I’m Already Getting Sick Of This Shit


Headline stories, in descending order of importance:

Katy Perry Confirms ‘Mean Girls’ Tweet was Aimed at Taylor Swift

Katy Perry is finally copping to that cryptic Mean Girls tweet she sent out that everyone assumed was about Taylor Swift. Turns out, everyone was right.

Back in September, the pop star tweeted: “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing…”

Regina George being Rachel McAdams’ snobby, popular girl character in the hit 2004 teen comedy.

This tweet seemed to be in reaction to Swift’s comments made to Rolling Stone magazine about a fellow female singer that, though she didn’t identify, she claimed had done her wrong. “For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not,” Swift, 25, said. “She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'”

“​​If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it,” Perry, 30, touted to Billboard magazine when asked if her tweet was about the “Shake It Off” singer.

Bruce Jenner Is ‘Transitioning into a Woman,’ Source Confirms to PEOPLE

His changing look has been a much-buzzed-about topic for months, and now PEOPLE has confirmed that Bruce Jenner has been quietly making a very personal change. The former Olympian will soon be living life as female.

“Bruce is transitioning to a woman,” says a source close to the family. “He is finally happy and his family is accepting of what he’s doing. He’s in such a great space. That’s why it’s the perfect time to do something like this.”

And according to a different Jenner insider, the 65-year-old reality star is filming his momentous journey, to be shared with viewers on a docu-series this year. “It will air when he is ready to be open about his transition,” the source tells PEOPLE. “But he’s acting more and more confident and seems very happy.”

Scott Walker is Out of Mitt’s Shadow—But Staying In the Spotlight Is A Challenge

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was the breakout star of last weekend’s Iowa Faith and Freedom Summit, elbowing aside bigger names like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush to seize the 2016 Republican presidential spotlight. Walker had hoped to keep the spotlight by delivering a big speech in Washington on Friday. Instead, Romney seized it back.

When he took the podium at the American Action Forum, Walker chose not to acknowledge the news that Romney, a major rival for the nomination, had bowed out of the race. Instead, he sketched out for the audience at the conservative think tank his vision of what post-Romney Republican politics might look like. Spoiler alert: It looks a lot like the old politics, but with a different guy at the top of the ticket. Walker touted a Wisconsin-centric, meat-and-potatoes, small-government conservatism garnished with a heaping portion of scorn for Washington, D.C. “As much as I love coming here, I love going home even more,” Walker said, calling Washington “68 square miles surrounded by reality.”

Walker mostly avoided such hot-button issues as gay marriage, immigration reform, and education standards, which some of his fellow Republican hopefuls have used to distinguish themselves or to lambaste potential rivals for the nomination. He also didn’t go out of his way to attack Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Instead, he presented his own battles with Wisconsin’s public employee unions as offering a kind of third-way approach to what he called the “false choice” of raising taxes or cutting services. In Wisconsin, he emphasized, this approach has yielded balanced budgets and low unemployment (5.2 percent). Washington, he suggested, would do well to heed his example.

According to my calendar it is still January 2015. The first official votes in the 2016 presidential primaries will not be cast until January 2016. That’s nearly a year away, and most of the voting will take place over a year from now.

I’m already getting sick of this shit.

It seems like several times a day we get IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS!! about who is running, who isn’t, who is winning, who is losing, why X doesn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell and how unnamed sources reveal what strategy Y will use to beat Z. It makes all the Deflategate coverage seem like serious journalism.

I need a vacation.


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95 Responses to I’m Already Getting Sick Of This Shit

  1. driguana says:

    Being on permanent vacation helps a lot!!!….so does gardening and not turning on the tv….for ANY reason other than sports. And…try and have a conversation with someone who doesn’t agree with you!!! Feels like even “the ability to remain silent ” is being challenged.

    And, my older sister had major heart surgery yesterday on my birthday which made it an unusual one. She is recovering slowly in Louisville. Thoughts and prayers in her direction always welcome.
    At the moment, I don’t care who is or is not running for president.

  2. piper says:

    Whatever happened to ‘ let’s agree to disagree’ without name calling, throwing things and out and out destruction to property and body.

