Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Max Blumenthal is Sid Blumenthal's idiot son.

Max Blumenthal is Sid Blumenthal’s idiot son.

When I want to know what is going on in the hive mind of Obamanation, one of my favorite sources is John Cole:

Molehill to Mountain Construction to Spike this Weekend

Some of Hillary’s emails were released:

The State Department released Friday its first round of emails from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, offering a new look at her handling of the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

The roughly 300 emails, about 850 pages, are part of the 30,000 that she turned over to State from her private email server, which she used almost exclusively to conduct both private and public business during her time at State. They reveal a range of correspondence from Clinton, everything from policy briefs to scheduling requests to friendly exchanges with staff.

One email, sent four days before Christmas in 2012, Secretary Clinton sent a note to her entire state department staff, acknowledging a “challenging week.” She had fainted about a week prior and suffered a concussion, which prevented her from testifying before House and Senate committees on the attacks.

“We need to learn from the tragedy in Benghazi and make every possible improvement — and we will,” she wrote in the five-paragraph note.

One day earlier, Clinton wrote in an email to two top aides headed to the Hill on her behalf: “I’ll be nursing my cracked head and cheering you on as you ‘remain calm and carry on!”

I can barely contain my enthusiasm for the press coverage of this momentous event.

Read between the lines and it’s all there: Hillary is innocent, this is all a bunch of crap, all the questions have been answered, there is nothing to see here, move along.

So far a paltry 296 emails have been released. We know there are a lot more. We know that Hillary illegally destroyed thousands of emails because she told us she did.

We’re coming up on the third anniversary of the Benghazi attack in a few months and the Hillary/Obama administration is still fighting tooth and nail to avoid cooperating with Congress. Some of the most damning revelations have taken place in just the past few weeks.

But the Oborg are saying the same basic thing they have been saying from the beginning. Lying and stalling worked for them in 2012. Will they be able to successfully stonewall their way thru another election?



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  1. DeniseVB says:

  2. HELENK3 says:

    I have a bumper sticker on my car reading
    it is the only bumper sticker I have ever put on any car I have ever owned.

    I keep wondering when someone will look her in the eyes and ask
    ” How do you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you lied to the parents over the caskets of their sons about the reason for their deaths?” Knowing that they needed help and you refused to send it.

    I like many voted for her , made calls for her, and donated to her in 2008. Not sure if I was blind in 2008 or Hilary Clinton changed and lost all principles when she laid down for backtrack.

  3. HELENK3 says:

    stolen from a commenter at No Quarter

  4. HELENK3 says:

    we got these printed out e-mails due to groups like Judicial Watch, in spite of clinton and backtrack and the failure of government watchdogs

  5. piper says:

    Need help or explanation of the disappearing National Review article written by Jonah Goldberg that I was trying to read?? Read about 4 or 5 sentences than article disappears – refreshing doesn’t bring back article. I’m using safari on my Mac laptop.

    • HELENK3 says:

      maybe Dandy can help you. I do not have a clue

      • Myiq2xu says:

        The other day Hillary Clinton repeated her insistence that she wants all of her e-mails released as soon as possible. “Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do.”

        This is the Schrödinger’s cat of spin. It’s a lie until the time comes to take it out of the box as the truth. (If you don’t like this metaphor, just count your blessings I didn’t go with an extended Bruce Jenner riff instead.)

        First, the dead cat of lies. If Hillary Clinton wanted these e-mails out ASAP, she would not have printed them out and delivered hard copies — some double-sided, some not, for extra inconvenience — to the State Department.

        She would have handed over an easily searchable hard drive. Heck, she still has electronic versions of the e-mails. She could hand them over today if she wanted to expedite the process. But that’s not the plan.

        (In case someone points this out, my guess is they’re prepared to reactivate Sandy Berger. He can swing by Chappaqua and steal the relevant device, prompting the question: “Is this a hard drive in my pocket or are you just happy to seize me?”)

