and when she went to pick him up for visits , demanded to see his living arrangements . Without vigilant family , many of those men might have been there for years .

    • 49erDweet says:

      He’s not homeless at home. He’s homeless in HOLLYWOOD. That’s a choice. IMO he’s a player.

  24. Anthony says:

    MSNBC SAYS: “Today, we are all Michael Brown”

    Not me.

    I’m alive.

  25. The Klown says:
  26. gram cracker says:

    Looks like Mile Cyrus found herself a Kato Kaelin wannabe. Jesse looks like he could be Kato’s son.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Do we have to keep mentioning her name? That’s all she’s after, and I hate to encourage a sicko in her depravity.

      • The Klown says:

        As one depraved sicko to another, I’m all for Miley making a spectacle of herself.

        She’s a crappy role model, but so am I. Somebody has to be the bad example, and why shouldn’t she make money doing it?

        • 49erDweet says:

          She’s like the Indian Fakir plunging a dagger into his belly. Spangles and glitter and flashing steel, but fake. You watch for me. And thx.

  27. Somebody says:

    I have two observations regarding Jesse. Number one look at his hands, it doesn’t look like he’s ever done any mannual labor. Sure he was cleaned up and may well have had a manicure, but a manicure can only do so much. Those hands don’t look like they’ve ever seen a day of hard work in their life. He appears to be a strong healthy young man, so perhaps he should try getting his hands dirty and then perhaps he wouldn’t be homeless.

    Observation number two……..as far as I know it’s pretty sunny in California. How is it that dear Jesse isn’t much more tanned than he appears? I mean if he doesn’t have a home and he wanders the streets of LA, you’d think he’d have a much better tan.

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