Sure Hope It’s Thursday Open Thread

Tucker is a cry-baby

Tucker is a cry-baby

Not feeling it today. Maybe later.

Magic Kitty Trap: Set basket on floor and count to three - Presto!  - kitty appears and jumps in basket.

Magic Kitty Trap: Set basket on floor and count to three – Presto! – kitty appears and jumps in basket.

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Unless President Donald J. Trump pulls a hat out of a rabbit real soon, on 1/21/21 I will wake up in a socialist banana republic.
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  1. Lulu says:

    My cat only jumps in the basket if there is fresh clean warm laundry out of the dryer. Preferably black tee shirts.

  2. The Klown says:

    Lately it is becoming harder and harder to blog because I can only use one hand. The other is busy with one or more kitties. I can surf and read with just a mouse, but I need two hands to type.

    Not to mention that the kitties want to dance on my keyboard.

  3. driguana says:

    The big Thursday hmmmm….president of Liberia suspends senatorial elections….that’s going to be a very interesting twist…

  4. The Klown says:

  5. HELENK3 says:

    you would have to have a suicide complex to want to work for backtrack

  6. HELENK3 says:

    as usual Victor Davis Hanson hits a home run
    backtrack’s ideal revolution

    • Lulu says:

      And he is a unpaid staffer with an taxpayer provided EXPENSE ACCOUNT. He is 25 years old. Hookers and blow, baby, hookers and blow! IN COLUMBIA! If you consider all the details it really is the story of Obama.

    • The Klown says:

    • OMG, that is so freakin’ funny!

      What I found so ironic about the article: if you’re a well-connected white dude from Yale working in the upper-eschalons of executive political power and you hire a prostitute in a third world county, you can then be promoted to the Office on Global Womenโ€™s Issues at the State Department. โ€ช#โ€Žbudumbumpโ€ฌ

      • Mary says:

        Especially if you’re the son of a BIG Democratic donor to the Obama campaign—-then you have carte blanche , and if caught, it’ll be covered up so your daddy keeps giving the Dems money. (snort)

        • Mary says:

          And just think how pissed off the Secret Service guys who got caught—but got fired—were, when they found out the rich, connected Daddy’s boy was protected from the same consequences the SS faced. Helloooooooooo

      • His daddy – major donor to Obama. You gotta wonder who Obama pissed off at The Washington Post to see all these recent articles come out.

    • leslie says:

      No more unreal as having a 30-something young woman say that her Idol and someone who should be considered “an American treasure” is OPRAH!!!. Because she has done so much for women and for minorities and wants to know how people can help one another. (She didn’t know who Eleanor Roosevelt was)

  7. The Klown says:

  8. The Klown says:

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Same guy who “ambushed” Lois Lerner in her neighborhood, asks Harry Reid a question…..

    • driguana says:

      Think it’s really time for term limits, new rules and regulations for politicians and severely vet their thugs. Maybe Mattera pushes the line a bit but, even so, he is just asking a question and he is “the press”. Time to vote all these thugs out of office, limit their pensions and benefits like everyone else and allow a different breed of leader to step into the rulemaking arena.

      • The Klown says:

        House: 6 consecutive two-year terms

        Senate: 3 consecutive four-year terms

        President: 1 six-year term

        • 49erDweet says:

          IMO congress too long. And too highly paid. It needs to NOT be a career, but a service opportunity. House 4 term limit or senate 2 terms, one or the other. Then back to an honest job to pay the freight.
          I like the 6 year presidential term idea. Reputations of GWB and precious, among others, would have both been better served with six years and out.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        All good ideas but the fly in the ointment is they would have to do it.
        Just do not see that happening, ๐Ÿ™„

  10. The Klown says:

    • Lulu says:

      Approval numbers are an modern indicator of the consent of the governed. While that is a foreign and difficult abstraction for dumb-asses like Cillizza it is the founding principle of our republic. Without consent of the governed Bronco has very little real power except to annoy or terrorize with unfairness which leads to more bad approval numbers. This is why his own party members are running from him, Republicans can stop almost everything legislatively in its tracks, and he openly disrespected internationally. If we had a parliamentary system he would be gone or nearly out, as a dictator he would be looking to immigrate or already living in Switzerland, or as a king he would be locked up somewhere or minus his head. Without consent of the governed he is a nothing burger. He has his court of jesters, his contributors who are looking at sunk costs put into him and the influence it bought petering away, and his loyal minority voters. That is it. The wise men are ratting him out (Panetta, Gates and Carter) so hopefully it will be soon time to pull the plug. Adios MF’er.

  11. mothy6767 says:

    I always thought I hated cats. I am allergic. I look like I went on a bender if I am around one too long. Somebody left two kittens in a bucket in a parking lot. Teeny little things. Fell hard for the things. I didn’t know you cannot give them milk. Poop just falls out of them if you do. Little guys would just crawl all over me. Paws we so damn cute. Had to keep them several weeks while a home was found. They kept them together. Had no idea how many people just through them out. Feral ones live in colonies and cannot be domesticated so they pick them up spay or neuter and then set them free. How you take a defenseless little and just throw it away is mind boggling.

    • DeniseVB says:

      My daughter does feral rescue, rehab and socialization in her bike shop then adopts them out. Under Bloomberg, feral colonies were wiped out (your tax dollars at work, ugh) because they were icky or something. The NYC rat population returned at record numbers. Be careful what you wish for idiot politicians! So the hipsters in BushwickBK have run an underground kitty rescue before the city throws them in wood chippers. These are the kittens born in the alleys and dumpsters, daughter even has a vet come to the shop to spay/neuter and vaccinate them. She has a waiting list of potential homes, most popular, “kittehs born in subway tunnels” LOL.