        Which brings me to the living-feline of veracity: She really does want these e-mails out. Why? Because the damning ones were already destroyed. This shouldn’t be so complicated, and yet I keep hearing useful idiots suggest that Hillary will be “exonerated” when the State Department finally releases the scrubbed e-mails. If you’ve destroyed incriminating evidence, releasing the non-incriminating evidence is a good thing. After all, there’s a little-known codicil to the doctrine of Occam’s razor: When a Clinton says, “There is no evidence I did X,” the most reasonable conclusion is that the evidence of X was “handled.”

      • piper says:

        Helen, yes this is the disappearing article.
        Klown, ty for posting part of it. – good read

        • piper says:

          Actually I did a quick copy of article and pasted it in Word so I could read it without frustration.

      • DeniseVB says:

        I love how it begins…..”Dear Reader (including Josh Duggar who foolishly got a job at the Family Research Council rather than as a party planner on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane)…”

    • piper says:

      IIRC, Ambassador Stevens was a good friend of Hillary or so she claimed in interviews. More lies spewing and spinning from Madam Corruption.

  6. driguana says:

    Yes, they will stonewall their way through another election. Who is going to stop them? The conservative media? The liberal media makes fun of them for insinuating that anything of any importance happened at Benghazi. Our intelligent leadership will do something to stop them! What intelligent leadership might that be? This particular situation is very scary because no one can or will stop this. The juggernaut is rolling.

    • lyn says:

      Both parties stink. Voters need to wake up and smell the corruption.

    • piper says:

      It was a perfect example of what Lord Acton really meant by power corrupting. He didn’t mean that rulers are corrupted by power, he meant that intellectuals become corrupted by their worship of the powerful.

    • swanspirit says:

      Hillary’s behavior so far , so dismissive and disdainful; and so different than 2008, makes me think the fix is in.

  7. DeniseVB says:

    Following the #HillaryEmail on twitter I see the left is whipping out their Boooooosh memes. I think the point they’re missing (if the memes are correct) is that I doubt Bush or his admin lied about those attacks, blamed a video, failed to send help when requested or had photo ops with caskets? I could be wrong.

    History is full of diplomatic attacks, I’m sure some were oopsies during those terms too. But I don’t remember the lies and coverups to the extent of the Obama/Clinton Benghazi mess.

    I do blame Reagan for the Marine Barracks in 1983 when he was using soft diplomacy and “peacekeepers”. The guard shack was not permitted to keep rounds in their chambers and the suicide truck barreled through while they were loading their weapons. Then he eventually pulled the Marines out and blamed the Democrats for pressuring him.

    • piper says:

      Excellent image Helen

      • mothy67 says:

        I know so many kids that do to economics have chosen the military as a career. They get so little respect. Millions spent on healthcare, housing of illegals but the young men and women who risked life and limb are homeless, hungry, unemployed, begging for assistance. Health care is denied or the process is protracted as to make it meaningless. My brother had joined the National Guard before 9/11. He was deployed to Germany after the attacks. He had signed up to get some tuition assistance. National Guard not Berlin. He had a full time job and a kid when he was deployed he took a massive pay cut. he was fortunate enough to have a big family and mortgage et al were covered but he did what he had not signed up to do. I think the people that attack vets are pigs with limited imaginations. They do not join to blow up children for many it is a way out of the mean streets. How do we offer pony rides to illegal children and deny our vets basic assistance.
        I have three second cousins that I have been deployed. They are from a broken small towns didn’t do well in school and instead of becoming criminals joined the armed forces. I have nothing but respect. The Clinton’s did wonders to destroy the local economy with NAFTA and the Unions added insult to injury by clever accounting. Sell a union house downsize and move. My cousin worked as a clerk for twenty years at a company they eliminated her position and all she got from the Union was a buyout. 50 years old had put in 30 years and was offered 70 grand to go away. She will never get a job paying her 60/hr(with benefits) and 70 grand can disappear. She made decent money as a clerk 3 or something but she is 50 she took the buyout got unemployment for a year and now tends bar and works as a cashier. She was sold out by a greedy union that did not protect her. Why pay monthly dues if they do not work to maintain what you earn? Granted I think the pay is sometimes obscene. My brother makes close to 100/hr which I find obscene. He is lucky enough to get plenty of work but he and he is coworkers have to cover the insurance for union members that work infrequently.
        I like the concept of what unions were when needed but they have become political players and self-sustaining.
        Blows my mind that in these broken towns that people vote Democrat consistently. o’s trade deal will hurt them even more but Republicans especially Scott Walker are evil. Huh? The Unions supported Clinton and Obama both have made decisions or will make decisions that will reduce any chances of social mobility for working class.
        Hillary is a f2cking liar pandering piece of shit.

