Desperately Seeking Racism

Oh no you di'n't!

Oh no you di’n’t!

This is what the racial grievance industry looks like:

“Listen when I talk to you!”: How white entitlement marred my trip to a Ferguson teach-in

On Friday, I was on the train to New York to do a teach-in on Ferguson at NYU. Beats headphones on, lost in thought, peering out the window, I suddenly saw a white hand shoving my work carry-on toward me. Startled, I looked up to see the hand belonged to a white guy, who was haphazardly handling my open bag, with my laptop perched just inside to make space for himself on the seat next to me.

That he wanted the seat on the now full train was not the problem. That he assumed the prerogative to place his hands on my bag, grab it, shove it at me, all while my computer was unsecured and peaking out, infuriated me. I said to him, “Never put your hands on my property.”

His reply: “Well, you should listen when I talk to you.” That line there, the command that when he, whoever he was, spoke, I should automatically listen encapsulates the breadth of the battle against racism we have to fight in this country.

Buoyed by his own entitlement, his own sense of white male somebodiness, this passenger never even considered that he might simply try harder to get my attention before putting his hands on my stuff. His own need to control space, his own sense of entitlement to move anything in his way even if it held something of value to another person, his belief that he had the right to do whatever he needed to do to make the environment conform to his will are all hallmarks of white privilege.

In the reverse scenario, a black man would never get on the train, snatch up a white woman’s bag, and shove it in her face. But then black women are rarely entitled to the courtesies proffered to white women, and black people never presume they are entitled to occupy interracial spaces so aggressively.

To have a white man in 2014 demand that I listen when he speaks is the height of racial disrespect and indignity. To have a white person shove my belongings to the side rather than simply get my attention and ask my permission is an unnecessary level of disrespect, one that conveys yet again that their needs matter more than my own.

I do not exist to make white people comfortable. The fact that I know that and act like it makes white people even more uncomfortable.


Some will argue that I cannot generalize ideas about white entitlement from the action of one jerk on the train. After all, people get into petty squabbles on the train all the time. Let us not forget, however, that the civil rights movement was catalyzed by a squabble over a seat on a bus. I’m no Rosa Parks, of course. But what these connected histories teach us is that the right to occupy public accommodations unharassed is a right black people fought for. Died for. Endured centuries of indignity and white entitlement for. Battles over how we share public space are foundational to the narrative of race in this country.

Still I am struck by the utter cluelessness of this guy on the train, by the way in which snatching up my belongings and shoving them at me seemed like an entirely reasonable thing for him to do. Mere seconds after this exchange, he looked at me frantically as he patted his pockets. “I can’t find my cellphone!” He knew I didn’t have it, but what he wanted from me was empathy and, perhaps, assistance. As I fought back the urge to pummel this man, it occurred to me that far too many white people really don’t get how short black America’s collective fuse is in this moment.

That was Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper, who teaches Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies when she’s not doing teach-ins and writing for Salon. I think it’s safe to say that she has “issues.”

My grandma used to say “If you go looking for trouble you’ll find it.” Ms. Cooper appears to be the type of person who goes thru like looking for offense, particularly racial grievances. It’s an extra added bonus if the perceived offense comes from a white male.

Not surprisingly, she finds a lot of them.

I don’t know the backstory on the man she is talking about. Maybe he’s an unreconstructed white supremacist and a male chauvinist. Or maybe he was just a guy who was tired and sore and needed to sit down on a crowded train. But I would bet money that his version of the incident would be very different from hers.

For the crime of touching her bag she wanted to pummel him. That says more about her feeling of entitlement than it does about his. Even more revealing is the fact that she perceives their interaction thru a racial lens. Even if you think he was being an asshole, there is no reason to believe that he would have treated a white man any differently. He didn’t say or do anything to indicate racial animus.

Maybe he just doesn’t exist to make black people more comfortable.

This is from Stephen Miller at Ricochet:

The Extraordinary Life of Barack Obama’s Imaginary Son

In an upcoming People magazine interview, Barack and Michelle Obama sit down and discuss life as the First Oppressed Couple of the United States. Hoping to shed light and relate to recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, Barack reached into the upstairs White House bedroom of his mind and called upon his famous imaginary son to make an appearance:

The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced,” President Obama said. “It’s one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It’s another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.