      • Lulu says:

        That is so cool. These feral animals have to have good genetics to make it for even a short time on their own. They should make smart, healthy, long lived pets. My 10 year old calico was a semi feral yard/woods cat that installed herself at our house at about age 6 months. Our very old cat (RIP) adopted her and she had been one of the healthiest critters ever.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Before I was thrown out of the Democratic Party (thanks kos and du with that “with (Obama) us or the hell with you” in ’08) I was thrown out of the animal rights elites because I wasn’t a vegan I could no longer “speak for the animals”. Same people who endorsed Obama because one of his campaign promises was to “adopt a rescue dog for my daughters”. Both PETA and HSUS put up endorsement pages for Obama. Groan. Almost a year later, Uncle Teddy’s favorite designer dog breeder rehomed an “unsuitable for current family” to the Obamas. Double Groan. The nitwits at the professional whining animal welfare groups missed that hypocrisy totally. Lucky for them, Michael Vick surfaced as their “squirrel” shortly thereafter.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        Wonderful!!! She is an angel taking care of Gods defenseless creatures. โค

        • mothy6767 says:

          Wow. bravo.
          I am getting stink eye from attorney.Why does court room have WiFi if I cannot use it? Little do they know I exchanged nuptials with this here kindle and I am not going to let these bigots deny me my constitutional right to WiFi.

  12. mothy6767 says:

    Yeah today is another day in court. I so enjoy spending 250 an hour on an attorney. Had no choice you cannot take a kid to the dentist if you do not have legal rights. My grandmother’s fourth husband was always boozed to the gills when he would just drop me off at the ER. I had a real gift as a child for needing stitches or a cast. The nurse would call him at the bar after I was patched up. He would have two or three or ten more than come get me. Showers were an anathema to the man. I think it was payback to my tramp grandmother for spending all his money. The woman built QVC. She had Elizabeth Warren beat by decades. Half Cherokee my ass she was French and Irish . . My app her dad was an orphan but he was 100 percent French. . How do people become orphans? No way I would ever turn my back on one of my peeps. I have more than 40 first cousins and I would take care of their kids kids. Funerals and weddings always require the police. Everyone gets pregnant in high school. Reunions are like the UN. Time to see the judge.

  13. votermom says:

    Ebola update:

    CDC says there is no chance that deputy in Dallas has Ebola; but he has not yet gotten his test results back. (It’s strange how long that is taking).

    A woman who was detained at O’Hare (don’t know why) was temporarily held in a negative airflow cell after LEOs learned she just came from Liberia via Brussels. She has no symptoms. I think they are deporting her.

    An Australian nurse who came back from Sierra Leone to Queensland is waiting on Ebola test results.

  14. HELENK3 says:

    it is getting ridiculous in public schools. these people are supposed to teaching kids and help get them ready for the future. God Help This Country when these kids graduate

  15. mothy6767 says:

    FAMILY Court is the best thing ever. Cancel any planned trips to Venice Paris Milan. Get the family together and rot at your local court house. Scads of fun. HURRY UP and wait is my new favorite game. Waterboarding would be a treat after this. Oceanographer or whatever those people are called is vacuous. She keeps making everything be repeated. Why can’t they just tape everything.

  16. DeniseVB says:

    Thanks TCH Facebookers, this is our hottie-tottie status update of the day !

  17. DandyTIger says:

    So, this happened:

    One can get really lonely in the hills, which might compel them to try different things. Well, this man seems to have found company.

    An active coalition drone in Syria captured images of an ISIS militant having sex with a donkey.

    The footage shows the man in a compromising position with the animal.

  18. 49erDweet says:

    STOP THE PRESSES!!! BREAKING INTERNATIONAL NEWS!!! This is the most important news of the day. Apparently, the fix is in!

  19. The Klown says:

    Key & Peele – Texting Miscommunication:

  20. HELENK3 says:

    Texas deputy does NOT HAVE EBOLA. tested negative

  21. mothy6767 says:

    A no show at court today. He refuses to get an ordered psych eval. Judge dismissed without prejudice so I guess this will just keep going on. The judge seems very level headed Said she rarely orders psych tests.He can not keep a phone or an address or a job. I thought he would take the exam as borderlines pass them all the time. He thinks everyone is stupid and he is some kind of a genius. He never played football in high school but was convinced he could play for the NFL. I have a 529 account set up for the brat. It is through the state of PA . He went to my bank and demanded his daughters money. It is through the state I have no idea where the cash is. I BUY college state school credits at today’s rate. I THINK I alone can cash it in but I cannot walk into a small branch office and demand money. He is a very ill person. So many lies. They never stop. He collected welfare for years claiming he was a single father. Never bought her anything. Christmas Birthdays school clothes pictures zero. It is sad because so much money is being thrown away on fees. He will not win. He keeps lying to the judge. He did not show up for a family court date after not following a judges order. He got a pass for thirty days but he did not comply. BENCH WARRENT. it is all someone else’s fault. So sick of excuses. Everyone is a victim and because I expend time money and energy on a baby girl I am now responsible for the crack head mother that lets her kids run wild. 2007 I w a s bleeding heart.

  22. mothy6767 says:

    I want to open a semi thrift shop called Run Amok. Amok is the best word ever and if I was the boss I could tell people I ran Amok.

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