Kayla Mueller – The Cautionary Tale of a True Social Justice Warrior

The Beeb:

Kayla Mueller: US aid worker ‘dedicated’ to Syrian refugees

The US hostage allegedly killed in a Jordanian air strike against Islamic State militants is understood to be 26-year-old Kayla Mueller, from Prescott, Arizona.

Ms Mueller travelled to the Turkey-Syria border in 2012, to work for the Danish Refugee Council and Support to Life, according to her family.

On 4 August, 2013 she was taken captive by IS in Aleppo, Syria, while leaving a hospital run by MSF (Doctors without Borders).

During her aid work, Ms Mueller visited refugee camps where she played and painted with Syrian children.

She found that she “can’t do enough” to help Syrian families, according to a report in her local Arizona newspaper, The Daily Courier.

“When Syrians hear I’m an American, they ask, ‘Where is the world?’ All I can do is cry with them, because I don’t know,” she told the newspaper.

Ms Mueller said she heard stories of children being hurt by unexploded bombs, women being forced into early marriages, and children being forced to fight for both sides.

“Syrians are dying by the thousands, and they’re fighting just to talk about the rights we have,” Mueller told the newspaper.

“For as long as I live, I will not let this suffering be normal. (I will not let this be) something we just accept,” she said.

Ms Mueller studied at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, where she volunteered for three years with the Save Darfur Coalition.

She wrote letters and placed calls to members of Congress, and took part in silent protests, according to a separate profile in the Daily Courier.

After graduating in 2011, she lived and worked with humanitarian aid groups in northern India, Israel and the Palestinian territories, her family said.

She then returned home to Arizona and worked for one year at an HIV/AIDS clinic while volunteering at a women’s shelter at night.

In December 2011, she travelled to France to become an au pair so she could learn French in preparation for work in Africa. It was there in 2012 that she decided to go to Syria, her family said.

“The suffering of the Syrian refugees drew Kayla to the Turkish/Syrian border… to assist families who had been forced to flee their homes,” said her family in a statement.

“Kayla found this work heartbreaking but compelling; she is extremely devoted to the people of Syria.

“The common thread of Kayla’s life has been her quiet leadership and strong desire to serve others.

“When asked what kept her going in her mission, she said: ‘I find God in the suffering eyes reflected in mine. If this is how you are revealed to me, this is how I will forever seek you.'”

As you probably already know I have nothing but contempt for these sanctimonious social justice warriors we see blocking freeways and disrupting restaurants and stores with their protests. They treat protesting like a fad or hobby and have no real plan or concrete goals other than seeking attention.

I’m guessing I wouldn’t have agreed with the political beliefs of Kayla Mueller, but she was no dilettante playing at saving the world between shopping and fancy dinners. She put her life at risk, endured hardship, and tried to help people in real need.

Unfortunately, it got her killed.

She may have been naive and misguided politically, but she was sincere in her desire to help people. The world could use more people like Kayla Mueller.

Rest in peace.

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  1. leslie says:

    That was lovely, Klown. I was just watching something about her and felt so sad for her and her family. I’ve never known anyone with such clear dedication to do good.
    R.I.P. Kayla Mueller

    • HELENK3 says:

      The young lady had a Good Heart. That is to be admired. She went where she felt she was really needed. I do hope that the children whose lives she touched remember her with kindness and maybe pass on to others the care that she gave to them.
      May Kayla Mueller RIP and never be forgotten

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Amen โค

  2. 49erDweet says:

    Klown birthed a new term: Social Justice Dilettante.

  3. 1539days says:

    I don’t find anything really objectionable about her, at least from those excerpts.

  4. Lulu says:

    This young woman may have had good intent but she was one of the new secular missionaries. Fighting child hunger and neglect is a worthy cause but when it becomes political activism it will get you in trouble fast especially in the Middle East. Charity work and proselytizing are two different things and I see both running in her work. Good deeds or charity for the poor, disadvantaged, and maltreated is a central tenet of most authoritarians such as ISIS and they don’t want any competition from western, self righteous, do-gooders especially if they have any kind of perceived political message thrown in. I am so sorry that she lost her life but I wonder at how much care she took of it and the idiots who enabled her to go there to begin with. Social work often cannot start until the military and diplomats have finished up.

