Ferguson Reaction Open Thread

Riot Porn

Riot Porn

Holy cow, that was a clusterf#ck of a speech. It started defensively, discounted just about everything the protesters had to say, and quickly descended into a monotonous blow-by-blow of events we’re pretty much already familiar with.  Did he even say if there was an indictment or not? No way that soothes anything. Now we get to see if St. Louis goes *BOOM* or if it fizzles.

What’s your reaction? What are you reading?

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87 Responses to Ferguson Reaction Open Thread

  1. This thing has been manufactured from the beginning, and I get the prosecutor’s frustration, but WOW. Wild how he tried to tie his investigation to the DOJ’s at every turn. It will be interesting to see if there’s pushback from Holder, or if he gives cover in silence, or verbally.

    • Mary says:

      His investigation and DOJ’s were tied together. Holder insisted that every single piece of paper, every report , every witness statement be cc’d and copies sent to him at Justice from the gitgo.

      Holder can’t claim he didn’t know all the details reported in prosecutor’s speech tonight. He DID know. THere wll be no pushback from Holder. Or if there is, you’ll know he’s a lying sack of sh*t.

  2. simofish says:

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY PROSECUTOR BOB MCCULLOCH did an amazing job explaining the results of the Grand Jury. You know, awful things can happen — in the spilt of a second. We should ALL be careful to wait for the evidence before making judgements.
    My left liberal friends are all up in arms — not believing anything Bob is saying.

  3. ginainmo says:

    One of my Lou friends just posted on Facebook that the looting has started. Not sure where her info is coming from.

  4. Journalist questions are pretty much straight up stupid.

    • Example: “Is there something wrong with laws that in Missouri that don’t protect this young man.” Like the facts don’t matter. WTF?

      Also, a British journalist asking a prosecutor if he wasn’t elected to take a stand on cases like this. It’s like they don’t even know what objectivity of the law is…

      • driguana says:

        Wow…the reporter questions were just bizarre…the kid broke the law, got caught, resisted arrest and got shot. Sad but true. Some people just can’t accept reality.

  5. WMCB says:

  6. DandyTIger says:

    Someone call the Whaaaaambulance for all the progs. And can someone bottle the prog tears, they’ve got to be good for something.

  7. lyn says:

    Oh, brother. What kind of statement will Obama deliver tonight? “If I had a son, he would look like Michael Brown?!” Obama didn’t respect the Zimmerman verdict. I doubt he will respect this one.

  8. Oh, and here comes MFing President Obama, gas can in hand.

  9. DandyTIger says:

    I’m just now beginning to think progs can only deal with feeewings and not facts or logic. Yeah, that was a joke.

  10. 1539days says:

    I saw the Brown family wants cops to all wear body camera.

    The cops would agree.

    • 49erDweet says:

      There’s an unintended consequence to the demand for cop body cameras, though, because it strengthens the mindset we can only trust what we see. Over the years that thinking will eat away at the core of our society and eventually destroy all trust unless it is backed up with video. If we are going to a body camera society I want politicians to wear them first, because I trust them the least.

  11. Kathy says:

    The media is totally responsible for this shit–just like they were responsible for landing king Obama on us..I am beyond words. The English language is seriously lacking.

  12. WMCB says:

  13. “…and obviously there’s the smell of marijuana in the air.” Hahahaha.

  14. 1539days says:

    Ass alert. Preezy doing a shout out.

  15. Oh fuck, right from the very beginning. Mr. President Hahvard say the grand jury was investigating the death of Michael Brown. Um, no. They were investigating potential charges against a cop whose been subject to a slow-motion digital fucking lynch mob.

  16. WMCB says:

  17. HELENK3 says:

    backtrack is spewing

    tell law enforcement to show restraint. nothing like showing whose side you are on. so far law enforcement has shown considerable restraint during his time in office.
    how were the owies treated?, how were the ferguson looters treated? How about that Cambridge cop how was he treated?
    it really annoys me when he says this nonsense
    when he sent holder to ferguson he took a side and it was not for the police

  18. DandyTIger says:

  19. 1539days says:

    MSNBC is just ridiculous. Basically, any outcome that doesn’t end in Wilson in the electric chair is injustice.

  20. driguana says:

    My cousin Mike Tobin is doing a decent job on Fox. I think he’s getting gassed.

  21. Somebody says:

    I don’t believe the majority of these ass wipes give a crap about the grand jury verdict. I think they just want to tear shit up and loot. They are disgusting, there is no excuse for their behavior, they should throw their butts in jail.