Once again, Barack Obama’s imaginary son has found himself unfairly in trouble with the law. If you recall, his imaginary son was also shot by an imaginary neighborhood watch guard in the same style as Trayvon Martin. But Obama’s imaginary son is plucky and resilient and has lived a hard life in the hood so he keeps bouncing back.

In his life, Obama’s imaginary son has been shot at, concussed out of football, and racially profiled. Yet he keeps picking himself up and carrying on. Obama’s imaginary son should be an example to us all. No matter what kind of imaginary circumstances we find ourselves in, we can continue on with our imaginary lives.


The President of the United States seems more comfortable citing the struggles of his imaginary son than the privileged successes of his real daughters. In truth, Obama’s son would have attended private schools in Chicago, just like his daughters. He would then be attending Sidwell Private School in DC, just like his real daughters. Obama’s imaginary son would get his pick of any college in the world, just like his real daughters. His imaginary son would then go on to any career he chose, in medicine, law, Hollywood, or Wall Street, just like his real daughters. But that doesn’t fit the divisive racial narrative — so his son lives the hard-knock life.

We all experience small irritations and indignities from time to time, but most of us don’t see it as part of a pattern of discrimination and/or oppression. Shit happens. H8ers gonna h8. Assholes are assholes. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist. But if you have to go out of your way to look for it, it’s not nearly as big a problem as some people would like you to believe.

After all, what would the racial grievance mongers do if racism didn’t exist?

Racism is a handy excuse for some people. Racism is an external problem that leaves the victim blameless. The reason I can’t find a job isn’t that I’m lazy and uneducated, I’m being discriminated against! I didn’t go to prison because I committed crimes, the police and the justice system are racist!

If racism isn’t the problem, then it must be my fault.

Fifty years ago racism was a legitimate excuse. Back then you didn’t have to go looking for racism, there were signs in store windows proclaiming it. Now we even have a black President, but the black community is in as bad or worse condition and people are still insisting that racism is the reason.


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119 Responses to Desperately Seeking Racism

  1. Lulu says:

    This is all the Obamas’ got. The first six years have been an unmitigated disaster and they are not going to get the six or seven figure contracts for speeches that the Clinton’s STILL get to speak. They can’t talk about policy because they have screwed up everything they ever touched. They can’t talk about inspirational stuff because all they do is bitch, kvetch and hector. They have burned their bridges with most Democrats with the hollowing out of the party and the implosions of 2010 and 2014. Who would put these idiots on a corporate board? The Sony hack has shown just how their “friends” regard them. Instead of cultivating contacts, working with people in DC, being social and decent people, they have used the WH as a weapon of personal pique. The media still likes them but the public is sick of their faces and don’t like the media either. Their post presidential prospects are grim. That leaves the race baiting and trashcan passing circuit and they seem to be trying it out before leaving office. This is one of the biggest falls in American political history. And it is ALL on them personally.

  2. dm says:

    I ride the commuter bus everyday to work. It infuriates me how “some” people – who happen to cross all racial definitions – plop their shit in the seat next to them and only move it if someone says excuse me, can I sit there….I also have a vision disability and have on more than one occasion accidentally sat on someone’s belongings in the morning when it’s dark. What makes “them” think they are entitled to take up 2 seats?? Talk about your privilege…

    As for Obama, everything in his head is “imaginary”…his life, his upbringing, his work, his accomplishments…none of it is real in my opinion so why should it suprise anyone when he talks about his imaginary son?

  3. DeniseVB says:

    I’m sure Ms.Raycist McFeelings, with her headphones full blast, must have missed the numerous conductor’s announcements that the train was full (or sold out) and to clear the seat next to you. Items on the seat could also indicate your travelling pal may be off getting a cup of coffee, so you usually politely ask if the seat is taken. She was obviously ignoring the guy too, maybe even pretending to be asleep. He could have tapped her on the shoulder, but then would she be writing an attempted rapey column.

    Love train travel, and over the many years, I’ve never had someone grab my stuff. Ever.

    • Somebody says:

      She teaches women and gender studies and africana studies, she is the quintessential grievance monger.

