UPDATED! Is the Planned Parenthood Hack a Hoax?


Update (9:35 pm EST): In comments I made a reference to a racist term being used as an admin login. That word is via the 3301 website, and the login is “ppuat_admin: niggers1.” Directly underneath that is “alan: password.” I don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of hacking, but it looked to me like that was a reference to Alan’s password/login. The first person listed on the emails list is Alan Necula, who I confirmed is Planned Parenthood’s Senior Web Developer. So this afternoon I just sent a quick message to the 3301 Twitter account asking where that came from. Here’s the response I just got:


So allegedly “niggers1” was the login/password they used to hack into the website, which was also allegedly Planned Parenthood’s Senior Web Developer’s login/password. Mr. Necula has got some serious ‘splaining to do… Just wow.

Update (6:00 pm EST): Via Gizmodo, the apparent website in question is http://3301.in/. However, questions remain about the origin and veracity of the alleged hack. Will update as new information comes in. Gizmodo has since removed the hyperlink from its article.


The number 1 topic on Memeorandum right now is a story posted by The Daily Dot about an alleged hack of Planned Parenthood, including an allegation about the posting of their employee data online. The problem is, there is zero verifiable proof that the story is true. The Daily Dot does not link to the website, and Planned Parenthood is quoted as saying that they have not detected any hack. Nevertheless, the story is quickly going viral.

(Editor’s note: The Daily Dot is intentionally not linking to the hackers’ website.)

The story includes quotes from the group, and names the group as “3301” noting that 3301 is part of the name of a famous internet meme called Cicada 3301 that refers to an alleged puzzle used as a recruiting tool by…somebody with some kind of hack connections. Or so the story goes.

At this point, the story is spreading to all the usual suspects, including The Hill, Politico, The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, and even LifeNews. All of these articles reference the Daily Dot article and use the information contained within it. None of them contain links to the alleged website the hackers allegedly used to dump the data, and no verifiable information in included in any article. The Daily Dot does have a hyperlink over the word Twitter in a reference to the alleged group’s alleged Twitter account, but the link directs to the Daily Dot Twitter community page.

Here is the quote that the Daily Dot author, William Turton, allegedly pulled from the alleged website:

“We’ve noticed quite a lot of attention has been diverted to a supposedly malicious organization known as Planned Parenthood. The actions of this ‘federation’ are not seen as right in the eyes of the public. So here we are, the social justice warriors, seeking to reclaim some sort of lulz for the years and thousands of dollars that Planned Parenthood have wasted and made harvesting your babies.”

I spent a couple of hours today trying to suss out anything verifiable about the 3301 group, looking for a website or a Twitter account, anything that might offer some proof that what the Daily Dot is reporting is real. I’m not the world’s best internet researcher, but I am pretty good. I found nothing. Even using key parts of the quote above, all I came up with was the Daily Dot article spreading like wildfire across internet media sites, none of which have done any of their own research. If the statement was posted on the 3301 group’s website, as reported, it should have popped up, and yet it didn’t.

Now I’m left wondering if the story is a hoax, and who benefits if so. What I do know is that the #1 rule on TCH Blog Rules is:

It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

I’ll leave it to you. 🙂 Let us know if you find any proof.

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47 Responses to UPDATED! Is the Planned Parenthood Hack a Hoax?

  1. I’ll be curious to see if any of you guys can turn anything up. Definitely worth some investigation. If nothing else, the story needs to be proved as real, or outed as a hoax. It’s ridiculous that websites that post links to hacks of politicians, entertainment stars, crime victims, and other targets refuses to post a link to this. It stinks to high heaven.

  2. DeniseVB says:

    I have never heard of The Daily Dot. Did a quick search on Bing, no MSM sites came up, just the usual suspects.

    Going through their twitter feed now, they seem pro-Hillary and leaning left ? …….. Never heard of the Straight Pride parade either. A sympathetic PP group making sh*t up is my preliminary report, will keep digging 😉

    • Yep. I also read the DD About page, and it just says it’s about “Internet life.” Lists Brandon Cason as editor Marketing Director, and gives the link to this site below his name: http://www.deepeddyvodka.com. It’s a dead link, though. Several Brandon Cason’s online. Trying to mine Turton’s Twitter followers now for a match.

  3. DeniseVB says:

    Daily Dot has several twitter feeds, this is from Opinion, does it pre or post date their hack story?