    • foxyladi14 says:

      Amen!!! ❤

  8. HELENK3 says:

    off topic again

    Baltimore Mayor–should remember the pottery barn theory

    • DeniseVB says:

      I’ve read where a lot of LEO’s are retiring, quitting or transferring. Same’s happening in NYC and Chicago. Probably L.A. too. Morale is so low right now thanks to the race baiters and our Prezzy’s crappy leadership. And the media. Stupid, stupid media.

      • mothy67 says:

        Can you blame them? These guys have to make split second decisions every day. You see a guy high with high as a kite and you have to consider maybe he had a rough life. I was arrested had to pay a 380 dollar fine for not getting a car with other drunk people, I accept my culpability. I’d prefer a drunk guy even me not walk down my street but I was a bad person and I needed to be held accountable. I paid my fine and I hope derelicts like me for the pain of a 300 fine but that is not how it works. I love the NYPD and when I was stupid drunk I had friends of NYPD cards I did not use them as I was guilty. I loathe Sharpton because his inflammation of all things makes life harder for those that obey the law. Don’t sell crack or rob a store owner and hit him and odds are you won’t get shot.
        Another of the left wings insanity is that there are many Muslim cab drivers in NYC. Two gay gays making out in the backseat is offensive often. Can I say I don’t want to pay my fare because driver looked at me with disgust for kissing another man? No I cannot. jeweler in Canada gets held responsible for servicing a lesbian company but holding private beliefs. Thing is most gay people I know see most of this as pandering and surreal
        Just like most most women find mattress girl offensive. She is a an awful person.
        Pittsburgh has this woman scheduled to play at the gay pride festival. She is is big right now in pop music iggy Izalea or something like that.
        What of personal responsibility. Kids will come to see her and think all kinds of sex are fine.
        AiDS and std’s are somehow the fault of conservatives. No they are the fault of bad behavior no irresponsible behavior.
        you cannot have sex with and not have repercussions
        How can a gay kid blame AIDS on George Bush
        I firmly believe we have to teach our children well I am a gay man that loves a kid and all I can say is shut up. My grand niece is not weak I will not sacrifice her to the mattress girl or any HBO star that colors my baby as weak. no ugly untrue stories create a false narrative. Sorry fat girl on HBO you are bitter because you find yourself ugly
        You are mean and spoiled. I want nothing for my brat but to be honest with herself and the world. Lying c4444nts to do nothing. Imagine finding yourself victim at every turn

        • DeniseVB says:

          Our area has programs for middle and high schoolers to attend special police department training programs which demonstrate how law enforcement works, it’s also a good training for the kids to see what to do and not to do when approached by a police officer. I hope these are elsewhere too. Like the inner city public schools. Not sure where all the cop-hating is coming from (cough, Al Sharpton, cough), but there’s also bellyaching for a National Police Force by the same race baiters.

  9. HELENK3 says:

    how the msm got in bed with the clintons

  10. DeniseVB says:

    Surprise find of the day. Not the story (which Pam Geller’s been covering for years) but that it’s in the Washington Post !

  11. Dora says:

    Drudge goes on a rampage. And I don’t blame him!