  4. HELENK3 says:

    when you are on a train, you have an overhead rack to put your belongings. You are told not to put your belongings on the seat next to you. That was one of her first mistake. Another was to think that she is important enough in a stranger’s life the he would give a damn about her race.
    I am so sick of hearing the everybody picks on me because I am black whining. How about lady you were rude and inconsiderate.
    As for the backtrack’s they have used race as a tool to get what they wanted. African drunken black daddy took off. For some reason black stepdad was not too happy with him. White grandmom worked to get him in to a private school and give him a decent life and he could not even be bothered to give her a decent funeral. White granddad introduced him to a black communist and that was the first anti-American mentor in his life
    Meechele’s dad was a political ward leader and she lived off the taxpayer’s money for most of her life. they were introduced and married for political reasons. Neither one of them has had a bad life in this country. More has been given to them than most Americans black or white or red or yellow or brown.
    The trying to divide America is getting real old , real fast.and has set back race relations at least 50 years and I do not know how long it will take to recover.
    I do know I do not want to see another democrat in any office again as long as I live. They can not be trusted with my country

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Priorities? I’ll just leave this here …. the shoes cost $200, probably more than their credit scores.

  6. HELENK3 says:

    this young man has more common sense the the president of the USA and that is a sad statement to make

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Good catch by Newsbusters, the “racist” interview of the Obamas was a People Magazine fail for not catching the flip-flop of MO’s Target story.

  8. votermom says:

    there’s a kind of cookie that’s made with egg whites, sugar & flour (look like little half puffy circles).
    Kind of like meringue but with flour. I think of them as merigue cookies. Anyone know what they’re called?

  9. mothy6767 says:

    I think obama’s imaginary son is screaming for help. Has to be tough with two real siblings. I know how tough it is with Samantha-Suzie and Suzie-Samantha(conjoined identical with different fathers) that Shay refused to create so I had to. The twins have come in handy over the years. Tough day at preschool well let me tell you what the twins endured at pretend pre school. Poor things have not had it easy. Pup knows they are not real but enjoyed the yarns I spoke. Call me racist but I would never let my pretend twins hang out with obama’s pretend son. I think he is a bad influence.

  10. DeniseVB says:

    So WaPo’s digging back to the 40’s for racial injustices ? There’s been thousands since then, even poor white/yellow/red people are rushed to justice.

  11. Somebody says:

    I went Christmas shopping last night and I was mistaken for a store employee by two women, one of which was hispanic so I’m pretty sure it was a racist act. I was standing at the price check scanner when they approached me to ask me the price of something and whether or not an item was in stock. Once I identified myself as not being a store employee they dropped their request about whether an item was in stock, but still asked me to scan their items to find the price because they apparently get frustrated with the price check scanner.

    I scanned their items, but I also told them they were racist for asking me to scan their items. You should have seen the look of complete shock on their faces. Then I went on to mention the People magazine article and explain why I had accused them of being racist. They were unaware of the upcoming article, but not at all surprised by it. They said they were so sick and tired of the Obamas and all the race baiting and couldn’t wait for them to be gone. Others in the immediate area added they felt the same way………racists the lot of them, LMAO!! BTW there were some Obama voters in the crowd, only one that voted for him twice. Everyone that voted for him apologized for having done so in a public confession sort of way, the one that voted for him twice kept apologizing………I really wanted to ask that one never to vote again. Oh and the one that voted for him twice is the one that asked me to scan her items, clearly not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed is a price scanner confuses her.

    • mothy6767 says:

      When I was at school concert I gave up my seat to an older couple. They took turns sitting. Only 17 kids in the class. It was 40 degrees and these people were dressed for the South Pole. They sat I stood. No biggie. Turns out they are grandparents from the Philippines and Cesar is in my pups class. I stand with his dad at every dance my camera sucks but he is high end and he gives me copies of everything. Spends as much time filming my brat as his own kid. Light up Night his son was not even involved but he was there to see my brat dance in the street and he brought along his high end camera and taped it. I asked why over a Jim Beam and he said my family made him feel the most welcome. He is doing well in America by the looks of his camera but he has never in 4 years whined. Pup’s best friend is from Nepal. I strive to give my brat all in my power and yet she gravitated to the outsiders.I am explosive with pride when parents that endured brutal civil wars and picked up and moved to a small town and then they make an effort to let me know that my brat has made the transition easier. I burst with pride.

  12. HELENK3 says:

    since I am 5ft 1in and the shelves in a lot of stores must be 10ft high I have to ask for help sometimes. Never thought about color, just thought are they tall enough to reach what I want? Does that make me a heightist?