  4. DeniseVB says:

    Here’s the Daily Dot “editor” …. https://twitter.com/alykeves

    Bizzarro. That the left’s picked it up, won’t be the first time they didn’t do their homework. Hey, and they get paid too 😉

    • And here’s the alleged Twitter: https://twitter.com/33oh1

      But it’s a nub. Just three posts all within the last day and all about PP. The icon is the Cicada 3301 icon, which is also the icon on the page of alleged PP employee information. That page is just a list of professional emails, though. This is still stinking.

  5. DeniseVB says:

    Ok, I asked the Hill if they can confirm their source The Daily Dot. Will let you know if I hear back or the story’s taken down.

  6. nerdle says:

    It is all too convenient. This whole thing seems like a deception to rally support for PP after the latest scandals. Check the comments (normally, I would never suggest that; the comment section on news sites are always a cesspool) and you can see it’s worked. As a side, their website 3301.in looks like something Hollywood would come up with in some hacker TV show or film. I don’t see how anyone can take it seriously.

    • DeniseVB says:

      I agree, this tactic has duped left and right sites before. The Daily Currant comes to mind as others have done making crap up. Still haven’t heard back from The Hill. Just asked them for more information on the credibility of their source The Daily Dot.

    • Exactly. That quote from the website is pretty much what you’d expect a 22 year old geek to write if he were trying to imagine how to throw someone off the scent. That racist term used as an admin is another give away. And there’s this under the oath token at the very end of the page:

      I didn’t think people were this dumb

  7. I almost forgot…reference to someone named goldcap are near the end. Twitter account and Instagram & additional references lead to this guy, who is, I guess, an Armenian DJ…


  8. DeniseVB says:

    Daily Dot’s on FB too …. https://www.facebook.com/dailydot?fref=ts

    1.4 million followers ? Who are these people ??

  9. More & more beginning to question this “hack,” even as PP confirms & reports it to DOJ & FBI.

    Here’s a highly politicized technowizard’s Storiful tweets on the subject for the day: https://storify.com/ClinicEscort/i-have-questions-on-the-planned-parenthood-hack?utm_source=t.co&utm_content=storify-pingback&awesm=sfy.co_q0mOL&utm_medium=sfy.co-twitter&utm_campaign=

  10. Myiq2xu says:
  11. Myiq2xu says:

    Look who I found on Twitter:

    The Notorious ABG, aka “Angry Black Guy”

  12. Myiq2xu says:

    Should I start a pool on when RD posts about this?

  13. 1539days says:

    Hoax or no, the FBI and the Department of Crime are saying this hack actually happened. Of course, every organization involved claims without evidence that this attack is motivated by philosophical opposition to abortion. The statements by the hackers seem to indicate more libertarian reasons, that PP is taking too much government money and selling body parts.

  14. Just updated this post, and it’s a doozy. I got a response back from the group about the racist term I saw on their website. Not one single article I read to day noted this term being used. See top of this story for the update.

    Where’s DT when you need him??? I need to know what “the salt” is.

      • Okay, but pretend you’re talking to a commoner here, who just knows the user end of a computer, and not the programming end. How does a salt work> Is it just random words strung together? Does the user have to pic the words? How accountable is Mr. Necula for that word “niggers1” being assigned to his login credentials?

        • 1539days says:

          My knowledge is limited on the subject, so I wanted to give you a starting point. Basically, your “password” is stored as only part of your password in a “hash” list. The hash is the password list. The salt is an additional part of the hash. That n-word is a combination of the has (real password) and the salt (other data to pad out the password). I would say that the likelihood that his password was innocent until the salt data was added is low, but possible.

          Back later. Unreal is on Lifetime.

        • 1539days says:

          DT is definitely more likely to have an idea how much of that has is the salt and how much is the real password.

    • DandyTIger says:

      The password you have, mentioned in the update above, should be the whole password. You then hash that and add the “salt” to create the encrypted password. If you’re going through a normal login process, you just use the password. But if you’re going through some back door where the password processing should have already happened, you’d need the encrypted password. It should be possible given the password, and some poking around, to figure that out.

  15. Myiq2xu says:
  16. Myiq2xu says:
    • DandyTIger says:

      An organization that can make money off of fetus body parts who’s primary business is extracting fetuses has at best a conflict of interest, and at worst a large potential for abuse. This should scare the shit out of anyone.

      And this doesn’t even address the obvious legal issues of profiting from body parts, changing procedures to maximize body part collection, and who knows what other legal problems.

      • votermom says:

        It’s like getting heart surgery and knowing the surgeon is allowed to sell the organs of any of his patients who may die on the operating table.

