You Can’t Argue With A Progressive Bigot

Inside the mind of a Progressive

Inside the mind of a Progressive

First, a “news” story:

LA Gov. Bobby Jindal “The Confederate flag is a symbol of my heritage”

Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana Governor and GOP presidential candidate, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, 44, spoke with Phil Hemmer via satellite on Fox News’ Happening Now this morning to discuss the ever-growing Confederate flag controversy. However, it wasn’t Jindal’s opinion on what states should do about the flag that had people talking afterwords.

While discussing the historic South Carolina Senate vote to have the flag removed from statehouse grounds, Jindal told Hemmer, “Like the same-sex marriage issue, I believe this should be decided on by the states, not the courts. Let the people’s voices be heard. Like many others who hail from the great Creole state, the Confederate flag is a symbol of my heritage, and that heritage has nothing to do with racism or hate.”

It would seem Bobby is once again trying to put mileage between himself and his family’s immigrant past. It’s no secret that Jindal, the first Indian-American governor in US history, is uncomfortable in his own skin. For years now he has tried to distance himself from his Indian roots, and his remarks this morning are just the latest in a long line of bizarre statements and actions.

Good luck finding the video of that interview because it didn’t happen. It’s a bogus story. 100% F.A.K.E. It’s not even satire, it’s just a made up lie.

Ta Nehisi Coates got suckered in. Then when he was confronted with the truth he deleted his tweet and apologized. But that didn’t let Jindal off the hook.


“Ha ha, Palin is so stupid she thinks she can see Russia from her porch!”

“She never said that. It was Tina Fey on SNL that said it.”

“Well she’s stupid enough to say it!”

Today’s Progressives live in a world of caricatures and strawmen. Republicans are all stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic bigots who hate poor people. Anything that fits that narrative is believed and repeated. Anything that doesn’t fit that narrative is ignored.

And Progs are always right. Even when they are wrong. Because shut-up you racist!


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Unless President Donald J. Trump pulls a hat out of a rabbit real soon, on 1/21/21 I will wake up in a socialist banana republic.
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  1. Myiq2xu says:

    My sister has a birthday coming up. I think I’ll buy her a case of my favorite beer. (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale)

    She don’t drink and neither does her husband, but that way there will be some beer at her house when I go there to visit.

    • DeniseVB says:

      How many years have we been screaming for a Third Party? Perot came close, as did Nader in 2k. As Nader said in 2k, if you can’t win in a landslide, you don’t deserve to win.

      Trump may be the spoiler, so Hills will win? So be it. If you can’t get conservatives off their couches to vote, they deserve to lose, again.

      • Myiq2xu says:

        I’ll say this for Donald Trump: If it comes down to a 3-way race between Jeb, Hillary and Trump, I’ll vote for The Donald.

        • DandyTIger says:

          I’m right there with you. I hate Bush and Clinton, and both parties. That would mess with things nicely. And I have this funny feeling we’re not alone.

    • 1539days says:

      This is the problem I have with Trump. If he wants to run as a third party, fine. But he shouldn’t expect to trash every Republican who disagrees with him, refuse to support the nominee and still be accepted as a Republican candidate. So far, Trump has only proposed building a big fence. Does that mean he’ll only fill cabinet posts or SCOTUS openings with border security supporters?

      So far, he’s a one-trick pony. The difference is that no one else wants to use that trick.

      • Constance says:

        Well the one trick Trump has picked affects so many things. Illegals take jobs from American citizens, they depress wages and some of the criminal illegals wage war and prey on American citizens. Illegals are a major problem and one that is ignored by both parties. they would rather pander to illegals than talk about the economic realities and safety of Citizens.

    • That’s the campaign (Perot) that Bill Clinton won with a plurality, not a majority in a 3-way race. What are the chances that the same strategy could get his wife elected 25 years later? High, ya think?

      • 1539days says:

        The same thing happened in 1996. Clinton won with just under 50%. Perot was on the ballot, but he wasn’t really “running” by then.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I just love this….making sh*t up seems to be the NEW media. Believing made up sh*t seems to be the NEW liberal battle cry==> Well it might be fake, but could be true ?

