No, I WON’T “Get Over It”


New Republic:

Sorry, Hillary. Your 2008 PUMA Die-Hards Aren’t That Into You Anymore

To thunderous applause and with a hint of resignation, Hillary Clinton stood on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in 2008 and motioned for the approval of Barack Obama as the party’s nominee by acclamation.

Meanwhile, a few hundred feet from the Pepsi Center in Denver, a small but likewise uproarious group held protest signs. These weren’t Republicans, but Democrats, furious that it was Clinton nominating Obama and not the other way around.

The PUMAs—which, depending on the temperament of the person asked, stood for People United Means Action or, more likely, Party Unity My Ass—were a group of disillusioned, mostly Democratic voters who protested the nomination of then-Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic Party nominee in 2008. In their view, party leadership machinations (remember the “super delegates?”) robbed Clinton of the nomination.

In the weeks between Obama surpassing the delegate threshold and his formal nomination at the convention, these PUMAs appeared dozens of times on cable news to defend Clinton and to promise mischief at the nominating convention and in the general election. Their anger epitomized a wider unrest that has been mostly forgotten as Obama went on to win two general elections: In the days before the convention, only 47 percent of Clinton supporters said they were certain to vote for Obama.

In the years since, it seems, some of the PUMAs—once Hillary loyalists to the core—remain unwed to the idea of supporting Clinton in 2016. Others remain so angry at how the party treated her in 2008 they won’t consider voting for a Democrat in 2016—not even for Clinton.

There is a bunch more, but the author gets a bunch of stuff wrong and leaves some of the most important stuff out, so I’m just gonna skip it. I did, however, want to talk about this comment:

They both got around 18 million votes each. It was a close and hard fought election but Hillary lost. Get over it already. The Democrats won in 2008 and 2012. We have the PPACA, 20 million people now have insurance, the stock market has more than doubled, the unemployment rate has plummeted.

As I said I support Hillary now. Isn’t that what matters now? In fact she will have a greater impact on America than Obama because she will consolidate Democratic gains AND likely replace 3 Supreme Court Justices.

It is all up to her now. Yes, I get you wish she was just finishing her second term but the Clintons (ie Bill) has a potential for unforced errors and scandals, I would rather those happen when the demographics are even greater in Democrats favor instead of a Clinton fatigue burying the Democrats next year. Bill is also likely to be a lot more mellow as he ages.

As most of you remember, things weren’t all peachy keen in the Democratic primary long before they stole our votes and gave them to Barack Obama. The Great Purge at Cheetoville took place in December 2007 and January 2008, when Hillary supporters were driven out of their blogospheric homes by abusive mobs of unhinged Obama supporters. I was a liberal Democrat for over 20 years and regular at Buffoon Juice for two years but suddenly I became persona non grata because I refused to drink the Obama Koolaid.

That is how most PUMA originally blogs got started – as refuges for Hillary supporters. They were Hillary blogs before they became PUMA blogs. We had to monitor and moderate our threads very closely because of Obot trolls harassing us.

But that’s not all. I live in California and I voted for Hillary Clinton in our primary which she won by nearly 10 points. But at the convention she didn’t get a single delegate from California during the roll call. My vote was stolen. Stolen by Democrats.

So no, I WON’T “get over it.”


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  1. votermom says:

    I saw you in the comments there!

  2. Myiq2xu says:

    PUMA was never about Hillary, at least not for me. It was about what the sleazy things the Democratic party did to give Obama the nomination.

    • elliesmom says:

      Every once in awhile I take a couple of minutes to check up on some of the companions I had in 2007-2008. While there was a great deal of anger after the May DNC meeting that gave Obama some of Hillary’s delegates and another burst of anger at and after the convention, the tribal instincts seem to be stronger than the anger for most. The meme that Republicans are evil incarnate is strong. The latest revelations about the Clinton Foundation are all unfair and must be coming from Republican partisan hacks. I wonder just what the Democrats would have to do before these folks would peel back the blinders they wear. They’ve had their votes stolen, been lied to repeatedly, been “Grubered”, and now find out their heroine helped sell our strategic uranium reserves to Russia. The Republicans control both houses, the majority of the state houses and governors’ mansions, but some how that party is “imploding”. smh

    • Constance says:

      I agree. We held a primary election here in Washington which Hillary won, the Democrats refused to honor it, they held caucuses. The caucus was mobbed by people I had never seen in my neighborhood. And then there is what the national level party did to Hillary supporters.

