Happy Labor Day!

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I ain’t working today.

This is an open thread.

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  1. The Klown says:

    BTW – teach your daughters, granddaughters and any girls/young women you care about that if they take naked pictures the pictures will end up posted on the internet – EVERY DAMN TIME!

    • 1539days says:

      You’re what’s wrong with the patriarchy. We should be teaching men not to hack. Women should be able to take nekkid pics wherever they want and men should learn to look away.
      I can’t wait to see when that happens.

      • Ann says:

        Hackers gotta hack. (I hope whoever did this is prosecuted vigorously.)

        I feel bad for the people who have the photos taken while they are in dressing rooms or on film sets while changing. Photos are taken and released without consent.

      • DeniseVB says:

        LOL ‘days, waiting for the new feminists spew too ! Yet over in “terrorist” conservativeland, nobody’s heard of this “hackery” ’til the po’ ladies affected started complaining in twitterland 😉 Even libs were attacked for using commonsense ….if you don’t want yer nekkid body photos exposed on the internet, don’t post them….sigh.

    • Constance says:

      These may be hacked but this is a standard way many show biz oriented women get attention, “accidentally” release their own nude shots. It is also why I like animated entertainment for girls and women. With animation the young girl fans don’t have to witness the desperate porno related attention grabs from actresses with stagnant careers and their creeper male viewers (Miley Cyrus). The situation is made much worse by the fact that Hollywood and media have only one way for girl stars to advance into adult roles and that is to seek male attention by selling sex.

  2. The Klown says:

    I’m going back to bed until morning.

  3. HELENK3 says:

    just because

    • leslie says:

      Wow. That was amazing. (I’m not sending this to my daughter who will think she has to beat the ~2000 mph in 90 seconds – mark in her car.)

  4. DeniseVB says:

    I agree myiq, nothing honors organized Labor more than not working and passing around a bottle of bourbon at lunchtime 😀

    I just added this link to the Book Club, Chicks on the Right have a book coming out in a few weeks…..I guess we peons have to wait 😀


  5. A.Men says:

    I bet the naked photos were leaked DELIBERATELY.

  6. 1539days says:

    The naked camera phone thing is a good example of two things. One is that “the cloud” is the same as “the internet.” Every celebrity’s agent needs to explain what the difference between data being in a camera or being on a network. Every regular person’s privacy has a lot to do with their anonymity. However, that is little help in the case of financial information. I keep a password list offline. Not on my phone, not in a secret file and not on a cloud connected server.

    Second, this isn’t an issue of right or wrong, but practicality. Some of the women who’ve been robbed are saying that they are private photos between them and their husband. That doesn’t really matter. It is wrong to steal data and hack people’s phones. People should go to jail for this and they should not be stealing these things. However, as a matter of practicality, if you take naked pictures for what you consider a worthy reason and anyone would want to see them, you need to consider not doing it and definitely not do it on a phone or a tablet. Actually, just don’t do it.

  7. Somebody says:

    I think I missed something who took naked pictures?

  8. The Klown says:

    THIS AD IS AWESOME! Rick Perry: Courage:

  9. Constance says:

    More enterprising women, (Java Jugs and Twin Peaks coffee stands) they basically got them on tax evasion it sounds like. Why don’t they just give them a zoned area and collect taxes on their lucrative businesses.

  10. NewOrleans says:

    The funniest thing (to me) about the ‘great celeb nude photo / hacker scandal’ – officially dubbed ‘The Fappening’ on social media – is the live-blogging on what has been released (over 300 photos so far), what’s about to be released, what has been posted but was taken down and, finally, what was put right back up in dozens more places. Also fun are the ‘proof’ posts showing the authenticity of the hacked photos as certain celebs claim their photos are fake. Nearly 100,000 people are following the live-blogging on Reddit at this very moment.

    The most disappointing part of the entire episode is how bad these creative people are at shooting photos of themselves! You’re naked, for crying out loud! Put some effort into it!

    To the wonderful J.Law: You are a superstar, an Academy Award winner! Gurl, that pose and that lighting doesn’t do you justice!

  11. HELENK3 says:

    just sent a facebook link to the abandoned klown posse. it is one of the funniest but true pictures I have seen in a while. I do not know how to link it here

  12. 1539days says:

    Remember, if a husband wants naked pics of his wife, he subconsciously wants to show them to someone else.

  13. WMCB says:

    Sickness. The whistleblower in the Rotherham case, when she first sounded the alarm, was scolded for it, told to STFU, and go take a diversity course.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Looking forward to the diversity course where they teach you how other cultures beheading people and burying kids alive is just part of their culture, and you shouldn’t judge.

      • Constance says:

        That’s the excuse they always use for Muslim degradation and violence towards women. It’s their culture, we have to be accepting of other cultures. Idiot Progressives.

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Today’s TCH PSA:


    According to the WaPo’s graphics, I’ll die of old age before water/caffeine/booze “lethal” amounts will take me. So will continue to enjoy the ride 😀

  15. simofish says:

    I don’t get how Hollywood can be freaked out about naked pictures of women when all they do is objectify women in their movies. They are constantly showing unwarranted nudity.
    I do wonder about our society when someone deliberately hacks into someone else’s data. It’s like kicking down their front door and stealing. Shame on the hacker. What kind of person are you?