  3. Myiq2xu says:
    • 49erDweet says:

      We are ‘administered to’ by Teh Stoopids. (Can no longer say ‘governed’ because they don’t).

      • Lulu says:

        OPM director’s priority is “diversity”. So now all races, nationalities, creeds, sexual preferences are able to hack us.

  4. DeniseVB says:

    This is WHY you put a politics clause in your Hollyweird contracts, I don’t think this would be a story if this snowflake didn’t endorse Hillary and Michelle’s Healthy Grub initiatives…..

    Sigh, kids. Sidebar: I’ve still never heard of her.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      She’s got talent, but she has been turned into a hypersexualized pop tart. Those things have a short shelf life.

      • 1539days says:

        She used to be a Nickelodeon star until a couple of years ago. It turned out she became more famous than iCarly, whose show she replaced.

      • angienc says:

        She’s 22 — I had no idea she was that old (not that 22 is old — but I seriously thought she was 16). She is obviously playing up her child star roots with the pony tail and short skirts to appeal to the pedo/Lolita crowd.

        And her brother is that super obnoxious no-talent loser Frankie Grande who was on Big Brother a few years back.

        That’s two strikes against her even BEFORE the donut-liking/”I hate America” crap

        • 1539days says:

          LOL. I was going to mention Big Brother, but I thought no one would know what I was writing about. Frankie was ridiculous. He used a dying grandfather to get sympathy, then used his celebrity connection to stay a little longer.

          I’m not even watching BB this year. They have a transgender house guest. They’re going to handle that in the most stupid way possible.

    • Lulu says:

      That is major nasty and anti-social behavior spitting or putting your filthy tongue to despoil food in a public place. But that is why donuts or any other food item should be stored behind glass or counters so little freaks like this moron can’t contaminate things with her mouth or filthy hands.

  5. gram krakka says:

    “Phil” Hemmer? That should have been a clue. Phil, Bill what’s the difference, they rhyme. Besides all those white privilege males all look alike.

  6. Myiq2xu says:

  7. Myiq2xu says:

  8. Myiq2xu says:

  9. Myiq2xu says:

  10. Lulu says:

    “The Donald: Almost half of all conversation last week on social and regular media was about him”

  11. Myiq2xu says:

    I ❤ Ace:

    Donald Trump and the Class War Within the GOP

    There is a class war within the GOP. There has been for years.

    The war is between two groups. My terminology may not be perfect, and there is lots of give in these terms, but the war is between Working Class Whites and Professional Class Whites, which I sometimes call "Comfortable Class Whites."

    Both classes, frankly, disgust me, depending on the day of the week.

    The Working Class Whites are naked with class resentment and don't seem to mind if the world knows they are seething angry at the Professional Classes (whom they feel, correctly, disrespect them). They tend to push a "politics" which is less about actual policy and more about asserting the cultural class supremacy of the White Working Class.

    The White Professional Class is composed of both actual professionals, who are a fraction of the class, and the larger number of people who aspire to join the Upper Middle Class, but are actually Middle Class.

    The White Professional Class loves denigrating the White Working Class. One of its proudest achievements is that it's not the White Working Class.

    Also, the Comfortable Class does in fact enjoy showing the liberals that they're not like that rabble, the White Working Class, by making a bigger deal than necessary over PC lapses by the White Working Class.

    The Comfortable Class is very PC. It has, in fact, incorporated most of the mores and forbiddances of the Establishment Left. When people call members of this class "sort of liberal," they're 100% accurate.

    This is why you'll never see true conservatism win in DC — the actual representatives you send to DC are almost entirely members of the Comfortable Class, or soon will be (you become the fish you swim with). And they are in fact much, much closer to the Establishment Left than they are the mores and customs of the White Working Class they are nominally allied with.

    I despise this class more than the White Working Class.

    I'm going to be perfectly honest now and tell everyone what I hate about them.

    I hate that the White Working Class is so comfortable being what I would term "crude," and in fact seems to take a backwards-ass pride in being crude of mind and crude of expression.

    But I hate that the Comfortable Class is So. Fucking. Cowardly.

    The Comfortable Class routinely lies in order to establish its bona fides with the Establishment Left.

