White Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man

You probably heard the old line about the three kinds of lies: white lies, damn lies, and statistics. Apparently the New York Times and Eric holder are unaware of the third kind.

Ferguson Police Routinely Violate Rights of Blacks, Justice Dept. Finds

Ferguson, Mo., is a third white, but the crime statistics compiled in the city over the past two years seemed to suggest that only black people were breaking the law. They accounted for 85 percent of traffic stops, 90 percent of tickets and 93 percent of arrests. In cases like jaywalking, which often hinge on police discretion, blacks accounted for 95 percent of all arrests.

The racial disparity in those statistics was so stark that the Justice Department has concluded in a report scheduled for release on Wednesday that there was only one explanation: The Ferguson Police Department was routinely violating the constitutional rights of its black residents.

The report, based on a six-month investigation, provides a glimpse into the roots of the racial tensions that boiled over in Ferguson last summer after a black teenager, Michael Brown, was fatally shot by a white police officer, making it a worldwide flash point in the debate over race and policing in America. It describes a city where the police used force almost exclusively on blacks and regularly stopped people without probable cause. Racial bias is so ingrained, the report said, that Ferguson officials circulated racist jokes on their government email accounts.

In a November 2008 email, a city official said Barack Obama would not be president long because “what black man holds a steady job for four years?” Another email included a cartoon depicting African-Americans as monkeys. A third described black women having abortions as a way to curb crime.

“There are serious problems here that cannot be explained away,” said a law enforcement official who has seen the report and spoke on the condition of anonymity because it had not been released yet.


The report will most likely force Ferguson officials to either negotiate a settlement with the Justice Department or face being sued by it on charges of violating the Constitution. Under Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., the Justice Department has opened more than 20 such investigations into local police departments and issued tough findings against cities including Newark; Albuquerque, N.M.; and Cleveland.

But the Ferguson case has the highest profile of Mr. Holder’s tenure and is among the most closely watched since the Justice Department began such investigations in 1994, spurred by the police beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles and the riots that followed.

While much of the attention in Ferguson has been on Mr. Brown’s death, federal officials quickly concluded that the shooting was simply the spark that ignited years of pent-up tension and animosity in the area. The Justice Department is expected to issue a separate report Wednesday clearing the police officer, Darren Wilson, of civil rights violations in the shooting.

Obviously I haven’t read the report. That makes it kinda hard to question the findings, but if the only specific examples they could uncover were some racist jokes then Comedy Central is a major civil rights violator.

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post. That is a photo of a convenience store in Ferguson being looted during one of the riots last year. According to statistics, 1/3 of the people in that picture should be white, and approximately half of them should be women. But all the people in the picture appear to be young black males.

Is that racist?

If the police are routinely violating the rights of black people in Ferguson, shouldn’t the DOJ be able to come up with some specific victims? Phones with cameras are ubiquitous these days, so why aren’t there numerous videos of police misconduct and brutality?

Perhaps the truth is more complex and less uh, . . . black and white.

But the Department of Justice isn’t looking for a conviction, their modus operandi is extortion. They threaten the city with all kinds of dire consequences, then offer something akin to a plea bargain. The city and the feds enter into an agreement called a “consent decree” that gives the federal government semi-permanent oversight over the city.

All without ever having to prove a single civil rights violation took place.

But the DOJ is fighting racial discrimination, so if you object to their methods or results you must be a racist who is pro-discrimination.

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130 Responses to White Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics

  1. Dora says:

    I wish they would force Obama to return his prize. And the money.

    In “Unprecedented Move” Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Demoted For Decision To Give Obama 2009 Award

    • Lulu says:

      Excellent. All ninnies who were scammed into “believing” this fake was anything but a street hustler from Chi-town should be canned for being a dumb ass. Nancy Pelosi had a fit yesterday at the Bibi speech because she was seeing Obama’s foreign policy fall apart in real time to thunderous applause and the rest of the world nodding in agreement. Bronco is done. All he can do now is be a destructive shit. I want to know how much the Iranians promised to pay him for his post presidency cuz he don’t do nothing for free.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who suspects payola’s involved with Obama’s “negotiations” with Iran and ValJar certainly has something to do with it. How can we trust this administration to use diplomacy the way they treated Bibi’s’ visit ? Nor can they negotiate with Republicans. Threatening with EO’s and Vetos ? I don’t think so.

