What A Load Of Crap From MSNBC

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Let’s start with the headline:

Texas woman threatened with jail after applying for voter ID

Oh, my! That certainly sounds terrible!

An Austin, Texas woman told msnbc she was threatened with jail time for having an out-of-state driver’s license when she went to apply for a voter identification card so she could vote under the state’s controversial ID law. She said she was so intimidated she left without getting the ID she needed — and which she’d been trying to get for a year.

Lynne Messinger’s account highlights the obstacles that some Texans face as they try to obtain a voter ID — despite the state’s assurances that getting one doesn’t pose a burden.

Anyone notice anything in there that seems like it might be problematic? Anything that makes you want to ask a question?

Messinger, 62 and a musician, said she brought her birth certificate to a Texas’ Department of Public Safety (DPS) office in south Austin Thursday in an effort to get a voter ID. She needs one because Texas’s strict ID law doesn’t accept out-of-state driver’s licenses.

Messinger said she spoke to a clerk at the desk, and explained that she had a California driver’s license. She has houses in both California and Texas and goes back and forth between the two, but decided several years ago to switch her voting residency to Texas.

Anything yet?

The clerk left for a few minutes, then told her to take a seat. At that point, Messinger said, a state trooper summoned her into his back office, saying he needed to speak to her. Once inside his office, Messinger said the trooper insisted on seeing all the documentation she had brought, and demanded to know where she lives and pays taxes. He even told her she could be jailed for driving with a California license.* It is illegal to drive in Texas on another state’s driver’s license 90 days after moving into the state.

Didja notice the asterisk? It’s kinda important, but we’ll get back to it later.

“It was like a Nazi interrogation about how I cant be driving with a California ID,” Messinger said. “I was completely intimidated and freaked out.”

That must have been really intense. I’m picturing Raiders of the Last Ark, where the Gestapo agent is torturing Karen Allen.

The trooper denies threatening jail or arrest during the conversation, according to Summer Blackwell of the DPS. Blackwell said DPS was willing to reach out to Messinger to help her obtain a voter ID.

“I’m from New York originally, and talking to policemen was not like a big deal to me,” Messinger added. “This was scary as hell. There was nothing civil about the way he was talking to me.”

Messinger said she answered the trooper’s questions and eventually was allowed to leave. But by then she was so unnerved that she left without getting her ID, and now doesn’t plan to get one in time to vote.

“I’m well-traveled, I’m not easily intimidated,” she said. “This guy scared the hell out of me. I can just imagine what other people – a little housewife or a Latino or whatever walks in there and this happens to them …”

Adding insult to injury, Messinger said she’d been trying for over a year to get the documents she needed. She first went to a DPS office to get a voter ID last summer, but was turned away because she didn’t have a birth certificate. That led to a months-long process where she frequently spent hours uploading documents in an effort to get a birth certificate from New York, where she was born. Eventually she succeeded, only to be scared off at the DPS office.

Texas’s voter ID law was struck down earlier this month by a federal judge who ruled it racially discriminatory, but was reinstated for the election thanks to the Supreme Court. The difficulty of obtaining an ID was central to Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos’s opinion. The state admitted at trial it had not conducted a public information campaign to publicize the existence of the state IDs it created for those without other photo identification, beyond issuing an English-only press release. At the end of August, the state said it had given out just 279 voter ID cards in the 14 months that it had been issuing them.

It’s like this: Texas passed a law that says you have to have an approved form of ID in order to vote. They want you to prove that you are both a citizen of the United States and a resident of Texas. They accept seven kinds of identification:

1. Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
2. Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
3. Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
4. Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
5. United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
6. United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
7. United States passport

I know it sounds completely ridiculous but for some bizarre reason Texas doesn’t want to accept a California drivers license as proof of Texas residency. Go figure.

But wait! There’s more!

Remember that asterisk?

*Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that it was not illegal to drive in Texas with a California driver’s license. In fact, it is illegal to drive in Texas on another state’s driver license 90 days after moving into the state.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Lone Star State, the Texas Department of Public Safety includes their DMV, Highway Patrol and the legendary Texas Rangers. So when you walk into their DPS you are walking into a police station.

So here is this woman who comes into the Austin DPS office and she tells them she is a Texas resident and she wants a voter ID card. Then she presents them with a California drivers license but says she has been a resident of Texas for a couple years.

IOW – she just confessed to a crime.

So rather than embarrass her up at the front counter they ask her to come to the back where a trooper examines her paperwork and asks her a few relevant questions. He determines that she is indeed residing in Texas and has been doing so for over 90 days but is still driving on a out-of-state drivers license.

So he advises her that she needs to obtain a Texas drivers license or she will be in violation of the law. Then he lets her go. Some Nazi.

So I have a couple questions.

