Rebels Without A Clue


“I feel pretty tired,” McKenna said a day after he sat on I-93 with his arm inside a 55 gallon cement barrel. “I have a pretty good deal of pain in my arm.”



Protester: Negative Reaction To I-93 Demonstration ‘Hard To Stomach’

One of the protesters arrested for shutting down Interstate 93 in Milton reacted on social media to the public outcry against the demonstrations that snarled traffic for thousands of commuters.

Mark Schwaller of Jamaica Plain pleaded not guilty on Thursday to to trespassing, throwing glass on a public way, willfully obstructing an emergency vehicle, conspiracy, disorderly conduct and throwing an object on a public way.

On Friday, Schwaller posted to his Facebook page about the reaction to the group’s protest.

“The amount of hate swirling around this action is pretty incredible, and hard to stomach. Nevertheless, the love of a few mighty souls is penetrating all of it, for me, at least,” Schwaller wrote.

He later deleted the post.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod went to Schwaller’s apartment in Jamaica Plain hoping for some perspective. He didn’t get that but he did get tossed by another man there.

“I need you to leave our property immediately,” the man said. “I’m sorry that’s all I have to say.”

In Somerville, MacLeod buzzed the apartment door of protester Nicole Sullivan. On the intercom, a man said, “This is harassment please leave.”

WBZ also went to the upscale Brookline home where protester Jim Billman lives with his parents.

“He’s not here actually,” a female voice said through the door. “He’s not giving any interviews. Please go away.”

The only arrested demonstrator who agreed to talk briefly was Occupy Boston veteran Noah McKenna, who lives at his dad’s home in Jamaica Plain.

“I feel pretty tired,” McKenna said a day after he sat on I-93 with his arm inside a 55 gallon cement barrel. “I have a pretty good deal of pain in my arm.”

“I’m not going to discuss the particulars about how this action was planned,” McKenna said.

But McKenna did argue that any commuter inconvenience or ambulance delay was small stuff when compared to the injustice black Americans face at the hands of police.

He admitted the backlash from the protest had him worried about his safety.

“I’m actually uncomfortable with this being filmed here,” McKenna said.

Former Occupy protesters, living in their parent’s upscale homes. All they need are Ivy League degrees in useless majors like Gender Studies to hit the Leftist cliche trifecta.

They shut down a couple stretches of freeway during the morning commute and now they can’t figure out why people are pissed at them.

Fucking douchebarrels.

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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Fox Boston:

    Nearly 30 people were arrested Thursday accused of causing complete chaos on Route 93. FOX 25 spent the day digging into the backgrounds of the suspects, learning that some have been charged for the same offense before and some aren’t even from the area.

    FOX 25 has learned that of the 29 charged in connection with the Black Lives Matter protests in Medford and Milton, some have been arrested during other protests in the past and a few weren’t even residents of the Commonwealth, neither of which was a surprise to local law enforcement.

    Dan Linskey, retired Boston police chief and security expert, says he saw several familiar faces during the dual protests Thursday.

    “Professional agitators, professional protesters, this is what they do for a living,” he said.

    Linskey says the some of protesters were the same people he dealt with during the 2011 Occupy Boston movement. FOX 25 has confirmed that is true of at least one of the protesters, 28-year-old Noah McKenna, who was outspoken during the Occupy movement.

    But when we went to his Jamaica Plain home, a family member said he didn’t want to comment.

    Protesters leaving Norfolk County District court Thursday didn’t want to discuss their alleged activities either, saying they had “no comment” when asked if they thought the protests jeopardized public safety.

    Another protester arrested Thursday faced similar charges in Colorado for trespassing and inducing panic. Three of them aren’t even Massachusetts residents, but have addresses in Washington state, Colorado and New York.

  2. HELENK3 says:

    this could be said about protesters also

  3. mothy6767 says:

    I am worried about my parents. Dad is reading “We the Living” and mother watches FOX news 24/7 and joined the local TEA Party. She is All over Facebook with her rants They were life long democrats and never questioned. Judge Jeanine is day bomb according to mother. Mitt is quite interesting to watch the transformation. I throw out a little fact and she goes off the rails. So w e can take in and house millions of children from South America but leave our veterans to anguish on the streets. One day I feat her head is going to pop off and roll down the street. We have a 7% alcohol tax which is supposed to fund the bus system. Why there were 7 bars where I had mine I had to put away about 500/wk to cover it. 7 times 7 is 49. So 4900 hundred collected from one community that does not have the service of one bus. Where is that money going? Where is the money going? Same thing with the lottery benefits senior citizens. Exactly how. My FOX watching Ayn Rand reading bio units get nothing. Zero. We had two bottles of pinot gris(i have no idea what the difference is between pinot grigio and pinot grips is) 6 of us 35 a bottle. So 70 for wine.4.20 was stacked on to fund the buses. Where is that money going and why do I have to pay for someone else’s bus fare to Wal-Mart? Before you judge me I am betrothed to a 90 year old Indian woman from India . Lord knows I hate shopping but there was this dinosaur trying to shop. Wench was holding her basket with both hands. I robbed her and left her for dead. Not really. We began a courtship. She and her wolf pack of addled seniors meet me at the grocery store every two weeks. I call my parents and brothers to pick us up and we ride them back to the assisted living center and I get drunk playing gin with women that smell like mothballs. Thing is the bus is free for seniors so I suppose the lottery claims that is what it does. No one is on the buses mid afternoon. So a senior gets on that does not effect the gas, wages, benefits operating costs. That bus is running regardless. I think it is a scam. Federal funds, state funds, fares, booze tax. Lot of money with poor results.

    • jeffhas says:

      It is all a scam – the entire apparatus is designed to take money from one set of citizens to fund the jobs, benefits and pensions of government workers. Period. Back when I was looking for guidance counseling for college careers – NEVER were the words ‘Government Job’ recommended with any positive attributes or respect – but now as I look back, it’s quite obvious that the smartest thing anyone could do now is get on the government gravy train for 20 years, get your pention (which the public sector no longer gets), and ‘retire’ at 40 and start a whole other career to gain income, all the while collecting your government bennies…. And the only way the governments can keep that Gravy Train rolling is to hike your wine tax, of write parking and speeding tickets – why are there parking meters and meter maids, and what kind of beurocracy runs all of that!!!??

      It IS a scam! And we are all paying for it outside of our normal taxes… And this on the Train should be ashamed of themselves – if only people today knew what shame was.

  4. Myiq2xu says:

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Fun stuff, from John Boehner !? It certainly is an attention grabber for some very good points about FREE College 😀

  6. leslie says:

    While Selma will be free to students out of school Monday for MLK day, I’m going to see American Sniper. Won’t be a crowd here in Progville to see that movie. I’m surprised they’re even showing it here. For now, I’m running errands. A friend is taking me to see “Birdman” this afternoon. Woot!!!
    Have a great day everyolne……………………. 🙂

  7. mothy6767 says:

    My brother and his wife went to see American Sniper last night and all good seats were sold out for the whole night. They are predicting it will be the largest January opening ever. It already has 5 of the top 20 per screen averages. I will see it again once I don’t have to endure another human being next to me. I often by the seats next to me so I don’t have to smell Axe body spray for two hours. I reek of garlic all the time so I am not being a complete puts. Cheap body sprays give me a massive headache. I created quite the tado once on a flight because a very large man could not sit in his seat. I had three. Bought the whole roll. My money my choice. Guess flight attendant didn’t look at the manifest or maybe there is some policy that says unoccupied seats can be commandeered. Anyhow I was asleep over the Atlantic and this massive form takes up two plus seats. I was not happy but I did not want to humiliate him so I spoke to an attendant. They moved me to first class and gave me a number to call for a voucher. Poor customer service. The only reason it did not turn into air rage was I kept my cool. I was going to a funeral for a guy I knew that died from AIDS he was 14 when his step father began pimping him out. He never finished 8th grade. Missing teeth at 21. No prospects yet he cleaned himself up and was working as a bus boy. Early 90’s there was no treatment. All he had gone through and beat then to die. I was living in hostels I did not have the money to buy two empty seats. I just wanted to be left alone. No inane small talk. I refrained from embarrassing the “heavy” guy in front of everyone but no one asked why I bought three seats they just plopped him down. I look back and wonder why I didn’t just buy a first class ticket. I am not first class nor do I want to be. I find elitists gross. Wish I had that clarity when I bought the tickets. I didn’t . I was in a pub in London when I got the call. I booked my tickets right there from a press on answer public phone in a bar. I put it on credit. Did not care. His mother called him filthy on his death bed. Kid was not even gay he was a commodity for his stepfather.
    So again when I bought two extra seats I just wanted to be alone. I was going to a unheralded not want to discuss royals or Big Ben. I did not make a stink and was never charged for any tickets but good Lord the selfish couple that did not want to sit next to fat man. They were sooooooo rude. Shamed the man on a flight. No one asked me why I bought two extra seats Buff and Judy were uncomfortable with fatty so whole plain suffers.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Good response from the Academy boss to the diversity issue …. oh, and she’s black …..