        • leslie says:

          And sadly, we still have so many people who live and breathe Obama. And are ready to GIVE him President For Life.

        • Lulu says:

          The Iranians are criminals. Extortion, dirty oil deals, hiding money all over the world, bribes, etc are everyday business for them. And they think they are racially, culturally, and religiously superior to the entire world including Obama. They have promised him something and will now welsh because Bibi blew their scheme. That is why the White House tried to shut him up. I would think Boehner knew he blew the deal (pay to play) for Obama. And Rezko is a Syrian so he knows the score for this kind of stuff.

          • DeniseVB says:

            You know what worries me, that Obama would invite Ahmadinejad to speak before a joint session as payback. What would the GOP do, boycott ?

          • Lulu says:

            I don’t think Obama can invite anyone to a joint session since he isn’t the speaker or majority leader. And he doesn’t want anyone talking but him. His narcissism has bit him in the butt.

        • 49erDweet says:

          Well, to be fair, so far there’s no republic leadership that’s needed to be negotiated with. One doesn’t negotiate with cowards

      • foxyladi14 says:


      • Constance says:

        I Think the fact that he changed his name from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama just screamed hustler to me. It’s a stage name which is something celebrities have not Presidents.

    • 49erDweet says:

      I don’t think the Nobel can recover. They’ve jumped the shark and ain’t no turnin’ back. Let him keep it. It is a perfect symbol of his zeroness.

    • lildoggy4u says:

      I got to say I’m withholding support for Hillary until she actually begins to run. I want to hear directly from her. I have to think one of the reasons she may have used private email servers was due to interference from the administration’s peering eyes. When she took the job as SOS, I thought that was a good thing since I figured we needed a fault line between foreign governments and Powers, Rice and Obama. It might have allowed her to say things to other government entities that were not in line with Obama’s worldview. Its possible but it’ll probably be a game changer for her as far as running anyway. Obama is not going to support her either way. She did try to warn everybody about him.

      • Dora says:

        OMG, I hope that’s not what she did. Hillary was working for the Obama administration and if she was having private conversations with other governments, that would be treason. She could get thrown in jail for that.

      • Somebody says:

        Private email or not the NSA was certainly aware of whatever she was saying and thus so too was Obama and apparently China. Nope the purpose of the private email was to avoid FOIA requests and to bypass archival requirements of every government employee.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      In Ferguson, blacks accounted for 86 percent of traffic stops in 2013 but make up 63 percent of the population, reports the New York Times. Such numbers are meaningless as a measure of police behavior, unless one considers the underlying rate of traffic offenses. If blacks are disproportionately represented among speeders, red-light runners, and drivers without updated vehicle registration, say, then their higher rate of being stopped simply means that the police are applying the traffic laws neutrally to lawbreakers. Do not expect the Justice Department to have performed such an analysis of driving behavior, however. And discovering the underlying rate of driving offenses is just the beginning of the analysis. The demographics of roadways can differ enormously from the residential population surrounding those roadways and even vary according to the time of day and the day of the week. Using a residential-population benchmark to evaluate traffic enforcement — which the Justice Department is certain to do — is illegitimate as either a research or a legal strategy.

    • mothy67 says:

      I was wrong my Pap Pap retired in 1970. He ran ffreightbut he mostly worked Pittsburgh to Philly. Mkes sense as all that steel had to go somewhere. Very cute when I asked the crazy lady that birthed me about him her eyes lit up and she hed a million stories. So easy to forget that others want to share and be heard. His son my uncle died last week. He was my mother’s brother. I am matter of fact kind of person. A bit cold. Sharon has been harboring a lot of pain since her brother died. I am lacking in empathy. I knew she was crushed but I had no words to assuage. Asked her about Pap and the stories were endless. She needed a pressure valve. I always though wakes were morbid but I guess thats what they provide. So I say to you thanks. All i asked was freight or passanger and it opened up the floodgates.

      • leslie says:

        I’m glad you asked her about your grandpa. It is clear it gave her something happy to think about. It is almost unimaginably painful to lose a sibling. Maybe you can ask her to share her favorite stories of her brother, sometime.