Why did it take her so long to get her birth certificate from New York? They have a website telling you what to do.

Why didn’t she just get a Texas drivers license?

Is she registered to vote in California?

If she has houses in two different states I’m guessing that lack of funds wasn’t the problem. Is it just me or does there seem to be something phony about this story? Like maybe someone was more interested in generating the story than actually obtaining a voter ID card?


In case you were wondering, she’s white. So no racism involved.

Last but not least, here is what the Progs are saying about this:

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114 Responses to What A Load Of Crap From MSNBC

  1. From the Rawstory.com article Lynne says ” but said she had switched her voting residency to Texas years ago”. So she’s been driving without that Texas license for 2 years now. This is not exactly unusual for any state to challenge someone who hasn’t obtained their state ID in that time. Her car is probably still registered in California too with California plates.

  2. Lulu says:

    No one asked her if she is registered to vote in Austin AND California. You only request a 3.Texas personal identification card issued by DPS if you DON’T have a driver’s license anywhere. Also there is no mention of states bitching to Texas about people getting Texas drivers licenses (using relative’s or friend’s or drop mail box addresses) to avoid state income or personal property taxes since Texas doesn’t have them. Other states don’t like tax evaders. Note: The Texas Election Identification Certificate is the card that is issued to every registered voter in the spring of election years. It is mailed to your address automatically. You are supposed to sign it and carry it with you to vote which they match up with the registration rolls at your polling station. This was the case BEFORE voter ID law. You can’t just show up at a polling station. They will send you to the correct polling station based upon your address because we have many, many state and local races based upon address such a city council, county commissioner, dog catcher, health district commissioner, county junior college blah-blah, etc. This woman is a flake or fraud. This is the second special snowflake staged “poor little me” story of the weekend faked in the media. The CDC nurse slammed into quarantine is the other one. She was trying to register to vote in Texas with a California drivers license. Stupid.

    • Lulu says:

      “She was trying to register to vote in Texas with a California drivers license.” Also the UT students are urged to register to vote in Austin by Dems. Their legal addresses are their parents address not a dorm room. I went through that in 2008 with my daughter and told her if her legal address was in Austin I didn’t have to pay her bills anymore. You cannot have TWO legal addresses.

      • Somebody says:

        The Obama people bused college students around to vote, so they not only voted in their home state AND their college state but they could squeeze in a swing state vote too. My son knew students going to college here in FL, that voted in their home state AND in FL and then for good measure several bus loads went to Ohio where they have same day registration.

        So if you live in FL or Ohio you can rest assured snowbirds or college students or illegals wiped out your legal vote.

    • Somebody says:

      This woman thinks she just too special. I’ll bet you a large sum of money she votes in at least 2 states. Clearly she’s been voting in Texas according to her for two years. She apparently until now has been able to show up with her voter registration card and has been able to avoid whipping out her CA license at the polling place, because if she were to do so it might set off red flags.

      I know this type of person, they’re all around me. My county got tied up in the Gore V Bush mess and you wouldn’t believe the people that came out of the woodwork wanting to “make sure their vote counted”. One man openly told me about voting in 7 states. He owns property or a business in those 7 states and feels absolutely entitled to the right to vote in all of the states.

      Illegals vote and that needs to be stopped, convicted felons vote another kind of vote fraud that needs to be cracked down on…….but these affluent assholes that feel entitled to multiple votes piss me off the most. Their attitude is that they’re special, they’re entitled, the voting laws are for little people. They don’t care if they’re diluting my LEGAL vote, my ONE and ONLY vote, they think they’re just that fucking special, they deserve multiple votes.

      We need a national registry or database where registered voters can be checked to ensure people aren’t voting in multiple states. That’s one of the main missions of True the Vote. Neither party really wants to have fair and accurate elections because they both cheat. THEY BOTH CHEAT!

      I swear to God I’m ready for purple fingers!

      • The Klown says:

        The Left likes to claim that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, just a few isolated cases. As proof they point to criminal prosecutions which are rare.

        But there is no one looking for or investigating voter fraud, so there wouldn’t be many prosecutions even if voter fraud is commonplace.

        There isn’t even a centralized voter registration database in most states. Registration is done thru local county registrars and isn’t connected to a DL or SSN. The only thing that would flag multiple registrations is using the same name and DOB more than once in the same county. Even then, nobody checks to see if the person voted multiple times.

        Without some proof of identity, a person charged with voter fraud could claim innocence and say someone must have impersonated them. Hard to prove, minor fines, no one investigating and prosecutors reluctant to press charges. No wonder there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

        • Somebody says:

          I think there should be some kind of national database, the problem is I don’t know who I’d trust with that. Good grief could you see Eric Holder in charge of something like that? How about a Lois Lerner type???