    MATT DRUDGE Goes Off on Twitter Rampage: ‘It’s the Night of the Republican Suicide’

  12. DeniseVB says:

    The Democrats have a more serious problem than I thought. How out of touch is this ? (Bonus, at the time I read it, there were no supportive comments or calling anyone racist hater trolls :D)

  13. Myiq2xu says:

    RD lives!

    I’ve never been a Duggar fan, as many of you well know. Still, I find it really sad that this family has been brought down by their actions 12 years ago when their eldest son Josh was found to have been forcibly fondling his sisters while they were sleeping. First it’s sad because if he were just a regular kid instead of a TV celebrity, he might have been forced to register as a sex offender. This is what the Duggar fan base would have demanded of any other person. Secondly, but no less importantly, it’s sad for his sisters who were brought up to consider their bodies as a no touch zone for any other reason than procreation. I can only imagine what they were thinking. Were they now impure? Would any man want them after that? Instead of getting family counseling, they probably were cautioned to not tempt their older brother. And let’s just be honest here, although he was 14-16 when this all happened, it’s probably not all that uncommon. What’s worse is that the Duggar parents have isolated these young people in an artificially created world where they imagine there will be no hormones. It’s insane. Something like this was bound to happen.

    But what really annoys me is that all of the focus is on making Josh Duggar to be some kind of pedophilic monster at the age of 14 when he really needed a good psychologist, and almost no attention on the radical, reactionary, mean spirited messages that his work with the Family Research Council promoted. Specifically, he and his family has gone on a tear hooking up with right wing politicians to portray LGBT individuals as disgusting, sex-crazed pedophiles who do not deserve equal protection under the law.

    So, let this be a teachable moment for Josh. A lot of the godly types will find it in their hearts to forgive him for his adolescent indiscretions. But there will be quite a few who will now insist that he’s a sick, twisted sex addict who shouldn’t be allowed to be around children, whether or not his hormones have achieved their proper balance and outlet or not. Ah, yes, the backlash has started already. So much for Christian redemption. Once a 14 year old violator, always a 14 year old violator. Let’s see how he likes being treated like a paraiah by the fear conditioned Fox News junkies who used to worship his family.

    They thought the Duggars had self-control. Apparently not. That smells like betrayal. Will it make them sit and think about why it is so important that right wing religious leaders feel it’s important to make the poor, women and the LGBT community out to be lazy, subservient and disgusting and how that might be tied to a 80 year initiative by the wealthy and religious to take back their feudal rights and getting rid of programs they hate like Social Security?

    Probably not. That requires changing the channel.

    Uh, the Duggar’s show was on TLC. Fox News addicts would have to change the channel to watch it.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      But wait! There’s more!

      His latest podcast is with Gina Colvin, a half Maori Mormon from New Zealand. The first part of the podcast is about Gina’s background. It’s very colorful and entertaining. But the second part is the one that got my attention. In it, Gina describes her interaction with “Utah” Mormons, which are very different from Kiwi Mormons. She expresses her surprise and anger with the way that American Mormons are using their power to export an extremely conservative religious and political brand on the rest of the world. In one instance, she recounts how the Utah Mormon church has been trying to rouse its Christchurch Mormons to oppose gay equality in New Zealand. That, Gina says, was a lost cause. Gay equality and marriage in New Zealand was already part of the constitution. There was no going back, no way for the local Mormon church to oppose it and, more importantly, nobody cares.

      She also says that a Utah Mormon official told her that Mormons are politically conservative. They are not allowed to be lefties. You just need to hear it to get a sense of how determined the unholy alliance of religion and right wing politics is to spreading its messages of fear, exclusion and cruelty around the world.

      True story.

      1. Harry Reid is a Mormon.

      2. If Utah Mormons were powerful then Mitt Romney would be President.

      3. Catholics are opposed to gay marriage too, and there are a lot more of them.

      4. Muslims kill homosexuals.

      • Myiq2xu says:

        Still more:

        I get the feeling that the tide is turning against the religious right. It might be finally happening that it’s iron grip on the world is starting to slip. The world is evolving without them and getting impatient.

