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Let’s Play Quincy!

Okay campers, here’s your chance to play amateur medical examiner! Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Struck at Least 6 Times Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot … Continue reading

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“This Indictment of Rick Perry is Unbelievably Ridiculous”

I knew if I waited someone else would do the hard work of researching and analyzing the bogus allegations against Texas Governor Rick Perry. Hard work pays off eventually, but laziness pays off right away. Patrick “Patterico” Frey: The idea … Continue reading

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Caturday Morning Open Thread

I’m still in shock from You Can’t Make This Shit Up Friday. Seriously, has the whole country gone mad, or just the parts filled with Democrats? This Perry indictment is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen, and the media is … Continue reading

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Thank Gawd It’s Fryday Open Thread

The last thread was full. Here’s a fresh one.

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Searching For The Elusive “Just Right”

Ace nails it: I can concede — and in fact I endorse — Mary Katherine’s unstated point that the militarization of police has gone too far and is being employed for trivial matters, while not agreeing with her that protecting … Continue reading

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Kickin’ It Old School

A boring 1-0 game between Obama’s Chicago White Sox and my beloved SF Giants suddenly got exciting yesterday. Robin Ventura Kicks Dirt over Home Plate After Ejection in Old-School Tantrum Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura turned back the clock … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday – MoDo Edition

Maureen Dowd is bugfuck nuts: I talked to Robin Williams once, about breasts. In 1993, when he played a prim British nanny in “Mrs. Doubtfire,” I went to interview him at his Pacific Heights house. “It’s great to be this … Continue reading

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Depression is a Thief

Depression is a thief It steals your joy It steals your potential it steals your energy It steals your life It even steals your will to resist it. Depression is a sneaky disease It has no medical symptoms You can’t … Continue reading

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Justice For What’s-his-name

From Newsweak: Hundreds of protesters gathered at a suburban St. Louis police station on Monday demanding murder charges against an officer who shot to death an unarmed black teenager over the weekend. Up to 15 people were arrested during the … Continue reading

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Oh, Crap, it’s Monday!

I checked the news. It’s all bad. Meanwhile, Obama is on vacation and doesn’t want to be interrupted. At this point, even Joe Biden would be an improvement. SMOD, take me now! This is an open thread. I’m going back … Continue reading

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Just Another Open Thread

I just woked up. Let me get something to eat and shake off the cobwebs in my brain. Or maybe I’ll got back to bed. Here is an open thread to play with until I get halfass organized.

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Caturday Open Thread

While I agree with using air strikes on ISIS in Iraq it sure would be nice if Obama went thru the legal formalities of getting congressional approval first.

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If Ignorance Is Bliss Then Vox Must Be The Happiest Place On Earth

It’s not what Progs don’t know, it’s what they think they know that just ain’t so. This first little gem comes to us from someone named Kelsey McKinney. She is your typical young, done-nothing/know-everything JuiceVox writer: The new face of … Continue reading

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The Limits of Power

Over at Hot Air, Noah Rothman asks a question: Do Americans really want to disengage from the world? The proliferation of crises around the globe has, for the most part, been met with a yawn from the political class. Americans, … Continue reading

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Why is Megyn Kelly Winning?

Seriously, the woman is en fuego. From Hadas Gold at Politico: Megyn Kelly: Secret of her success Glenn Greenwald wants to make this perfectly clear: He finds Megyn Kelly’s views “viscerally repellent.” But the crusading privacy journalist has plenty of … Continue reading

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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday – Going to Cray Z. Town

This Israel/Palestine thing really brings them out of the woodwork. Let’s start with Salon: This is why Washington is awful: Senators congratulate themselves for giving Israel more money The last piece of business that the Senate got done Friday morning … Continue reading

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Tin Foil Tuesday

Hopefully Klown is just sleeping in and it really wasn’t ebola. He probaaaably wasn’t kidnapped by illegal aliens, and I don’t think he was rounded up and sent to a re-education baking camp. We can hold off on the “Have … Continue reading

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What are they symptoms of Ebola?

I think I might have Ebola. I know I feel like shit. This is an open thread. I’m going back to bed.

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Ebola Open Thread

When my muse heard there was a confirmed case of the Ebola virus in Atlanta she locked herself in a hermetically sealed bunker and refuses to come out. That’s why it is almost 5 a.m and I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Caturday Open Thread

It was either this or a post about Obama’s dog and pony show yesterday.

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