    • 49erDweet says:

      We here in the “free” west have no concept or appreciation for the vast social and cultural differences of the third world peoples our special snowflakes attempt to help. That dissonance alone serves to doom efforts such as Kayla’s, or at least blind them as to their true situations and opportunities. Knowingly or not, they are thought to be elite, upper class, wealthy and a potential bargaining chip to be used as needed for local political upheavals. And they have no real clue.

      • Lulu says:

        You are very much correct. I am unfamiliar with the secular aid people but I am related to a bunch in missions (religious medical mostly) work. They have to be extremely careful and always cautious even in “friendly” countries. They have hired security experts (ex-military, CIA, State dept) types on retainer to advise on when to get out and what they can and cannot do while in country. Training includes staying away from all internal political activities. The cultural and historical illiteracy of some of these secular aid groups is disturbing. She should have been no where near Syria when she was grabbed. Was anyone supervising her?

        • 49erDweet says:

          ๐Ÿ˜ฐFrom all I’ve seen, there appears to be an absence of formal organization. Ad hocacy has it’s perils. I have a similar extended “foreign service network”, for want of a better term, and they look at efforts such as hers as potentially toxic to an area for a generation.

  5. Myiq2xu says:

    • leslie says:

      I wonder if, when Professor Madden says, ” . . . many Christians, like the president, . . . “, he says this in all seriousness or with tongue in cheek.
      I also wonder how long it will take the IRS to descend upon him like ISIS, after writing, ” . . .the president knows little, perhaps nothing, about the Crusades or the Inquisition. . . . the president has even less authority to discern true from distorted Islam.”

    • leslie says:

  6. DeniseVB says:

    Why was Kayla’s life less important than that little worm Bergdahl ? The trade of money and 5 terrorists which probably contributed to her capture and ultimate death (whether by the bomb or not, I’m skeptical, there’s no proof yet ?). She’s been held since Aug 2013, I hope her nightmare is over. R.I.P.

    • leslie says:

      Most likely it was the parents and their crazy belief systems. Kayla’s parents seem to not want the limelight nor are they Farsi- or whatever-speaking people. So they could not convey the message bronco wants to send.

      It has now got to the point that I start swearing and having seriously bad thoughts when his(bronco) voice violates my sensory space via radio or teevee news. The black helicopters are getting nearer to my building every day. (I must learn to keep my voice low. )

      • piper says:

        Need to learn sign language. I’m now practicing for Lent – abstaining from watching tv news for 6 weeks.

      • 49erDweet says:

        Agree it could be instructive to look into the roots of Kayla’s world view “conversion”, but am not yet ready to throw rocks at the parents. It could just as easily be a teacher, mentor or other significant influence – including some form of religion – that turned her “on” to those life’s choices.
        One clue might be in the voices and rhetoric of those speaking out for her in the next few days.

        • leslie says:

          I hope my comment about her parents wasn’t interpreted as an insult or rock throwing. I only meant that to obama her parents weren’t the “right” kind who could speak the language obama seemed to have wanted at that time.
          egad, this explanation is getting convoluted. Long story short, this comment wasn’t aimed at Kayla’s parents or her upbringing. It was aimed at my sense of what bronco wanted to share. :facepalm:

          • 49erDweet says:

            ๐Ÿ˜ฐGot it. Chalk it up to my cognitive dissonance. โ˜บ I can sense a lotta blame coming down the pike, and think it’s a valid issue upon which to begin gathering data, but way too soon to pontificate……which you weren’t doing anyway. Now who’s convoluting……….?

      • swanspirit says:

        I have acquired the habit of watching tv news with the sound off for extended periods of time just to avoid the sudden intrusion of his voice into my consciousness .

    • piper says:

      Agree about Kayla’s life. However, she didn’t fit into obama and his mites’ narrative of closing Gitmo which entailed trepatriating those “Islamic Warriors” for a misguided American soldier.

  7. Myiq2xu says:

    • WMCB says:

      Sounds to me like he’s just pissed and alarmed that the more people get down on the farm and back to nature, the more they realize that **general** gender roles exist in reality, are largely biological, and are perfectly natural. And reproduction runs rampant. Babies and families! Can’t have that.

      Farms are “laden” with roosters and hens, bulls and cows, billys and does. AVERT YOUR EYES FROM THIS “SOCIAL CONSTRUCT”!!