    I don’t get the whining over the majority of the voting members being “white men” , chances are they’re liberal …. what’s the problem then?

  9. DandyTIger says:

    I love that the barrel protesters don’t want to be interviewed, bothered, harassed, filmed, etc. Priceless.

  10. mothy6767 says:

    Bestest story ever. One of my first jobs in NYC was at The Rose Cafe on 5th Avenue and Ninth street a block from Wahington Square. Suzanne was my manager and she turned me on to heroin. I only snorted but I loved the act of doing it more than the drug going into Alphabet City and scoring was hot. She was Jean Michelle Basquiat’s girlfriend. I thought I was cutting edge. Lucky me because there but for the grace of God go I. Heroin is like warm pillows surrounding you. Maybe I had come to terms with my pain by that age but it was something I was able to walk away from. It was not easy. I think I spent three days with my arms wrapped around a toilet. Julian Schnabel made a bio pic about Jean-Michelle a few years back. What a load of tosh. Suzanne is an MD she is Canadian got amnesty under Reygun scored a number one single in Japan went to Hunter went to med school on some island and is a board certified new york psychiatrist. Damn she did good.
    Same time there was Vincent. He had a lover that was HIV positive. 1992 that was death. Bunch of us from all walks of life were young and adrift. Amanda”‘s father was editor of The Nation. I was so young and terrified of AIDS. Vincent was my friend. When Charlie died Vincent came crying to me at the wake. He said I know what you did. I was at a loss then he told me that I had resolved to make him smile three times a shift. We could not fix Charlie but we can celebrate Vincent. Whole staff did it. Vincent loved it and us. Special time special people. At that time I thought it was important that I be an artist I had major inroads to the top. Common sense took overbought of kids caring about a man is art. A canvas on a wall understood by few not so much.
    Report card is online. Baby girl has straight A’s. Her father is in and out of jail her mother does not call for months. Kid is so adjusted I want her to act out. Had I not known Vincent maybe I would not be able to play a role in this throw away girls life. What is “art”. Some call my choices really bad as I could have a lot of money I do not see it that way. I go to open house and all the teachers gush about how sensitive and kind my brat is. I could slit my wrists hang upside down spit out my teeth and cry pain or I can be your typical gay uncle doing tae keno do in the front lawn.

  11. DeniseVB says:

    Can you say cheap publicity stunt ? Wonder if the Obamas will join them? They all partied together at the White House screening of Selma last night. I bet Sharpton wasn’t invited, he’s the anti-MLK.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      I betcha King’s family won’t be there.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Maybe they’ll be in Selma for the 50th Anniversary of the march on March 7. That would be the best day to do it. It just wasn’t about MLK. Oh wait, that’s after the Feb 22 broadcast of the Oscars, nevermind. 😉

    • SHV says:

      “Oprah Winfrey, ‘Selma’ Team to March in Alabama for Martin Luther King Jr. ..”
      I bet that the “marchers” won’t be staying in Selma. I drove through there about 5 years ago. It’s run down and essentially all poor AA. The Edmund Pettus Bridge looks like it did in the photos from 1965.

  12. Myiq2xu says:

  13. Myiq2xu says:

  14. mothy6767 says:

    For fucks sake I am now sexist, racist and homophobic. I hate women and I am trying to prohibit my girl from bonding in sisterhood. Kid is 8 she is my best friend. Given a choice I would say no no no no no to cheerleading.She takes dance, gymnastics, voice.acting, swim. Over the summer I want to take archery lessons with her. I love it took classes as a kid. I poison her everyday with spinach hidden in a smoothie. Not gonna happen that some ho who has a baby to anyone that will breed her. Pathetic welfare sucking whore. I might add I do not like her.
    Pumpkin is not gonna be a cheer leader. Tuesday she has tea keno do, Wednesday piano. Thursday gymnastics and dance Friday tae keno do. Saturday voice and acting, Sunday swim. Her schedule is full.
    I openly admit I do not want her to be a cheer leader but I keep that to myself I engage her in other activities. Bitch is going after my mom on Facebook. How am I racist for saying no to cheer leading. Gets worse she told her I was gay. No need I knew eventually I would have to address it but what kind of warped mind operates like that. I cherish my crud bought so many mental math books because I refuse to let her be left behind. Not an option. Kid has been taking dance since she was 3 sometimes goodies come with perseverance. Her teachers brother was the choreographer for Chicago. Yes we got backstage passes and photo ops. Pup has been her student in the basement of a church for four years. I did not sign up four years ago thinking I can get a back stage pass. Yet this has nothing to do with school but somehow I am limiting her child’s potential. Bitch better stand down I have slept with Broadway not just the producers the actual street. Why you want to screw with my brat’s life. I adore my monster read every single page of Potter out loud to her. Pom poms and splits do not even cross my mind ever. The tell is the missive she wrote to my mom on Facebook. Not having skunk do what she wants is racist? I can not even begin to articulate the rage I feel about her daughter telling everyone I am a f a g. Funny all the parents knew but most were like that is not cool.

  15. SHV says:

    “STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Not everybody is happy after the NCAA agreed to restore football wins it had stripped from Penn State and Joe Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky child-molestation scandal, ….”
    I never understood how the NCAA could strip wins from Penn. State when the offense wasn’t related to cheating, throwing games, etc. The retroactive and ongoing penalties against the team and players was like an Attainder.

    • 1539days says:

      That never made much sense. The players didn’t know much of anything that was going on and I don’t think they ever proved Paterno had any direct evidence of what Sandusky was doing. It’s not like the Grammys taking away the award from Milli Vanilli. The guys in that band were directly involved in their wrongdoing.

  16. mothy6767 says:

    Here is how bad this woman is. Winter concert went to see kid on stage very crowded and I could not breathe so I hid in the corner near a fire exit guy comes along with that Micheal Jackson skin disease. He and I chat. He told me it was neat that I ignored his deformity. My nephew has it I did see it come on his face was three different colors. I registered it and moved on. We talked he is a single dad mother died. Bitch told him I was hitting on him when I went to the bathroom. He thought it was funny . This woman is a whole new kind of crazy. It is sick stuff she is very white but her many kids are multi-media. She tries to use it all the time. Pity because the girl is sweet. I make an effort to engage my girl outside of a small community. Little towns can be refreshing but they can also be smothering. What kind of a monster gets off by telling an 8 year old the man she treasures most is gay. Vindictive bitch just wanted to cause pain. To bad for her crud was well on her way. Of course I would have preferred a s it down but f a g from the school yard works. Unintended consequences I know all the parents. They are not shocked but they also don’t want to explain.

  17. mothy6767 says:

    I am never ever going to see Selma. No desire. Why would I work 40 hours a week get taxed up the whazoo of which no one listens to me then pay ten dollars to watch orca redo history. Sorry not interested. Feel the same way about gay films. Beautiful Thing is the exception I have very mixed feelings about the gay cowboy flick.I saw it at L Lincoln Center and people were crying in the lobby. I am an asshole always will be always have been. a gay chick flick still leaves me a moron. Confess Emmy Lou Harris ” A love that will never grow old” is haunting.

  18. mothy6767 says:

    Wanna say in my opinion Beautiful Thing is the best gay movie ever. It was a play that ran for years in the West End. Tiny story that speaks volumes. And Mama Cass. Implore you all to watch. hate it I will donate to St Judes I. Your name. Kind of a lie I tithe to St Judes anyhow.

  19. HELENK3 says:

    wonder if it will be a good as the movie

    Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens to star as Sandy and Rizzo, respectively, in Fox’s 3-hour ‘Grease: Live’ production, scheduled for Jan. 31, 2016 – @EW

    • 1539days says:

      3 hours on a Saturday? That’s a little much.

    • mothy6767 says:

      Grease works because it is a simple story. Stunt casting does not work. You’d and old olivia is Sandra Dee . John is Danny. Stoppard Channing. Is Rizzo. No way around it. Like Moses Heston is is him and Lillian Munster is Zephota. Two hundred million from Hollyywierd cannot change that. Grease is the word. Changing Tatum and some hot young thing from Disney channel will never be Danny and Sandy. She is a. Terrible dancer the one that I want is painful to watch. Yet as a whole the movie is iconic. I know every word. Hopelessly devoted to you works because it is a simple song. Easy to sing but Olivia gave it life.

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