    • leslie says:

      I don’t know what happened to “let’s agree to disagree”. I’m finding this Sharpton/Jackson/ Holder sh!t is having an effect around here (northern Illinois). Several AA friends I’ve had forever, are now quoting the Michael Brown mantra and saying “It’s always been this way”. I can’t even speak with them at this time. If I’m silent, they accuse me of being racist. We’ve been friends for almost 20 years. And they are now calling me racist because I don’t jump at the chance to regurgitate what they are saying.
      It is a very sad time.

      • piper says:

        A friend recently said that she would move to Canada if Scott Walker became president. Rather than argue, I didn’t say anything about obama who she loves because I’m sure of all the freebies, just smiled and said she might not like the Canadian government. I have a liberal brother who lives in Toronto and spouts off from time to time about past and current administrations. Not quite the rosy picture that some people have about Canada especially their healthcare system where if you can, come to the U.S. for medical care / surgery.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I’ve already seen the liberal headlines smashing Walker as “anti-teacher”. I did pay attention during that rough time for him, he stood up to the thugly teacher unions because they didn’t want to pay more into their retirement/healthcare shares. Had nothing to do with teaching and everything to do with greed. Walker was put on my radar after that 🙂

          • elliesmom says:

            The teachers union owned the insurance company their contracts said the cities and towns had to buy their health insurance from. Not only were they getting Cadillac insurance, they were charging local governments an arm and a leg for it. Walker freed the cities and towns to shop around for better prices. To me that was the thing that made me have absolutely no compassion for the teachers.

          • 49erDweet says:

            To be fair, it was only a teensy-weensy corrupt. Not like those evil Koch brothers and, and……everything!

      • 49erDweet says:

        I’m just glad Michael Brown wasn’t Hispanic. With THEIR numbers, folks believing the assumption of racism excuses all criminal activity could turn into a real problem.

  3. piper says:

    Another thing I’m sick of – climate, climate and climate. Tomorrow a major snowstorm will finally fall here with the potential of 6 – 9 inches of snow – maybe more with lake effect or maybe less due to faulty machines/ people. The snowblower is gassed and operational. So the trip to Chicago and Northern Illinois will take place today.

    Mark Steyn’s take on the allah akbar group, climate prompters and beheading. Someone other than me can give their opinion of similarities / differences.

    • leslie says:

      I’m with ya, Piper. I wish I could put off my “trip”, but I have a birthday/farewell party to attend tonight – scheduled right when the storm is predicted to begin. There’s no putting it off because part of the shindig is to see Marcia Ball and the show doesn’t start until 9:00. The other part is to say goodbye to good friend who is moving to NC. It is one city – Chicago – and at least another 2 suburbs away from me. And although that may not seem far, it takes 55 minutes – with NO traffic or snow. It’s not even a pleasant drive in the summer.
      Oh well, have a good trip today and enjoy your time in my ‘hood. We’ll have to meet at the Wi/IL border sometime.

      • piper says:

        Will do – actually enjoy visiting your place. Be safe, watch out for crazy drivers especially those from Wisconsin and have a marvelous time tonight.
        We should arrange to meet at the border, know several others who blog and are open and like minded, and live nearby. Nothing to worry about – we’ve had our shots.

        • leslie says:

          We SHOULD meet there, before the border is closed to legals. (BTW, my spell check just underlived the word “legals”. Oddly enough it didn’t underline the word “illegals”.) And I’ve had my shots as well.

  4. Myiq2xu says:


    A man owned a small farm in Vermont. The Vermont Labor Board claimed he was underpaying his help, so they sent an agent down to interview him.

    “I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them,” demanded the agent.

    “Well,” replied the farmer, “there’s my farm hand — I pay him $200 per week plus free room and board.

    The cook has been here a bit more than a year and I pay her $150 every week plus free room and board.

    Then there’s the half-wit who works about 18 hours per day and does about 90% of the work.

    He makes $10 per week, pays his own room and board, and I buy him a bottle of bourbon every Saturday night.

    And, once in a while, he’s pretty sociable with my wife.”

    “That’s the guy I want to talk to — the half-wit,” says the agent.

    “You’re talking to him,” replied the farmer.

  5. piper says:

    Attorney Generals Office Report Says Sharyl Attkisson Lives in Fantasy Land – her backspace key was stuck ——— how would they know?


