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Later Sunday Open Thread: Children Will Listen Edition

Love how my love for Broadway meets Reality. Disguss?

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Sunday Morning Open Thread

I’ve been staring at my monitor for 45 minutes. I got nothing. See you in a couple more hours.

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How Not To Win Sympathy For Your Cause

All across the nation, Progressives are being epically stupid. Blocking freeways, shutting down malls, interrupting a Christmas tree lighting, trying to disrupt parades. Yesterday in Oakland a chain of fools connected themselves to a BART train on one end and … Continue reading

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Black Friday Open Thread

Shop ’til you drop! I just woke up. The kitties were VERY hungry.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone here has a quiet, uneventful and boring day free of riots, looting, traffic jams, annoying relatives, family drama, kitchen disasters and awkward political discussions. Just stay home and get drunk. Lock the door and close the drapes … Continue reading

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Right Message, Wrong Messenger

Thomas Edsall: Not everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton’s selection as the Democratic nominee is unstoppable. The first to challenge her is Jim Webb, a one-term former senator from Virginia. Here is the case for the Democratic Party renegade. When Webb, … Continue reading

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Turkey Eve Open Thread

Today is one of those days that isn’t officially a holiday but lots of people won’t be working anyway. What are you doing for Turkey Day? Traveling, cooking, rioting, looting, shopping, vegging or nothing?

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