        I especially like this brief post about Puritanism over at Lance Mannion’s blog:

        Is this what we want, a grim, self-accusing, self-scolding, self-denying, self-abnegating, perversely and masochistically stoic, fearfully church-going citizenry, jealous, suspicious, defensively accepting of their lot in the certain, complacent, and stubborn knowledge that things could be worse without considering that they could also be better and asking why they’re not and how they could be made that way?

        I’ve asked myself the same question for four decades. The answer is no, but how we reduce the influence of the Puritans without reprogramming is going to be very hard as long as we as a country reward the religious, no matter how fundamentalist they are.

        Maybe we should only allow state-approved religions.

        • 49erDweet says:

          Based on RD’s example I believe I’ll write a post to explain to expectant mothers the most environmentally beneficial and least painful/stressful methods existing for them to give birth. No extra charge.

        • DeniseVB says:

          I always wanted to join “Reverend Leroy” and his Church of What’s Happening Now (classic Flip Wilson).

      • Constance says:

        Good points.

    • DeniseVB says:

      How did RD feel about Lena Dunham’s childhood diddling of her sister ? LD came from a polar opposite family than the Duggars. “Disturbed” kids come from all cultures and ideologies.

      • mothy67 says:

        I knew a girl growing up that was babysitting and the guy felt up her inner thigh. I think that was wrong but I hear her talking all the time about what it was to be molested. She is in her late 40’s and talks about it all the time. How she was molested. Guy rubbed her thigh. Dead wrong but 35 years of crying I was molested? Really?
        I tried therapy back in the 80’s my shrink was convinced I was blocking sexual molestation. Tried to accuse both my parents. Told me denial was proof. Huh? I was reading before 3 and had open heart surgury by 4. I was never molested. Some of my behavior may have resulted from being sawed open into my heart but my parents never hurt me. Of course I am different I had a different childhood. I learned to speak through a trach. I know xrays and needles saved me but I remember only flashes as a kid that was likely felt as abuse for an adult to turn it around and try to make me feel like I was raped by my parents is gross. I wonder if the new rape myth is simply a product of therapy.
        I never bought into it because I could recall enough but my shrink at 21 did his best to make me feel hatred to my parents. Never gonna happen
        One day I was walking down 16th or 18th Street in Philly and my shrink came out of a leather bar with a collar on. He was someone’s pet. I had only seen him for a few weeks but I knew something was wrong.
        My anger makes me strong. I am always angry. I don’t hit people or call names but I am pissed off. Always. I am aware most of the time but I am most violated by polticians who try to use others blind anger. Al Sharpton is so offensive. Reduces real pain to fulfill his agenda. He is like a sick social worker projecting his filth to elevate and excuse himself.
        Forgive me I would argue most social workers are earnest and do a very good job. I would only differ on a 14 year old killer not being responsibld. 14 year olds that get arrested do not stop once the brain is developed. Stats say they get worse.

        • DeniseVB says:

          Kids experiment and girls certainly knew about “rounding the bases” in my teen angst years. I was lucky, the boys stopped when I told them too. Slumber parties in the 60’s were all about girl on girl practicing kissing boys. As I got older, Hello Adulthood and Personal Responsibility, I knew falling asleep in a bathtub passed out drunk was NOT the smartest thing to do at a party, BUT, I always traveled with a party posse who looked out for each other….no male ever came near me in that, uhm, “condition”. I continued to get older and smarter about these things, you avoid them. Or you’re just stupid, again, I never had a bad breakup that I wanted to charge him with a crime. I rest my case 😛

  14. Dora says:


    WSJ Reporter To Hillary: “Hill, Can I Ride On Your Lap To The White House?”

    • DeniseVB says:

      Interesting that HRC’s email release included a reporter for a conservative media source. I look forward to that “journalist’s” response 😀

  15. HELENK3 says:

    stolen from a commenter at No Quarter

    • leslie says:

      Hey, Helen, I just saw your questions at NoQuarter…
      If you want to change your little avatar, you can google “how to change….”
      (I really like the one you selected.)