  6. piper says:

    A feel good story with pictures that began in sad circumstances.

  7. Myiq2xu says:

    I am very unenthused about this Super Bowl.

    • 1539days says:

      I assume the Patriots will use drone attacks to win tomorrow.

    • HELENK3 says:

      I am rooting for the Clydesdales.

      • leslie says:

        We’re pulling for the kitties and puppies in this place. I’m having my grand daughter – the 4 yr old – over to watch with me.

        • Constance says:

          Fun! Maybe if the score is lopsided I will change the channel to the puppy bowl. I wonder if it’s reasonable for a Superbowl hostess to leave a party at her own house part way through the game. I seriously don’t think my husband would notice and it’s a real strain on me to engage in football relevant talk for hours and hours on end. Maybe I could have a medical emergency.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        Always!!! 😀

    • lyn says:

      CBS does not come in where we live, so that’s that.

    • Constance says:

      I’m only semi enthused and I have people coming over for a “party”. How did that happen? I really don’t want to clean the house but I’m thinking the sort of people who do Superbowl parties don’t look in corners for dust bunnies. The season goes on too long. Still after this we will be stuck with basketball and baseball which in my opinion are unwatchable.

  8. 1539days says:

    At this point, I get most of my TV news from “Red Eye.” That way I know at least 40% of it is fluff.

    • Constance says:

      I also like FOX’s “the Five” and also that show with all the news women that’s on at 9am.

      • 1539days says:

        Outnumbered. I can’t watch that because I’m at work and Fox doesn’t replay it.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Bret Baier’s 6pm (ET) Fox news show is starting to beat the nets for that hour, local/national. To tell you the truth, it’s really better than any news show, from 5am-6pm, in any time zone.

          • lorac1 says:

            I love Brett. He’s on at 3 pm so I can’t watch him – they don’t repeat him. Greta is on at 4 and 11 pm. Bloviator O’Reilly is on at 5 and 8, Megyn is on at 6 and 9, Hannity is on at 7 and 10. I like Brett, Greta, and Megan. Brett isn’t repeated at all, and Greta’s replay is pretty late for working folk. I really don’t think they need to replay Hannity or O’Reilly, and I wish they’d put Brett in there. It’s not fair the west coast can’t see him.

  9. HELENK3 says:


    Mama don’t let your kid grow up and go to Georgetown

    Georgetown U funds muslim brotherhood trip to US

  10. Myiq2xu says:

    • leslie says:

      Someone that size (tall and broad) should never sit in the front row. No one can see the stage from behind him.

  11. HELENK3 says:

    a couple of us at No Quarter were picking a “dream Team” for government. Here are my picks. Does anyone here have some ideas on this?

    president … Scott Walker
    VP … Trey Gowdy or Ted Cruz

    OMB … Romney
    AG … Jeanine Pirro

    Secy of defense Alan West
    Secy of treasury… one of the Koch bros
    Secy State..Clint Eastwood

    EPA…Rand Paul
    GAO… the other Koch brother
    HHS…Ben Carson
    UN Ambassador … Sarah Palin
    Sec of Education…Jan Brewer
    Sec of Labor… Carly Fiorina

    I do not want to deplete congress of republicans

    there are many smart republican women who would be good in cabinet jobs.

    Susana Marquez
    Nicky Healy
    Mia Love

  12. HELENK3 says:


    good article

  13. foxyladi14 says:

    As soon as one election is over, they start another one.Does get tiresome. 😛

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’m surprised it’s taking them this long to crank start their campaigns now that the cost of winning is a billion dollars. And Obama’s left the economy so sucky, small donors are going to be hard to find. I guess we’ll be electing Team Soros v. Team Koch so it really doesn’t matter, eh? 😉

    • cynic says:

      I’m sick of it as well, and it’s only 2015! Use to watch Morning Joe every morning, and the Sunday morning news shows. Now, I look for a movie to watch, or old reruns of Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, Hazel, etc.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Well it takes the media quite a bit of consultation and conspiracy time to agree on the made up stuff to smear them with, so…..

  14. DeniseVB says:

    Why did this make me think of myiq ….


    How do they not fall off, or knock off those plants along the higher paths ? Or dig up those floor plants?