    Let me give you an example: the mighty squeal we heard from the Comfortable Class when Ben Carson said, accurately, that you can't say that sexuality is perfectly immutable and inborn, because straight men and women engage in opportunistic homosexuality in prison.

    Is anyone actually claiming this is wrong?

    The Comfortable Class uses a trick of the Establishment Left in these cases– they cannot say the thing is actually wrong, because it's self-evidently true.

    So instead they play the Uproar game– they just scream so loud in protest, never quite identifying what was said that is inaccurate, just screaming about how terrible a thing to say it was, without quite saying why a true thing should be so terrible.

    This is exactly what the Left does. And the Comfortable Class shares most of the mores of the Left — and they also share their advantages.

    When you are closer to the Establishment, when you have more of a hold on the means of communication, you can play the Uproar game, and you can silence people from saying things that are obviously true (but for whatever reason culturally forbidden).

    When you're in a weaker position, you can't.

    There is a bit of grumbling I hear from Working Class Whites, who sometimes ask why they can't just demonize a particular group or a particular thought like the Establishment do (the Establishments of both Left and Right).

    The answer is simple: Because you don't have that power. You don't have enough of a cultural reach to impose your own Uproar forbiddances. You just don't.

    The Establishment Right — or, Establishment Center, really — can always just scream about Ben Carson's horrible statement.

    They don't bother to answer why, if sexuality is perfectly inborn, with no possible circumstantial or cultural inputs, it could be that some societies, like the ancient Greeks and Romans, had a fair amount of homosexuality, especially in the upper classes; nor why in modern day Afghanistan, it is an accepted and widespread cultural practice that a rich warlord will take a young boy into his bed for pleasure.

    If there's no cultural or circumstantial element to homosexuality, are we saying that Greeks and Italians and Afghans are simply more genetically gay than the average population?

    Why is homosexuality so frequent in prison? Yes, it's often due to rape; but are those same men raping men outside of prison? Or are they paying female whores and raping female victims?

    Ben Carson was right. You might not like the use he put this fact to, but the fact itself was correct.

    And the left did not want to discuss it, because it is simply part of their religious dogma that homosexuality is 100% genetic with absolutely no cultural or circumstantial component, so they Uproared it.

    And the Comfortable Class Right screamed even louder about it, because Ben Carson was embarrassing them in front of their liberal friends.

    This a thing the left is doing — you don't know this, probably, and I just realized it, but it is central to the left's electoral ambitions to constantly stir up fights between the White Working Class wing of the GOP and the Comfortable Class of the GOP.

    They are always highlighting these cleavages. Always. Confederate flag? Well, that sure does divide the White Working Class from the Professional Class, doesn't it?

    Guns, gay marriage, etc. The left has profited greatly by the right's inability to negotiate a united compromise front on these issues, some kind of compromise that the White Working Class and White Comfortable Class can live with.

    Instead, both classes are determined to WIN and destroy the other.

    The White Working Class has to get over its penchant for wanting to state things in the — let's be charitable here — most "direct" way possible. That kind of talk might appeal to you, but it does not appeal to a Republican dentist in Bucks County.

    Yes, White Working Class — you have to take the feelings and sensitivities of the other members of the conservative coalition into account. You don't just get to insist "We get to win because we're right."

    If the GOP wants to be, forever, the party of only working class whites and married women, fine, but just because you might hold the Upper Middle Class in contempt, and think the wealthy Philly suburbs are filled with stupid PC voters — and I hold both of those positions myself — you cannot base a politics on Working Class White Resentment alone and think you're going to win elections.

    The only people who care about putting the White Working Class on top of the Cultural Pyramid are Working Class Whites themselves. No one else is in favor of this, and this isn't even a political issue — it's a pure social class struggle having nothing to do with policy, and everything to do with ego and a desire for broad-based cultural validation.

    And to the Comfortable Class — My God, get the fuck over yourselves. So you graduated college. So did 40% of the country.

    Do you think you've become a separate, elite species due to this not-so-bragworthy accomplishment?

    Stop playing those snotty games by which you attempt to put the Lower Orders in their Place, damnit, and tell them How It's Gonna Be.

    You don't have the power you think you do.

    And you're not as smart as you think you are, either.

    Again: Get over yourselves. You talk an awful lot about what is politic and what is winning strategy; how about putting some of that theory into practice and making common cause with a group you absolutely need the 100% support of?