  13. Kathy says:

    this whole racial sensitivity reminds me of dryer sheets. I know -strange. we have to invent these things so that we can miss them if we don’t have them. Nobody that I know even wants to talk to a black person for fear of offending in some imaginary way. Making up ways to take offense has become a cottage industry.

  14. Somebody says:

    There isn’t any institutional racism in this country that I am aware of and hasn’t been for 50 years or so. I don’t personally know any openly racist people, but I’m not denying that perhaps they exist. If they do, I think they are a small minority of the population. Everything isn’t about race, there are jerks in all colors and sizes, but that doesn’t make them racists. I’m really sick of people ascribing every slight to racism. Maybe all the white people should start doing that too, maybe then these race baiters would get the message.

    No matter what people think you will never erase prejudices from people’s minds. People make judgements based on their life experiences you can’t change that even with full blown thought police. Some people don’t care for fat people or people with tatoos or what have you, maybe they had a bad experience that colored their view who knows, who cares. The civil rights movement wasn’t about implementing thought police as far as I know. It was about getting rid of Jim Crow laws and institutional racism and segregation. I was a very young child at the time so if I’m wrong about the impetus of the civil rights movement hopefully someone will correct me.

    • elliesmom says:

      For the vast majority of people involved in the civil rights movement, you’re right on the money, but there was a contingency more interested in payback.

      • Somebody says:

        Thanks EM, I thought I was correct. I guess the only ones that kept on keeping on were those that wanted payback. I’ve heard that whole sins of the father argument, two wrongs never make a right in my opinion but my opinion really doesn’t hold much weight.

        I’m about to turn 53 in a couple of days…..Festivus airing of the grievances idea was stolen from my family because all they’ve ever done is bitch about my birthday being the 23rd!!! Anyway, even though I’ve always lived in the south I have no memory of separate drinking fountains and such. By the time I went to school, desegregation was already in motion. I just don’t have any memory at all of pre-civil rights days and honestly it was too fresh to really be a part of curriculum when I was in school, or maybe it wasn’t but since I was in the south it wasn’t brought up much???? I thought I understood it all correctly, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for letting me know I was pretty much correct.

    • The Klown says:

      The Left and the racial grievance mongers like to rub our noses in how bad things used to be. But I can watch 12 Years A Slave and feel absolutely no guilt because I didn’t do any of those things.

      Literally my entire life I have watched black leaders blame white people for everything that is wrong in the black community. I have also watched our government spend billions of dollars and pass all kinds of laws specifically to fix the problems in the black community. But the problems persist and black leaders keep blaming white people.

      Meanwhile, immigrants from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America come here and move past the blacks who were born here.

  15. HELENK3 says:

    if backtrack had a son, would he go to this college? Here is a place where a black child could get ahead and it is having financial problems. Why no black support to help where it is needed?

  16. piper says:

    Well it’s time for me to get my whining in. As an old person I hate being called ‘dear’ which happens a lot in restaurants and at check-out counters. Should I call Rev. Al or Jessie to make it better?

  17. piper says:

    If people are so upset and conflicted about everything, they can move to other countries like Cuba, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pookistan for the utopian life they crave. My parents immigrated from oppressive countries (told stories about life in the old motherland) and valued the life they had here. The U.S. isn’t perfect but what country is.
    BTW – look at Sweden, a country of 9.5 million, with immigrant population being about 20% (1 in 5) and see how that country has undergone radical changes in the last decade – not for the better.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Yep, that’s a good case study of not handling immigration well. Of course if you’re in Sweden and complain, off to the re-education camps you go.

  18. DeniseVB says:

    I had to laugh at the timing of this …. First the Bill Clinton photo with the buxom blonde, then finding out who she is, then this….. coincidence ? snicker.

  19. mothy6767 says:

    A little anti racism . Cat Steven’s plays guitar and her daughter went on to be a star on SNl.
    Minnie Riperton(Maya Randolph)

  20. The Klown says:

    • Lulu says:

      Would he also be racist for NOT sitting next to her? I think she is just more comfortable with two seats for obvious reasons. Is all of her vitriol really about public transport seats being too small for her and she doesn’t like people being squished up against her. Is she picking up people not liking how much room she takes up rather than it being about her race? If she made it about being fat she would be laughed at.