      • HELENK3 says:

        I did not start at the railroad until 1976. But railroaders always have great stories. Most of them are true. I am glad your mom got to tell you some of them.
        as far as wakes go , have you ever been to an Irish wake. they celebrate the life of the person who died. I think that is a great way to remember them

        • lildoggy4u says:

          Hey Helen, my family is about as Irish as they come – I’m very white, and therefore obviously racist. My entire family, even my mom, has worked for the railroads since coming here a long, long time ago. My bro still is with the FEC but he’s the last. Seems all my Uncles were conductors, I think Union Pacific since we have a ton of memorabilia but nobody living to ask questions. I’m almost like Sheldon and his love of trains. Wish we still had passenger lines everywhere since I hate to fly.

          • lildoggy4u says:

            My point in that narrative was I wish we’d all remember to ask questions and listen closely to those stories. When I was younger, I never did.

        • mothy67 says:

          My name is Timothy John Cain. Dark hair bright blue eyes and the map of Ireland on my forehead. Took me some time but as an uncle and I sort of adult I love being Irish Catholic. I grew up withba lot of Catholic bashing. My faith is not about turning water into wine or healing the sick. It is about being honest with myself. I am no saint Father Parson used to give my twenty Hail Marys and 50 Our Fathers as contrition. I never said them. I am gay and I had to resolve that struggle. I speak for no one but me. I despise others saying they speak for me. I think Dan Savage is a pig. I cherish my monster. She is eight. I when it is appropriats will let her know I am gay. She is a child no need for her to contemplate that. I turn on Disney channel and two moms are all the rage.NOT yet let them be kids.
          Two women or two men cannot make a baby. Basic science. I think anyone can nurture but be honest. My baby girl was thrown away. I am a freak. We collided and it was murder. Not really we have not solved any murder mysteries but I was enamored of Stephanie Powers on Hart to Hart blowing her hair dry in a convertible.
          My brat got kind of screwed in the lottery of life. Do i let her become some injured victim. No thanks. I fight with her everydsy about everything. I want her to think. Every night I say i hate you. She says good because i love you. I say how much do I love you she puts her fingers in her mouth and bites downI say love you less she says I cannot do less.
          I treasure my punk. I am not normal. Not being normal is a part of lifr. Gay great uncle with a child. Progs want some sort of control over not normal. They want to control deviance. Sad people. Ironic that they hate Catholics so much. Everything they do is what they accuse Catholics of. My take on being the son of a preacher man is that I am responsible. I don’t get society is unjust. Of course it is life will always be unfair. Horse head Caroline got an iconic song and ambassador ship to Japen. What has she ever done to make the world a better place?
          I have hurt sometimes really bad existential stuff but I got up and did what i had to do. I am very flawed but one little child has a future because I did not collapse in poor me. Every time I watch the state department i feel like I am watching hurt kids.
          The lyrics to this song are whack but my life is summed up on the opening line

  2. mothy67 says:

    I had to put on CBS to see if there were any delays for school. They are pathetic. Had simecsort of spoof bit trying to redifine the history made yesterday. Putrid. I blocked CBS forever from my home. I sure showed them. Sadly I will now be denied access to NCIS Bowery Street. If you can muster the intestinal foritude check it out I am sure they will replay it all morning. news show feebly attempting to give cover to limp dick. Really tragic.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Has Obama stopped stomping his feet yet ? No? Ok then, read some interesting facts about Bibi’s life which helps you understand BO and the Dems tizzy fits.


    • mothy67 says:

      I think if Palin had been given a heads up shecwould have been quite capable of handling the media with aplomb. She was attacked in the most vile unprecedented ways. Had her own grandchild. Bad mother. It was relentless an d there was no precedent. MEEEchelle shovels butter soaked lobster into her trap paid for by the taxpayer no one bats an eye. Palin buys a decent suit to appear on national television paid for by the GOP a private group and she is out of touch. Had she gone to Target or rifled throug Hillary’s trash for a pants suit she would have been attacked. Mamma Grizzly stayed true. The press blew thier load about her. Time has vindicated her and the pressvis left bankrupt. She stayed the course. Message is the same today as in 08. Raising a kid alters you fundamentally. The world is different when you wake up and suddenly you are responsible. Personal idiosanctricities yield to be a man. I can no longer flutter about indulging my every whim. I owe a little person the best I can be. When I watch the o crowd I think of selfish children. How do you feel. Shut up life is tough we all feel bad. Anyone that has ever raised a kid knows you sign on to be a bit part in a horror film. Once you open your heart to a kid you never stop being afraid of life. I think teaching a kid to be real is the highest form of artistry. A child that learns to own her own actions is for me far more attractive than Starry Starry Night. He caused a lot of pain. Celebrate weakness. No thanks. I love Catcher in the Rye. I did not shoot John Lennon or Reagan yet I identify with Holden. Perpetual misguided anger his love for Phoebe Wallington. Book is scary. I saw myself which meant I had to acknowledge my myriad flaws not run rampant asking everyone on planet earth to accommodate me because i am sensitive. Everything from the o house strikes me as teenage angst. I just finished Don Quixote. It is Seinfeld. Funny book. I read some of the reviews. Good god somehow sexism, homophobia came into play. Please just stop. I can no longer take these people. .Book was written 29 million years ago and somehow it is homophobic. Little fucks at rich white elitist lesbian schools ignore history to to fit an agenda. Cervantes wrote the first modern novel. The book is absurd. It is like A Confederacy of Dunces for the medieval world. Everyone is an ass. I love A Confederacy of Duncesl bought a copy signed by his mother for thirty trillion daollars on ebay. The book is obnoxious. Protagonist hates everyone. MYgay friend threw the book at m. For real he three it at me. No one is exempt in the novel from disdain. He hates everyone and treats all sub groups with equal distate. I am a very angry person. Not beat up people in Yamakus angry but it is my life fuel. Sancho.Holden,Ignatious are my heroes..Angry disturbed iscwho I am. Denial is a waste. I am 48 and life has made me examine mybdark corriders. I see I am a fucking train wreck. I do not lie to myself. This cabal occupying the White House is a bunch of unself aware kids. Everything is about feelings.

    • lildoggy4u says:

      Had to steal that Denise

    • DandyTIger says:

      I’ve been complaining and pointing this out for a long time. About time it got escalated, and now hopefully fixed. It’s not a big thing to worry about IMO because it still requires sophisticating cracking work to get through and it’s been there for years. At least now it will be fixed.

  4. Myiq2xu says:

  5. Myiq2xu says:

  6. Myiq2xu says:

    • 49erDweet says:

      Denver PD administrators prove again they are idiots. Why do big city departments promote the wrong folks? Eternal question.

      • DeniseVB says:

        Big city politics. All the promotions in our local departments are not the best and brightest, but the ass kissers. Also, they lowered the test scores for the PD so more minorities would pass it. Soon we’re going to need Afirmative Action for the white folks.

  7. Myiq2xu says:

  8. Myiq2xu says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      Clearly not ready for prime time. And, well, kind of stupid. Given his medical expertise, having no understanding of basic science, logic, and analysis makes me sad.

      • Myiq2xu says:

        Another example of why you should never fall in love with a politician until you get to know them really well.

        • lildoggy4u says:

          Agreed. Why o why do these Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot. Lay off the social issues; get wider support for the country’s priorities

        • DeniseVB says:

          That’s why I’m keeping my powder dry and binge watching House Hunters International as a backup 😀

  9. Myiq2xu says:

    • Myiq2xu says:

      According to AP, the Internet address for Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server was registered to someone named Eric Hoteham. That name, however, “does not appear in public records databases, campaign contribution records or Internet background searches.”

      We wrote this morning, “It’s time to find this Hoteham character — if that’s really his name — and get him under oath.”

      Now someone calling himself “Eric Hoteham” has set up a Twitter account. He describes himself as “number 1 transparency advocate, internets expert, cattle futures aficionado, rose law alum.”

      Impressive credentials!


      • Myiq2xu says:

      • DandyTIger says:

        Looking at this bogus person/account, and her and her assistants private email behaviors, she clearly doesn’t give a rats ass. Now if she somehow becomes the media darling, that would work. But something tells me she’ll never be the media darling.

        • Lulu says:

          I don’t think she is running and does not in fact give a rat’s ass. I can see her setting up these accounts to avoid scrutiny by her Obama handlers from the WH spying on her and her personally selected loyal staff while SOS as the WH would screw her over in a minute. Imagine ValJar going over your personal emails for dirt. And I still don’t think she planned on running again even when she left the SOS slot but has been raking in the bucks for the foundation (she is more valuable for donations if she is presumed to be a future potential prezzie) which will support her and Bill (and Chelsea in the manner she has become accustomed). She is keeping potential Dems out of the race (fundraising) and from the Bronco brigade from pre-selecting the next Dem nominee like they did with Obama at least for now. The Dem primaries will be a beauty pageant of pigmies without a Clinton. Call it Hill’s payback. It is a good plan really.