  22. fif says:

    The news shows are doing a blow-by-blow waiting for horrible things to happen so they can fuel ratings. Bread & Circus. It’s repulsive that this entire thing has been fed by our post-racial president and buddies like Holder, Sharpton et. al. The facts are completely irrelevant.

  23. swanspirit says:

    I am a lot less upset than I would be ordinarily , about the riots in Ferguson .
    Last night i had an ambulance ride to the local E.D. which is thankfully only 6 minutes away , due an extreme muscle spasm on my right side which felt like someone kicked me in my kidneys , and made it impossible to move , with the exception of moving me to tears in pain. I had been trying to deal with it for two days on my own , with ibuprofen ; nurses are stubborn that way . But of course , last night while I was in the bathroom sitting on the john , i bent the wrong way and the spasm kicked in so badly it made me cry and I could hardly breathe or move .

    So I did manage to get myself together , get my jeans up and the seat down, and called my friend , and she said GO TO THE HOSPITAL , so I called 911 . Nurses hate to bother anybody , but I had been carrying my phone around with me in case I did have to call , so I relented and called.

    The EMT guys were great . My back door was open so they didn’t have to break any windows or doors to get in . I am allergic to any and all opiates , so they had no other pain meds for me .They even offered to put a plate of food that was sitting out , in the fridge for me ! So off I went , breathing shallow from the pain , making feeble attempts at humor , but we made it.

    In the E.D. they drew blood and started an I.V., and gave me Valium I.V.after they thoroughly checked me out , and made sure I was as comfortable as possible .
    Turns out, my Magnesium was low , so low they gave me a dose of Magnesium I.V. After the Valium kicked in and the Mag was in , I was much better so they sent me home , with scripts for Prednisone and Valium , which I got filled today at Walmart for $8.00. Magnesium is not well absorbed as a supplement, but i got some anyway , and the doc told me dark chocolate is a good source.

    So here I am , on Valuim and Dark Chocolate, a lot less upset at the events in Ferguson than I ordinarily would be . Which is a good thing, because I would have died first if the EMT guys had had to help me get my jeans up to get to the hospital .

    • DandyTIger says:

      Whew. Good to hear you made it through that. Nothing worse than being in such misery the ER is the only solution. So glad things are better. Now you have to check in with us on Magnesium levels. We don’t want that to happen again.

    • Mt.Laurel says:

      Hope you continue to improve. Nuts and seeds are also a good source. And they go well with dark chocolate.

      Having driven myself to the hospital with a kidney stone stuck midway, I can empathize. I only live a couple miles from the hospital but about halfway there I was thinking I waited to long thinking I could flush it out (they run in the family). Should have called 911.

    • lyn says:

      {{Swannie}} Glad you are feeling better and your sense of humor is intact.

    • WMCB says:

      Glad to hear you’re okay.

    • angienc says:

      {{{Swannie}}}} Glad you are doing better. Sending healing thoughts & prayers your way.

    • The Klown says:

      {{Sending healing thoughts}}

    • HELENK3 says:

      I am sorry about your pain. Glad you are doing better. just think from now on you can claim you are eating chocolate for your health and be telling the truth

    • Happy it was an easy fix, SS, and that you’re feeling better. Do they know what led to the deficiency?

      • swanspirit says:

        I eat green leafy vegetables , but I aslo eat oatmeal a lot and look what I found on an Outlander cooking site! Who knew? and Serendipity !

        Soak your oats ! LOL

        Yield: 2+ Cups (Serves 3-4)

        Start it just before you go to bed, and finish it in the morning for the creamiest, most nutritious & delicious breakfast you can make in 5 minutes.

        Rolled Oats – 1 Cup
        Butter – 1 tsp
        Salt – pinch
        Boiling Water – 1 Cup
        Milk – ¼ to ½ Cup
        Cinnamon – ¼ Tsp

        Combine the oats, butter and salt in a small saucepan. Pour in the boiling water, stir once, then cover the pot and leave overnight.