          I would absolutely support laws that permanently took away your right to vote if you commit voter fraud. I don’t think necessarily I’d want to punish people for being registered in more than one place because that could well be a bureaucratic mix up through no fault of their own. However, once informed they should have a certain amount of time to fix it……..BUT if you cast ballots in multiple states then fuck you. You don’t accidentally get absentee ballots in 7 different states, that’s not a slip up or oversight. No, you’re a knowingly committing voter fraud and should be punished.

          Like I said I think people that are caught casting ballots in multiple states should lose their right to vote. Call me a hardassed bitch, but that’s how I feel. I also think if you’re an illegal and you cast a ballot then you should lose the right to ever become a citizen period. Once again I wouldn’t punish people necessarily for being registered because that could be a mix up out of their control, but actually casting ballots they’re totally in control of.

          • 49erDweet says:

            The only teensy-weensy problem with a national voter database is our experience with some other government agency that is not supposed to get involved in partisanship stuff but somehow got the impression for someone, somewhere, that they only people cheating on their taxes are right wing nut jobs like me. Sigh. Anything big gov’t does can be corrupted.

        • leslie says:

          The Left claimed voter fraud when Bush/Gore ran for president. The Left was yelling about people voting in several different locations and were also arguing about the “Black Box” voter fraud and electronic voting issues. (Of course, the Left didn’t complain when the fraud was occurring in their favor – the Right as well)

          • Somebody says:

            There WAS voter fraud in the Bush/Gore election. The people sitting next to me in the restaurant were all Bush voters. Bob and Jim, are diehard NE liberals, they cast multiple ballots for the democrats.

            Both parties do it and they only have a passing interest in stopping the other party not themselves. Meanwhile, I’d venture to guess that every single person that comments on this blog has their vote canceled out by an illegally cast vote. Klown says his vote doesn’t matter because he lives in CA, what if it might count more than he knows? What if CA cleaned up their voter rolls and ensured that illegals weren’t voting? Would that potentially make a difference?

          • 1539days says:

            When all the Gore lawyers swarmed into Florida, they wanted every vote to “count” but only sued for a recount in the counties that had large Democrat majorities. Republicans countered by demanding all counties be recounted. Newspapers and other organizations counted the votes over and over and Bush always won. Still there are people who are convinced that Bush stole the election.

          • Somebody says:

            1539 I live in FL, I am well aware of the newspaper recount as well as everything else. I agree with you every single recount ended with Bush being declared the winner.

            That does NOT change the fact that there was voter fraud in FL in 2000 and quite frankly in every election since then. There was fraud on both sides and who the hell knows what the real outcome would have been without all the fraud and quite frankly at this point who the hell cares. The fraud however continues both through illegals voting and through assholes voting in their home state and in Florida. As a Floridian it really pisses me off that my vote in essence gets stolen every election.

            It happened in 2012 http://watchdogwire.com/florida/video/illegal-aliens-caught-voting-and-stealing-elections-in-florida/

            The state tried to clean up their rolls but the DOJ ended up blocking them

        • DandyTIger says:

          And both parties like it that way, which to me is the interesting part.

        • Lulu says:

          I think if the Reps win the Senate that there will be voter registration and voter fraud reform. People are tired of it. It damages our representative democracy. State voter laws can still be applicable with a national database matching people moving around. It goes with ID theft also.

      • Ann says:

        I can’t imagine anyone feeling entitled to more than one vote regardless of where they own property. At one time my husband and I owned property in 14 different states (tax time was oodles of fun!). We now have residences in two states. We are legal residents of NYS. That is it! In no other state are we a resident, regardless of how much property we own in that other state.

        The idea that you (generic you) as one person are entitled to more than one vote is absurd to me. I’d suggest we need ethics classes in schools again, but when I think of who would be teaching those classes …

        • Somebody says:

          Well Ann if you own property in FL then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My area is filled with part time snowbirds and assure you a LOT of those snowbirds vote here AND in their home state and they absolutely feel entitled to do so. They’re not shy about it either, many of them openly brag about it.

          • Ann says:

            Yes, we currently own a condo in Florida to snowbird, Someday.

            Sometimes I wish I could vote there… it is a feeling of helplessness to not be able to vote for people/propositions that dictate your money/life. But we are not full time Florida residents, and are unlikely to ever be. So, no Florida voting for me. I can’t imagine what those braggers you know are thinking…

          • Somebody says:

            Oh no these aren’t my personal friends these are people that talk and laugh about their multiple state voting triumphs in public. They chat about it in line at the polling place “Hey Bob did you get your absentee ballots mailed off in time to CT and NY”. “Yes Jim, I did how about you? Did you get yours mailed back in time to MA and NH?”.

