Golf Clap – Obama Bombs at the American Legion

This is what happens when Obama ventures outside his Potemkin bubble of sycophants:

Tepid clapping greets unpopular Obama’s VA speech at American Legion convention in his first speech to group since 2011

President Barack Obama faced a tough crowd on Tuesday – American military veterans – and fell flat on his applause lines as he failed to win over the American Legion’s convention-goers.

His 35-minute speech seemed to have reminded the audience of the stark divide between the White House’s policy choices and the feelings of the men and women often called on to carry them out.

A Virginia legionnaire who served in the U.S. Marine Corps told MailOnline that ‘a small group of Obama’s admirers – and there are some here – sat near the front and tried to generate applause for him about 10 times.’

‘They didn’t get much pickup,’ the retired lieutenant colonel said of the ‘instigators’ gathered at the Charlotte, North Carolina event, but ‘they were persistent. You could tell when the applause was genuine and when it wasn’t. It was obvious to everyone here.’

Most of the veterans sat on their hands, leaving awkward silences where White House speechwriters expected ovations.

‘Some of these guys – well, most of them – remember that Obama sent Biden to speak to us last year in Houston, and blew us off entirely during his 2012 campaign.’

That year, the president sent a 3-minute video message instead of coming to Indianapolis. Mitt Romney, his Republican rival, flew 1,000 miles to speak in person.
The veteran asked MailOnline to conceal his identity. ‘I don’t need that kind of trouble,’ he said. ‘I work for a government contractor.’

After the customary introductions and thank-yous to dignitaries, Obama spoke for nearly eight full minutes on Tuesday without a single clap.

He touted his foreign policy bona fides, boasting that ‘even countries that criticize us – when the chips are down and they need help, they know who to call. They call us. That’s what American leadership looks like.’


‘Sustaining our leadership, keeping America strong and secure, means we have to use our power wisely,’ Obama cautioned, in keeping with his slow approach to battling ISIS and other terror groups overseas.

‘History teaches us of the dangers of overreaching and spreading ourselves too thin, and trying to go it alone without international support, or rushing into military adventures without thinking through the consequences.’



If I was one of the White House spin doctors I would probably point out that the American Legion is older, whiter and more conservative than average, and it is a male-dominated organization. I’m surprised that Obama didn’t just blow them off completely.

Poor Barry, he has never done well outside of his comfort zone. Without of crowd of people cheering and chanting his name he seems lost and confused.

Yesterday’s speech was a far cry from this:

Obama’s finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don’t even really inspire. They elevate. They enmesh you in a grander moment, as if history has stopped flowing passively by, and, just for an instant, contracted around you, made you aware of its presence, and your role in it. He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh, over color, over despair. The other great leaders I’ve heard guide us towards a better politics, but Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves, to the place where America exists as a glittering ideal, and where we, its honored inhabitants, seem capable of achieving it, and thus of sharing in its meaning and transcendence.

That was Ezra Klein back on January 4th, 2008. I never saw what Ezra saw.

Apparently, neither did the American Legion.


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  1. The Klown says:

    On the bright side:

    Last night MadBum pitched a gem, coming within 1 pitch of a perfect game. He struck out 13 in a complete-game 1-hit shutout. Buster Posey homered twice as the SFGiants beat Colorado 3-0 at AT&T Park.

  2. The Klown says:
  3. The Klown says:
  4. Lulu says:

    This is going to either become more common or he is going to go “Hitler’s bunker” and disappear from anything but photo ops playing golf or chomping on burgers. He is only popular with a few groups such a billionaire greenies or Dreamers and they will turn on him if he doesn’t sign a bunch of Emperor Ming executive orders which will kill the Democrats. Nobody likes him now unless he will give them shit.

    • The Klown says:

      He still has some true believers out there.

      And they are REALLY out there.

      • Lulu says:

        Ah yes. The psychological benefactors of believing crap. Yes they are out there because to face reality causes too much psychic pain. Bless their little crazy hearts.