    Maybe you could try not being used like an easy 2am booty call for the Left every time they sext you "u up?"

    In short, these two feuding classes, who obviously hate each other (every single Twitter war or comment fight soon resolves cleanly into the White Working Class vs. Comfortable Class), need to get over the emotional fight they really love having and get their fucking heads screwed on straight and start fighting the fight they care less about, but which is more important to win.

    No conservative has ever won without a significant majority of both cultural cohorts.

    One without the other is a loss — even if one is super-pumped up.

    This is, by the way, why I don't think I can support Trump: Yes, it's wonderful that he excites the Working Class Whites.

    But he repulses the Upper middle Class whites.

    You can't win that way. You just can't. Period.

    Maybe the Comfortable Class is too silly about these things (I do think they are pretty silly), but that's the fact. He has said the sort of things no member of the Comfortable Class will associate himself with, ever — remember, they are almost as PC as the left – and hence this is a losing candidacy.

    Every candidate is going to please one cohort more, but you just can't win associating yourself that closely with only one, and telling the other "I'm nothing like you, and in fact I find you unworthy of respect."

    I'm tired of politics degenerating into a proxy war for class-based cultural superiority.

    I would say I'm tired of politics, but when do we actually ever get to discuss politics? Seems to me we're always having this cowardly proxy-war over who shall be Top Dog in the Loser's Coalition, the White Working Class or the Comfortable Class.

    At some point, this ego-based stupidity needs to end.

    Everyone likes to call himself a patriot, but constantly getting into intraparty Class Wars is not patriotic. It's a loser's game, and one the left laughs at while we frag each other.

    We don't all have to agree here, or even like each other. We are not all friends; we are certainly not family.

    But this passive-aggressive shit from the Comfortable Class — and this aggressive-aggressive shit by the Working Class — has to end.

    All we need to do is forge compromises between each other that we can mutually live with and then go in a united front to face the real enemy. Not compromises with the left, but compromises with each other.

    Or, we can do what we've been doing, and just keep on losing, and blaming each other, and just fighting other conservatives.

    I speculated one time that we like fighting other conservatives so much because deep down we know we're easy to beat.

    So we can keep on fighting in the junior leagues, to see who gets to take the 4 inch Participation Trophy home, or we can put aside childish things and act like men and women who care about their country and not just their class prerogatives.

  12. Myiq2xu says:
  13. Myiq2xu says:
  14. helenk3 says:

    a giant WTF. they are getting nutso,,when a city council votes to do this sick thing

  15. 49erDweet says:

    Possibly good news coming for California.

    Now, if only Jerry Brown would rethink that bullet train thingy……

  16. mothy67 says:

    You can never discuss homosexuality with a prog. They are not equiped and in my experience cut you off completely. I am gay and I have questions. I was a sick kid did my mother over compensate because she felt powerless and smothered me. As I got older did I screw and dig out my eyeballs. NO but Freud is now bashed and completely dismissed. He was a very gifted writer. Had a bad habit or two but he also opened up discussion. Same thing happens with Ayn Rand. Discount entire body of work insult assault things you have never read because other hip elitists do. I do not see the use in simply extinguishing a fiery debate. I am flabbergasted by this flag thing. A flag did not make this sick boy shoot anybody.
    Back to dear Ayn the first time I heard her dismissed was Dirty Dancing. Baby said the book was some people count and others do not. Huh? I am not smitten by Atlas Shrugged much prefer The Fountainhead. There is a graphic rape in there. Howard rapes Dominique . I could see someone getting upset there but the people that have never read Rand are the ones that attack Objectivism. I think thy are all Grubers following marching orders.The contradiction the far left has with her is astounding.
    I bought a book one day on the street called The Homosexual neuro Neurotic Was in German I could read it back then. I cannot find an English language copy. Hitler had the author killed and all his works burned. The premise was all sexuality exists on a continuum. A gay person is neurotic because they chose to opt for a life that can bring anguish as opposed to one that rewards. I am not saying I agree I just found it interesting. I am not afraid of thinking for myself.

  17. mothy67 says:

    I have looked up this book so many times never a hit. I just binged it and there it was

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