            There is an entire family that meets up every year for ritual voting, they have a competition to see which one can cast the most ballots. It’s mom, dad, their kids and their kids spouses. The year I sat next to them in a restaurant (2000 POTUS election) Dad won the competition with 8 states. The younger son cast 6, a chip off the old block, he and dad plotted for him to add a couple more. They all chastised their sister for her lack of planning, she should have cast more absentee ballots. She cast absentee ballots in 2 NE states where the family owns property, then she got up at the crack of dawn and voted in Birmingham, AL. She then drove to somewhere in GA outside of Atlanta to vote but didn’t cast a ballot because the lines were too long. She instead got back out on the road headed here to vote because she knew her FL vote was the most important because it’s a swing state.

            These people were talking loudly and laughing about their voting antics. They were sitting at a table right next to my family. Steam was coming out of my ears and I finally HAD to say something to them. They were incredulous, how dare I question their right as wealthy privileged fucks to vote in multiple states. What was even more disheartening is that other customers in this crowded restaurant jumped to their defense.

            Seriously other people got involved in the conversation and defended people voting in multiple states. In fact those other people freely admitted they vote in their home state and also in Florida. They all then went on to lecture me about how fucking entitled they are. How they drop so much fucking money in both communities, how they are MORE entitiled to voting for representation than I am. I’m not fucking worthy, I don’t have enough economic impact, so therefore they have the right to cancel out my vote just because they’re so fucking special and they have so much money. Since that time I’ve had conversations with snowbirds I know and most of them also vote here and in their home state.

            Not that I’m bitter about it all or anything.

            I want purple fingers and serious penalties for voter fraud.

          • Lulu says:

            Years ago a snow bird campground allowed people to “buy” a fake address which allowed them to register cars, boats, etc and get out of property taxes in their high tax non-Texas home states. Those states sued and won so tightening up residence rules was demanded by other states due to tax evasion.

          • 1539days says:

            It’s funny. New York has a million laws to extract every cent of tax money from people who even look at New York from the New Jersey border. If you work for one day in New York, you have to pay income tax to New York for that day. You are required to report any online purchases that didn’t manage to grab sales tax at the time of purchase.

            However, the state doesn’t seem to give a shit if you vote all over the country. If the feds gave money to the states for everyone who voted, voter fraud would be eliminated overnight.

          • Somebody says:

            Brilliant 1539 you’re correct if the states got money for voters it would eliminate it or maybe it would make it worse??? Maybe then every county in the nation would have 150% turnout???

        • DeniseVB says:

          I wished I paid attention for all those years moving around with the military. My parents always voted absentee, until they retired in Virginia. In those days, state’s exempted active duty from state income taxes if you were living out of state on official orders.

          In my husband’s case, he remained a MA resident for the same state income tax exemption. UNTIL, I decided to register to vote in California for my first ever Presidential election….for McGovern ! Spouses were required to have CA DL’s so I had my proof of residency, utility bills and bank statements, then voila, we had to start paying CA state income tax (or it may have been personal property taxes?) ! Speak about a Poll Tax ! D’oh me.

          I do remember having to turn over my VA DL to get my CA DL, I couldn’t keep both.

          • Lulu says:

            LOL. It gets complicated. When we first married my hubs was in the Navy and stationed in VA. He told me “Everything stays in Texas. Understand. Everything. DL’s, tax returns, credit cards, car registration, address for work, everything.” Then he got out a few months later and we moved back. Then it was just an instate address change. My mail went to my parents who opened it. My father called and chewed me out for a credit card bill for clothes! I was a Navy wife for four months. I was terrible. A superior officers wife tried to chew me out and I said “So? Who exactly are you? I’m not in the Navy.” I had decided they would let him out faster if I was awful but I was funny. I told the CO who flirted he reminded me of my grandpa. He asked hubs “Where did you find her?”. Hubs said “Neiman Marcus.” CO asked “Can you get your money back?”

      • foxyladi14 says:

        me too. 🙂

  3. mothy6767 says:

    Don’t all states allow for provisional ballots. Seems like a simple solution no ID fill out a paper ballot. If the race is close you hand count them. I also think voter fraud should be a felony punishable by death by paper cut. Finish Desouza has had is life up ended but slime abuse the system with impunity.

    • 1539days says:

      The whiners don’t want provisional ballots because they are counted after election night. It’s why Democrats want early and instant voting instead of more absentee ballots. It’s easier for them to run 100 buses a day for 10 days instead of 1000 buses on election day. Early voting just makes it easier for Democrats to round up people in apartment complexes and over to the polling places.

  4. Somebody says:

    I don’t know if everybody saw this or not about illegals voting

    6.4% or 2.2% may not sound like much, but it should be 0%. If you’re not a citizen you shouldn’t be allowed to register to vote, let alone actually vote. If you do the math that 6.4% equals just under 1.5 million illegal votes cast in 2008…….well that could certainly swing an election. the 2.2% in 2010 is just under a half a million, again enough to swing many of the races. BTW those are just votes cast by illegals and doesn’t take into account other kinds of voter fraud.