          • DandyTIger says:

            I think you’re right. The probably did this to avoid Obama team scrutiny.

          • Lulu says:

            The “minder” stories were rife when these email servers were being set up. The Bronco WH is famous for its spies, insider threats, and tattletales. Everyone hates them.

          • Somebody says:

            I don’t think she’s running either Lulu. I think she’s making bank while she can and the best way to rake in the money is to keep everyone believing she’s going to run. Palin did the same thing basically leading up to 2012.

            I predicted Palin wouldn’t run and I was correct, BUT I honestly didn’t think Jeb was going to run and it looks like he is. When Jeb came out of the shadows I thought he was doing the exact same thing, promoting his book and upping his speaker fees, fueling speculation he might run for POTUS. Soooooo I guess I’m 50/50 right now, Hillary will be the tie breaker, LOL!

  10. piper says:

    From Diogene

  11. Myiq2xu says:

    This just keeps getting better and better:

    In his latest piece, National Review’s Charles Cooke related a choice exchange he had with a former Clinton White House staffer who attempted to defend Hillary Clinton’s role in this latest scandal involving her determination to avoid using an official and secure email address, as is mandated by law.

    “It’s ‘worth remembering,’ a former Clinton administration staffer assured me quickly on Twitter, ‘that Hillary didn’t have email until she was in her forties. She was clueless.’” Cooke wrote. “‘I just mean,’ he added, desperately, that “she’s no dummy — except possibly with computers — where she kinda is.’”

    So the Democratic Party’s anointed 2016 nominee who, we are assured, possesses the intellect and the acumen of a transformative political figure born to shatter glass ceilings devolves into timid and irrational Neanderthal when confronted by technological marvels like electronic mail? It’s not especially convincing, but at least it is a defense.

    As reporters go digging into this most recent Clinton controversy, however, it turns out that that the former secretary of state may have possessed a touch more technological prowess than her supporters initially led the public to believe. At least, those around her were savvy in their pursuit of a parallel email system that was apparently designed to evade federal oversight.

    “Hillary Clinton created her own private email system that she exclusively used as secretary of state, ignoring ‘very specific guidance’ from the White House by not even creating, let alone using, a government email account,” The Daily Beast revealed on Wednesday citing a bombshell Associated Press investigation.

    America’s gentle but technologically enfeebled grandmother-in-chief was, in fact, operating email servers and an internet domain that were run out of her family home in Chappaqua, New York. “The highly unusual practice of a Cabinet-level official physically running her own email would have given Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, impressive control over limiting access to her message archives,” The AP reported. “It also would distinguish Clinton’s secretive email practices as far more sophisticated than some politicians, including Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, who were caught conducting official business using free email services operated by Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc.”

    This little trick was not only evasive and quite probably illegal, but also unique to Clinton. It is going to prove increasingly difficult for the former secretary’s defenders to back her behavior while preserving their own integrity. When figures like Karl Rove and Sarah Palin ran afoul of the press as a result of lost emails or the use of private accounts to conduct official business, the reaction from the political class was anything but muted.

    • elliesmom says:

      I think it’s time to put an idea to rest. If you’re a 40-something, it’s very likely your grandmother knew very little about computers, email, and the internet. But your mother was there every step of the way as the whole electronic age unfolded. She has had a computer of her own for decades, uses email for most of her correspondence, pays her bills, shops online, shares pictures of you and your children with all of her friends, reads the newspaper and magazines online, has an eBook reader, a smartphone, and is every bit as comfortable with a computer as you are. If she’s a gamer, she likely started with Pong and PacMan. The idea that 60-something women are computer neophytes is laughable when it isn’t insulting.

      • Lulu says:

        She read about it in the newspaper! What difference does it make! She is just the dumb little woman! It sounds like a spoof on White House crap excuses to me and I think it is funny.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I’m Hill’s age and age has nothing to do with tech savvy. In fact, we got our first PC during Bill’s administration, it was a clunky IBM desktop, we needed to set it up on the dining room table to fit everything…the tower, the screen, speakers, keyboard, printer. Fortunately we didn’t need to put a leaf in the table. We started out with AOL, I still have AOL but my kids have long moved on with their Macs, Ipads, smartphones. I’m just too lazy to learn all the new tricks, but once I went laptop I could never go back. My peer group have all moved on too. I have nothing to apologize for 😀

    • DandyTIger says:

      Making popcorn.