  3. Myiq2xu says:

    Mona Charen:

    Today’s Washington Post carries a story about the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as attorney general. The inside headline, on page A7, proclaims “Lynch Will Be First Black Woman to Head the Justice Department.” A glance back at the coverage of Condoleeza Rice’s confirmation as the first black woman Secretary of State? The Washington Post headline was “Rice Confirmed Amid Criticism.” The story accompanying that headline featured Democrats’ slams against attorney general-nominee Alberto Gonzalez, but not a word about the history-making moment of confirming the first black woman secretary of state.

    Loretta Lynch will not be the first woman AG, nor will she be the first black AG. She will, however, be the first black woman AG.

  4. swanspirit says:

    Hillary did not lose. Obama and co. , led by Pelosi ,Reid and Brazile, maneuvered, extorted and connived to give him her nomination . You are right, it wasn’t about Hillary, it was about what the Dems did to her and their own party.

  5. HELENK3 says:

    Will never forgive or forget.
    Your vote is one of the most precious rights that you have. The dems made a mockery of that in 2007.and 2008. they told 18 million American voters, screw you ,your vote does not count and Hillary went along with that. Remember donna brazille telling a young first time female voter “stay home”.
    A lot of eyes were opened in that election and will never be shut again.
    Still remember when Party Unity My Ass was born on riverdaughter’s site. Sad that she still has her eyes closes and drinks the kool aid..
    Many PUMA’s like me became Independents and will never go back to being a dem. their loss because we did make the telephone calls and donate and only expected RESPECT in return.
    the tape of backtrack talking about bitter knitters clinging to their God and their guns, should have told many just what he thought of the average American but sadly it did not. The complete disrespect that the democratic party has for America citizens and the country is just amazing and is shown every day since backtrack’s election.

  6. HELENK3 says:

    Statue of Liberty being evacuated due to a suspicious package

    • HELENK3 says:

      Photo: Crowds being evacuated off Liberty Island, New York – @flyingtigers
      see original on
      Statue of Liberty, New York, NY, US
      Statue Of Liberty and Liberty Island, New York, being evacuated following reports of a suspicious package – @Gothamist

  7. Myiq2xu says:

    • 49erDweet says:

      Those poor, poor babies. Getting rid of those Chick-fil-A meanies will make things soooo much better at Hopkins. Waaay better. And safer. Microaggressions can cause cancer, you know, and baldness. And shingles. And herpes.

    • swanspirit says:

      Micro aggression sounds like a term Chairman Mao might have liked , when he was sending his Red Guard out to attack the “class- enemies” or children of privilege. You would think Hopkins students might have a clue. They themselves truly are the privileged children.
      I used to live in Charles Village, in Baltimore, Still known as Hopkins Student ghetto, it consists of beautiful old brownstones chopped up into studio apartments , with frat houses here and there, and Wyman Park in the middle.
      If Chick Fil-A wants to open a spot in the ghetto, oops Charles Village, there won’t be anything that silly student government can do.

    • elliesmom says:

      The truly silly thing is Chik-fil-A has no plans to open a shop at Johns Hopkins. Some kids just listed they’d like one when they filled out a student survey.

    • 1539days says:

      There’s no Chick-fil-A where I live. I did go to one in Delaware. They make great chicken. It would be nice if people could still buy things based on quality.

  8. Propertius says:

    You had it easy, Klown. As a then-party official, I received explicit threats (one from a former ADA from a neighboring county) promising to “get me” if I didn’t fall in line. I think their basic assumption was that anyone who was a county vice-chair and on the state executive committee must have electoral aspirations and that a threat to make that impossible would therefore be effective. I don’t know how many others received that same treatment.


  9. mothy67 says:

    I remember finding out that the Dimocrats weighted votes in the PA primary based on where you lived. A vote in Philly counted more than a vote cast in another part of the state. I registered Independent after learning that little gem.

  10. Myiq2xu says:

  11. Myiq2xu says:

    Aren’t religious beliefs one of our rights?

  12. votermom says:

    Watching the Vikings finale. Oy. 50 links of chain mail.

  13. Myiq2xu says:

    • swanspirit says:

      He really needs that Hillary T-SHIRT.

    • swanspirit says:

      Then again, John has been going dark for a while.
      For instance, I read on a very left wing blog written by an instructor from a small WVA college, that maybe when all the “Olds” die, things will be better. Yeah, he said that.

