Cruzin’ With Ted – He’s Running! (UPDATED: Can He Win?)

Tomorrow should be fun.


It’s 2 am and since I can’t sleep I figured I would share some of my thoughts.


Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (born December 22, 1970 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is the junior United States Senator from Texas. Elected in 2012 as a Republican, he is the first Hispanic or Cuban American to serve as a U.S. senator from Texas.[3][4][5] He is the chairman of the subcommittee on the Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.[6] He is also the chairman of the subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness, U.S. Senate Commerce Committee.

Between 1999 and 2003, Cruz served as the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, an associate deputy attorney general at the United States Department of Justice, and as domestic policy advisor to U.S. President George W. Bush on the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign. He served as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to May 2008, after being appointed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.[7] He was the first Hispanic,[5][8] the youngest[5][9] and the longest-serving solicitor general in Texas history.[10] Cruz was also an adjunct professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, from 2004 to 2009.[11][12] While there, he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation.[11] Cruz is one of three Latinos in the Senate; the others—also Americans of Cuban ancestry—are fellow Republican Marco Rubio of Florida and Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey.[13]

Cruz was the Republican nominee for the Senate seat vacated by fellow Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison.[14] On July 31, 2012, he defeated Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in the Republican primary runoff, 57%–43%.[15] Cruz defeated former state Representative Paul Sadler, in the general election, on November 6, 2012. He prevailed 56%–41% over Sadler.[15][16] Cruz openly identifies with the Tea Party movement and has been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus.[17] On November 14, 2012, Cruz was appointed vice-chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.[18]

On March 23, 2015, Cruz announced he would run in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Ted Cruz is running, but can he win?

Short answer: Yes – this is America, where any boy or girl can grow up to be President!

Long answer: Maybe – there is a path to victory but it won’t be easy.

Ted Cruz will be an upstart/insurgent/Cinderella candidate. The Big Money and GOPE (same thing) are already lining up behind Jeb Bush. If Jeb falters the money will shift to someone else, but that person will NOT be Ted Cruz.

The media won’t only not support him, they will be against him. That includes Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and all the rest of the GOPE media. Remember how the media treated Sarah Palin? Prepare to see that kind of treatment on steroids.

So how does a candidate with no money and a hostile media stand a snowflake’s chance in Hell of success?

I never said he couldn’t raise any money. He’ll never be the guy with deep pockets who can buy votes with slick campaigns and expensive political consultants. He’ll need to raise enough to get on the ballots and to travel frequently to the early primary states, but he can use social media and hostile news coverage to get noticed by the voters. (A hostile media is actually a plus for a Republican primary candidate.)

That means he will be spending a lot of time in Iowa and New Hampshire for the rest of this year, along with a few trips to other early primary/caucus states. He will have to perform well in debates and at candidate forums where the media and his competitors will be looking to sandbag him with trick questions, hoping to cause a gaffe.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that a single gaffe could torpedo his chances. And you can rest assured that if there are any skeletons in his closet somebody will find them.

I believe he is constitutionally eligible to be POTUS, but you can expect that to be an issue at various points in the campaign. I don’t think there will be an authentic grassroots birther movement but I’m sure the media will assist in ginning up an astroturf attack.

The key for Ted Cruz is to win early. Forget the national polls or the ones comparing him to Hillary. He needs a strong performance in Iowa and New Hampshire. Even second place might do it. But if he finishes in the middle of the pack (or worse) he’ll never make it to Super Duper Tuesday. That is true of all the candidates except Jebbie.

If he wins early and presents a credible challenge to Jeb Bush then the money and volunteers will start flowing in. He’ll still be the underdog, but he’ll still be in the race.

I believe that the candidate who offers the most credible challenge to Jeb Bush will win the nomination. The GOPE loves them some Jebster, but the voters don’t like him. The problem for Ted Cruz is Scott Walker. He has to beat Walker before he can take on Jeb.

Right now Scott Walker is still at the top of my list. But I won’t be casting any votes until next year. A lot can happen in a year.

Stay tuned!


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131 Responses to Cruzin’ With Ted – He’s Running! (UPDATED: Can He Win?)

  1. Myiq2xu says:

    Scott Walker is still my first choice, but Walker/Cruz would be a good combo. If Ted wins the nomination I’ll vote for him in the general.

    • 49erDweet says:

      Anything is possible, but his early entry might also be a way to make Walker’s eventual entry more palpable to significant chunks of the GOPE who may be all Bushed out.

