Saturday Open Thread: Koffler, One America, MOTUS, Oh My !

Lovely Fall Weekend in Virginia and trying not to let the Friday News Dumps ruining it. My other fav blogs, good people, recovering Dems ! Enjoy!

Love this Blog

….and this one

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90 Responses to Saturday Open Thread: Koffler, One America, MOTUS, Oh My !

  1. DeniseVB says:

    What are your favorite blogs and news sources that make sense ? 10 Days til Midterms ! Not sure which team I’m rooting for, both sides of the aisle have a bad case of the stoopids, and just read an article that 1% of the voters will determine the House and Senate on Nov 4. It’s that bad 😦 I’m just voting straight Rrrrrrrr to fire Harry Reid. Sorry Mark Warner.

  2. HELENK3 says:

    love both blogs you linked to

  3. Lulu says:

    I got to remember the “mummy dogs”. The tiny eyes!

  4. Lulu says:

    I am reading fewer political blogs. There is only so much “stupid” going on that I can take without stroking out. I still like a lot.

  5. elliesmom says:

    I love Ann Althouse’s blog. Not so much for what she writes and links, but for the crazy cast of characters that inhabit her comments. She went ballistic awhile back and turned the comments off. She was offended that people weren’t as interested in her blog w/o them. She seems to have caught on to the symbiotic relationship since she turned them back on again.I think it was people reminding her she met her husband in the comment section of her blog.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Love Ann !

      It was my go-to blog for the Scott Walker re-call mess. Though she leans left, she did cover the tea party cleaning up after the unions’ destroying the Capitol Building in Wisconsin. ❀

      • mothy6767 says:

        I like Althouse because I get a kick out of Garage Mahal. He/she/it is like a teething toy. IF BOB Beckle and Jaun Williams could make a baby it would be Mehal. I wonder about him way back in 2008 there was a lot of shady stuff. 2014 he is a joke and not funny. Does not dissuade in fact does the opposite.

      • elliesmom says:

        I think it’s interesting that while you and I think she leans left, she’s listed on the blogroll here as leaning right. It really does matter where the center is in one’s mind. lol

  6. foxyladi14 says:

    That reminds me. I need to hop over and check on Upps. Since her open heart surgery. ❀

    • DeniseVB says:

      Upps? From MOTUS ?

    • leslie says:

      Really, she had open heart surgery??? No wonder there’s been nothing new for a while!
      When did that happen?!?

      • Somebody says:

        I had no idea UW was having health problems. I knew she hadn’t posted anything in quite some time, but just figured she was tired of it. She’s a riot, her mollusk abuse post should be required reading it’s LOL funny. Oh and her recipe area has a lot of gems.

      • conner43 says:

        She threw me off her blog because I don’t support all abortion, all the time. She is also a fervent Hillary supporter, and a ‘women as victims’ believer. Still, I hope her health improves.

        • lyn says:

          I hope Uppity’s health improves too. I left her blog because there was too much GOP hate and Moderator Cat Bill blocked me on Twitter.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Uppity Woman?
      She announced a long time ago she had to stop blogging for a while due to health problems. It was too much stress with bad news so often and not good for getting health back on track. I though it was serious but had not heard or seen anything . I assumed the blog was dead – I have not returned since her last post and all the good byes. I did not now her well enough to PM. Hope all is well.

    • mothy6767 says:

      That reminds me decades ago I was contacted by a hospital in Philly to talk to parents of open heart kids. I was in college at Temple and was out of my mind after hours at Revival/Pen & Pencil/ Black Banana. 1987 I was considered One of the oldest living pig valves. News flash ticker is still beating 44 years after they shackled it.
      I was supposed to offer kids and families hope. Okay maybe I often showed up after cocaine binges. Nothing worse than mowing the lawn while a mother is crying for her child. Kids being sick sucks ass. Nothing you can do. I grew up with it. You become cold. You talk to a young mother and you know chances are her kid will be dead soon. You die a little time you give false hope. Everytime you read a story to a kid that does not wake up. It hurts. WHy me why did I survive. Brings me back to obowla– Timbuktu croc not caring about West AFrica I am concerned with my peeps. To be brutal I do not care.

  7. foxyladi14 says:

    Thanks Guys I am going to check out these blogs. πŸ˜€

  8. DeniseVB says:

    The creepy FEC is trying to shut down/control Rush and Drudge?

    I say creepy, because during BUUUUUsh, nobody tried to shut down DU and dKos ?

    • leslie says:

      Maybe nobody shut them down, but I quit going there nd it was just as if they’d been shut down. πŸ˜‰

  9. leslie says:

    Okay, I’m done for a while. I’m leaving the spa now…..