      • The nadir of me existence came when I had to work at Starbucks it was in Chelsea on 14th and 8 th. Many transsexuals came in. Hey I don’t care whatever curdles your cream. Has zero effect on my life but None looked like Brazillian porn.They looked like men dresses as women. I always felt kind of sad Why not just be an effeminate guy or a butch woman. Don’t see how snipping off your penis changes who you are.The Bruce Jenner drama is just creepy. He is not a woman. I like bizarre but this whole gender dysmorphia is a bridge to far. My opinions are also not based on what is in vogue. Could care less when people call me xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic. Do not care. I hope I would never be rude . I think in a professional setting I would treat everyone the same. Cashier at the grocery store is not my friend. Really do not give a shit if she has a midget in bondage fetish. None of my business. Paper or plastic is all I care about. I have a friend who feels the need to announce he is gay every time we go anywhere. It is embarrassing.

        • WMCB says:

          I have no problem with outliers of any kind. From queers to lesbians to ppl who simply have no interest in reproducing, they’ve always existed, and always will. I’m solidly opposed to the oppression or mistreatment of said outliers in any way.

          That said, behaving as if a biological norm doesn’t, and even SHOULDN’T, exist at all is just pure insanity. When society reaches a place where someone is lecturing about observations of normal natural reproduction on a fucking FARM as if it’s some subversive danger to be cautioned about and “reinterpreted” in “the proper queer/trans frame”, you have gone ’round the loony bend.

          The whole world is heteronormative for a reason. It’s called survival of the species. Quit acting like it’s some personal insult or oppression of you that Nature is kinda big on reproduction and optimizing for the raising of young. Get over your damn special snowflake self.

          (That’s a general “you”, Mothy, not aimed at YOU.)

          • Are you sure about that you thing because I am convinced it is all about me.Obama told me so.

          • WMCB says:

            LOL! One of the things I love about you, and many on this board, is that you can differentiate between observations of the general and applying that rigidly to every individual. NOT THE SAME THING.

            Just understanding that basic difference between generalities and specifics would solve soooooooo many problems today.

          • I think most people need to remember to laugh at themselves. I have friends that are 12 strippers. Entire existence becomes about not using. Guess it the only to survive but it is so draining. I left my phone in my brothers car so I missed a few calls. Well I had to have a sit down. You didn’t return my 11 calls do you know how that made me feel. An adult had his feelings hurt. Stop the presses. He is the straightest guy I know. Guns are as big as my waist and he is whining that I didn’t call him back and then got mad that I couldn’t stop laughing. Called me an asshole. I said exactly I am an as whole. Assholes do not return phone calls unless it is convenient. I would hate to go through life looking for a personal slight around every corner. Must be so tiring. If I didn’t laugh at myself I think suicide would be an option.

        • 1539days says:

          There’s so many sexual and gender classifications, we might as well admit that everyone’s got their own deal going on and even these LBGTQ terms are kind of meaningless now. I remember when it was like a game to “fool” hetero men into thinking a transvestite / transgender was a biological woman. Everyone can do what they want, but stop making the law accommodate it.

      • swanspirit says:

        OH. I thought he was talking about defending gay animal rights. You know, the ones that are forced to reproduce heterosexually . Nevermind.

        • Constance says:

          I was kind of thinking that too although the course description seems more like a bunch of buzz words placed in groups than a paragraph or a collection of sentences. But I have heard Lesbians and their supporters comment how “unfair” it is that they can’t have children together. They talk about using their brothers or cousins sperm to inseminate their girlfriend which to me just seems too creepy. Are there really that many brothers who would go along with this and then quietly watch their child be raised by two women? The lesbians point out to me that men abandon their children or are even unaware of them all the time but this isn’t unknowing abandonment it is a lifelong of watching someone else claim your child.

    • 49erDweet says:

      It’s a class on sharing one person’s obsession over managing “the vapors” because rural life is too brutal for “regular” people. Successfully passing the course will be mandatory for the next California guvinatorial candidate.

  8. DeniseVB says:

    Latest, parents still have no proof …. hoping for the best ?


    How convenient for ISIS to claim she died and blame it on the Jordanians? Their evil criminal propaganda can’t be trusted.

  9. piper says:

    I’m not going to criticize Kayla – she actually tried to help others unlike our widdle snowflakes along with the good Rev. Al who destroyed property / people’s livelihoods and negatively impacted people from driving, working, shopping, etc.
    RIP Kayla. May her family treasured her life and remember the joy she brought into their and others lives.

  10. piper says:

    Brian Williams certainly got around in the past centuries. Excellent pictures of his ‘moments.’