      • mothy67 says:

        Popcorn is very funny when you take your smart tv into the bathroom and binge watch house of cards. You must have a box of wine. Think it is a law in some states.

    • Constance says:

      Hillary is a good deal over-weight. Don’t you think if she was really running she would be thinner. Realizing she is a wealthy woman and can afford the best diet meal service? I don’t think she ever planned to run but she is planning to screw over the Dems like they screwed her.

      • DandyTIger says:

        I would actually like that. And might even think better of her after here stint with the Obots.

      • DeniseVB says:

        One of things that endears me to Scott Walker, his wife is a very healthy size 🙂 The anti-Michelle. She seems sweet, but I thought that of Maureen McDonnell when (Va Gov) Bob was a rising star in the GOP. Then all hell broke loose…..but anyhoo, here’s Mrs Walker….

    • votermom says:

      My congress critter ( who btw is new and apparently a Chamber of Congress stooge and Boehner minion) said he was sitting 200 ft behind Pelosi. He said she kept turning around and muttering comments to the people behind her (Dems, I guess)

      • Lulu says:

        Grey Goose syndrome is affecting her ability to control herself in old age. She has always been dotty (if not stupid) but her lack of impulse control is getting embarrassing. She is one of the anti-democratic assholes who selected Bronco and ignored the party voters and it is all turning to crap so she acts out like a four year old. Bronco’s downfall is hers too.

        • DeniseVB says:

          She needs to retire. As ticked off as I was the GOP didn’t change their leadership, it’s even more bizzare that the Dems didn’t change theirs. Pelosi and Reid are part of the problem for the big losses last Nov. The hypocrisy of “old white people” running the Dems is laughable.

          • Lulu says:

            As long as she is doling out Silicon Valley and San Fran nut case campaign money she will be hanging around acting the fool. As for Harry I think he will die sooner rather than later. He looks like death warmed over and not long for this world. He should be home with a nurse attendant. He will be rolled into the Senate wearing a crash helmet on a gurney soon.

          • leslie says:

            Welcome back, Lulu. 😀

      • gram cracker says:

        200 feet? Or 20 feet?

    • leslie says:

      I have not watched and won’t until I get home. But I promise you, the images on my screen make ^this^ look like a SNL skit.

      • Somebody says:

        I know the hair, at first I wondered if he was going through a sex change or something. Does he think it looks good? Perhaps Bill and Hill don’t pay him enough for a barber?

        He’s gay so maybe his “look” is more attractive to gay men, we’ll have to have Tim weigh in on this one for us.

        • Lulu says:

          He looks like grandma who just got a trim, blue rinse and blow out down at Miss Patty’s Cut N Curl. This is fine if you are an eighty year old woman. Not so much for him.

  12. mothy67 says:

    My god Obama and the democrats are babies. Response to Bibi is he is mean and he hurt feelings.
    I identified with Holden Caulfield when I woke up with a woody at 12. Move on. Our press is deranged pre teens. I was listening to a radio show and it was a 2nd grade playground argument. Defensecwas BIbi was mean. Crack whore kicked in the head shaken beaten shake n baked tool said it was racist.

    • DeniseVB says:

      Reid is bullet proof. Gah. I thought for sure when he spent campaign funds to scoop up a relative’s jewelry line to give as gifts to his staff he get sent up the river, but no. Then I thought when his wheeling dealing to land grab the Bundy Ranch was linked to eco donor pals, nothing.

      The Democrats sure need a Tea Party wing.

  13. Myiq2xu says:

  14. Dora says:

    ABC’s Jonathan Karl Tries To Rescue Hillary From Private Email Scandal With Story About Rep. Chaffetz Using Gmail… One Huge Problem, Law Doesn’t Apply To Congress…


  15. Myiq2xu says:

    Analysts predict that the world’s first trillionaire will emerge on the planet — and it may be sooner than we think. This is someone who is worth at least this much: $1,000,000,000,000. The world may appear to be in chaos, but the wealthy charge on, “despite plunging oil prices and a weakened euro,” reports Forbes magazine, which has identified a record 1,826 billionaires. Combined, they have a net worth of $7.05 trillion, which would pay less than half of the current federal debt. But no matter. The list includes 290 newcomers, 71 of whom hail from China.