      • Propertius says:

        Is all of her vitriol really about public transport seats being too small for her

        I dunno, that sounds like “sizeist fat-shaming” to me. Better “check your privilege,” Lulu 😉

      • elliesmom says:

        There’s a very old auditorium at Harvard. The seats are benches. Spaces have numbers on the back of the seats. When a concert there is sold out, it’s really funny to see how many fewer people fit in the rows than they’ve sold tickets to. You don’t have to be fat by today’s standards to take up more than your allocated room. I’m not being unkind when I say this woman would easily need three. When we go to something there, Elliesdad always buys floor seats which are individual or nosebleed balcony seats, which are folding chairs. Anywhere in the middle and you risk sitting on the floor because no one will accuse anyone of being too fat for one ticket. It’s almost better than the show. To be fair, Elliesdad and I probably need 3 seats for the 2 of us.

        • Lulu says:

          I used to be tiny but now need 1.25 seats due to “spread”. My husband (Mr No-ass) needs room above the seat for shoulders. He leans towards me sideways because his shoulders are hitting the guy next to him and there is room in the empty air space around the middle of my head. I know a guy who wears size 16 shoes and there isn’t room for his feet in a tight spacing theatre so he is miserable. Really we are not all shaped alike and have many challenges in being crammed into tight spaces. All we can do is endure and be pleasant to each other while being smushed into each others asses. And bathe and wear clean clothes. And not eat pork and beans for week before said smushing.

          • The Klown says:

            As I get older I notice that chairs and newsprint get smaller.

          • cynic says:

            I went to a wake the other night, and our friend owns the funeral home. He was telling us that the casket makers have finally started making the caskets larger. Didn’t even think about our larger sizes affecting so many businesses.

        • Propertius says:

          There’s a very old auditorium at Harvard.

          Memorial Hall?

  21. mothy6767 says:

    Child labor laws are convoluted. according to my attorney I have to be a paid employee of the brat to back on set. Til now 100 % went into college fund. Now she has a commercial(maybe). No one on set but pros. Fine pay me a dollar as her agent. Nope has to be reasonable. So let’s say she gets 10 grand and pays me 15% I am putting it all in her college fund but I still pay 200 hundred in taxes. I do not want or need her money and not looking for a write off. First off if you deposit to a kids college savings account and want the write off it requires you fill out tons of confusing forms. I deposit 50 0n Valentine’s Day to my brothers kid. Not worth the hassle of the paper work.

    • Lulu says:

      Make the contribution from your payments from her into a “529”. A bank or stock broker can help you set up the accounts. Then the money is not taxed up to a max per year and not taxed when it is used in the year needed for college expenses. We used this for all three of our kids and grandparents contributed too with tax savings to them as well. It does require a couple of extra tax forms but hire a CPA to fill out JUST those forms if you need until you learn how to do it.

      • mothy6767 says:

        I have a 529 when it gets tricky is when other people make deposits. I for every holiday put money in my brothers account for his daughter. Not much usually 50. I do not own the account he does. I just transfer a small amount a few times a year. Tax stuff was never an issue but I cannot take another stuffed animal. Waste of money I let it be known no more. Deposit into her college fund. I know you can deduct but if it is not in your name it is odd. I am from a big family so it works for me . I buy tuition at today’s cost. Monster is in 3rd but I think I have two years at a state school covered. My other niece is important to me so what am I going to do send her roses on Valentine’s Day or put money towards her education. She has 14 people outside of my brother that want the best. A thousand a year from each of us covers tuition at a state school or one more piece of junk stuffed toy.
        My baby brother actually bought Shay an iPhone 6 for Christmas and put her on his plan Waste.

        • votermom says:

          It would actually be better, if they trust you ;), for you to be the owner of the 529.
          If neither parent nor student owns the 529, it is invisible to Financial Aid formulas.

          • mothy6767 says:

            My advisor told me 529s are immune period.I am the only one that can close the account or withdrawal.if I do I pay tax on it even though the money was already taxed. Tuition right now is about 15k a year at PA schools.I have a little over a year and half paid. Imagine what it will be in 9 years. 529s are the bomb. I simply look at it as a monthly bill. I do 250 and then i try to economize. Shamefully I am a smoker. One carton of Criss-cross cigars cost me 14 dollars for the month(hat tip to the soulful clued me in on those)/ pack is almost 8 dollars I save 6 a pack.I put the savings into 529.I also started using coupons. Never did before but when I get to the checkout and receipt says I saved 18 dollars I move 25 to her account. Painless way to save. I cut back but I do not feel it.she is worth it. got a C on a math test two weeks ago and we had a talk. She brought home three 100% tests today. Kid is so easy to raise. She does nothing wrong. I am spoiled but perhaps I get lazy because she is so good. A C caught my attention and I do feel that was her intent make me look.eight plus years of this creature. My world. I was visiting Pittsburgh from New York no way did I want to be a bit part in her life. Thrown away child not much more than a welfare check. Fat little arms clinging to my neck. She never went back to the welfare concentration camp. I am a gay but that has nothing to do with our bond. I have raised this little thing because I was all there was. Resent gay speak. Crud is my friend I want to guide her to the best of my abilities. She is not a social experiment. Never dreamed I would be in my late 40’s obsessing over tuition ten years down the road. Very few people get to be so blessed.