  11. I hate to sound callous or cruel but I have a female friend that works in Yemen. Time to pack it up and come home. Hope with all my heart she stays safe but just like that evil Ebola nurse she has made a choice. If she opts to stay she does so with full knowledge of the danger. Every once in a while Greta will have her on the phone and she says okay time to pack it up. Mostly she contributes to the Washington Times. She won’t change the world by being there. Nothing valiant comes from her staying. She has a book “Everything is Possible in Yemen” I tried to read it but I have known her since she was 17 and I found it very uncomfortable. You know how you hear stories about how some girl worked her way through law school at Columbia as a stripper. Well she was that girl. Moved to New York on her own and lived in a women only SRO for real called The Martha Washington. I met her her first day in a place on Broadway that by day was a Greek diner but at night became something twisted from a David Lynch nightmare reject. I loved it. There was an old guy that would spend hours dancing in front of the jukebox to the same song– You Can Call Me Al. He never even turned around just danced with the jukebox. The bartender was A Russian stripper. I used to watch her kid in central park. Needless to say I loved the place. Where can you get a feta tomato omelet with a side of crazy. The porter lived in the basement. All the booze was fake he would buy cheap vodka and fill up the expensive bottles. One day I was sitting there and SKYY was big. He had a bottle of Vladimir that he was pouring into the SKYY. I said you know I drink that and you are doing this in front of me. He tried to tell me my bottle was the real stuff. I was like come on. He gave me 22 dollars and walked away. Why 22 why not 20 or 25. I know not he took it out of the register so answer was not all he had on him.
    I get very annoyed with the gays wanting to be like everyone else. I gave up on that sinking ship decades ago. I like the fact that my life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hues. Normal has never been an option. I have three brothers we are close shared bunk beds but sometimes they are so dull. They Iron jeans. I am a five star slob. My older brother gets his hair cut once a week. I have not combed my hair since Kajagoogoo topped the charts. Fingers work fine. Actually the mess on my head is curly and if I attempt to manage it well I fail.

    • elliesmom says:

      When I was a teenager and my girlfriends and I wanted to go to NYC for the weekend, we used to stay at the Martha Washington. In 1969 it was $3.50 per night per girl for four of us in a room with the bathroom down the hall. We’d take the crack of dawn Greyhound from Boston, spend the day shopping, and then stand in line for last minute half-price tickets to a show. We saw some of the great ones. Then we’d trek back to the MW, spend the night, grab some breakfast, and hop back on the bus. We thought we were hot stuff. lol

  12. lurker says:

    Is his use of we and our normal? Is his understanding of the crusades, based on an Islamic viewpoint and not a Western one?

    “We are summoned to push back against those who would distort our religion for their nihilistic ends,” Obama said during remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast.

    • What I question is the timing. He said what he said and has been saying the same thing for eight years but never so blatant. He chose to make this statement at a prayer breakfast!!!!! Bob Beckel on The Five yesterday pretty much gave up. He is in recovery so I assume he is in some 12 step program. I know a lot of addicts and for many it is a matter of life or death. I drink way too much and bourbon and I have a storied past but if I only have twenty I don’t spend forty on booze. I have watched people throw it all away. I like money too much. When you have a dyed in the wool democrat like Beckel claiming on national tv that what you said is indefensible you have jumped the shark.
      I can’t get over how obnoxious it was. One thing to hold religion in contempt another thing to air it at a prayer breakfast.

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Here’s a CBS article on Kayla from Aug 2014 …. $6.6 million ransom our crack(head) State Dept was negotiating, but shhhhhhhh, it was a secret. This is a year after her capture. I don’t think she died in the Jordanian bombing.


  14. DeniseVB says:

    A TWOFER, from June 2014, Brian Williams interviews Obama about swapping out 5 terrorists for Bergdahl. Also includes his grandfather’s service in WW2, wasn’t that debunked ? I’ll go look……


  15. This is cute. My neighbor has the smallest sidewalk in the world so when I shoveled I did hers. Took less than a minute I was heading off to the store and she left me brownies. I think she might be a man. Kidding but she does have a Sandra Buttocks throat. I always thought she was a man. Woman has an Adam’s orchard.