        • Somebody says:

          I know a few and I avoid them as much as possible.

        • foxyladi14 says:


        • DeniseVB says:

          Do the little obots believe none of Obama’s policies affect THEM ? Even if they’re on the payroll or beneficiaries (unions! green millionaire bundlers!) of BO’s miserable pen and phone, they’ll eventually be under the bus with the rest of us. It’s the Obama way. Useful Idiots indeed!

  5. The Klown says:
  6. The Klown says:
  7. The Klown says:
  8. The Klown says:
  9. The Klown says:

    Wednesday WTF:

    BURLINGTON, Vt. — A Winooski restaurant’s decision to take down a bacon advertisement has become the center of an online backlash.

    “It’s blown up beyond all imagination,” City Manager Katherine “Deac” Decarreau said in an interview Monday.

    Last week, Sneakers Bistro and Cafe removed a sign reading “Yield for Sneakers Bacon” from a garden at the Winooski Rotary after a woman who described herself as “a vegan and a member of a Muslim household” called the sign offensive in a post on Front Porch Forum.

    “Given the large number of Muslim families in Winooski, as well as many others who do not eat pork for a variety of reasons, it seems unnecessary for this insensitive business sign to be at the city’s main crosswalk,” she wrote. The woman also complained that the sign “clutters an already dangerous crosswalk.”

    Sneakers owner Marc Dysinger replied that the sign was meant to be fun and to show that the restaurant cares about Winooski and the gardens, but that it had lost its “relevance” due to recent traffic changes at the rotary. He apologized for the controversy.

    “Winooski is a diverse community, and we like it that way,” Decarreau said. “It’s uncomfortable, but discomfort can be a source of growth, not just a source of anger and frustration. I think as a community we’ll work through this. It’s unfortunate that the country seems to be reacting to reports that are blown significantly out of proportion and don’t represent what actually happened.”


    “We welcome a rich and respectful dialogue among the people that live, work and dine here,” Decarreau added in the statement. “We believe that diversity and dialogue is a critical part of what makes us a truly desirable place to be.”

    They can have my bacon when they pry if from my cold, dead fingers.

    • Lulu says:

      Everyone must eat exactly the same thing or someone will be offended. I personally think goats are disgusting and want all goat meat banned. Anyone who eats goat must hide this practice or preferably give it up because I may be offended. If I see a sign that says goat meat in any language I may fly into a rage or even get butthurt because my personal preferences are not being respected and I then will FEEL disrespected. No one may disrespect my preferences which come from my childhood when I was CHASED by a nasty goat! /Snark/

      • mothy67 says:

        I am one of those freaks that loves meat, but it makes me ill to see someone eat off the bone. Chicken wings are beyond repulsive to me. I cannot watch it. When someone sucks the marrow out– words cannot express how repulsed I am. Yet I give my dogs bones from the butcher all the time..
        Does it make me a cannibal if bacon may be my favorite thing in life if I have pig valves? Could be a relative. Don’t care. I love bacon and pork chops when you can find a place that will cook them MR.
        Subway in the UK took pork off the menu. Really? Everyone else has to sacrifice for the sensitive immigrants. Eat elsewhere. England is lost. Nary an eyebrow was raised.

        • The Klown says:

          There are some foods that I find disgusting. Other people think they are great.

          I hate sushi and I won’t eat it, but I don’t want to stop anyone else from eating that crud.

  10. HELENK3 says:

    one of the best summations of backtrack that I have seen yet. Victor Davis Hanson nails his actions as president and what was there in 2008 if you looked

    • The Klown says:

      Historians will look back at 2008 as a time when the country became more or less collectively unhinged. There was an accompanying perfect storm of sorts: He was the first serious African-American candidate, whom condescending liberals like Harry Reid and Joe Biden heralded for being clean, light-skinned, and without a black patois; he was running in an orphaned election without an incumbent vice president or president on the other side’s ticket, a situation not seen since 1952; we had an unpopular lame-duck president and the Iraq war; the sudden financial meltdown in September 2008 caused a then-behind Obama to immediately surge ahead; the McCain campaign was lackluster; and the media became an advocate of the Obama effort.