    Every single time a fraudulent ballot is cast it negates a legally cast one. Everytime a fraudulent ballot is cast, a law abiding citizen loses their voice.

  5. Jadzia says:

    Jesus Christ. To apply for citizenship here, I not only needed my own certified birth certificate, but certified birth certificates for BOTH of my parents! Guess how long it took me to get them? About 10 minutes on a website, and a week or two for them to arrive in the mail. Whine whine whine whine whine.

    • 1539days says:

      Just curious. How do so many Muslims get into France?

      • Jadzia says:

        It’s related to the colonial history–most of these folks have been here for a few generations at least, so they are already citizens or they come in on family reunification visas.

        The biggest city near where my husband is from–Poitiers–made its historical name in the Battle of Poitiers (or the Battle of Tours, where I am–I guess the battle was between the two cities, which are pretty close together) turning back a Muslim invasion in 732 that some say would have resulted in an Islamic takeover of the entire continent had the battle been lost. Of course, skip forward 1300+ years and that city is heavily Muslim. (Tours, interestingly, is not.)

        Anyway, to get back to the subject at hand, France is a hop skip and a jump over the strait of Gibraltar to Spain, and then right on up into France, and in the Schengen Area, the borders are essentially open. People also get in through Italy thanks to those long coasts that are pretty difficult to patrol effectively. If you can get in anywhere, you can get in everywhere.

  6. Somebody says:

    Klown congrats on the Giants win last night……wow! I guess they found their mojo, I hope they keep it for at least a couple more games.

    I found this insightful analysis and prediction of game 5 tonight on a sports site. Whoever wins tonight will break the world series tie…….you don’t say. Whoever wins tonight will put themselves in the position to only be 1 game away from winning the world series……no way, shocking!

    I hope the Giants’ batting mojo stays with them!!

  7. The Klown says:

    • Somebody says:

      If they’ve been a registered voter for decades in Texas then I fail to believe they don’t have the necessary identification to vote……..unless they’ve been voting illegally in Texas for decades and also voting in their home state.

      • Lulu says:

        If registered in Texas to vote you get the Election Identification Certificates (EIC) automatically mailed to you biannually (by the local county registrar) or issued when going in to change address for TX drivers license or TX ID. So she isn’t registered to vote in Texas or she would just be changing her address (for assignment of precinct for voting) because she is a resident of another state as shown by her drivers license. There is a reason the TX Department of Public Safety who maintains TX drivers licenses and TX ID was to issue the EIC upon change of address or issuance of a TX drivers license. She in essence is saying she wants TWO sets of ID, one in CA and one in TX. She got freaked when the state trooper was having none of it. She obviously decided she was a CA (or NY) resident since she didn’t want a TX drivers license.

  8. mothy6767 says:

    The unable to get an ID is very insulting to minorities. You are so backwoods that in fifty years on the planet you have not figured out how to get one. Really it is so pathetic. When I switched from Comcast to FIOS the girls walking door to door(dangerous?) Had a mini hand held copier. You cannot rent an apartment get water open a bank account without ID. Say you have a trailer parked behind a waterfall hidden from the world in Appalachia you cannot get Social Security without an ID. They do not even send checks anymore direct deposit and if you have no bank account they do a debit card . I think most states waive the ID fee if you are indigent and I know in PA they have people that will assemble all necessary documents and take you to the DMV. My apartment burned down in 1992 I lost everything had to walk into Payless to buy a pair of shoes. I had none. 50 bucks in my pocket and shoeless. I had renters insurance thank god so I said tuck it all is gone I am moving to London. I had nothing to prove who I was. Kind of stupid as I was in the system but I had to fly my brother to NYC to verify under oath that I was me. He had to do the same at passport office. Not sure if you can still do it after 9/11 but I paid a pretty penny to get same day passport. I got the check from insurance in two days. Thing is I had not one thing with my name on it. Everything was ash. I got it together because I had to. Red Cross had set up apartments for the displaced near the Javits Center but you needed ID to get in. I stayed on a friend’s sofa. Point is you have to have ID to navigate life. It is not impossible for anyone. I owned a pair of black socks a black t shirt and a pair of pants that were my waiter pants and had a 50 in them. That was everything I owned. NO SHOES. I got ID. Do not tell me the poor cannot figure it out. And how racist is it to say they are simple and can not figure it out.
    Load of tosh.

    • Jadzia says:

      I have a friend who had to get a new passport post-2001 and had no certified birth certificate. (Hippie parents, sheesh.) Because his father was at that point deceased, apparently it turned into a huge, Kafkaesque kind of thing to prove that he was actually a born-on-American-soil US citizen. Him I do feel sorry for, because it wasn’t his fault that his parents were such flakes.