        • Lulu says:

          A part of my original heart, a very rare congenital abnormality, is in a medical school/research center. They removed it and replaced it with a new part. I donated the old part that didn’t work anymore They look at it so they can identify it on other people (average one per year internationally) on echograms, etc It was not sold. I gave express permission. I signed papers that specifically said where it would be kept and why. This was just a single little thing that didn’t work right yet they followed ethical and legal standards. PP doesn’t think they have to do this. They are exempt. They don’t want to waste their time because they are special politically and pop culturally and need to make money to pay the elites who head and lead it and don’t come cheap like a bunch of medical researchers in a medical school/research center.

          • votermom says:

            You have a bionic heart! I bet you look like Lindsay Wagner. 🙂

            That’s pretty cool that you gave it to research.
            Come to think of it I have no idea what was done with hubby’s gallbladder…

          • Lulu says:

            Nope. I didn’t look any different. Well maybe. I looked healthier because I am. They only wanted the part cause it was weird and some doctors and test takers didn’t believe what they saw when they did my testing. Now they can “look at this!” when being trained. I was amused.

  17. 1539days says:

    Everyone still calling the hackers “anti-abortion” probably because the left made being an anarchist cool.

    • DandyTIger says:

      Jury is still out on whether they were hacked at all. But if so, it’s probably a reasonable assumption that the hacker would be pro life. But, it certainly could be just a libertarian type or just someone who’s not as much into baby chop shops.

  18. DandyTIger says:

    It’s certainly very suspicious. And ever since GamerGate (GG), where media and some gaming companies were caught red handed being corrupt and embezzling, but cleverly defended themselves by claiming they were being harassed, threatened, hacked, etc., it’s now a common tactic among the SJW’s/left to manufacture stories so they’re the victims. Resulting in if you’re pro GG (wanting to investigate crimes and clean up the Gaming biz), you’re evil. It worked for a time anyway. Now it’s now pretty much common practice on the left. So red flags go up the minute libs/sjw types claim victimhood. I just figure they got caught or are about to be caught doing something particularly nasty.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Hacking is wrong but the truth is the truth. If PP was selling baby parts they should pay.

      • Lulu says:

        What is amazing to me is that they seem to have no clue what they were/are doing is so wrong and so illegal. Amoral comes to mind. So does sociopath. They thought they were untouchable and could do anything. I don’t think they thought at first what they were doing was wrong. They still don’t. They seemed stunned. Then someone explained it to them and the butt covering and misdirection came. As with many proclaimed do-gooders, these in the assistance of women in family planning, they turned it into a way to rake in the moolah and horrify people with their greed, law breaking, and disconnect from reality. They had screamed the loudest the longest and had “won” the debate and were untouchable. It has shades of that horrible breast cancer scam group that imploded a few years back but worse.

      • votermom says:

        Whoever hacked PP, if they use it to reveal the atrocities, would be more deserving of awards than either Assange or Snowden.

  19. Lulu says:

    Last night while changing channels, I caught Trump saying “If we don’t have a border we don’t have a country.” This is a legal and geopolitical concept that seems to fly past most of the ninnies advocating illegal immigration, etc. I tried to talk about this part of the current mess last year but most people weren’t ready to consider it yet. Now Trump is “going there”.

    It is fundamental to civilization, government, and law. The no borders types are advocating either anarchy or one world order. I kept asking last year “Do I pay my taxes to Mexico now?” since I live on the edge of disputed territory? Do I still have to follow US law even though I am in undefended territory? Can I still vote or should I throw in with a local warlord? Do the local yokels have any say in this or is Obama just washing his hands of troublesome territory (Texas, AZ, etc) and ceding control somewhere else? Does he understand (doubtful) that he has to cede the taxes too? You really can’t have both. Do the Dems and crook Chamber of Commerce Republicans just want to govern a strip of territory in the NE, Rust Belt, etc and let loose the rest. I know this is a difficult concept for the history illiterates in both parties, and poorly educated Harvard lawyers, but even gang-bangers understand defending street territory and you can bet the Mexican government and cartels do too. So are we devolving from a country into a bunch of city-states and wild west territories semi or fully autonomous strong man/prince states like dark age Europe? I need to know where to pay my taxes/tribute.

  20. Dora says:

    I enjoyed several of her books. My favorite is the one about the murder of Anne Marie Fahey, the beautiful young woman who was secretary to Gov. Carper of Delaware. I can’t recall the name of it, but that case certainly caused a sensation at the time. RIP Ms. Rule

    True-Crime Author Ann Rule Dies At Age 83

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