Lyin’ Brian and False Memory Bullshit


This is pseudo-scientific bullshit:

The science behind Brian Williams’s mortifying memory flub

When we tell stories about our lives, most of us never have our memories questioned. NBC’s Brian Williams, like other high-profile people in the past, is finding out what happens when questions arise.

Williams’s faux pas – retelling a story of his helicopter coming under fire in Iraq a dozen years ago when it was actually the helicopter flying ahead of him – was much like Hillary Rodham Clinton’s during the 2008 presidential campaign. Her story was about coming under fire during a visit to an airfield in Bosnia 12 years earlier. George W. Bush also misremembered when, on several occasions, he told audiences that on 9/11 he watched the first plane fly into the north tower of the World Trade Center on TV, just before entering that classroom in Florida to read a book to school kids. In each case, these were highly emotional moments. Williams’s helicopter made an emergency landing in the desert behind the aircraft that was hit; Clinton was made to don a flak jacket and was told her airplane might not be able to land at the airport in Bosnia because of sniper fire in the area; and Bush was told by an aide about the first crash into World Trade Center just before entering the classroom.

That each of those memories was false created huge public relations headaches for Clinton and Williams. But the fact is that false memories are not that uncommon, especially when they involve highly emotional events.

If you want the dirty details you need to follow the link to read them. It’s quackery. There are several articles and blog posts the last couple days claiming that Brian Williams didn’t lie, he just had a faulty memory.

I call it BULLSHIT.

Yes, memory can be tricky. There are a lot of different reasons why eyewitness testimony is unreliable. But there is also good old fashioned LYING.

I could be mistaken about where I was when the twin towers were attacked on September 11th. I could be wrong about what exactly I saw when I turned on the television. But I know I saw footage of planes hitting the towers, the towers burning, and then the towers falling. Those things really happened, even if I can’t remember whether both towers were already burning when I turned on the television.

But I know I turned the television on because a friend called and told me to turn it on. I know at least one tower was already burning. But more importantly, I know I wasn’t in NYC watching it happen live.

Brian Williams flew into Iraq as an embedded reporter during the US invasion in 2003. But his helicopter wasn’t shot at, let alone hit by enemy fire. Neither was the chopper in front of his. A DIFFERENT helicopter on a DIFFERENT flight was shot at and damaged. An hour later Brian Williams saw the damaged chopper.

He changed the story to make it sound more exciting and to make himself look braver. He told the bogus version repeatedly over a period of years. He did it to impress people.


It’s really that simple.


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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    There are false memory “experts” who basically make a living going to court and testifying for the defense when they need to convince a jury that the eyewitnesses were wrong. They are occasionally successful.

  2. Myiq2xu says:

  3. Myiq2xu says:

    Just because:

  4. leslie says:

    Here’s something from my favorite Tribune writer, John Kass:

  5. leslie says:

    Piper . . . I love the waffles you left here in the dungeon. And the strawberries, All I need to know is: Where is the coffee?
    your friend, leslie

  6. DeniseVB says:


  7. swanspirit says:

    Brian is not a soldier making peanuts defending his country, or even just a veteran trying to remember some events that occurred during their service. He is a multi-million dollar paid NEWS person who is supposed to check facts, and he works for a multi-billion dollar NEWS organization that is supposed to check facts . Their credibility is based on checking those facts. I read that he also “embellished” his story about Katrina. Evidently NBC, or even any other news organization has been concerned about checking his facts,perhaps with the exception of FOX. But most of the modern media we have has been less concerned with facts than propaganda and spinning for so long now, facts have become strangers. Facts barely exist anymore,in the media ; other than paper cones, to spin BS cotton candy around.
    I just posted downstairs that Mitt Romney’s aide says Axehole lied in his memoirs about Mitt’s concession call to Obama. I am betting it wasn’t just Axehole that lied about that call.
    Some liars start out “embellishing” their stories to make them sound better , until they embellish themselves right out of the truth, and into a lie. Some people are just compulsive liars, and BS for so long they believe their own BS. Some are deliberate and purposeful , waiting for some way to hang something detrimental on their opposition. Some people benefit greatly from telling lies. That is our current administration and their buddies in the media.There is not even a grain of truth in them.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Lyin’ Brian is like one of those stolen valor guys who had an uneventful military career working in supply but tell people they were a Navy SEAL.

      • Somebody says:

        Yep and generally the guys that really did a lot of “eventful” stuff downplay their service.

    • swanspirit says:

      BUT! If it was Sarah Palin telling this story, they would be all over that with no excuses. John even said that what Brian did was NOT the same as what Hillary did. Brian mis-remembered , Hillary was LYING !

      • piper says:

        The progs and media went thru thousands of her emails looking for dirt beside dumpster diving thru her trash. Surprised that no one tried to break into her house and look thru her lingerie drawers.

