Shaw Shooting Prompts Protests

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m just a little suspicious that the whitest guy in this crowd is front and center and wearing a shirt with the caption “Demilitarize the Police” to an alleged impromptu protest. Wisconsin, anybody? Occupy? How convenient that this latest eruption is occurring in the same major urban area as the long-simmering Ferguson tinderbox.*

The latest incident is in response to a story about an off duty cop fatally shooting a teen, who, like Michael Brown, was 18 years old and, according to the law of the land, an adult vested with the full adult of rights of all other adult US citizens, except of course, consumption of alcohol per the state laws of Missouri. The incident allegedly happened last night, and in response, social media exploded again, leading to the allegedly impromptu protest.

I’ve been watching the story unfold in the usual haunts all day long. There’s two tracks, as usual. There’s the “It’s Michael Brown all over again!” crowd, and there’s the “He shot at the cop!” crowd. Over at places like the The Orange Cheeto, they’re talking in shorthand, tapping out the rhythm of outrage in single words and short phrases. “17 bullets!” “Sandwich!” “Planted gun!” “Off duty? Wazzuh!”

The other side is slightly more nuanced. They’re discussing the young man’s previous arrests for illegal gun possession, the fact of his house arrest at the time, the initial ballistic findings, and that he ran away.  They’re not helped by comments from a police spokesman who actually said the words “He was no stranger to police” about the slain man in a press conference. Tone deaf, much?

You know the drill, how this all works. It’s a safe bet to expect this thing to get louder. There’s an election coming, and engineered protests are to be expected, especially when those protests agitate a storied and persistent constituency for Democrats. Taking advantage of the tragic lives and bad choices of poor income-challenged black boys is all part of the ground game on both sides now.

*The guy in the picture of this post is apparently also featured in the Reuters article linked by the asterisk. That article gives his name, and his Twitter feed identifies him as a “Contra Reporter Palestinan/American Activist/Journalist Reporting on the ground in Ferguson,MO.” His Facebook feed identifies him as an “Activist for Justice.” Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all. Especially in light of this.

I’m sure the Klown will have more on all this tomorrow, if the kittens allow.

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  1. driguana says:

    It seems timely for another “racial”crisis, doesn’t it. It’s always a deflection form the outrageous things going on with this administration. One time soon, however, the set ups are going to tip the scale toward Obama wanting more control over the “civil rights” gangs versus the police and, heaven forbid, the military. The time is coming…

  2. Some interesting pictures from last night’s protest, courtesy of David Carson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff photog.

    • Somebody says:

      That group doesn’t look like the previous Ferguson protests or even the one up top in your post. Those are either curious onlookers or maybe people that were bused in.

      It’s always tragic when a young person loses their life, but if he truly shot at a police officer what did he expect? He supposedly shot 3 shots at the officer, that should be pretty easy to prove or disprove.

      I don’t think I quite understand how it is that he was out and about when he was supposedly under house arrest. Perhaps house arrest is carried out differently in different states??

  3. votermom says:

    It does feel very Occupy like. Trying to turn out the base for the midterms?

    • I’ve been trying to figure that out, VM. There’s no senate race or governor race in that state this year. The purpose doesn’t have to be state-related though. Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida, but his death–and his use as a proxy for Obama–helped turnout of AA voters across all states. They could just be amping that constituency, since it has shown notoriously low turnout in midterms.

      STL is also on the Illinois border, so it’s definitely going to be a pipeline for activists. And remember that the GOP is threatening to swallow the entire Midwest in this and future elections.

      Then there’s this: Could just be a matter of superstitious coordination–taking multiple reliable data points and turning them. Obama’s won that way before. More than once.

      See also this: missouri_politics_why_the_swing_state_is_now_a_red_state_.

  4. leslie says:

    How convenient that this latest eruption is occurring in the same major urban area as the long-simmering Ferguson tinderbox.*

    And during the MLB playoff games in the same city. How else can you get this kind of PR?

  5. Oh, hey, guess what looks a whole lot like the old Occupy websites?

    • votermom says:

      You’re on to something here.
      Meet the new astroturds, smell just as bad as the old astroturds.

    • Lola, that was very educational for me. I guess I missed it when you first wrote about the sites. One part I really liked was looking into the WePay operation. Seems they are not doing too well lately. The reviews described them as a shady operation that withholds funds, etc.

      • Thanks,. I wrote that in the thick of the original Occupy wave, when I was still writing regularly here. Haven’t had time for writing for pleasure for a while, but am hoping to get back to it soon.

        One thing I found interesting was how many of the old Occupy sites had reverted to Go Daddy or were just dead links.

        WePay is interesting, indeed. Remember that in 2008 there was speculation about the legitimacy of anonymous, unsourced small donations to the Obama campaign. And then in 2012 right after the election, some big news outlet ran a lengthy story about Obama’s digital team and how it targeted individual voters in critical areas based on data-mining. My guess is that team or one like is responsible for the Occupy and this astroturfing operation. The look and feel are just too formulaic. And you can see the staging when you watch the lives stream.

        Last night I was watching and there were a lot of call and response chants going on. At one point a lady was operating at a ringleader, and was trying to get the crowd to learn a lengthy new chant, but they weren’t getting it. She stopped them and had them circle around her, then chastised them about being there for social justice, and then they practiced the chant before resuming the march.

  6. Prayer Vigil being held for Vonderitt Myers Jr.

    681 currently watching at this time.

  7. Protest is on. They’re burning American flags in the streets of STL now.

    This is a crappy livestream.

    Hashtag stream on Twitter:

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