        In the morning, add the milk to the pot and heat gently over med. low. Cook, stirring regularly, until hot and cooked through, about 5-7 minutes. Stir in the cinnamon and serve, garnished with butter, honey and dried fruit, if desired.
        Soaking your oats is also BETTER for you, too! There is a nutritional reason Mrs. Bug soaked her oats overnight (even though she didn’t know the science behind it). From Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon: all grains contain phytic acid in the outer layer or bran. Untreated phytic acid can combine with with calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc in the intestinal tract and block their absorption. Soaking allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms to break down and neutralize phytic acid. The simple practice of soaking cracked or rolled cereal grains overnight will vastly improve their nutritional benefits. (p455)

        More from Sally (p456):

        Samuel Johnson defined oats as ‘a grain used in England to feed horses and in Scotland to feed the populace.’ . . . Folklore values oats as contributing to strength, endurance, energy, beauty and perceptiveness.

        Oats are rich in B vitamins and in calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They contain more oil than most grains. Oats are low in gluten but contain more phytates than almost any other grain. Thus, it is very important to soak oats before preparation. The phytates are contained in the bran of the oat and can have a chelating or detoxifying effect. This is why the oat bran fad gave beneficial results at first; but frequent ingestion of unsoaked oat bran can lead to mineral losses, allergies and irritation of the intestinal tract.

        In Scotland it was the custom to prepare oatmeal in large batches and pour the cooked cereal into a drawer in the kitchen hutch or dresser! Squares of congealed oatmeal could then be cut out as needed and reheated by adding a little water. This process allowed the oatmeal to ferment a second time.

        Sally suggests soaking in water, sea salt, and one of the following: whey, yoghurt, kefir or buttermilk (vinegar or lemon juice if lactose-intolerant) to aid the fermentation process.

  24. swanspirit says:

    I hope no one gets hurt , I know there will be major damage , and that is a shame .CNN’s reporting crew with Jake Tapper in Ferguson just rushed down a block to race to a fire…in a barrel.

  25. DandyTIger says:

  26. DandyTIger says:

  27. DandyTIger says:

  28. DandyTIger says:

  29. The Klown says:

  30. DandyTIger says:

  31. HELENK3 says:

    stolen from Rev Amy’s place


    grand jury evidence

  32. HELENK3 says:

    Oakland, Calif., police say multiple small fires have been set in dumpsters, 1 large bonfire in the middle of the road near Interstate 580 as protesters react to Ferguson, Mo., decision – @TheRyanParker

  33. swanspirit says:

    Thanks everybody for your kind and healing thoughts . I am really hating what is going on in Ferguson , Such a waste and such a sad and pointless reaction . Such an incredible impact a peaceful protest would have made , instead of the stupid expected stereotypical actions . I hope Holder and friends are proud .

    • Hey Swan, just woke up myself for work. Hope you had a restful night and are on the mend. I also hope you have planned follow-up with your doctor. I do know from experience you nurses are the absolute last to follow doctor’s orders so this order is coming from a friend – call your doctor for a follow-up appointment! Meanwhile eat all that dark chocolate you like.( and a valium here and there can’t hurt ) Hope you wake up new and feelin fine – but do what I say.

  34. Jadzia says:

    Well, I guess you all are my CNN; I’m in Latvia right now and had NO IDEA.

    • The Klown says:

      Latvia? Isn’t it kinda chilly there this time of year?

      Please tell me it isn’t your vacation dream trip.

      • 1539days says:

        That’s what’s wrong with Europeans. They get so much time off they run out of good holiday venues.

      • Jadzia says:

        Actually, it IS almost a dream trip (my dream trip is Helsinki: I grew up in one of the only Finnish communities in the US). But it’s not a vacation, I’m teaching a class at the law school here. It is BEAUTIFUL and compared to France, spotlessly clean! I think they must diaper their dogs or something.

  35. Lulu says:

    Do Obama, Holder, the progressive elite media, car wreck lawyer Crump from Florida, the Congressional Black Congress, have any idea how stupid they look this morning? The evidence is SO overwhelming they look like idiots. I hope the prosecutor goes after the lying “hands up, don’t shoot” witnesses, the libeled and slandered officer and public prosecutor sues the crap out of the media personally, property owners go after the professional race baiters, and the taxpayers of St Louis file suits against all of them for wasted tax payer money. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent on a conspiracy, lies, and object ignorance. All of this for politics and ratings. This bunch practices lawfare (Obama, Holder, Crump, et al) and they should have to deal with it in return. Thugs and liars all the way to the top.

    • swanspirit says:

      it didn’t happen in their lovely gated communities , so they don’t care . i deeply and sincerely wish lawsuits could be brought against all of them, up to and including The Tides and the contributors , including Mrs Heinz-Kerry

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