    • 1539days says:

      Because Bush and Reagan!

  8. leslie says:

    before I leave for work . . .

  9. DeniseVB says:

    Isn’t this where our Lola used to teach ? (Obama’s schedule today)

    10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
    11:35 am || Departs the White House
    1:30 pm || Arrives Indianapolis, Indiana
    2:15 pm || Delivers remarks and takes questions from students and faculty; Ivy Tech Community College, Indianapolis
    5:05 pm || Departs Indianapolis, Indiana
    6:45 pm || Arrives White House

    All times Eastern

    • Somebody says:

      I wonder if he’s going to take a jab at Christians and refuse to mention Islam again or if he’s just going to get his Santa on and talk about free community college?

      BTW talk about “false memories”……read complete and utter lies, Obama has done plenty of that himself.

  10. Fighting with my mother yet again. Not even 9 am and we are at war.
    Youngest brother has to have extensive surgery because of acid reflux or something. Kid is always sick and he makes productions out of a sniffle. I might be the oldest person ever with artificial heart valves. Mine are pig supposed to last max ten years. Well I got mine in 1970. Oops I guess I died in 1980.
    My brother annoys me so much because everything is catastrophic. Dude you have acid reflux move on. I had open heart and they used a new wire on my sternum. I had to walk into my mother’s room wake her up and s a y my chest hurts. Wires broke through my skin. I have so many scars because of a defective product. Wires just broke and ripped through my skin. Was a horror film. Imagine being 4 waking up your mom and saying my chest hurts mean while blood is running out of twenty holes. I lived. I had a hole in my throat. I often forget about breathing through a hole in my throat. Too hard to remember but sometimes when I shave I see it. Almost impossible that it could be real. My chest is uneven. One side is half an inch higher. Wires broke my sternum was left to heal itself.
    I am 48. No way ever should I have lived to be ten. I get to add insult to injury how many gay great uncles get to do battle with a brat. Math tells me I am a freak trust in little monsters eyes says I am lucky.

  11. God I am an asshole. Lived a life that at times was not easy but I get to share my mistakes with a child.

  12. DeniseVB says:

    For Ben Howe and Dana Loesch fans 😀

  13. DeniseVB says:

    Huh? They’ve remade “Poltergeist” ? Why, why, why? This is a teaser for the trailer…..

  14. lyn says:

    Politicians can lie; journalists can’t. It’s that simple. When a journalist becomes the story, it’s time to go “Buh-bye.”

  15. votermom says:

    My kids saw the Lyin Brian story on the news this morning.
    My older kid (HS) said well, if the chopper ahead of him got shot at, that’s pretty scary.
    Younger kid (MS) said, how do you “misremember” something like that. She ain’t buying it.

    • When the eldest gets to college or prison. I know you have sights set on one of those. Anyhow if your goal is prison I’d love to donate a few bucks to buy ramen noodles and cheetos to keep Cher’s spawn away. Almost positive you want kid to go to college and not the pen. Hey I don’t judge if you want your kid to do 20 to life who am I to say it is wrong. Pretty sure it makes me claustrophobic to judge.
      Also college and cable are free in prison. Think of the savings. Room and board included. Excuse me while I give 8 year old some ink. Christ it is hard to place a child in a vice in order to tattoo a tear on her cheek. The whole do I want my child to be a blood or a crip is challenging. I think they should offer junior prison. Pup is eight how is she supposed to join a gang at that age. How do you know at that age what colors even work for you.

      Kidding aside I think there is an app for college care packages. If not I will create one. Send a package to a kid that is anonymous but screams my mother is priceless. Votermom I would take joy in sending your kid a box of junk. Sorry must have Spam. It is Armageddon food. I have hundreds if not billions of cans. Some even have a key that you wind around to open. I will never get rid of it. There is a bottle of water from 1952. Glass my Aunt Rita had it in her bomb shelter,

      • Aunt Rita also invented crazy. She was nuts. She would tell me a lady needs to dress for the subway. Woman lived an hour from Pittsburgh she has never seen the inside of any public transport. Every holiday she made rice crispy treats. One year she forgot it was Christmas and went off the rails collecting all the Halloween shaped treats. Funny because a big glob of marshmallow meant to be Santa looks just like a carved pumpkin marshmallow abortion.

      • votermom says:


        Bail money is less than tuition; prison doesn’t sound too bad right now.

  16. foxyladi14 says:

    Dan Who???? 😆

  17. votermom says:

    ISIS is claiming the US woman hostage was killed in the Jordanian air strike.
    Yeah, right. They probably killed her a while ago.

    • Somebody says:

      Next they’ll claim they were hiding her in a baby milk factory. I don’t believe she was killed in the air strike, but if she was…….not to sound too crass; but would you rather die from a bomb or get beheaded?