      The University Of Maryland just caved to pressure from the muslim student organization and the entertainment committee decided against showing American Sniper. Johns Hopkins University has banned Chick-fil-A from its campus saying that the restaurant is a “microaggression” against its students.
      So we have banned eateries,(that concept made me laugh just typing it) and banned movies on some of the finest institutions of learning in the state. What is next , bonfires of book burnings as a campus activity?

      I am still reading “Wild Swans , Three Daughters Of China” , and some of the things that happened during the cultural revolution are so analogous to what is occurring on campuses around the country, that it is startling.

      Then I read about the four Olds from a very personal first hand account, and am struck by the similarity in tone and intention. One of the stated goals of the Cultural Revolution in the People’s Republic of China was to bring an end to the Four Olds; Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. But of course Mao didn’t stop at things. He didn’t mind if old people were killed either.

  14. piper says:

    Recently received a Hillary mailing asking me to stand with Hillary. My response was the same way you stood with us in 2008. Never again!!!!!!

  15. Myiq2xu says:

  16. Myiq2xu says:

  17. Myiq2xu says:

    Okay, here’s the plan for the rest of today: First I’m gonna do some yard work. Then I’m gonna get some gas and wash the car. On the way home I’m gonna get some beer.

    Then I plan to start drinking heavily while watching the Giants game. At some point I’ll probably fall asleep.

  18. Myiq2xu says:

  19. Myiq2xu says:

  20. Myiq2xu says:

  21. Myiq2xu says:

  22. Myiq2xu says:

  23. HELENK3 says:

    University of Florida suspends fraternity after members allegedly spat at, insulted veterans – @ERINDREWKENT
    see original on


  24. threewickets says:

    I supported Hillary in 2008, although I wasn’t an activist or anything. Never part of Puma, although I commented on their blogs some. I despised the vile and abusive Obot frauds then, and I still despise the vile and abusive Obot frauds today. Their one stroke campaign strategy: “vote for Obama or be attacked for being a racist.”

    • threewickets says:

      OFA and our mainstream newsmedia could never get beyond that One Drop Rule anachronism. Obama’s mom was white, but candidate Obama was always black.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I disagreed with Obama’s white half too and was still called a racist. Now I’m wondering if I criticize Hillary if I’ll be called an ageist-misogynist ? Even though I’m her age, color and gender? Dem rules are so confusing 😉

        • threewickets says:

          Speaking only for me, Hillary was about being the most qualified candidate in 2008 who happened to be a woman. Not the essentialist female Potus or the essentialist black Potus. DNC today has this ‘identity’ politics fixation stuck pretty far up its ass. They need to move on and stop catering to whiney multi-culturalist crybabies in college.

          • threewickets says:

            LGBT political activism is also ALL ABOUT identity and me me me me. They give me migraines…the activists I mean. Narcissists in general give me migraines, and Obama is the Messiah of Narcissism.

          • DeniseVB says:

            Actually Sarah was the most qualified of ANY of them in ’08. But she had to be destroyed, and that was a shame 😦 I’ll never be a Dem again because of that.

          • threewickets says:

            OFA surrogates were marketing dildos that looked like Obama. They look trolling to a new level.

      • Myiq2xu says:

        To me the color of someone’s skin is no more relevant than the shape of their ears. I am rather proud of that.

        But it didn’t stop Obots from calling me a racist.

        • lizzy says:

          It’s easier to call us racist; but we are Obama Dumbo ear bigots. He could flap his and fly away.

  25. Myiq2xu says:


    • swanspirit says:

      Part of the plan for the permanent Democrat takeover of the country. Part of why Hillary feels she has no accountability. Been in the works for a while now. They plan to make the Republicans permanently irrelevant, and restricted to a few southern states.

  26. kanaughty says:

    hey y’all, i am a former puma too. i still have that t-shirt that one of the artists on one of the sites screen printed for us to buy. i was a huge clinton democrat.

    i too am from washington state, and that whole only the caucas thing counting was total bs. so was california passing over itself in the convention vote tally to make obama look ahead all day long. that was bs. complete bs. that party left me.

    i hate the ob democrats with a passion. i would hate having e warren worse than hrc because she is ob part 2. they do so many things that go against common sense and have made race relations issues a thing when i thought that us as gen x had gotten past. but since i did grow up in washington (born in hawaii) maybe it was because it was such a melting pot so race just wasn’t seen like that.