      • mothy6767 says:

        I LOVE Kafka. The Castle is knock your socks off but THe Hunger Artist is my favorite. I was a lit major at Hunter in NYC everything was about victims. I love Toni Morrison’s Beloved. She applied Freudian thought to a ghost story. I like it but I am also smitten by Jane Eyre(feminest Cinderella) Hermione Granger from Harry POtter is the best.
        Literature should be in my opinion a means to transfer knowledge and mistakes so they are not repeated. I can read a million books to my kid and never touch her an hour of arm thrusting at Tai Kwon Do is worth ten years of therapy. I know my baby girl. I see in her eyes when she is untruthful. I can not fix it. I a m blown away by martial arts. Stuff is all about the body and expression. I wish I knew how to explain to a child that her mother gave her up and did not call for over a year. She then had a baby that she does on. I CANNOT fix that. Read everything I could find and it all came down to poor kid. FUCK that I searched high and low to cover her. Martial arts are brilliant. There is no pity. KIDS LEARN TO be assertive and themselves.

    • Lulu says:

      More than one law enforcement officer (a sheriff and a police detective) have told me that people who do not want to be found do not register to vote. Debts, warrants, tickets, child support orders, IRS and tax levies, etc are reasons not to want to be found. Voter roles are public records and are checked for finding people. Debtors, etc should vote but they need to understand that voting is a legal process that involves assignment to a precinct to be legally able to vote for local officials. The anti-legal process crew wants voting to be chaos for a reason. You can’t claim to want to vote and not be found at the same time.

      • Jadzia says:

        I guess my response would be, “Well, either be a part of society or don’t.” But I’m feeling a little salty today. Okay, it’s actually a crappy day. Which brings out the snark.

        • Lulu says:

          That isn’t salty. It is common sense. People have the right not to be found if they want. They can hide in the woods or desert in a tent forever. I don’t give a shit. But you have to declare where you live and something to back it up if you want a ballot. Voting is legal process and everyone has to follow it or no one does. They know this. I’m tired of the whining about the obvious and the constant special needs rules and demanding why they should not have to follow what everyone else does. I want to say life isn’t fair and I am sorry the special snowflakes are such losers and can’t meet simple legal requirements. I’m sorry their life is such shit they can’t manage to vote like everyone else. Do they need sporks so they don’t hurt themselves? The MSNBC victim woman in Austin ran away because she was made to feel like a dumb ass and a fool by a low class uniformed state trooper. Poor her. Not.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I honestly don’t know how people make it through life without a photo i.d. It’s required for just about everything …. Virginia is offering free State Photo I.D. cards now since the requirement became law for voting in our state. I think at several libraries in our city. If you can’t make it there for this freebie, how are you planning to go vote anyhow ??

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Quick, before it’s taken down. The Seattle school shooters’ twitter page is just screaming of depression and anger ….. I read back a few months so I don’t think it’s a troll page.


  10. elliesmom says:

    What’s the difference in car insurance rates between California and Texas? Most of the people I know with homes in two states factor that in more than where they want to vote when they choose which one is their “official residence”. Or which one has better in state tuition rates if they’re anticipating paying for college.

    • Somebody says:

      Texas would win on all accounts in such a comparison, not to mention there is no state income tax in Texas.

      That’s why her story is all the more fishy.

    • Lulu says:

      And avoiding state income taxes. Texas doesn’t have state income taxes and personal property taxes. Does California have a property tax break for over age 60 or homestead exemptions? There is a reason for keeping her CA drivers license but she is not admitting what it is.

    • Jadzia says:

      I think that probably any “where is it more expensive” question that involves California will always be answered “it’s more expensive in California.”

  11. mothy6767 says:

    I thought a lot about the fire when Robin Williams took his own life. I flight it but I am prone to depression. Part of who I am. I was running down the smoke filled halls at 2 am pounding on people’s doors. There was no visible fire but so much smoke. I thought about laying down and giving up but some primal beast took over and I got out. I could have died and it would never have hurt my mom and dad. Would have been suicide but they would never know. I made it through and not one person died. Smoke alarms were just for show I was crazy man pounding on doors. Woke everyone up. Fire and smoke are scary I question a doctor that gets on the subway knowing he was exposed. I did something good that I will tell everyone who ever meets me about how selfless I was going to the Hot Zone. I do not think he is a hero I think he is a tool. He did harm. Sod off about his generous spirit.

  12. fif says:

    Sheryl Atkinson clearly articulates what’s obvious to anyone re: the death of an independent press.

    Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama

    Calling herself “politically agnostic,” Attkisson, a five-time Emmy winner, says she simply follows the story, and the money, wherever it leads her.