    Obama has increased the national debt more than all the wealth of every billionaire on Earth.

  16. HELENK3 says:


    soros funded the Ferguson riots

    George Soros a prime example of the saying only the good die young

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’m not familiar with that site, but I do know Boehner threatened anyone who voted against him for Speaker would lose their prime committee assignments…..and chairmanships. This freaked out the freshmen. I know Mia Love wrote about it on her FB page apologizing for supporting him.

  17. Dora says:

    Martin O’Malley sticks with Plan A: try to upend Hillary Clinton

    Former Governor O’Malley of Maryland announced Tuesday he will not run for Senate, a signal he is still running for president. Clinton’s latest woes could give O’Malley hope.


  18. mothy67 says:

    I am not a robot. I am capable of human emotions.
    I went to the store to buy yeast and teacher from school was there. Maternity leave. She praised my brat. Went on and on about how kind she is. . Straight A’s . She is being raised by a great gay uncle and great grandparents. Her mother has another kid that she dotes on. Has not called Shayla since Christmas. Her father is a frequent flyer at county lock up.
    I refuse to let that noise dictate her life. Where does pity get you? I will not let my baby be a victim. Democrats seem to operate on a very elitist looking down on people mentality. People are tough. Most can handle a lot of shit. Coddling is gross. I am aware I am a freak. Most people do not learn to speak from a hole in their throat. I had the misfortune of going from 4th grade to 7th. Makes you wierd and you can never live up to being that smart.
    I actually cried after the teacher praised my monster. So unfair you go through life being sub human than you weep in front of corn flakes.
    I think I am striving to give my annoyance a shot. I see so many parents whining. Where does that get a kid. I see the democratic party as wretched enablers. I think it is child abuse to create a victim. Rob a convenience store beat up thevowner but you are a gentle giant. Kiss my ass. Actions have consequences. World does not have to submit because you were slighted. Get real. Life is hard. Cancer sucks. My friend has end of the line cervex cance. Death will be a reprieve. I am angry. Not fair she is 48. She is Chelsea’s sister in law. Money cannot save her. I am mad she has to die so I am going to flip over my neighbors cars. I will make everyone pay so they will see I hurt. Fuck off selfish cretins. I implore you to read VOX they write like 7th grade girls. All emotion.

  19. mothy67 says:

    I feel the need to tell you this because I think I have the required crush on asian women that every very white gay has to have Cuisanart bread machine. Toast is amazing. I am on this no preservitives gig. Think about it our organs filter a lot stuff made to not be filtered is not good.
    Anyhow way back in 1985 I was a lonely scared gay kid at Temple. The Asian girlsvat Universty of Penn were my friends. Remember Revival, The Trochadero and Black Bananna. Pen and Pencil was also a big deal back then. Oldest after hours club in the states. Journalists snorting mounds of cocaine. I do not pass judgement on blow heads. I have very fast metabolism. I hate cocaine. I have tried but I crash really hard. Suicidal hard. Every writer I knew in Philly was blasted every night. Making up stories is not a shock. When you trade reality for a high eventually you start believing the high is real. I watched a lot of delusions. Catholic, crazy, gay, asian fag hag kept me from going over the edge. I had friends that went from a bump to heroine in the eyeball. All very rich. I was wearing Doc Martins and Dancing to the Cure.(Pictures of You is a great song)

  20. mothy67 says:

    I have been using the ear buds that came with Ipod for years. Monster wanted a head set for 100 dollars I said no butcof course i went home walked two hills uphill both ways without feet and bought the purple headset. I have trillions of digital songs.. The sound is so much better. Well worth the price.

  21. HELENK3 says:


    An apology from the citizens of the USA to Netanyahu and Israel

    worth reading. makes you stop and think

  22. HELENK3 says:

    Attorney General Eric Holder says while some people may have had wrong perception of what led up to Michael Brown’s death, racial bias they cited in Ferguson, Mo., is legitimate – @emilyrau

    I thought it was because , he fought the law and the law won

  23. mothy67 says:

    Holder is so offensive. A real man spoke yesterday and shamed the jackasses s o they pull out this shit to deflect. I a m beyond repulsed. Guess what Eric store owners lives matter.