    during that election i was living in virginia, chesterfield county and it was all about obama there 😦 primaries i voted in virginia. but when that convention went down i was already living in maryland, but in a red part of maryland who ended up voted for mccain. and i voted in the general in maryland. i hated how those dispicable ob dems treated palin. i had read an article about her before the ob dems “stupid” meme went viral, and i thought she was capable and real.

    those ob dems showed the race card too many times and they still do, and they are so sexist too in the way they treat any woman candidate that isn’t in their party. oh and i am really not digging that they are emphasizing that this new ag is the first african american woman. because in the past they didn’t care about any of bush’s nominees that weren’t white in that way. they make it sound like they picked her just because of that, and that is affirmative action gone wrong then. luckily she will be out in 2 years though if there is a repub prez.

    anyway, i just wanted to share why i still lurk here, but read these articles everyday, because i too was a puma and was on all those same websites. i was living so close to washington dc at that time, but i didn’t go on those protests because i had no one to go with. but i kept up with all of it on the blogs and in the videos.

    personally, though, i have to say having been born in hawaii and all my family being born there, all of our birth certificates, even my parents 11 years before obama, were black with reversed out white writing. (my aunty born in 1965 had a black bc too and she was adopted as a baby from the philipines but was given that new birth certificate from the state of hawaii). so personally, i will never believe that birth certificate that was circulated from the ob administration. i know a lot of you believe it is true, but me personally, since i know what they are supposed to look like, i will never believe that was authentic, so i will always have doubts.

    • 1539days says:

      The whole birth certificate thing was a Hail Mary anyway. There was a real sense that Obama was going to be our “First Black President” TM even though he was unqualified and many other were. A pro-Obama media was given marching orders and tilted the news to support his campaign. By having the Surgeon General of Hawaii “certify” the BC, there’s really no legal way to dispute it anymore.

      • leslie says:

        especially since whoever certified it was killed in an unfortunate small plane crash………………..

      • kanaughty says:

        yeah, i am not really liking how 90% of the candidates aren’t really qualified to run a whole country because they have been career politicians as bill writers or maybe governor for one term but was voted out because people just didn’t like them. or those people running who haven’t been in a leadership at all ever, not in business, not in military, not as a mayor or governor, etc. so many of these candidates are a complete let down on both sides. and the ones that i thought i may be okay with pulling the lever for, are pissing me off with their social agendas going against the times or backwards in time.

  27. kanaughty says:

    ps, i saw today that ted cruz is wanting to write an amendment that would strengthen gay marriage bans. so now i can’t vote for him because it’s ass backwards to stop gay marriages from happening. why did he have to go there? if he would have just stuck to the constitutional stuff and the economic stuff, i would have been fine with him as their nominee, but now i just can’t because i am always going to be a social liberal. so i guess i will always be voting for the more rinoish candidate if they continue to go into those social issues against what i believe.

    • leslie says:

      With over a year to go, I wouldn’t make any decisions just yet. I seriously doubt Cruz will be the candidate. And he might “want” to write that amendment just like others want to say the Bible is their go-to inspiration and singularly greatest influence in their lives.
      (I appreciated reading your 2008 story. Thank you for chronicling it.)

      • kanaughty says:

        thank you. it has been a roller coaster because we have moved around for my hubbies work. this site keeps me grounded with like minds on political matters. we have been in 5 states since this whole thing started. i registered each time as independent or non affiliated. i just registered here in indiana, but i wasn’t asked party, so it must be an open primary election, we will see. but washington is my home.

        i will pissed if by the time i go back and they have an income tax (after never having one) all of a sudden because of those who have voted for insley.

        maybe he will be so radical and piss off enough people though, that the next gov won’t be a democrat for once.

        because he is pissing me off with all his tax hikes right now (gas tax at $1.42 a gallon). and if he allows california to take our water with no benefit to washington citizens, that will really piss me off. in washington, we had always been about recycling and conservation, so it would really suck if all that conservation was just so that california could end up taking all of our water. and all the lame gun laws though those were citizen referendums, which makes me upset about the reactionary citizens who were all about feelings instead of common sense when proposing those laws.

        • Lulu says:

          I’m not really defending Ted Cruz but he wants states to determine their own marriage laws. If a state wants gay marriage or legalized marijuana it should be in their purview to approve it or give such laws a try. I am not anti-gay marriage but different regions (where it is not socially popular nor does a majority approve) see it differently. And it is still in the development phase as to how it will work out in the long run both legally and socially. States are the laboratory of social and legal change and where experiments are tried and evaluated. For example I don’t think Colorado would pass legal marijuana today as it is causing many problems that were not anticipated or that the legislature chose to ignore. Big national changes (like Obamacare) tend to be unpopular, heavy handed, and not successful until the kinks are worked out. An example is the divorce, probate and paternity laws will have to be tinkered with for gay people if their marriages are to have the full weight of law as is only fair.