    Attkisson unloads on her colleagues in big-time TV news for their cowardice and cheerleading for the Obama administration while unmasking the corruption, misdirection and outright lying of today’s Washington political machine.

    Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, Attkisson says, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts.

    Meanwhile, she says, though no one confronted her directly, a “whisper campaign” began; “If I offered a story on pretty much any legitimate controversy involving government, instead of being considered a good journalistic watchdog, I was anti-Obama.”


    • DandyTIger says:

      Looks like this book will be a good read.

    • insanelysane says:

      Glad the book is published and out. Otherwise I’d fear that “they” would either suicide her or fiery car crash her.
      That sends a clear message to everyone else ( publishers,other journalists) as to what can be expected if they continue down the path of open and honest journalism.
      I am buying this book.

      • Constance says:

        I’m surprised they didn’t suicide or car crash her. Book publishing is managed by a small group of New York business men too. Of course now you can self publish on Amazon and reach an audience easily.

  13. The Klown says:

  14. The Klown says:

  15. The Klown says:

    Dandy Tiger’s pets are ready for Halloween:

  16. lyn says:

    Cute alert with Taylor and Olivia (yeah, it is old news.)

  17. HELENK3 says:

    I am still trying to get a copy of my marriage license from Phila. First they said they could not find it. then they said they did find it and gave me a file number. I sent another check and I am still waiting for a copy. When I went to the DMV in Orlando I took every thing but the doctor who delivered me and he would be dead or too old to move. I have been trying since the beginning of September. I believe if I were an Illegal alien they would give me a driver’s license, a car and pay for my insurance for 5 years.
    as you can tell this is a touchy subject for me

    • The Klown says:

      A lot if not most of the laws dealing with obtaining identification/drivers licenses have to do with identity theft.

      It used to be fairly easy to get state-issued IDs in other people’s names.

      • Lulu says:

        Exactly. The cop murderer in CA has been using an illegal identity for YEARS. Three or four crooked county clerks offices in south Texas had the court houses taken over by Texas Rangers for selling birth certificates as well has selling BLANK birth certificates. They then emptied out the county and district clerks offices and took the records to Austin. Many people went to prison.

    • DeniseVB says:

      This post made me think of you Helen and was hoping you’d update us. What a mess no law abiding citizen should have to go through, yet our illegal “guests” seem to just breeze through the process.

      As I mentioned above, in the 70’s I had to get a CA DL and relinquish my perfectly good, unexpired VA DL. The only easy part of that was I didn’t have to take the driving part of that test.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        I did the same when I moved here from another state. Butt I failed the parallel parking and had to retake it I practiced and passed the next time. 😀

    • 1539days says:

      I have 2 birth certificate copies (with the imprint) and 2 duplicate SSN cards. I thought I lost my original SS card.

  18. The Klown says:

  19. HELENK3 says:

    this one is for you. Your girl can stand up for herself in a nice way

  20. Somebody says:

    This fits right in with your post Klown.
    This details some of the findings in the WaPo.

  21. HELENK3 says:


    starting Nov 6th the enemy within is going to declare all out war on America
    backtrack’s plans for after the election

  22. DeniseVB says:

    Oh. My. The Richmond paper endorsed Gillespie for Senate because Warner helped give us Obamacare. Same area where the voters threw out Eric Cantor in the primary last summer.


    The comments are a’splodin’ 😀

  23. The Klown says:

    SNL 10/25/14 Cold Open – The EboLIE:

    • elliesmom says:

      I love this comment -“In Chicago, My grandfather was a conservative Republican who voted that way until he died. From that point on he voted Democrat.”

    • leslie says:

      There are a few black leaders in Chicago who have voiced their support for Bruce Rauner (R) running for governor. All the major and many minor newspapers throughout the state have also endorsed Rauner this year. Even the SunTimes (which endorsed online – so no paper trail? Although they said during the last election they would no longer endorse candidates. So I suppose this one doesn’t count.)
      Anyway, Corey Brooks is an influential is one of the Black leaders to publically endorse Rauner and has been the target of death threats and his church was also hit this week following his endorsement and tv ad. another good news day for the South Side,


  24. 1539days says:

    The part I find ironic is that I accidentally caught a minute of the Rachel Maddow show the other night. She was mocking The Blaze for telling the story of a guy dumping ballots into a box at a polling station. Apparently, we’re not supposed to worry about this because it is perfectly legal for someone to put in any number of absentee ballots without any identification or notice.

    Yet, at the same time, they want everyone to freak out because someone who doesn’t live in Texas has a hard time getting a rubber stamp to vote in Texas.