      I guess I sound terrible to say something like that, I don’t mean to. That poor woman was never going to be released and the odds are overwhelming she’s already been killed in a horrific way. My heart goes out to her family.

  18. I am an adult. Do not need a website to affirm that. I know Lily is loved I know borderline is crawling the walls. Some one has a daughter in Williamsburg that has bike shop. Sorry forgot name but I have sent every one I have ever met to her daughter’s bike shop. I seriously polluted Facebook and then my friends did. No sweat off my back.
    We are dealing with ten years of political agony. I Do not know votermom but I would feel honored to send a care package. I believe in her believing in a child. For me that is enough. I have no idea where you are from. I think pan Asian. Who cares you love your daughters. I love you loving them. Make your own kind of music sing your own special song( sorry I m that gay mommas and Pappas are fab.)

    • votermom says:

      Awwww. That’s so sweet, mothy!

      My kid got a teeny tiny merit award at Pitt, so it’s unlikely she’ll go there. Waiting on CMU but not holding my breath. If she did end up going to Pgh I’d send her to you on weekends lol.

  19. Votermom
    I will take the train tomorrow from Pittsburgh to. Philly. To just let your daughter know you love her.
    Imagine random cracker assaulting you at the Amish market . Saying I believe in you. I will do it.

  20. piper says:

  21. piper says:

  22. DeniseVB says:

    I love the old photos of famous people …

  23. Myiq2xu says:

  24. swanspirit says:

    For , well you know…

  25. Myiq2xu says:

  26. HELENK3 says:

    biden will not attend Netanyahu’s speech to congress.

    what are the dems afraid of in the speech?. They might even learn something about defending the country. guess that is against their beliefs

  27. Wow seems Obama jumped the shark with his evocation of the crusades. Biggest bot I know has given up and Bob Beckel on the Five said I can’t work with this. Strange people are shocked. Really have you heard nothing he has said for 7 years. Realize some women might find it offensive but the word that springs to mind is bitch when I think of him. I try not to use words that may offend. Might still think he is a petty vindictive bitch but I would refrain if it offends. Asshole doesn’t work. I am an asshole. Dick nope. Bitch feels right. I see him as a small angry boy. Maybe spoiled fits better than bitch. Spoiled little bitch is probably too much. He reminds me of my very affluent friends who waited until they were 45 to have a kid. They all have adhd lmnopqrs disease. Shut up your kid is a brat. All kids are. They are no less annoying because you are a power player at a law firm does not even with two nannys make your kid less annoying. Kids are awful. I am not rich but I do okay by my kid if okay means she gets to do a few things. I was in Manhattan in November stayed with an old college friend. Kid is going to an elite school. Rude little FUCK. I have dealt with princess for 8 years. Many times I have had to walk away perhaps pounded my head on the nearest surface. My pup may have been difficult to me but she has never been rude to an adult. I am blessed can not even remember raising my voice. Walked away and shoved my own head in the toilet and flushed several hundred times while doing a primal scream. Okay not really but I felt like it.
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    No thanks I will take my being poor. Saturday my parents take the crud to supervised visits for two hours. They are champs after she has voice and acting. I give them 100 month for Subway because they sit and wait for her. My dad has an oxygen tank. My mom cashed in half of her 401 to protect her. I have been impaled for this brat( yep bathroom was being redone and I slipped in the tub and landed on the faucet. EMT guys took me and the hardware to the hospital) My near fatal bathroom episode took place when I was attempting to bring down a baby girl’s fever. So much fun teaching a toddler to dial 911 when you are skewered by a bathtub.
    Punk has me which in and of itself may be the greatest curse ever but I if I will always love you(dolly not witless) please never be rude.

  28. I am daft. Never realized Leaving on a jet plane was about Vietnam. I have heard it so many times so many times I will wear your wedding ring. Kiss me and smile for me. Fucking heart breaking. I thought it was just a song that came out of my grandmother’s yellow duster in the 70s.

  29. swanspirit says:

    This is just rich. I just watched Megyn Kelly, and one of her guests who was actually with Brian Williams on his famous helicopter ride said not only was Brian’s chopper not hit, it wasn’t with the ones who were and was flying in the opposite direction from the ones who were under fire.

    You know what? Brian Williams is just your old fashioned garden variety bullsh*tter.

    • leslie says:

      Sure sounds like it. I saw the same Kelly file last night. And between her shoe and Hannity (whose show I generally do not watch) Williams sounded less and less dependable. The “body I saw floating ” after Katrina and the dysentery he presumably contracted in the Katrina aftermath were 2 additional stories that were debunked last night. But, you and I and the rest of the people who watched FNC last night are the only people who will know this. Because the rest of the MSM will not report it.

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