  16. Myiq2xu says:

  17. My other neighbor(not the brownie baking shemale) is screaming up a storm if you step outside I bet you can hear him. He has sewn expletives together in brand new forms. He got a ticket for having a soda bottle in his regular trash. He is so mad. I think he said 75 dollars but it could have been filthy mother fucking cock sucker’ it all kind of blended together. Mornings like this make it all worth it. Got a neighbor with turrettes, warm brownies and Brian Williams.

  18. DeniseVB says:

    Meanwhile, in La-La Land, Ms. Bobbi Kristina’s case is coming under criminal investigation.


  19. Myiq2xu says:

    • 1539days says:

      Otherwise known as the local Democratic Party community outreach society.

    • swanspirit says:

      Doing horrendous things to people isn’t so bad, because other people have done bad things too?

    • DandyTIger says:

      This is probably the best example Obama could have used if he wanted to say bad things were done (partly) in the name of a religion. So sure, use that example. But he didn’t. He talked about the crusades and the inquisition. Crusades are a really bad example that doesn’t work the way he wants. And the inquisition, though a bit better, still misses the mark. Slavery, like the KKK depicted above, is a good example. Jim Crow that he mentioned is not. Stopping people from voting is not quite the same as burning them alive.

      So in this case, good example Atlantic, but Obama didn’t use it. So quit putting words in his mouth. The critics are talking about the bad examples that don’t fit.

      • leslie says:

        Thanks, Dandy. Your comment made more sense than the article.

      • 1539days says:

        I think Obama mentioned Segregation and Jim Crow, however. That was Democratic Party legislation.

        Plus, the KKK wasn’t religious.

        • DandyTIger says:

          I don’t think it matters which party, he’s talking about bad things in the name of christianity. But good point about KKK, though there was some use of religious justifications in their ramblings, it wasn’t primarily a religious mission. Perhaps why he didn’t mention it. The only things he mentioned that were direct religious activities were the crusades and the inquisitions, which don’t work as intended. He’s a fool. But we all knew that.

          • 1539days says:

            I only mention Democrats because of progs’ historical amnesia where they think the GOP was established centuries ago by old White men to keep down cool exotic people. The Republicans were the first liberals in many ways (as well as the first progressives). Amusingly, the Democrats’ leadership now are old White men, a couple of rich White women and some corrupt old Black men.

  20. Myiq2xu says:

    She’s talking abou a Beeb production, but she seems to think it’s real history:

    The nobles look uncomfortable.

    The last thing they want is a competent, intelligent upstart who comes to trash the town and it isnโ€™t even his town.

    Ahhh, well. We only have to wait a few years before the nobles get their revenge for being shown up time and again by Cromwell. Itโ€™s all well and good that he made them a lot of money but why should they be forced to share it? Cromwell is too focused on the state and government and bureaucracy while their primary concern is government getting in the way of their personal property rights. They were bred for battle. Cromwell thinks wars are a waste of money. Cromwell thinks putting people to work on infrastructure projects would keep insurrections at bay. The nobles think poverty is just the way things are and why mess with Godโ€™s will?

    Same as it ever was.

    And itโ€™s probably the same for any skillful politician who has a different agenda from the pedigreed who like things just the way they are, thank you very much. They find themselves having to talk in double entendres, deprecating themselves while excelling and trying to keep the wolves at bay. It requires the slickness of a serpent who speaks with a forked tongue to inch the aristocracy towards modernity.

  21. westcoaster says:

    OT- Rosie leaving the view – earlier than I thought ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ratings are in the toilet. These people live in a self designed bubble. Rosie is not the same Rosie that had her own talk show. Well guess she is but her public persona is different. I found her one day in the kitchen yelling at her kids doctor on the phone. Just because you host a chat show doesn’t’t mean you can walk into a kitchen for privacy. The staff of twenty didn’t matter I suppose because they were the help. A busy kitchen can be a dangerous place. Random talk show hosts cannot just saunter through. That is madness. Seriously there are open flames, hot pans, grease(she was Rizzo at the time) people running. Whole operation should come to a grinding halt because you want to use your phone. . Will give her this she was always exceptionally kind to kids. Little if any tolerance for adults ogling her but the kid stuff is not fake. Pity the grown up who asked for an autograph. She’d bite the head off and spit aside. Children she would stop by tables send over deserts. She was also very kind to disabled people. Funny my cousin Carole visited me in New York and Rosie stopped by our table. Perhaps she thought she knew me but I told Carole she only talks to children and the feeble minded. Carole and are one year apart and she is an even bigger asshole than me. We have been in the same fight for 48 years Rosie stopping by was icing. I got to say I have been telling you since the crib you are retarded. Forgot I can not say retarded. A I would never use the term to denigrate a person with limited capacity. I have friends that are retards (sorry I could not pass that up ) I did grow up in a children’s hospital. My roommate was named Eggy. Who names their kid Eggy? He had downs syndrome. He was my only friend at 3. I learned that when he acted out explosively that he was more than that I knew the laughing boy. No one is perfect some of us just show our flaws. Regret I have is when Eggy died I was 16 and trying to be normal I did not attend his funeral. I am thankfully neurotic enough to become tortured by my neglect within a day. I didn’t have to spend billions on therapy to discover I felt badly because I did not want to see I was like him. I don’t mean like him as in my cranium is ten times larger than it should be I meant I was flawed. What a gift his friendship was. We’re I not a freak my pain in the arse small child wouldn’t have great gay uncle as a pseudo parent. Yep her life is different she does not have Ward And June Cleaver. She gets love. Eight almost 9 years I have dealt with this punk but I am against gay parenting. I think it is healthiest that a child be with a mother and a father. Pup did not have that option so you work with what you have. Right now she is straight A’s and very well behaved. Sometimes I think my chest might explode with pride. Polite. So polite in case you missed it I am an asshole. How have I played any part in this kind persons life. I paid people off all the time because I a huge proponent of traditional marriage and families. I have two friends that want to use a surrogate and make a family. I don’t bite my tongue I disagree. It is all about them. Kids are not accoutrements. They are a pain. Not fashion statements. I wonder if I will ever stop worrying. I think gay people are people they can screw up a kid just as well as a straight person.
      How can I raise the pup and then want to deny someone else. I am denying no one anything. I have an opinion it is mine not subject to approval. Have a reality show and make 700 hundred gay babies. I don’t care. My brat came into my life because I picked her up at a filthy day care center. They had cribs lined along the wall like prison cells. She looked at me with big Brown eyes with trust wrapped her fat little arms around my neck and held on so tight. Well she never went back. I read all this feminist stuff online. I can make no sense. I treasure my baby. I cannot fix the world. There will be stopped out there. I love tae kwon do because it at least gives her a base

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Happy to say I have Never watched that show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. DeniseVB says:

    Sarah remembers when Brian Williams lied about her in 2008 ….

  23. FYI I love Amazon prime free movies two day shipping and you can download books for free for two weeks any book even nyt bestsellers. Prime does not tell you flat out but you can also loan books. I LOVE prime if I was playing some kind of game I would offer a link. That being said I also do Amazon smile. Point 05 of everything I spend goes to St judes. I am a big supporter of St Judes s. No child is ever turned away ability to pay is not an issue.

    • Somebody says:

      No child ever turned away isn’t exactly true about St. Jude. As an example, when your child is diagnosed with cancer you have to go there immediately, they won’t take your child if they’ve already started treatment elsewhere. They have their own protocols which vary slightly or in some cases a lot from other protocols, so they don’t want another kid coming in messing up their studies.

      Now if said kid relapses, once again you have a choice go immediately to St. Jude or not. Also, I’ve known a couple of kids that had unique situations and St. Jude told them they had nothing and could do nothing for their child. These were last ditch attempts by the parents seeking anything to save their child, but St. Jude really had nothing more to offer than where the child was currently getting treatment. I’ve also known kids from other countries that tried desperately to get into St. Jude that were turned away. St. Jude does take some kids from other countries, under very specific circumstances. Again everything comes back to what studies and protocols they have at the time.

      Another thing about St. Jude is that they decide whether or not your child is going to be in a study. When you accept treatment it comes with the caveat that they decide the treatment, in other words they make the decision about studies.

      I didn’t know it was that way with St. Jude until I walked in the cancer world. That being said St. Jude has without a doubt been a leader in curing childhood cancer, but there are other notable facilities too. St. Jude certainly led the way, especially in the early days. It’s also true that St. Jude accepts whatever your insurance company pays, the rest is funded via charity. If you have no insurance you’re treated the same and no payment is expected. They even have limited housing on their campus sponsored by Target and another major company. They have without a doubt saved a lot of lives, but all over our country there are doctors and nurses that have saved a lot of lives too.

      • Somebody says:

        Shorter……their commercial says no child is ever turned away because of their inability to pay…….that is true, but children can and are turned away for other reasons.