  25. HELENK3 says:

    just because this story made me laugh


  26. The Klown says:

  27. DeniseVB says:

    From the NYT: Life as a hostage before you’re beheaded. While reading this I couldn’t help but think of that little worm Berghdal and Obama negotiating for his release. Why was he so special to be worth 5 terrorist kingpins? Oh, and Foley was an Obama supporter too. That was my only chuckle.


  28. The Klown says:

    • DeniseVB says:

      Cuomo and Christie are getting a lot of flack for their *overreaction* (see my link upthread) but after Dr. Ebola ran amuck in NYC, during this very no vaccine/no cure phase of the disease and MILLIONS possibly being exposed during his *Ferris Bueller’s Day Off*, I’d like to think erring on the side of caution is a good idea. (As many of my NYC friends said, he did more in a day with Ebola symtoms than I do in a month)

      I’ve also been a fan and $contributer$ to Doctors Without Borders for years since they go into the cesspools of the worrrrrld to work their magic, and have never, ever heard of them bringing back non-preventable/un-curable diseases with them to First World Countries.

      And yes, both doctors are far left lib-hipsters. That concerns me too. Is there an agenda?

    • votermom says:

      If she’s being quarantined, why can’t she be quarantined at home?

      • Mt.Laurel says:

        Do they suspect Typhoid Kaci?
        Was she too bowling with ebola?
        Near/with the doc who went bowling? I understand his case is now very severe?
        Is she only in this level of quarantine for X days and will then be released for home quarantine?
        What kind of lodgings did she have in Africa that the current is so horrid?.
        Did she actually work with Doctors without Borders as a volunteer or was she on loan from the CDC and had far less patient contact than she is implying?
        If this is typical of the way the those with doctors without borders express themselves to those the feel are inferior it is no wonder some areas do not want their help.
        Too may pieces of the puzzle seem not to fit.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Here’s a local story w/photos via the liberal leaning Gothamist:


        As always, the comments are interesting as the “snowflakes” wake up. 😀

      • Lulu says:

        She wasn’t heading home but rather going to visit her mom in Maine. It appears this gal gets around. A lot. One of the things I question is these medical group’s resistance to staying in. They could work writing their reports, Skype meetings being debriefed, etc. She acts like she is going to DIE of mistreatment in horrible circumstances if she is not make FREE! Free to see her boyfriend, mom, fly around, go back to work at the CDC, etc. She sounds very childish. She repeats over and over the same thing like a three year old.
        Just now Fox announcing more states are going to defy the WH on quarantines. The WH is threatening the states back. States have the right to quarantine people and the law is long established. I think the WH is going to loose this political fight right before an election even if they win in court.

  29. The Klown says:

  30. mothy6767 says:

    I made my brother who was a CAR guy but is now in management and his wife who is an exec with a pharm company do baby girl’s third grade math homework. They failed low Fs. Stuff is impossible and it has no reason.. I usually do her homework before her and have to break it down to comprehend. Some of the stuff is 9th grade algebra. Teacher told me not one kid is getting an A. Pup will get her first B. Nothing I can do even a tutor makes no sense because the stuff is not cumulative. They just pull shirt out of the air.

  31. 1539days says:

    Today, I’ve been reading a bunch of stories about #GamerGate. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around, but it seems to focus on the fact that progressive journalists (and social justice warriors) are influencing a lot of coverage of video games on gaming websites. What I find interesting is that it is a microcosm of what’s happening in regular journalism. Writers are sleeping with subjects. Traditional gamers are being derided for being White males. Websites are using the memory hole to fix past journalistic crimes. What’s really neat is that gamers, who aren’t usually that political, are starting to see the dark underbelly of what they thought was an honest media.

  32. Kathy says:

    Not to be crass–meaning I am going to be, but have been reading about the whiny nurse and the cost of treating even one Ebola patient in this country must be staggering. Not to mention tracking everybody down and monitoring them. Plus, all of it ties up health care workers who could be treating others. Basically people who don’t want quarantines are shooting themselves in the foot. Had to get that off my chest.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      The costs are huge and not just financial. Many hospitals cannot deal with this type of disease and the CDC is lying when they say they can. The there is the huge drop in moral of the healthcare workers who then have to treat special snowflakes. The bad press for trying to create better protocols than those provides by the CDC, even thought the CDC has even been called out by WHO and quite a few others as being behind the eight ball. Having doctors and patients go elsewhere so as not to risk being exposed.

      I am not sure which is worse, that this nurse has no filter, that she sounds like a tantrum throwing toddler or that she is so impressed with her own goodness that she misses how selfish and self absorbed she actually appears. Her attitude suggests she did not sing up for docs without borders to help people, but as a sure way to fluff up the resume and make herself feel superior. I see a theme with many of these cases in that they apparently to have no true concern for anyone but themselves, including family and friends. In many ways, they reflect the attitude, and lack of real empathy, of the WH perfectly.

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