  15. DeniseVB says:

    Just seen on twitter, should be updated that she was revived, hospitalized and breathing on her own now.

  16. mothy6767 says:

    Off topic but Nickelodeon is going to offer a streaming service. Only reason I have cable at this point is for the brat, news, and sports. Ready to cut the cord. Charge me twenty dollars more to stream go ahead. I will ditch the landline and tv and still save money without paying a dime to oprah or msnbc. Offer me ala carte I will keep the cord and the phone. I have netfix(7.99/month), hull plus(free if I use bing search engine) and amazon prime(99/yr but comes with 2 day free shipping which saves me hundreds per years) local sports are available over the air as are the major news broadcasts. Clips from On the Record, Bret Baiar, and The Kelly File are available hours after airing. Only thing I need from cable right now is The Walking Dead and reruns of Full House. I can buy each episode of Walking Dead for 1.99 a day or two after it airs. I can buy all 500 episodes of Full House online for less than 90. Cost less than 100. Cable alone for a year almost 900 with triple play. I always rent or buy movies through Amazon wish they would offer a discount to prime members as they charge 3 dollars more for a rental than red box. I think movie studios are flexing their muscles in the wrong way. When I first started using amazon to rent movies they always had weekend 1.99 specials for 24 hour rentals. I often rented movies on a weekend night that I never would have paid 5 dollars to see especially if red box had it for a dollar. Seems ass backwards to try and sell a product to 100 people at top dollar when you can sell it to 20,000 people at 1/4 the price. Digital copies far less expense than paying everything in red box. Drivers, manufacturing, cut with place hosting the kiosk?
    Several major Hollywood players have said home Theater is the wave of the future. Netflix has been met with resistance about day and day release. Bottom line the Hollywood industry has been manipulating extreme losses for decades. Time for real accounting.

  17. DeniseVB says:

    If this doesn’t work, it’s from my son’s youtube channel which may be in serious security mode. My twin granddaughters turned 12 yesterday, pray for my son 😛

  18. Myiq2xu says:

    For those of you who are uninterested in football or just uninterested in tomorrow’s game, Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to go skiing and/or other winter sports. It’s also a good day to visit Disneyland/Disneyworld, see a movie or go to a National Park. OTOH it’s a horrible day to go to Vegas or to fly in/out of the host city’s airport.

  19. 49erDweet says:

    Wood chipper grinding noises somehow register longer on what passes for male adolescent brains, they say.

  20. foxyladi14 says:

    Well this month is shot.
    Tomorrow is a new one, Sure hope it is better,
    And I don’t care what that Groundhog says, We will have six more weeks of Winter. 😛

  21. mothy6767 says:

    Those familiar with Broadway a great guy, Peter Neufeld, died this past week. Produced some big stuff( maybe you’ve heard of Cats). He got out of producing when his business partner died from a heart condition in the early nineties and turned his attention to making Equity fights Aids his life. He was a major player who when he called people answered the phone. He brought major names to the stage and they reciprocated. I worked the door on Sunday night’s at Joe Allen which was a two hour pre theater job that I got paid very well for and then I would sit at the bar and talk to the business end people in theater. One of the nicest guys I have ever known. Genuine. 25 years older than older me and he never once hit on me. I would see him out once in awhile and he would pick up my tab, send over bottles. I contemplated doing whatever to get a break, but he became my friend. Sunday night’s I would make him watch hockey. Wonderful guy.

  22. mothy6767 says:

    Little thing about micro aggressions. If I were a straight male could I construe Bang Bang as female micro aggression endorsed by corporate media. If men are nothing but sexual depraved pigs aren’t videos like that micro aggressive? Beyond, madonna? I am gay and Bang Bang makes me say what? Do I not have the right to demand a university teach a course on how blatant femininity threatens my self acceptance as a gay man.

    Happy note I torture my brat with music. When we are listening to music she gets one I get one. Coltrane, Sinatra, led zep, patsy, elvis I demand she listen. Today she said if you are going to make me suffer can it be Make Your Own Kind of Music.
    Love the song but it is also one that always makes me think of her. I said that to her and she asked me if I was an idiot or if I thought she was. Said I have no choice you have been singing it to me my whole life. I then beat her.

