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Later Sunday Open Thread: Children Will Listen Edition

Love how my love for Broadway meets Reality. Disguss?

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Sunday Morning Open Thread

I’ve been staring at my monitor for 45 minutes. I got nothing. See you in a couple more hours.

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How Not To Win Sympathy For Your Cause

All across the nation, Progressives are being epically stupid. Blocking freeways, shutting down malls, interrupting a Christmas tree lighting, trying to disrupt parades. Yesterday in Oakland a chain of fools connected themselves to a BART train on one end and … Continue reading

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Black Friday Open Thread

Shop ’til you drop! I just woke up. The kitties were VERY hungry.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone here has a quiet, uneventful and boring day free of riots, looting, traffic jams, annoying relatives, family drama, kitchen disasters and awkward political discussions. Just stay home and get drunk. Lock the door and close the drapes … Continue reading

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Right Message, Wrong Messenger

Thomas Edsall: Not everyone agrees that Hillary Clinton’s selection as the Democratic nominee is unstoppable. The first to challenge her is Jim Webb, a one-term former senator from Virginia. Here is the case for the Democratic Party renegade. When Webb, … Continue reading

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Turkey Eve Open Thread

Today is one of those days that isn’t officially a holiday but lots of people won’t be working anyway. What are you doing for Turkey Day? Traveling, cooking, rioting, looting, shopping, vegging or nothing?

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Officer Darren Wilson Speaks

Officer Darren Wilson sat down with George Snuffleupagus. Watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.

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Tin Foil Tuesday – Ferguson Edition

Business Insider via Hot Air: Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) tore into Gov. Jay Nixon (D) on Tuesday morning for keeping National Guard troops away “while Ferguson burned” during protests the previous night. “What the vast majority of Missourians … Continue reading

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The Obama Legacy In One Picture

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Ferguson Reaction Open Thread

Holy cow, that was a clusterf#ck of a speech. It started defensively, discounted just about everything the protesters had to say, and quickly descended into a monotonous blow-by-blow of events we’re pretty much already familiar with.  Did he even say … Continue reading

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I Love That New Car Smell

Don’t say I never agree with anything Obama says: OBAMA: You know, I think– I think the American people, you know, they’re gonna want– you know, that new car smell. (LAUGHTER) You know, their own– they– they wanna drive somethin’ … Continue reading

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Monday Mourning Open Thread

My three alarm clocks just barely woke me up. Here’s a fresh thread to play with while I urinate, medicate, caffeinate and masticate. Then maybe I can ruminate. K

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Late Sunday Open Thread via Pentatonix


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Weekly Taylor Swift Update

Here’s a little round-up of important Taylor Swift news: Taylor Swift to Receive Special Honor at American Music Awards Taylor Swift will become the first-ever recipient of a very special new honor at the upcoming American Music Awards. Swift will … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

Enjoy your day ! I’ve got to start thinking of Thanksgiving, but I’ve got to clean out the fridge first. It’s always something, eh? 😉

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Tee Time For Obama

You didn’t have to be a psychic to see this coming: Pres Obama spending the weekend in Las Vegas/Henderson, NV. He's at same hotel he used in 2012 to prep for first debate with Mitt Romney. — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) … Continue reading

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Political Theater and Potemkin Protesters

Breitbart: Obama Interrupted By Hecklers During Amnesty Speech In Las Vegas President Obama was interrupted by hecklers during his speech in Las Vegas on Friday, as he tried to explain why he chose to act on his own to offer … Continue reading

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Barako I, El Rey de los Criminales y Estupidos

Efe El Jefe.

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How Liberty Dies Open Thread

I figured I would watch Obama’s speech tonight, despite my loathing of listening to the man. The Raiders/Chiefs game is on ESPN, but I’ve seen the Raiders lose before. I’ve never watched an emperor proclaim the end of democracy before.

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