      Pundits vied for superlatives. On little evidence, Christopher Buckley assured us that Obama possessed “a first-class temperament and a first-class intellect.” For some, proof of Obama’s godhead became almost physical — a “perfectly creased pant” for David Brooks, a tingling leg for Chris Matthews. For Evan Thomas he was a “sort of God”; for one blue-chip historian he was the smartest man with the highest IQ ever running for the presidency. And on and on, as huge crowds acted as if they were watching Paul McCartney on tour in 1966. After the election, there was real apprehension that the country might not make it for the two and a half months until an elected Obama could take power.

      Given that there was no evidence from Obama’s legislative career to justify such superlatives, we can only assume that our intellectual elites got caught up in the faux Greek columns, the Obama tutorials for fainting crowds about proper first aid, the teleprompted emphatics of “Let me be perfectly clear” and “Make no mistake about it,” the Latinate motto “Vero possumus” on the faux presidential seal on his campaign podiums, the boast that Obama & Co. were “the ones we’ve been waiting for,” the messianic promise to cool the planet and lower the seas, the Lincoln self-comparisons, and the other embarrassing childish banalities.

      Obama, it is true, ran a brilliant campaign in 2008, hinting to the Other that as a non-white he shared both their racial bona fides and their frustrations, hinting to white elites that his own unique heritage would end racial hostilities and thus allow them to square the circle of living largely separate elite lives and not having to feel guilty about it. He dropped his g’s and went into Southern cadences among African Americans, and then back again into wonkish academese to mainstream whites. It was well known that in impromptu talks he stuttered and stumbled with uh’s in deer-in-the-headlights fashion, and used the pronouns I, me, my, and mine ad nauseam, but such unease was ignored given his teleprompted eloquence and the considerable elite investment in his symbolism.

      In sum, in 2008 Obama gave America more than enough evidence to doubt that he was ready for the presidency, but when a nation becomes unhinged by trivialities like “hope and change,” there is not much one can do — until the patient wakes up from his trance and in embarrassment asks, “What exactly was all that nuttiness in 2008 about?”

      We will be fathoming that strange madness of 2008 for decades to come.

      • Constance says:

        2008 was about the Media Cartel Monopoly. Thank God for FOX the only dissenting voice in media. It was also about sexism by Democrats. As a woman Independent who used to vote mostly Democrat I find the sexism the Dems leveled at Hillary and Palin and many other women candidates and the imaginary “war on women” so offensive that if I can’t vote for the Republican these days, I don’t vote.

  11. The Klown says:
    • Constance says:

      I really think he needs to seek Congressional approval for the airstrikes. Maybe strictly legally he doesn’t but it’s a good idea.

  12. The Klown says:
  13. mothy67 says:

    Not even FOX gives this little truth
    “The deal would require nations to enact new policies but only pledge to specific emissions cuts and to send funds to poorer countries in order to help them cut their own emissions”

    The deal would require nations to enact new policies but only pledge to specific emissions cuts and to send funds to poorer countries in order to help them cut their own emissions

    Read more:

    • Lulu says:

      They are entering the critical phase of hurried implementation. Australia has gone full criminal probe on the climatologists who have been altering data. Germany has said “fuck it”. Africa who was supposed to get big bucks from the scheme (or so they say but I am sure the earmarked money from new tax schemes for development would disappear into eco-billionaires pockets and Al Gore’s comglomerate) are not that focused on the scam because EBOLA! “An Inconvenient Truth” has to have 10 things in it that are WRONG told to school children before it can be used for propaganda, oops, educational purposes in the UK. It has reached the grabbing and running stage and Bronco only has two years left to do what he was hired to do with a growing Republican congress presence to sue him. Panic has set in.

  14. mothy67 says:

    Okay someone own up to it. Whose kid is this.