  10. DeniseVB says:

    Cool twitter war between Conan and Madeline Albright…. πŸ˜€

  11. The Klown says:

    • Somebody says:

      Oy, last night when SF tied it up, I thought they might be able to pull ahead and win another game……and then……argh.

  12. fif says:

    Laugh riot of the day. Poor Tweety, hope springs eternal. 6 years in, and this is all he’s got – maybe TOMORROW he will become a Real Leader!

    Chris Matthews: “Do You Think Obama Is Ready To Change And Become A Real Chief Executive, Not Just A Good Speech Giver?”

    • Constance says:

      He’s only a “good speech giver” when you project vapid adoration on him and the Teleprompter doesn’t bog down. I think the only people who were ever impressed with Obama as a qualified leader were always in love with their own illusions.

  13. Somebody says:

    OK you all have named off my faves already so I’ll throw in some other ones. I enjoy the Larwyn’s Linx which are posted everyday at Doug Ross Journal, it’s on the sidebar here at TCH. It’s usually a nice wrap up of some of the best stories around the web.

    I absolutely love to read Ace of Spades, especially the comments! I’ve never commented there, but I do read it quite often…..the comments there are hilarious!

    Other blogs I sometimes read; Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, No Quarter USA, PJ Media. We’ve probably all read stories on Breitbart, Daily Caller, Huffpo, etc.

    Do you all comment on any of the other blogs? I comment here and McNorman’s mostly. On the odd occasion I’ll comment at MOTUS, No Quarter and Days of Change.

  14. Somebody says:

    Here is ace of spades

  15. HELENK3 says:

    I am sure it must be scary and uncomfortable for this nurse. But when you are returning from treating an infectious disease. common sense says quarantine.

    As a kid I had scarlet fever and was quarantined for 30 days. My mom could not go outside of the house because she was taking care of me. Relatives had to bring groceries and leave them on the front porch. This was done to prevent spreading the sickness

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’ve had all the childhood diseases and/or vaccines, but remember our home quarantined by the city when I had measles and chickenpox. Never had mumps, or the vax, that one still worries me. I did get the Shingles vax last year since that one can come back and blind you if you’ve had Chixpox as a kid. Shudder.

      • leslie says:

        I got the chixpox when I was 35 —— from my kids! Darn near died from it. I’d better not get shingles cause have the pox at 35 was horrid. Ended up with a blood disease, then had to have my spleen removed. Good times.

        • leslie says:

          Having NOT have. Auto correct whatever.

        • DeniseVB says:

          You can still get shingles 😦 I think it can come back in your “senior” years. Ask your doc, it’s free over a certain age with most HC insurance providers.

        • Jadzia says:

          Ugh, you poor thing. I am kind of terrified of chicken pox. Technically I’m immune, but I’ve never had it, and worry every year that the blood test was wrong. Especially when morons like one of the ladies at the school bring their COVERED IN CHICKEN POX BABIES to nursery school pickup! Who does that????

  16. leslie says:

    So, one of the blogs I go to a little is
    but mostly I come here and Legal Insurrection and MOTUS. I like McNorman as well and every time I read Days, I think “why am I not reading this more?”
    But there is almost nothing besides TCH that beats Uppity for a good time. Damn. I did not realize she was that ill. 😦 The last time I was there, Sophie was writing. But that seems like such a long while ago. I’m with whoever said politics is really making me want to throw in the towel. Seriously. Thank goodness the midterms are nearly over!

  17. The Klown says:

    Before you ask, it WASN’T ME!

    I play the tuba.

  18. HELENK3 says:

    here is a blog that has many news sites all in one place

  19. leslie says:

    I hope somebody reads this:
    I was at Trader Joe’s this afternoon and was talking with the guy who was offering the wine samples. I don’t know how we got to this point but he said that he was ashamed of his white skin and his white privilege. (yes. He seriously said that.) So I said to him, “I guess you’ve just got to learn to live with disappointment. There’s that homeless guy selling “Streetwise” just out in front of the store. Maybe you could ask him to trade places with you and give him your job.”

    Honest to Jebus. There are really no words. (except for the ones I said to him, heh)

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      I used to like going to Trader Joe’s . Then, in this area, the Whole Food types found the stores and ruined the experience. I really do not need someone lecturing me while shopping.

  20. Lulu says:

    The NJ/NY quarantine snagged a nurse who is writing whiny piece for the Dallas newspaper after trying to fly back after attending a dying Ebola patient the day before her flight. The comments are not very, um, nice or sympathetic. Here is her page on the UT Arlington site “It just made sense to pursue a two-year postgraduate fellowship in applied epidemiology with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas.” She was trained by the CDC but has absolutely no concern with infecting people in the US. Amazing.