    • HELENK3 says:

      Walker’s governor experience and Cruz’s DC experience would be a very good combination that is sorely needed. But I hate to lose Cruz in Congress. We need more non establishment congress people on both sides of the aisle. Too many think is it a lifetime job and just expect to stay.

      • 49erDweet says:

        Here’s the thing, Helen. Congress is usually the training ground for future cabinet positions, so we wouldn’t be so much “losing them” as providing a rich environment to “train their replacements”.

      • foxyladi14 says:

        honk honk

    • lyn says:

      Walker/Cruz will be the new Clinton/Gore if Republican voters are smart. I’d vote for that ticket.

  2. 1539days says:

    Ted Cruz can’t win. He’s a Senator so he’s never run that kind of campaign.The GOPE won’t help because he’s too conservative. I can only assuming he’s pulling a Biden and trying to run for Vice President. Walker/Cruz ’16.

  3. DandyTIger says:

    I think Ted is ambitions, so I don’t think he’ll turn into a run every cycle guy just for some cash and increased fame. I think he wants to win. He knows the establishment is against him in the worst way. So he’ll have to pull a big dawg, but I’m not sure he’ll pull the numbers. Will be interesting. There will be lots of entertainment from the ‘sploding heads and gnashing of teeth.

    • 49erDweet says:

      He also resonates with my nominally democrat (and therefore taken for granted) Hispanic kin, which could be interesting and potentially game changing.

  4. DandyTIger says:

    I agree on Walker. He’s got the Gov. experience, battled and won in a blue state, and actually got things done and helped the state. Don’t know if he has the depth to deal with the mess this and the previous prezzy left the country with, but he seems better than any I’ve seen so far.

  5. Dora says:

    I like Carly Fiorina. I think we could use a business executive in Washington now to straighten out the mess.

    • elliesmom says:

      Whether you think Carly Fiorina is a competent business executive with enough skill to run the executive branch of the government may depend on which side of the HP/Compaq merger you sit on. I’m glad she’s in the race. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a cabinet position, but ‘m not sure she’s ready for the presidency. I used to think it was more important to get a woman into the office than who the woman is. At some points in history that might still be true. But I think this time electing someone who is highly competent and can do the job is more important than gender or race or anything else.

      • votermom says:

        I don’t like Carly Fiorina. Her resume does not impress me – have not seen her turnaround businesses. Quite the opposite.

        • fif says:

          She didn’t even win her Senate race in CA, she is just raising her profile.

          • 49erDweet says:

            Well not winning that race really can’t be held against her because of the registered voter deficit she faced. Something like 60/40. That she made the effort anyway should accrue to her credit, IMO.

        • elliesmom says:

          My husband was caught in the Digital/HP/Compaq/Intel blender. He and lots of others emerged with a sign on bonus, stock options, and a small pension for the 2 days he was an HP employee. I’m not complaining, believe me, but who negotiates that kind of deal?

      • foxyladi14 says:

        I agree em. 🙂

    • 49erDweet says:

      Carly is great. She’d run hard. I’d also like to see Condi Rice stir the pot, but doubt she will. Either could cause problems for the gopE because of Tea Party affection.

      • cynic says:

        I think she’ll play an important role in the primary season. She’ll be able to go after Hillary easier than a man.

  6. Dora says:

    Isn’t this illegal?

    Netanyahu pollster: Obama role in election larger than reported

  7. Myiq2xu says:

    Between now and the end of the year the GOPE is gonna put maximum effort in destroying any credible challengers to Jeb. That’s the only way he wins the nomination.

    • 49erDweet says:

      So watch for all the BIG DEAL stories from erstwhile “real conservative” journalists. They will be “seriously concerned” and “saddened” but will suck it up and bring us, the stoopid, “important news we need to know” anyway. Fortunes will be made.

    • elliesmom says:

      If the race is between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, it may have the lowest voter turnout in history.

  8. votermom says:

    Yay Ted! I’m so glad he’s running. Don’t know if he can win, but starting now, all the other candidates will have to be BETTER than him on the issues to get my support. I’m looking at you,
    No more amnesty pandering, Mr. Throne of Skulls.

  9. HELENK3 says:

    good article on Ted Cruz. Some things maybe we did not know.

