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Happy Halloween !

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Scariest Sight of Halloween Morning

Click on Miz Poverty Pimp to get the story. Hat tip Somebody (thanks!)

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Open Thread Thursday, Late Afternoon Beverages on My Lake

That came out pretty cool. 😉

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MadBum the Magnificent!

Last night was incredible! Madison Bumgarner Rises to the Moment, and Jaws Drop Now he belongs to history, alongside Christy Mathewson and Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson and Randy Johnson. The pantheon of World Series pitching greats must welcome a new … Continue reading

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Isn’t NYC Bastion Of Liberalism??

Gothamist: Video: Woman Endures Endless Catcalls During 10 Hour Walk In NYC A woman wearing jeans and a crewneck t-shirt walked around NYC for ten hours with a hidden (to everyone else) camera fixed on her. Below is the result, … Continue reading

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Obolacare Open EnROLOLment

Here it is again, that time of year that used to be a simple tradition that’s turned, in the past couple of years, into a week of anxiety and trepidation: Open Enrollment. I am really grateful that my husband’s employer … Continue reading

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When Bacon (prices) Fly

I went grocery shopping yesterday, hoping to get some beef. Took one look at the prices and came home with bargain chicken instead. And bacon? Fuggedabout it. This is from Cattle Network, Oct 3: “Several beef, pork and dairy products … Continue reading

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