  22. 49erDweet says:

    It was so sad last night! I was in moderation and forced to wake up the dogs in order to talk to anyone. They weren’t all that happy, either.

    • HELENK3 says:

      what did you do?.. I have my son’s dog with me while his wife is in the hospital.Maggie is training me a day at a time. We walk at least 4 times a day, she gets me up early in the morning, has me buying her toys and giving her treats

      • 49erDweet says:

        You are unclear on the concept, Helen. YOU are supposed to be The Master (or Mistress). We ‘guardian’ two young chocolate labradoodles for a breeder and they dote on my every word…..or at least coax treats outta me by acting as if they do.

  23. Propertius says:

    Silly r*cist! He should have just sat down on her computer. In a completely unprivileged and culturally sensitive fashion, of course.

  24. WMCB says:

    So AFTER this supposed rape happened, Jackie writes an email from herself to fake guy, praising Randall. Then has fake guy “pass it along” to Randall.

    Looking more and more like all of this was elaborate manipulation to try to get Randall to like her/feel sorry for her/rescue her. Jackie is pretty much just a creepy stalker.

  25. HELENK3 says:

    ACLU files lawsuit against the Ferguson-Florissant School District, accusing its electoral system of undermining the black vote – @ACLU

  26. Constance says:

    What a self centered snot Brittney Cooper sounds like with her petty grievance. Be aware of your surroundings, if the public transportation is filling up, you don’t have the right to one seat for you and one seat for your junk. Even if you are black.

    • The Klown says:

      On buses, in waiting rooms and theaters etc. I prefer not to have a stranger sitting right next to me. But when it gets crowded, you have to share.

      • Constance says:

        One time when the kids were young we were flying back to visit Gma and Gpa at Christmas. The plane was packed and we were in that middle row with 5 seats across. My son was about 5 and when a black woman sat down next to him in HER seat he said in a loud voice “I’m not feeling like sitting by someone who is not a family member right now so move” I thought I’d die and I had to sit there for 4 hours. It wasn’t racial, he just didn’t yet understand the social requirements of crowds. But she clearly took it as a racial slur.
        I don’t know how to convince black people that things like that happen to everyone and are not skin color dependent.

  27. swanspirit says:

    So, we have composite girlfriends in Obola’s autobiography , a made up son ( how sexist of him to be wishing for a son when he has two daughters ) , imaginary racism on the bus , invented rape on a college campus , and made up stories of protecting muslims .
    But Republicans are the nuts???

  28. WMCB says:

    So a few theaters, notably one on Texas, announced that because Sony caved to North Korean threats and pulled their film The Interview, they would be showing Team America: World Police this weekend.

    So now Paramount has decided to NOT ALLOW theaters to show Team America. Because evidently under Obama we are a nation of pussified cowards.

  29. WMCB says:


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  31. mothy6767 says:

    Icky stinky is at that age where she is discovering the world on her own. Grocery line and she decides she wants to buy a tabloid and then discuss Angelina Jolie. According to my 8 year old Jennifer Aniston has killer calves and Jolie is a pretty stick figure with an “exaggerated” head.
    Lord help me this is what 8 looks like. Bitch manager/owner of the store thought it was cute to buy her the rag/mag. I spent aisles saying no. You have your own money buy it if you want. She cracked and was going to shell out but the owner bought it for her. And so it goes. Mag was inTouch and it seems Jolie and Anniston have come to terms. Of course I read the whole thing back to back twice. Gossip is freaky. Do I care that Mel b has a baby bump. No but I could not stop reading. Bruce Jenner is strange. Olympian becoming a woman at 70???????? He is like the subplot of a Damon Wyans movie.

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