  10. HELENK3 says:

    read the comments. lot of people do like him

  11. Myiq2xu says:

  12. Myiq2xu says:

  13. Lulu says:

    Cruz has more big money behind him than is advertised. His wife is a regional VP of Goldman Saks. There is also more big LAW money drifting over because Bronco is destabilizing the courts, big biz (contracts duh!), and markets (not to mention foreign policy) by his erratic and illegal legal theories of “I am da king! and I can do whatever I want!” Government, business, and society cannot function in Bronco chaos.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      If he raises a few million he can get on all the ballots and run a competitive campaign in the first couple primaries.

      • Lulu says:

        He can raise that much in a couple of neighborhoods in Houston. People do not understand how good he is campaigning. He reminds me of Big Dog years ago. The powers that be are afraid of him. And they should be. I don’t think he can win but he will drive all of the other candidates to right-ish populism. Except Jeb of course.

        • votermom says:

          Jeb should run in the Dem primary.

          • Lulu says:

            He would loose that one too. He has the personality of a wet dishrag. And he is barely smarter than Shrub. I think he is running because this is his last shot and he would maybe regret not trying or something. And the money Republicans need a shill. I find him kind of pitiful.

  14. swanspirit says:

    Speaking of Illegal :

    The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) forbids any of it signatories to have nuclear weapons. Full stop.

    Under the terms of the NPT, the P5+1 have no legal authority to amend the treaty unilaterally, to abrogate the treaty, or to allow nations that are signatories to the NPT to abrogate the treaty.

    Since when can the UN Security Council amend U.S. treaty law? The UN can certainly propose amendments, but it cannot approve such changes on behalf of the U.S. Congress and the American people.

    If Iran is allowed nuclear weapons capability, other nations — especially throughout South America, already infiltrated by Iran — will doubtless follow suit.

    In Iran, would this agreement have the force of law, or would the Supreme Leader — who just this week said, “Death to America” — be allowed to change its terms unilaterally? And what would be the consequences to him if he did?

    Senate critics of the pending deal seem opposed to an agreement that comes with a note saying, “Trust us,” as an adequate substitute for the Senate scrutiny such a deal would require.

    On the date the agreement would “sunset,” or expire, Iran could return to being an ordinary member of the NPT again, despite its centrifuges, despite its terrorism and missiles. It will then be free to enrich uranium to its heart’s content — a “right” that is not in the NPT.

    Iran also happens to be the country with which North Korea most cooperates on ballistic missile development.

  15. Lulu says:

    I see by other blogs and comments (left and right) that Cruz is actually a Canadian or a Cuban citizen. Maybe a Spaniard too. However Bronco was never a Kenyan nor an Indonesian. I am confused why one but not the other. Bronco Sr was never a citizen but Cruz Sr is. So are Rubio’s parents. When are the Vile Progs and Corporate Repubs going to sit down and write out all the citizenship and residency rules with the paternity and maternity rules so we know what the hell they are? They change according to who is running. I feel like I am playing checkers with a five year old who makes up the rules as they go along. Apparently growing up in Indonesia with a step-father is good but Canada with a natural father not so much. Also not getting shipped off to grandparents is bad. If only Cruz’s father had been deported.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      There are two flavors of birther. The first type thinks he was really born in Kenya. They are insane. The second kind of birther accepts that Obama was born in Hawaii but believes that because his father was not a US citizen than means that Obama is not a “natural born citizen” as required (but not defined) by the Constitution.

      The first group is wrong on the facts, but the second group is wrong on the law. There is no statute or case decision that defines NBC as narrowly as the birthers claim.

      If you were a US citizen at birth you are an NBC. If you were a citizen of another country and later became a US citizen then you are a “naturalized” citizen.

      • votermom says:

        Yeah, regardless of who Obama’s dad was or whete he was born, he does get US citizenship at birth because of his commie Mom.

        • Jeffhas says:

          my recollection of the way the theory goes (not my theory, just the theory that was pushed around at the time), was that Obama was actually born in Kenya, and AT THE TIME of his birth, US law was that mom’s status as a US citizen would not automatically make him a citizen ( law changed a few years later coincidentally)…. When Obama’s mom was able to travel back after his birth to the U.S., Hawaii issued a birth certificate (a real official birth certificate) for him because Hawaii was allowed to do this based on their somewhat new admission to the U.S.

          This dovetails with the stories of no doctors, nurses, etc coming forward to say they watched him get delivered at the hospital, etc… AND the words of his grandmother that Obama WAS actually born in Kenya.

          It’s a lot of twisting to make something fit…

        • Lulu says:

          I totally agree. But of the things they are hinting at is that Cruz is legally and culturally Cuban or something like that. After screaming racist if the Indonesian, Kenyan, etc (father and step father) influences that Obama touted about himself were mentioned, they are hinting at Hispanic right wing Franco type stuff about Cruz and his father. The hypocrisy is rampant. If Rubio goes up in the polls they will do it to him too.