    • leslie says:

      I am amazed to read that it was ZBT fraternity members who disrespected the veterans. They were one of only 3 fraternities where I went that were of any worth at all. ZBT is also the first Jewish fraternity and you’d think with all the questionable support Israel has received from bronco’s barn, they’d at least respect the soldiers. I don’t know what the heck these idiot millennials are thinking these days. Is that what we are calling them now or is there another term?

  28. leslie says:

    I’m turning in. I have to attend an early Saturday conference/seminar whatever meeting where I work so that I can honest-to-goodness retire in 52 days. I hope it’s worth it. Because the hoops that they have us jump through makes me realize why people who work for the “state” actually and often do die before retiring. I’ve know of 2 who died getting dressed for work and who were only missed when the office mail had not been delivered and patient reminder calls went undone. A woman I knew retired last August and died before November. I don’t doubt it was from the stress caused by the retirement process. It is utterly insane.
    See you later this weekend………. 😉

  29. 1539days says:


    1. Bruce Jenner talks about being a conservative Republican.
    2. Transphobia is now acceptable.

    • angienc says:

      I’m all for people pursuing happiness in anyway they want that doesn’t harm others. So, if people want to change sexes, I don’t give a flying fig. BUT I am 100% against being forced to pay for it with my tax dollars (see: “Chelsea” Manning — taxpayers are paying for a gender re-assignment surgery). Unless and until taxpayers have to pay for a yearly all-expense paid luxury vacation to exotic locales for me (because that would make ME happy and I self-identify as a a traveler) then they can kiss my ass if they want me to pay for surgery for people who are basically suffering from a type of body dis morphia who, sadly, will find out after the “transition” is complete that they are going to be just as unhappy as they were before, because you can’t run away from yourself (lets talk about the high suicide rate for trans — oh no, can’t talk about that).

      The SJW are all demanding that we pretend that this is “normal.” No — “normal” means that at least 51% of all people do it. THAT is what “normal” means. It’s not normal for a man to chop off his penis, undergo hormone therapy and get breast implants. Doesn’t mean I think those men should be killed or jailed, etc. But it’s not “normal.”

      Furthermore, anyone who believes gender is “just a social construct” is a biology denier who hates science.

      On a lighter note: seen on twitter: “Bruce is the first Kardashian woman with actual accomplishments.”

  30. Lulu says:

    The uber progs are starting to run into problems from their mindless policies. Take for example Columbia U in NYC. Not only have they been sued by a student who they harassed as policy to be politically correct, they now have dining hall workers who demand to speak Spanish and take up the dining hall seats when they aren’t working. The elitist snowflakes like social justice in theory until it starts sitting next to them in the dining hall and speaking Spanish.

    • Lulu says:

      I read the federal complaint filed against Columbia last night and it is bizarre.
      Since fed complaints only contain a fraction of the evidence the plaintiff has against the defendant as a rule it is a real doozy. The media seems to find the most screwed up, troubled, and dumb young women to use in their “rape” stories and the university just enables them and turns them loose to spread havoc.

      • leslie says:

        Didn’t you just *love* that the girl in the story was given class credit (!!) for hauling that mattress around campus and openly libel (or is it slander?) the guy now filing the lawsuit. ?
        I must be really warped because I laughed out loud at some of the comments last night. (of course, I worked all week and that alone makes me punchy by Friday night).

        • Lulu says:

          “given class credit (!!)” It is her senior thesis! LOL. This is why her idiot prof is named as a defendant. Malicious defamation as scholastic study and accreditation. Jon Kessler is the prof. What an idiot.

        • Lulu says:

          The Slate commenter’s worm has turned against mattress girl too. She has lied a lot and the plaintiff’s federal complaint claims proof which is pretty much in the bank if included in a fed court case complaint. Obama’s Title IX (I think) rule changes and interpretations are going to cost universities big bucks. More Obama failure.

          • Lulu says:

            But the failure is the uni’s just deserts since they were hog wild over the prog Obama in 2008 and helped brainwash the young voters. PAY UP! Their salaries need to be slashed since they were so WRONG!

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