  24. I just bought my mother Eveything is Possible In Yemen. 11 dollars and delivery date is Monday.ALso prime members get free returns. I bought a toaster that was supposed to poach an egg. Thing did not work Free return shipping website read I could expect a refund March 6th. Got it today. Love Amazon prime 99 dollars a year and they have Justified and Dowton Abbey. I could include a link that gives me 5 dollars off but I like it too much to be petty. Will say I love Amazon Smile. Price doesn’t change I bought a blender for 100 but a small percentage went to a hospital that treats kids with cancer. I had to buy packing tape to return toaster. I left a note for UPS guy saying he could keep tape a bottle of water and a Snapple. . He took nothing but as I had left him a sharpie he wrote back. All he wrote in big letters was thank you.

  25. DeniseVB says:

    Brian Williams is voluntarily stepping down……for several days. Lester Holt will fill in. A few days ? A few days?


  26. Also I enjoy Mturk when I was broke I used it to buy ramen noodles. I was hungry and had to wait two three days to get a few dollars. Confess it tasted so good. 33 cents a pack but after two days on no food ramen noodles taste like heaven. Shut up nobody dies from two days of hunger. Grow up. Anyhow Amazon has this thing called Amazon Mechanical Turk which is crowdsourcing. I have depended on it to buy a loaf of bread. My life has changed I no longer fear putting food on the table but I did . MTURK is crowd sourcing I was broke and baby had to eat. I spent thousands of hours cleaning up porn. After what I went through I don’t even like porn. Bizarre stuff all guys and usually vacation stuff. Anyhow I did what I had to do. These days I am fortunate enough to feed my brat but I still go on the site. I love filling out political surveys. I cash in every few months. You can’t make real money but it put bread on the table.

  27. DeniseVB says:

    Bruce Jenner can’t catch a break either, caused a fatal accident. I believe his story about being chased by paparazzi’s, they sure got a lot of photos……


  28. I asked my mom why she always called me an asshole when I was kid. She said I never called you an asshole I said you were an ass. I said calling a kid an ass is not nice she said have you met yourself. Have to admit I can be difficult. I am strong willed and abrasive. She thinks I am a pain but she forgets she used to dance around the living room with me to Mamma Cass. Make your own kind of music sing your own special song even if no one else sings along. Forty five years later I was singing Dream a Little Dream every night to brat. I am many things but I am not weak. I enjoy a good fight. Little one already has fire she fights with me all day. She is her own person. Never shuts up. Adore her even though she is relentless forgive me but I want to call her an asshole. I am Irish Catholic smacking someone in the head means I love you. Calling a child an asshole means I believe in you. it is not in my DNA to be nice. Everyone gets on my nerves. Telling me I was not held enough as a child.FUck off I am a cold Irishman we express things differently. When I was dying my mom tried to give me a hug. I said get any closer and I will hit you. Toss off it meant okay mom I love you. Painted roses and bleeding hearts do not work for me. I say buck up. Pity is the worst emotion makes you an endless victim. My own parental unit calling me an ass from age 3 worked for me. I am an ass and she never felt sorry for me. My heart is pig and Teflon. I never got to feel sorry for myself because I was called an ass everyday. 45 years ago I had no clue what she was doing but she protected me from pity.I was meant to be a broken kid and die. Not a big fan of caskets so every time they say I am going to pass away I just keep on living. According to my Russian anesthesiologist I am the oldest person alive with fake valves. Mine are all pig they say ten years is the max. I got mine in 1970. I feel I do have a debt to repay. I have had a trache one side of my chest is half an inch higher I am Teflon and pig but i am also not weak. . None of that destroyed me. Shay is the most important thing for me but my lifespans nothing if I don’t teach her how to be good. People hate Catholics for me I am tied to my faith. I expect no one else to get what is between me and my God. I need to live a decent life or I go insane with guilt. Being gay and Catholic has never been easy. When I was a freshman at Purdue I went to sleep every night listening to self help tapes. I just wanted to be a normal kid. Guess how that worked out. I did discover through my baby that I can fix nothing. All I have is a minute or two on someone else’s life that I can be real. I know I am an asshole who I am. Maybe Shay pup lives a different life maybe for one second it changes one life. I have so little yet so much to give. I want to tell votermom that if her daughter opts to go to be Pittsburgh school I would pay for any cab ride. Don’t say that is so nice. I would give a lecture. I have already rehearsed it in my head.

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