      • Somebody says:

        There is a 3rd theory having to do with the stepfather adopting him and he thus became an Indonesian citizen.

      • Chris says:

        Is it at birth (where) or by birth (from whom) or both to be an NBC vs a U.S. citizen? How do you get a “Statute or case decision that defines NBC”? I believe several plaintiffs tried to get Obama’s presidential qualification as an NBC to the Supreme Court and all such cases were dismissed due to lack of standing, not based on the merits of the case. Who would have standing then to file such a case? The States’ Attorneys-General? If one U.S. Citizen parent makes you a natural born citizen by virtue of 50% of your DNA, is Cruz also a Cuban NBC by virtue of his father’s citizenship? Do you have any concerns with dual allegiance in such cases (as well as Obama’s)? I saw a video of Ted’s dad speaking; he is wicked smart, very eloquent with a fascinating history and I am sure he was and is a strongly influential individual in his children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

        Also, I have heard mention of a Supreme Court case where NBC was addressed and defined to mean TWO U.S. citizen parents AND birth within U.S. jurisdiction/on U.S. soil (Minor v. Happersett, 1874)? What are your views on that case?

        I admire Ted Cruz greatly and would love to see him as U.S. Attorney General in the next administration, regardless of who wins, and then eventually I would like to see him on the Supreme Court. As a presidential candidate however, I am not convinced he is an NBC as the founding fathers may have intended. I understand you are an attorney by profession so I am very interested in your responses to my questions. Thanks!

        • Myiq2xu says:

          Read this:

          BTW – Minor v. Happersett does not say what the birthers claim it says, and what it does say is merely dicta.

          • Chris says:

            So what does the case “say”? I am not a lawyer. I don’t consider myself a birther, just going by what I was taught in school many decades ago and by what seems to make sense given the responsibilities of the office. I don’t know what dicta is but I thought their reference to the NBC definition was in the context of their thinking on the case at hand and a likely interpretation of the Constitutional language. I will check out the site you provided. It is your position on the issue and speaks to all my questions?

          • lorac says:

            IANAL either, but I was also taught throughout school that “natural born” was being born in America to two citizen parents. They taught it every year, so it’s not just some new crazy idea. The idea, of course, was to prevent people becoming president who had loyalties to another country. I personally like that idea and think it makes sense.

            If Cruz is eligible, not being born (or raised?) here and his only claim being that his mom was an American citizen (living in Canada) when he was born, then by the same token his mother could have had moved to Iran or Iraq and married a crazy middle eastern leader, and *that* kid would be natural born and eligible to be president. I think that’s exactly what the framers wanted to avoid.

            I don’t think the Supreme Court will ever address the general “natural born” issue, though.

      • Chris says:

        Penultimate para: Are you saying there is a statute or case decision that defines NBC? If so, can you send me the reference? Thanks.

  16. piper says:
    My opinion – Scott Walker has proven that he can take on the unions and survive a recall plus 2 gubernatorial races. Susanna Martinez would make a good VP candidate and could bring in the hispanic votes.
    As much as I like Ted Cruz and his command of issues, he would be better off in the Senate herding the RINOs into legislation that works for the US.
    Jeb Bush – gag me with a spoon, he would be just like his brother. Regretfully voted for Al Gore who has turned out to be a bigger loser than Dubya. So tired of having to choose between 2 losers.

    • cynic says:

      Scott Walker is my first choice as well, but by Ted declaring early, is really smart, a great debater, and can go on all these network shows and tell everyone why Obama and the Iran deal isn’t good, might get through to the Independents.

      He was on ‘Morning Joe’ last week. Today, Mika said that she doesn’t agree with him on anything, but that he’s smart.

      On the show today, Donny Deutsch used the word vomit in the same sentence with Ted Cruz.

      What Jerry Brown said yesterday, and Donny said today, I’m seeing some over-the-top rhetoric.

    • swanspirit says:

      I really like Susanna Martinez!!! She would make a great VP, and wouldn’t that put the Dem’s britches in a bundle !

  17. Myiq2xu says:

  18. angienc says:

    I will not vote for Jeb Bush if my life depended on it.
    If he is able to buy/steal/cheat his way to the GOP nomination, I will vote 3rd party.
    I’ll never vote Dem again in my lifetime.

