On the Seventh Day, God Watched Football

Derek Carr006

Derek Carr leads the Raiders

Man Simultaneously Excited For, Dreading NFL Taking Up His Entire Sunday For Next Four Months

Admitting to feeling mixed emotions over the fact that his weekends will soon revolve around watching football, local 34-year-old Adam Gebhard told reporters Thursday that he is both incredibly excited for and somewhat dreading the coming NFL season taking up his entire Sunday for the next four months. “I’ve been really excited for the NFL to finally start up again, but to be honest, I kind of liked having my Sundays free to do whatever I want,” said Gebhard, acknowledging that while he was thrilled to have the regular season and playoffs to look forward to, he’ll just have to forget about going out for Sunday brunch or spending a relaxing afternoon at the park with friends when there are kickoffs at 11 a.m., 2:25 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. every week until February. “I’ll basically roll out of bed in the morning, turn on the TV, and watch nothing but football for the next 12 hours straight. And when Sunday Night Football is over, there are highlights and analysis of every game on ESPN to catch before going to bed. It’ll be awesome, but at the same time, part of me can’t wait for the season to just be over.” Gebhard added that he was experiencing similarly conflicting feelings about soon spending most of his week updating his fantasy football team roster and lineup.

This is my favorite time of year – when baseball and football seasons overlap. My least favorite time of year are those cold, bleak months between the end of the Superbowl and baseball’s opening day.

This year is especially sweet because the SF Giants are in a pennant race and the Oakland Raiders are showing definite signs that they might not be shitty again this year.

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    Area Man Bids Tearful Farewell To Family As NFL Season Begins


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    I am curious I would have no problem going to Manhattan on my own but no way I would risk a kid.
    We are going to get hit and hit hard. I am now afraid to go to a mall with my kid. I say fuck you and I will go but no to my baby.
    Something is going to happen.

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