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The Gatekeepers

Matt Taibbi lets the mask slip: Here’s the thing: Sanders is a politician whose power base is derived almost entirely from the people of the state of Vermont, where he is personally known to a surprisingly enormous percentage of voters. … Continue reading

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70 Years Ago Today

This is an open thread.

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Wednesday WTF – Comedy Gold Starring Geraldo

Watching Geraldo Rivera get his ass kicked on national television (again) is something that could bring together left and right in celebration. Seriously. That would draw more PPV viewers than Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Meanwhile, here are two MUST READS: Riot-Plagued … Continue reading

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The Answer Is Always “More Government”

Seriously: In response to a question about the violence in Baltimore posed during a joint White House press conference alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Obama delivered a perfectly anodyne and unremarkable 15 minute lecture about the lamentable state of … Continue reading

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Mom of the Year

I don’t know who she is but we need more moms like her. Watching news coverage of the Baltimore riots last night was surreal. The video was compelling but the commentary was inane. Shep Smith called the rioters “children” and … Continue reading

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Recant, And Beg For Mercy!

News from Room 101 at the Ministry of Love: Gay Businessman Who Hosted Cruz Event Apologizes Ian Reisner, one of the two gay hoteliers facing boycott calls for hosting an event for Senator Ted Cruz, who is adamantly opposed to … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

While they were busy yukking it up at the WHCD there was rioting in nearby Baltimore. CNN refused to cover the riots. The CNN talking head literally said people could following the riots online. Meanwhile, the SFGiants beat the Rockies … Continue reading

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