  19. foxyladi14 says:

    Apparently growing up in Indonesia with a step-father

    That would be Father, Lolo Sorento adopted him, 🙂

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Lolo Soetoro. How much you want to bet that Obama used to have an Indonesian passport?

      • Somebody says:

        Many people think that is how he took his summer trip to Pakistan, by using an Indonesian passport.

      • swanspirit says:

        Absolutely, why would Soetoro adopt him, and not be certain he had dual citizenship. Now I am wondering if adoption gives you the same rights as natural parenthood.

        • Myiq2xu says:

          Yes. When you adopt a child the real parents’ parental rights are terminated and a new birth certificate is issued.

          • cynic says:

            Maybe that’s why, when Abercrombie was elected Gov. he said he was going to settle the matter once and for all, and instead, caused more question.

            This is what Abercrombie said:

            Gov. Neil Abercrombie, who took office in December, told Honolulu`s Star-Advertiser on Tuesday that `our investigation` indicates there is a recording of his birth.

            Don’t you find that statement odd? Oh, and Abercrombie lost his reelection.

  20. HELENK3 says:

    this from MSNBC
    orders from backtrack or are the tired of looking at losing numbers

  21. HELENK3 says:

    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas: ‘It is a time for truth. It is a time for liberty. It is a time to reclaim the Constitution of the United States’ – @kasie

  22. Myiq2xu says:

  23. Myiq2xu says:

    • Myiq2xu says:

      But the key to victory, Cruz advisers believe, is to be the second choice of enough voters in the party’s libertarian and social conservative wings to cobble together a coalition to defeat the chosen candidate of the Republican establishment…

      To them, the Republican primaries are a series of single-elimination brackets where the four GOP leaders who best represent the party’s libertarian, establishment, social conservative and tea party wings will survive as the field winnows. Cruz will vie for the support of the tea party electorate, his advisers say, but will fare well enough with social conservative and libertarian voters to assemble a powerful coalition.

  24. Myiq2xu says:

    • Myiq2xu says:

      • cynic says:

        I think Obama got in trouble with both the left and right when it comes to Rev. Warren.

        Remember Warren’s abortion question? and Obama’s answer?

        “Asked at what point a baby gets “human rights,” Obama, who strongly supports abortion rights, said: “… whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity … is above my pay grade.”

        And the media goes cray cray over the Walker answer on evolution. yea

  25. Myiq2xu says:

    • piper says:

      The unions are going to mash their teeth and throw some big tantrums over this ruling. They’ll either occupy the Capital again or run away to Illinois to drown their sorrows.

  26. Myiq2xu says:

    I’ve driven by there a gazillion times and never noticed.

  27. Oswald says:

    Haters gotta hate:

    Stuff about Ted Cruz

    Posted on March 23, 2015 by riverdaughter

    You can never tell if someone who really shouldn’t be president for reasons that should be obvious will rocket to the top of the charts. Take Ted Cruz (Please!).

    A little bit of background. He’s from Texas and he’s a Republican. Gosh, I’m really sorry about stereotyping but those are two strikes against him right there. He went to Princeton and Harvard. Alan Dershowitz says he’s brilliant. (Hey, my academic advisor said I was brilliant too and told me I should go to law school. Then I majored in Chemistry and found out that it would take me 23 years before I would ever feel brilliant again.) OooOOoooo! He’s an O’Reilly type: a guy who should know better who is making his fortune by pandering to bitter, mean spirited, judgmental senior women who think he’s so dreamy because he’s “godly” and “macho”. Quick, someone find out if Ted Cruz has ever reported from a “combat zone” in Argentina.

    Politically, think George W. Bush but this time with brains to actually carry out the most regressive, callous policies the uber right can dream up.

    Here’s some additional information from a site called (By the way, I haven’t taken any survey for this site so I have no idea how they scored my answers with Ted Cruz’s political issues. I’m not sure who gave the answers for me but I feel strongly about some of the issues where I’m shown to be “meh”. Interesting.)

    Looking at these answers from Cruz, let me just say that I am skeptical about some of them. For example, Cruz doesn’t really give an answer on whether he believes in evolution. A good Christian fundamentalist does not equivocate about evolution. He shouldn’t be on the fence about it. Of course, he did go to Princeton, home of a major Presbyterian seminary. Princeton is pretty non-fundamentalist. No one at Princeton would take Ted Cruz seriously about anything if he said he didn’t believe in evolution. Trust me on this. I used to live in the area. So, either he’s lying to his peers who offered to help his career or he’s going to be lying to the public. Someone should pin him down on this.