    • DeniseVB says:

      RIP Peter Neufeld….

      • mothy6767 says:

        Wow. I wish I had thought of that song. He was a great guy. Place on the upper east side callhigh end gay bar. I was in my twenties and very neurotic. Catholic, gay, spent most of my childhood dealing with a very sick heart. we would go to one bar after a rehearsal and every young guy was meat. I was never into that but Peter always covered my drinks I have even crashed on his sofa a few times. He always looked out for me and trust me nothing took place between us. He was a very good man.

  23. mothy6767 says:

    A conversation that I can never let go of took place between me and an afro American guy at a job I had in center city Philadelphia. I was a waiter but the staff was all Ivy league students or just extremely interesting to the boss. One became head of Stanford childhood psychology, another is a professor at CMU, many emmy’s. I look sometimes and I think God I knew these people for two years and every first Saturday of the month he gave out a 10% bonus if you were on time all month he held breakfasts on another Saturday and no one had to come but if you did you could be drunk by 9 and leave with Atlas Shrugged. Place was amazing. Dwayne started out as a dishwasher worked his way up. Sam Tallucci fixed his teeth and made sure his kids got a real education.
    Wonder if any of you Philly people remember it? Called Magnolia Cafe 1602 Locust Street if I am not mistaken not there anymore.
    We’d get off work and spend half of what we made getting drunk. Fun times not sure why but black guy wearing traditional African garb assaulting me for embracing heteronormative dress. Fucking guy wore same white shirt and bow tie I did. All about his pain. Guy was from a rich family. All things are bad because of straight white men. Pill too big for me to swallow. I have three brothers sorry my failues are not because I am gay. What happens when you excuse all behavior in fear of offending.

    • sleepyhead says:

      Magnolia Cafe! Were you there in May 1989? I went there with my family and my best friend and her family to celebrate our vet school graduation. Maybe you were our server. Large table of rowdy people hooting and hollering and drinking huge amounts of Perrier-Jouet. It was a beastly hot day but I don’t remember much else about the evening.

      • mothy6767 says:

        I was there during that time frame but odds are I was in the front room. Pretty boys in front window. Owner gave the best station to the most beautiful people. Fair? Maybe not. I was walking down Great Jones one day and this woman was like you are perfect. I was picking up Shit from my roommates pug and she says I want you. I am like you are crazy go away.. Hounded me. I said fine represent me. Early nineties. I was not tall just thin with an okay face. I was in heavan who gets discovered on the street. I have so many scars ankles groin arm chest throat. My sternum is larger on one side than the other because wires broke through my chest and I had to wake my parents up to tell them.
        I never said I wanted to be a model. I had no desire. I was walking my roommate’s pug picking up shit. I am not ashamed of my scars anymore( yes I hid and cried under the Boardwalk because I was Frankenstein). Well bitch that solicited me told me I was scary and gross. Grew up hiding scars and then someone pulls you off the street and says wow you are physical art then see the flaws and dump you.
        I am a man that has been gifted most people do not stumble around London, Paris live in New York and Philly for twenty years.
        Gay patriot has an article today about the absurdity of gays not being welcomed in North Dakota. So absurd there are boom towns and all I think about is tuition. I have looked at jobs there and pay is very good. Thing is if I could or world take a job there it would be about kids college. I would not show up there and scream I was gay. I grew up in a steel town and I saw fathers go where ever there was a job. Most guys I assume in N Dak are taking a job where they can get it. Going into a pub and screaming I am a gay journalist just evokes people. Why go to a blue collar town announce you are gay.
        I have been to the White Party on Fire ISland. The drug use is ignored
        What if a bunch of N Dak police showed up and gave everyone at a white party a piss test. I went twice first time I woke up with a weird headache not hangover more like just drained. Second time I was talking to this exquisite man from Lisbon and I saw the bartender dose us both. I was staying with a friend down the beach I was an asshole I took two sips. 15 minutes later I was walking comatose guy down the beach. I put him to bed and spent the whole night making sure he was breathing. Next morning he thought it was funny and my friends laughed that I was cute.
        No drugging a person is not cute ever. Not taking advantage of perfect Portuguese passed out 23 year old is not cute.
        Hate to say it but I love being instilled with Catholic guilt.

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