    • Constance says:

      I pretty much agree. I mean Kate Upton?! Whats she upset about, that she didn’t get her cut of the money? All these women are part of an industry that objectifies women, they are all complicit so they can make money, what part of this is out of the ordinary for Hollywood or actresses?

    • threewickets says:

      4Chan, where sociopathic geeks go to jerk each other off, bash women, and brag about their hacks. They’ll be looking for new mischief and mayhem now that Obamania is over.

  16. swanspirit says:

    Speaking of the thought police :

    A 23-year-old middle school teacher in Cambridge, Maryland was placed on administrative leave and “taken in for an emergency medical evaluation” after the Dorchester County Board of Education and Sheriff’s Office discovered he had written a novel about a school shooting — that is set 900 years in the future.

    WBOC reports that English and Language Arts teacher Patrick McLaw wrote a novel called The Insurrectionist under the pseudonym “Dr. K.S. Voltaer.” According to its official description, novel begins “on 18 March 2902, [the day] a massacre transpired on the campus of Ocean Park High School, claiming the lives of nine hundred forty-seven individuals — the largest school massacre in the nation’s history.”

    Dorchester County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Henry Wagner said that “we have advised our community that the gentleman has been placed on administrative leave, and has been prohibited from entering any Dorchester County public school property.” He added that “there will be a Cambridge Police Department presence at Mace’s Lane middle school for as long as we deem it necessary.”

    The Vile Progs over at The Daily Kos are already whining about this , without recognizing that the actions of the thought police are doing their bidding . They do not recognize the results of their own efforts to contain anyone that thinks without their permission .
    And I have to add , that I worked in Dorchester Country for many years , and as sad as this story is , I must laugh when I think of the law enforcement procedures that had to have taken place to produce such a ridiculous result , and sincerely hope the teacher sues .

  17. DeniseVB says:

    OH FOR F**KS SAKE…..make it stop….


    I lived on min wage living with my parents, then having roommates, then marrying for money. Easy Peasy 😉 I bettered myself. /snork

    • leslie says:

      I blame Jane Byrne, Chicago mayor 1979-1983. She “moved into” the CHA Cabrini-Green buildings for a week. Quinn is not ready to be out done by her or the recent crop of panderers in D.C.. So he’ll “live” on an EBT card for a few days to kiss up to the AA community before the next poll comes out.
      Of course, the decision was made only moments after a leading black minister came out in support of Bruce Rauner, GOP candidate for the governor’s spot. I’d feel better about voting for Rauner, if he and Rahmbo weren’t buddies.
      BTW: you could hear me yelling at the radio when they reported on this story earlier. Sometimes I forget that my window is only a few feet above the sidewalk and anyone walking past was subjected to my “WTF’s” during the report yesterday morning.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Over at WHD they’re yelling at Obama’s visit to Milwaukee today….for a speech, blame Scott Walker and icky Republicans…raise minimum wage….now watch me fly back to DC, r/t for a 20 minute speech….racists. Dear Lawdy-lawd. Wait, what? Obama’s flying to Europe tomorrow to make nice at a conference or something……;)

  18. gumsnapper says:

    Joan Walsh embarrasses herself once again. What’s schadenfreudy-licious is that she’s getting bashed by both the right and the left in the comments. http://www.salon.com/2014/09/01/the_magical_president_doesnt_exist_what_the_left_must_really_do_to_defeat_the_wingnuts/

  19. Lulu says:

    If anyone is interested I have some background on Rotherham. My dear friend’s husband is a prof in a university in the north of England not far from the Scots border. It seems that the “Asians” grooming and raping underage white girls are ALL Pakistani so far as they can tell. But rather than being economic, religious or political refugees they move there for the livestyle they can have in the UK and are not poor villager types. They own Pakistan essentially and go back and forth to get their money to live on in the UK and utilize the school system for educating their kids, live in nice western houses, have free western public health services, and run rape rings as a hobby or sideline. They are also in cahoots with the Labour party who they support with money and votes to do as they please only in the UK instead of Pakistan.

    Her husband has many students from Scotland. She said they (and their families) have flipped almost overnight to supporting separation from the UK because the current professional politicians and bureaucratic government in the UK is so rotten and evil. The entire UK is in an uproar and the media is only covering part of it and trying to downplay or censor just how furious people are.

    She also said that most of the Muslims from the middle east and other Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan are very well to do or wealthy who live in the UK and don’t “work” or they have various enterprises that don’t actually do anything. They invest in real estate or have travel agencies that schedule airline tickets back and forth to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc. They don’t assimilate because they don’t have to do so. They are mostly independent economically and buy influence to keep their own culture via friendly public policies which the government has readily sold them to the detriment of everyone else. She claims some of the immigrants are already leaving to go home because of the anticipated blowback. This is her American viewpoint anyway from Cumbria.

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