    He also doesn’t believe in national parks. Huh. I guess he would be Ok will putting up some tacky MacMansion in Yosemite or a neon covered resort and casino on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
    Ahhh, here’s a good one: he is against Net Neutrality. So, in essence, he is ok with the idea that the cable companies can restrict what you see or can download. He is fine with some group of rich people making some sites speedier to download and some not so speedy. Or just being unavailable. Or curtailing your ability to speak your mind on Facebook or the comments section of your favorite news site or blog. Yep, Ted Cruz would be Ok letting the cable companies do that.

    He’s against government funds for research. The private sector should be doing research. That’s right, research investigators, get used to beans, threadbare clothing and a lifetime of poverty. For some strange reason, both the left and the right would like for you to save them out of the goodness of your own hearts, caloric intake and shelter requirements be damned. Go figure.

    So, that’s a little taste of Ted. He sounds like another clone of the conservative movement. The minute you try to compromise with someone like him, he’ll move further right. And then right again. He’ll keep moving right until we reinstitute slavery, rescind suffrage for women and eliminate social security because it’s a commie plot.

    The problem with someone like Cruz is that there are too many people out there who simply will not believe that people like him are serious about eliminating social security. They think it is so sacred and embedded in American culture that people like Cruz would not dare touch it. And that’s true – as long as he doesn’t get elected and/or doesn’t get elected with a Republican majority in Congress.

    So, see that he doesn’t.

    • piper says:

      Hopefully this thread will keep RD’s small cadre of readers happy and donating to her so she can maintain / upgrade her home which she says she is having difficulty paying the mortgage.

  28. Myiq2xu says:

  29. Dora says:

    Helen you beat me to it. Great minds think alike, I suppose. 🙂 I was reading that story on weaselzippers, which I include for the comments. Some are good.

    Democrats Scared To Death After Ted Cruz Presidential Announcement: “Sends Shivers Down” Our Spine

  30. Myiq2xu says:

    • DandyTIger says:

      The Dems next Obama. He’s all they have too, so they’ll push him hard.

    • Lulu says:

      Read about the Castro brothers of San Antonio. Even San Antonio is weirded out by them. San Antonio mayor is a figurehead as the city manager has all of the power because most of their mayors have been crooks.

  31. piper says:

    My physician would like a copy of my health directive which my attorney drafted a few years ago. Since I dallied on dropping off a copy, her nurse sent me a letter requesting I fill out the Five Wishes Packet and return it to the office. As a healthy active 60+ year old who only takes vitamins I prefer to keep as much info as possible out of governmental paws. In the last few years I have received only travel immunizations and flu shots, no medical treatment – nurse checks vitals, doctor only talks to me and types on her laptop.
    Would like people input/opinions on advanced directives.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      They’re like life insurance – you hope you never need them but if you ever do you’ll be glad you did. Worst case scenario – your loved ones will be making the decisions for you without knowing what you would want.

    • elliesmom says:

      If your family knows what your wishes are and they all agree to do what you’d like them to do, it’s not a big deal. If you haven’t told them, or or don’t think they’d carry out your wishes, or if you think they would not be able to agree, then you need to get what you want in writing. My mother-in-law knew my father-in-law would hold onto her for every last breath he could squeeze out of her so she had an advanced directive that included a DNR. He was afraid we’d let him go without enough of a fight so he had one saying he wanted the medical staff to do everything humanly possible. Neither of my parents had one, and they both passed peacefully with enough medical intervention, but not too much because we all wanted the same thing. Our son holds my medical proxy and our daughter holds her father’s. I won’t be left to linger if our son can help it, and Elliesdad could be in a hospital for months while our daughter grapples with the decision. But we’re each in the hands of the one who thinks most like we do. The government need not know what’s in your directive. Your doctor doesn’t need to know either until the time comes to use it, if it ever does. It might be helpful to let her know who holds your proxy, but that’s the extent of what you need to tell her.

  32. piper says:

    Bondi Rice sums up the Dem. Party

  33. piper says:

    Alan Dershowitz on Ted Cruz

    • piper says:

      Excuse me – some of my tweets post while others are in the dungeon. Mmmmm nice clean decorated place with good hazelnut lattes and yummy brownies. Plus soft pillows, oh wait those are little affectionate kittehs.

  34. piper says:

    Last week before the gym
    Bibi and the angry widdle devil

  35. piper says:

    Dave said share this one

  36. Myiq2xu says:

    New thread up!

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