  15. Somebody says:

    OT…..I make good quiche…..YUM!

  16. votermom says:

    Klown, I scheduled a silly dream poll post at around mid-noon. Feel free to reschedule it.

  17. fif says:

    I just finished reading the Steve Jobs bio, and it was fascinating. He was a very bad-tempered visionary genius, and consistently drove himself and others (including engineers) to do what people repeatedly said “could not be done.” Toward the end of the book, Obama flew out to Silicon Valley to meet with business leaders at a dinner, and Jobs said: “The President keeps telling me what he can’t do. It infuriates me.”

    There you have it folks – real and false leadership. Obama never was a true leader and now the jig is finally up for 99.99% of the people. The good news: we’re moving into the end of 2014, and before we know it, he will be able to wander off to the golf links for good. The bad news: he’s left things in horrible shape, and there aren’t good options for 2016.

    • The Klown says:

      When my son was about 10 years old he said he wanted to be a full-contact karate champion. I love my son very much but my family doesn’t have any athletes in it. Neither did his mom’s. I figured he had no chance of ever even coming close to realizing his dream.

      So I encouraged him to try and paid for karate lessons.

      The way I figured it, if I was right then reality would straighten him out eventually. But if I was wrong, I didn’t want to kill his dream.

      • Somebody says:

        I sent my son to space camp when he was in middle school for the same reason. He wanted to be an astronaut, but he was never athletic and astronauts, even the geeky science ones, have to be physically fit. My son excelled at space camp, in the simulator he flawlessly landed the shuttle, the only camper that could. He was the top banana at camp and got an award. I thought, oh my I was wrong he does have what it takes. I sat in the auditorium flabbergasted and so damn proud when he was recognized, I honestly didn’t expect that. I was so sad his father couldn’t be there because I knew how proud his dad would have been.

        We had barely left the parking lot when my son told me he never, ever wanted to be an astronaut, LOL! He said he would never again willingly get in a centrifuge and he sure as hell would never go through a simulated launch, LMAO. I replied, but you did so well I’m so very proud of you. He said, well sure I wasn’t letting anybody beat me and I knew how much you spent so I wasn’t going to wimp out, but I’m over wanting to an astronaut or a pilot for that matter. Then he said I think I’ll pursue something in computer sciences where I can keep my feet planted on the ground…….which is what he did.

      • Constance says:

        My daughter who wound up being a 5’9″ 155 pound water polo player had a phase where she wanted to be in pairs ice dancing. I just told her, those girls you see being tossed around, they weigh 90 pounds. So sorry but no one is looking for a 155 pound girl to lift around on the ice. She got over it.

      • mothy67 says:

        I LOVE KARATE. It is a very maturing discipline. And oh what a joy it is to have the brat ask me to smack her upside the head with this soft stick as she tries to block. Little brat is not following through with her French as she promised I deduct from her allowance. I grew up when the worst thing you could say to someone was shut up. Making fun of me she said this morning tais-toi. BRAT.

    • DandyTIger says:

      The non-reaction was the first thing I noticed. Figured it was someone used to gunfire, so more likely Chicago, or it was from the TV. Or, just layered onto the recording. Also, who records their own calls like that? Very odd and fishy from the get-go.

  18. gumsnapper says:

    After any Dowd column that is critical of Obama, the NYT readers are out in force on the comments section, bashing Dowd for daring to commit blasphemy against the One. The NYT, it appears, is awash in Obama loyalists. But then, the NYT defends him while pretending to an objective straight reporting newspaper.

  19. threewickets says:

    Gross. I hope Ezra cleaned up after himself.

  20. DeniseVB says:

    Stole this from a commenter at MOTUS…….too funny not to share for a giggle break ……

  21. WMCB says:

    The biggest taboos in our society now are on noticing what is right in front of your nose. Shhhhh! You are not allowed to say what almost everyone sees. Like in Rotherham.

  22. Anthony says:

    the next challenge should be boiling water instead

  23. votermom says:

    New thread! Vote in my poll!

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