  24. John Denney says:

    Discrimination is a good thing.
    I do it for a living, helping others to also be very discriminating.
    You know, like,
    select customers with balance > “1000” and days.past.due > “90”
    rather than just,
    select customers
    which would be so much easier to do.
    Whether the customers are white or black is currently irrelevant.

    • DeniseVB says:

      The 10 years I spent as a veterinary hospital office manager, I never took a minority to court for non-payment and wage garnishment. I believe it was the 6-month past due mark. Late fees would add up enough to pay our court costs.

    • mothy67 says:

      My punk asked me for Rosetta Stone French for her birthday An eight year old asking forca foreign language somehow became racist because I did not buy spanish. Nuts. PUP is smitten with Paris. We have spent hours on snow days using googlestreet view to meander around Paris. Race has nothing to do with it. Given a choice I would have had our pretend field trips be to Lisbon.maybe Sao Paulo or Cork. I am so sick of tools telling me what to think. No one dictates how I view the world. Putrid fucks attempting to color mecas something I am not can bite me. Last night I lost big on poker. I know when to fold em. I went to the bar there was a person there that decided to flip genders. I could care less. I hope I would never be rude to any person. What you do with your private parts is none of my business. Personally i don’t get it. Not my place to judge but as long as I do not negatively affect you I am allowed my own feelings. Thought police piss me off.i only saw a wee bit of holder rant. Refuse to give him the time of day. Sadly what I did see was the police officers face. He was cleardd. I do not rob stores because I want something I cannot afford. To this date I have never beat up a clerk at a 7 11 because I wanted a blunt. I could care less that a thug ate some lead. Victimhood creates that shit. Poor me the world owes me. Sod off. I had to sit through hours of family court. Everyone has a sob story. 125 thousand spent over 6 years to make sure pup is not a ghetto child. I am white trash I grew up with an outhouse and a bucket but as broke as we were there was always a dream. We stole the neighbors day old newspaper to use as toilet paper but I went to private school. Today eveything is owed. I pay 189 for my triple play. If your kid gets free lunches internet is 9.99. Add it up sometimes itvis easier to be por. Schools offer breakfast, lunch and after school snacks. Leftists argue poor hungry kids. Shut up I picked corn when i was a kid I had a paper route sold special bingo tickets cleaned banks and offices over night. I bought all my clothes on lay away. Not sad. I was poor we did what we had to do. I learned a lot. Yes i spoil crud but i worked hard why not share it. My baby is the best part of me indulgences are not taken lightly. I wish i possessed the language to express what she is.85% percent puts her on suicide watch. December she did a runway bit I Was bored so I ended up talking to the bartender. Young black girl who had never been given a chance to read. I love Beloved wnd Their Eyes were watchin God. I don’t like them becauee i am a lesbian going to Brym Mawr majoring in man hate. I li k e stories. Met a woman while I was so bored at a trade show. I was amongst many majors a lit guy. I got to spend one semester across the pond plac e was called oxford or something that sounds like expensive shoes. Anyhow i am at this awful dance trade show. Meet a young woman that had limited choices. Brat ordered all the books and hadthem delivered to the bartender. I give her free reign on my accounts but I said baby why would you buy books for a stranger bartender she said you talked to her like you did to me when we stayed up all night reading the Chamber of Secrets. I feel life is kind and sweet I refuse to buy into what the dims have become. All of it is so unhappy

  25. HELENK3 says:

    Attorney General Eric Holder: Ferguson, Mo., leaders need to take ‘immediate and wholesale’ action following Justice Department report
    End of alert
    Ferguson, Mo., unrest
    Attorney General Eric Holder: These Ferguson, Mo., policing practices disproportionately harm black residents; no other explanation other than racial bias

  26. Dora says:

    The story continues.

    Head of Nobel Peace Prize Committee Is Fired,

    Requests Obama to Return 2009 Peace Prize?


  27. Dora says:

    State Department Walks Back Claim There Was No Classified Information In Clinton Emails…

    Translation: There was classified info.


  28. mothy67 says:

    Honest question . What reason is there to support Hillary. 2008 i walked door to door but i am not a cheerleader. I think she is a disgrace. They are already playing the woman card. I think sheis a monster because she cosigned obama. .

  29. HELENK3 says:

    US Ambassador to South Korea attacked. Not sure of extent of injury.
    just announced on FOX

  30. DeniseVB says:

    Ben Carson apologizes……

  31. DeniseVB says:


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