  16. DeniseVB says:

    Hillary didn’t do much better in the “tweet like a patriot” contest 😉

  17. HELENK3 says:

    I want this as my avatar, but do not know how to do it

  18. mothy67 says:

    Question about Hillary. She ignored her supporters that went all the way with her but she claimed she was acting on behalf of the party when she caved. Why is she now damaging the brand by continuing. Stand down. She loves the democratic party so much why doesn’t she accept she was a part of everything that has gone wrong.
    I feel like a fool because I bought her tears in New Hampshire.

  19. mothy67 says:

    I walked in a parade, donated, did GOTV. I was fighting against o as much as for her. She cast me a side . She signed on to all things o after fighting so hard. Silly me I believed her in 2008. She sropped fighting and joined him I cannot believe a word out of her mouth.
    You betcha a feel betrayed on primary day I walked door to door getting out the vote for her. I walked elderly woman to vans to get out the vote. I fought for her and then she showed her true collars.
    I voted for Palin in 2008 and although jaded I still think she has more integrity than the sum total of all dims and rhinos put together.

  20. mothy67 says:

    I’d love to see Palin play stupid in 2016 back Walker by making it a jokr of everything he says. Throw egg on the face of MSM. She could sarcasticly criticize all he says with over the top criticisms and then say it was parodyvand neuter the MSM. Let her loose.

  21. mothy67 says:

    One other thing I was in a gay bar in Pittsburgh and I voiced my support for people that decline on religious grounds to support gay marriage. I was asked to leave. Not denied service but asked to go elsewhere. I was dismissed when I said I brlieve in civil unions and asked if pizza maker given the chance would have said yes to catering a civil union. Somehow that question makes me a self hater.
    The jeweler in Canada scares me. If I own a business I should be allowed my own thoughts as long as I do not discriminate. I think people have a right to opinions and am sick of phobias. I phobia is an irrational fear. I think ISIS has taught us islamaphobia is not irrational and i see no fear in saying I do not support gay marriage. I also don’t see racism in a woman waiting for a bus clutching her purse if any man walks toward her in a threating way. Horse shit about o s grandmother was just that. Frigging Hawaii. Get resl. An asian gang member was a more truthful threat.

  22. Myiq2xu says:

  23. mothy67 says:

    I cannot find the story but there was a case in IN where a 19 year old “challenged” boy had sex with another boy who was weeks away from being legal by state standards.. They were both troubled kids. I can see someone so alone in life reaching out. Two lonely troubled kids. One adult the other close. Not sure if it went to Supreme Court but I think it was only Greta on evil FOX that made it an issue. I fully support death penalty for child molesters but we need some reality. There is no common sense. A 20 year old boy with a 16 year old girl is insane. We have to get real. I KNOW A guy that got caught with a pro in some Southern California town she was doing what pros do and then he went outside the car to piss still had an erection peed and got caught arrested for a sex crime he says I can find no record. Not sure how Cali works but PA you can find a non summary charge.
    He was peeing with an erection. How can that even be a charge. Exposure? Public Indecency?
    He pays a fine i think he should never have been arrested. Am i in the minority. In hollywood every one in that city cells something. I could never do some stuff because maybe i was not that good looking or that talented or may because i am not WHORE..
    You have no idea how gay hollywood is. You may think right now its gay. Gonna get worse.
    Netlix has 90 percent gay rating.
    I like adult gay stuff but Netlix is pushing an element. Every adult show has some gay.
    I am gay but I liked being non main stream . Everything on Netflix is pro gay.

  24. mothy67 says:

    I just wow wow then again wish i Could say wow

  25. Myiq2xu says:
  26. HELENK3 says:


  27. Myiq2xu says:

    Here’s something you don’t see every day:

  28. Myiq2xu says:

    The Sisterhood Of Wronged Wives.

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