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If Obama Has Lost Vox . . .

Seriously: Obama’s love of the “Yemen model” sums up his disastrously shortsighted foreign policy On Wednesday, a mere day before Yemen’s monthslong crisis collapsed into such chaos that rebels ran the president out of the country, and several days after … Continue reading

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Monday Night Open Thread: Dancing With The Stars Edition

OMG, Suzanne Summers and I are the same age… Don’t we look great ?  ❤

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The Apocalypse Approaches

I’m pretty sure this was prophesied in Revelations: Definitive Proof That Madonna And Taylor Swift Are The Perfect BFFs Madonna performed her new single “Ghosttown” at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and slowed things down with a surprise acoustic set with … Continue reading

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Weekend Taylor Swift Update

Taylor was chosen for #6 on Fortune’s World’s Greatest Leaders: Taylor Swift didn’t become the highest-paid woman in the music business by accident. Pop’s savviest star has crossed swords with Spotify, embraced corporate sponsorship, and moved to secure dozens of … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Open Thread

This makes me happy….

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The Clinton Intelligence Agency

You can’t make this shit up: Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network Starting weeks before Islamic militants attacked the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, longtime Clinton family confidante Sidney Blumenthal supplied intelligence to then Secretary of State … Continue reading

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Foliehatt Friday WTF Open Thread

Hot Air: NBC’s Engel: US allies fear Obama admin leaking information to Iran Just how badly has Barack Obama and his administration damaged relations with our allies in the Middle East? NBC’s Richard Engel reports that the Sunni nations in … Continue reading

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The New Jim Crow?

HuffPoop: Indiana Governor Signs Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill At Private Ceremony Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) quietly signed legislation Thursday that could legalize discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow any individual … Continue reading

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Having A “Y” Chromosome Is Not A Genetic Defect

This post by Rhonda Robinson caught my eye: Is the ‘Female Way of Learning’ Destroying Boyhood? In my house ADD is considered a personality type, not a mental disorder. I’ll admit that there were times when homeschooling my boys felt … Continue reading

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How Soon They Forget – When Obama First Announced He Was Running The Media Gushed In Their Panties

I wrote this post back in April 2008 when I was still at Corrente. It was one of my earliest blogging attempts. The reactions of the Left and the lefty media to the announced candidacy of Ted Cruz make it … Continue reading

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Where I Came From

For about half my childhood I lived in two homes. On weekdays I stayed at my grandmas and walked to and from school each day. I spent evenings and weekends at a house in the country along Bear Creek near … Continue reading

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Compare And Contrast

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is Somali-born feminist (the good kind) and political activist. He resume is impressive and her biography is compelling and inspiring. From Wiki: Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Dutch: [aːˈjaːn ˈɦiːrsi ˈaːli] ( listen); born 13 November 1969) — birthname … Continue reading

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The New Birthers

This so cray: View Guest Co-Host Declares Herself a ‘Ted Cruz Birther’ On Monday, the co-hosts of The View had a vigorous debate surrounding Ted Cruz’s presidential bid and guest host Michelle Collins took the discussion one step further by … Continue reading

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Cruzin’ With Ted – He’s Running! (UPDATED: Can He Win?)

I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support! — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 23, 2015 Tomorrow should be fun. UPDATE: It’s 2 am and since I can’t sleep I figured I would share some of my … Continue reading

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White Lives Matter Too

From the solidly Democratic City of Brotherly Love: Police say an alleged teenage gunman has surrendered in connection with the murder of James Stuhlman, who was shot and killed while walking his dog in Philadelphia’s Overbrook section last week. 15-year-old … Continue reading

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Caturday Open Thread

I am thoroughly disgusted with everything political right now.

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Too Many Crooks

I gotta go trim my bush. This is an open thread.

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No Pants Friday Open Thread

A little of this and that: Jon Stewart Asks When Fox Is Going To Hold Themselves Accountable For Their Anger And Divisiveness The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart took a whack at Fox “news” for the double standard when it comes … Continue reading

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Been There, Done That

This rant from Ace should sound familiar to those of us who are former Democrats: Glenn Beck: I’m Done With the GOP Allah keeps chortling, saying, “No you guys will be back,” but I don’t think he understands. Something has … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread – Bibi Edition

Congratulations, Prime Minister Netanyahu. Thank you to the good people of Israel for supporting a leader who will stand up and fight for all the free world while other leaders sit down. The Heartland of America will sleep better knowing … Continue reading

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