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Super Bowl Eve Open Thread

Oh wait, it will never get better than this: or this…

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I’m Already Getting Sick Of This Shit

Headline stories, in descending order of importance: Katy Perry Confirms ‘Mean Girls’ Tweet was Aimed at Taylor Swift Katy Perry is finally copping to that cryptic Mean Girls tweet she sent out that everyone assumed was about Taylor Swift. Turns … Continue reading

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Friday Night DVD and Beer Open Thread

I slept all morning and I’ve been on the go ever since. I made two trips to the recycling place, one trip to the supermarket, a trip to the local hospital to pick up a patient and take her home, … Continue reading

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Cruzin’ with Ted: Loretta Lynch Edition

Infamous Texas crazypants Senator Ted Cruz asks questions of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch: With regard to the limits of executive power, Sen. Cruz asked, “Let me ask about your understanding of prosecutorial discretion. Would it allow a subsequent president… … Continue reading

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“Get out of here, you low-life scum!”

Your Thursday moment of Zen: Code Pink staged a protest in a Senate Armed Services committee hearing, chanting that Henry Kissinger needed to be arrested for war crimes. When peace was finally being restored and one of the protesters kept … Continue reading

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Palinpalooza 2015

They just can’t quit her. Mark Hemingway at The Weakly Standard: In Defense of Sarah Palin Matt Lewis has a column today over at the Daily Beast headlined, “You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin: It’s time to admit … Continue reading

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Another Small Step

WaPo: Mormon church announces support for legal protections for gay people After years of behind-the-scenes meetings between LGBT advocates and top Mormon leaders, church officials Tuesday announced for the first time general support for legislation to protect LGBT people in … Continue reading

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70 Years Ago Today – The Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau

70 years ago today Obama’s grandfather and the Red Army liberated the most notorious of the death camps run by Nazi Germany. Here is the story of one survivor, Elie Wiesel: At the beginning of Night, Wiesel introduces someone he … Continue reading

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It’s Taggart’s Big Day!

He’s getting tutored! This is an open thread to keep you busy until I get back from dropping Tag off at the vet’s.

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Greece is the Word

Dominic Nanni is a socialist grad student at Wayne State University in Detroit who conservatives like to slap around on Twitter because of his lame advocacy for classroom leftist ideology. This is his latest: THE FAR-LEFT IN GREECE ACCOMPLISHED WHAT … Continue reading

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Saggy Monday Open Thread

Last night the Screen Actors Guild honored one of the great ones for her lifetime achievement, although if I was an aging actress I’m not sure I would want a SAG Award. Anyway, Debbie Reynolds still rocks. This is an … Continue reading

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Hotty Toddy Open Thread – Juno Edition

For my “Winter Storm Juno” brothers and sisters, stay safe and warm. (and just testing my other FB page where I collect recipes….tapping the link below will take you to the recipe. Crap, gotta work on that page…)

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Is Walker Running? He Sure Looks Like He Is!

So they had that Iowa Freedom Summit get-together yesterday, and the general consensus is the big winner was Cheesehead Governor Scott Walker: In the 2016 sweepstakes, the standout performances would probably go to Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry. … Continue reading

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Cruzin’ With Ted – Iowa Edition

Ted Cruz gave a speech today at the Iowa Freedom Summit. So did a few others, including Scott Walker, who I plan to showcase in the morning. This is an open thread.

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This is fucking humiliating

BREAKING: Indian official: Obama cancels end of India trip to fly to Saudi Arabia following king's death — The Associated Press (@AP) January 24, 2015 Associated Press: President Barack Obama will cut short his three-day trip to India to travel … Continue reading

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The King Is Dead! Long Live The King!

King Abdullah was a man of wisdom & vision. US has lost a friend & Kingdom of #SaudiArabia, Middle East, and world has lost a revered leader — John Kerry (@JohnKerry) January 23, 2015 Associated Press: Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter: Pants Up, Don’t Loot Edition

More than 180 suspects looted the Dellwood Market following the grand jury decision on November 24, 2014. If you can identiy any of these suspects, please contact the St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477. Compared to … Continue reading

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Overnight Open Thread

ESPN Poll: "Do you consider the Patriots cheaters?" Blue is yes, red is no. — jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) January 22, 2015 I’m gonna hate this Super Bowl.

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My Girl Megyn

From The Megyn Kelly Moment in the New York Times: For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, a Megyn moment, as I have taken to calling it, is when you, a Fox guest — maybe a regular guest or even an … Continue reading

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WTF Wednesday – SOTU Edition

Twitter is a strange and wonderful place, but mostly just strange: Joni Ersnt w/the dog whistle. "Our parents worked hard so we could succeed."= brown people's parents didn't. Fuck you, Joni. — Nicole G. Cloutier (@Lindygeek) January 21, 2015 Man … Continue reading

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