  21. The Klown says:

  22. The Klown says:

  23. 49erDweet says:

    I’m all voted out. Dropped off the ballots at the county VR office yesterday. Just like Klown have little hope of electing people in this almost God forsaken state, but can make a difference on propositions.
    Now to the Tivo and another delightful two episodes of “Midsomer Murders”. If you aren’t watching those on PBS you are missing out on fantastic drama, mystery and suspense,

    Back just before midnight!!!! πŸ™‚

    • HELENK3 says:

      do you have netflix?
      there is a series Murdock Mysteries that is great. It takes place in Canada in the 1890s
      just the history along with the mystery is great. seeing the beginning of electricity.the forensics of that era is fun

      • mothy6767 says:

        Weeds is the best thing ever. Kevin Nealon is perfect and the Celia character is a hoot cancer, pta member, drug dealer, prison hitch, kidnapped, drunk, lesbian who hates her gay daughter. So absurdly funny.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Thanks for the tip, Helen. You, too, Mothy. We’ll be getting off the grid after the first of the year and will look for the series. Right now we’ve got a Tivo full of stuff to use up.

      • leslie says:

        Don’t forget the public library. I just got Homeland Season 1 – It isn’t available for streaming on Netflix (which I love) and just can’t see paying Amazon to stream it when I can get it for free and the library.
        Good luck, 49er. Enjoy your Tivo for now. πŸ™‚

  24. mothy6767 says:

    Facebook is the best thing ever. Stuck in financial hell fighting for the kid over 50 grand spent already. It is just money. Not gonna back down ever. Wednesday another day in court. BYE BYE 5 grand. He posted some corny thing about life being tough on Facebook. Had a private investigator look at him and he had multiple domestic disturbances. All dropped so they mean shot in court. His whining brought out the women’s families he has bashed. They let loose calling him all sort of monster. He has knocked teeth out of girlfriends. Not once several times. He is a borderline/sociopath but very hard to prove when one is so charming in front of a judge. To her credit the judge did not buy his spiel but his attorney prolongs it.Wednesday is a contempt hearing at 8:45 but can not see the judge til 3 so have to pay attorney for the day. He is Criminal Minds sick but it is so hard to prove. Not in the cards that he destroys my baby. I was prepared to cash it all in. Everything I ever earned. I can live in a trailer in Florida and be a Wal-Mart greeter. Like Hannah from heaven the abuse stories flowed. Family court is so awful. Shit people do with kids is obscene.

  25. mothy6767 says:

    I have wondered how my nephew is paying for lawyer. He cannot keep an address for 12 months. Trash bags are how he moves. New phone number every two months. He cannot pay a phone bill how is he going to raise a child. He collected welfare in her name for years never bought her a pair of socks but that is not admissible in family court. He has been in jail when hearings took place. He has a pro bono attorney men’s rights lawyer. Some times guys get screwed lies are told that are impossible to disprove but this kid is just sick. Asking for no money but my attorney is passed off and wants to make him contribute to college fund. My nephew has already gone to the bank and demanded her 527 account. Insane. His kid his money he thought. Dah I buy tax free credits at today’s price to be used ten years from now. I can close it at any time and just pay taxes. I love it. Kid gets what she wants. I have stupid pillows that sub as freight carriers. I ask everyone at holidays and BirthdAys to not buy any more junk deposit in college fund. She got 6k on her birthday and it was 20s and 50s. That is half of a semester at a state school and those savings are exempt when determining financial aid. I know I am crazy when it comes to a kids schooling. She was in 2nd grade and I wormed my way into admissions offices at CMU and Pitt. What do I need to do I asked. Votermom obscure charities are key and you can lie.Say you taught the xylophone to bearded transvestites weaving socks on a loom at an eating disorder clinic and you cannot furnish a reference because oh the shame. Be weird on applications. Sets you apart. CMU guy also told me an essay about a crippled hypo allergenic gluten free sky diver who taught you how to appreciate leaves changing colors means more than actually changing a bed pan. I am searching for an archery class. I love me a bow and arrow no luck.

    • 1539days says:

      I had a roommate from college orientation who got an on-campus apartment because of lactose intolerance.

      What the hell is a “men’s rights” lawyer doing representing a man against another man?

      • Jadzia says:

        Probably he’s seeing the child as the dad’s personal property, as some MRA types are wont to do. I must admit to a certain distaste for the kind of parent whose primary concern for his or her children boils down to “I know my rights!!!” and they are always more about how much they hate the other parent or the guardian or the grandparents or whoever than about what’s best for the child.

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  27. The Klown says:

  28. The Klown says:

    Klown is in a better mood tonight.

  29. DandyTIger says:

    Something to watch out for Klown:

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