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Reporter Gets Slapped Down For Getting Uppity With Obama

Seriously: Obama Scolds Major Garrett For ‘Nonsense’ Question President Barack Obama publicly scolded CBS News’ Major Garrett during a gathering of the press corps at the White House on Wednesday, chastising the reporter for asking if the president is “content” … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood & The Art of F*cking Up

I knew I should’ve scheduled a post on this topic last night, what with the klown being down due to tooth doctorin’.  I was pretty sure it was going to be top of the Meme today, and it is. Late yesterday, Planned … Continue reading

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I drank too much cheap whiskey last night. You know that feeling when you’re really close to throwing up, and you want to because you’ll feel better afterwards, but you can’t? That’s where I’m at. On the other hand my … Continue reading

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Walker Is Running

Until further notice he’s my guy. Meanwhile, the earliest I could get an appointment was tomorrow afternoon, so unless there is a cancellation earlier it’s Orajel and Advil/aspirin until then.

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I am in agony from a toothache. It hurts so bad I can’t think straight. I won’t be posting anything until I get it fixed.

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Squirrelly Sunday Open Thread

There is literally nothing of value being reported in the news this morning. It’s all squirrels. The press is so bored by tamping down all the important shit that they are covering fictional beer. We’re doomed. This is an open … Continue reading

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Relaxation Exercise

I feel better already. This is an open thread.

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Friday WTF: CNN Blames Senate GOP For OPM Hack

Seriously, WTF? Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta resigned Friday, a day after revealing the recent data breach of government computers was vastly larger than originally thought. […] Support for Archuleta crumbled after her testimony. But she had never … Continue reading

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Okay, Let’s Talk About Donald Trump

I was hoping to avoid this. But I guess we have to. So okay, let’s talk about Donald Trump. Billionaire. Television star. Presidential candidate? WaPo: Donald Trump vowed Thursday to wage a hard-charging and lengthy presidential campaign, including filing his … Continue reading

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You Can’t Argue With A Progressive Bigot

First, a “news” story: LA Gov. Bobby Jindal “The Confederate flag is a symbol of my heritage” Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana Governor and GOP presidential candidate, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, 44, spoke with Phil Hemmer via satellite on Fox News’ … Continue reading

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Uh, You Won – Why Are You Pissed?

Good news: South Carolina House votes to remove Confederate flag from state house grounds The Confederate battle flag, a polarizing fixture on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds for half a century, will flap in the wind no longer. Early Thursday, the … Continue reading

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Why Did Hillary Delete This Photo?

Last Friday Hillary was campaigning up in New Hamster. Monday she (her staff) posted this picture on her Instagram account. Then yesterday it was quietly deleted. Quietly on her part, anyway. Some people were quick to notice that the man … Continue reading

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Phony as a $3 Bill

Remember the collective media “SQUEEEEE!!!” when Barack Obama spontaneously began singing “Amazing Grace” at that funeral? Fake. The Story Behind President Obama Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ at Charleston Funeral President Obama’s singing of “Amazing Grace” during the eulogy for Rev. Clementa … Continue reading

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Illegals and Racism and Trump

I got yelled at for defending Donald Trump’s remarks on illegals during his presidential announcement. The argument seemed to be that Trump had said most illegals are rapists and murderers, so by defending that I am saying that most Mexicans … Continue reading

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Mo’ Lily Open Thread

Lily now has more hair than me. It’s long enough to hold a clip. Pretty soon she’ll have more teeth than I do.

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Greece Votes To Defy Gravity

Seriously: The mandate you've given me does not call for a break with Europe, but rather gives me greater negotiating strength. #Greece #Greferendum — Alexis Tsipras (@tsipras_eu) July 5, 2015 Even in the most difficult circumstances, #democracy can't be blackmailed—it … Continue reading

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A Holiday Just Isn’t A Holiday Without A Picture Of Obama

This is an open thread.

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OMG! I am soooo f**ked up!

So last night I was drinking beer.  Then I ran out of beer.  So I started putting some Jim Beam in my Diet Pepsi.  Before long I was putting Diet Pepsi in my Jim Beam. I ran out of alcohol … Continue reading

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Flag Burners Get Disrupted

When I first heard the word existential, I didn’t know what it meant, so I never used it. But then I found out that no one knows what it means, so now I use it all the time. ~Gaia Continue reading

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I will slap the dogshit out of anyone who tries that crap!

I can’t even: The Obama administration wants you to bring a side of healthcare politics to your family picnic this weekend. After ObamaCare’s big win at the Supreme Court last week, federal health officials are serving up some tips about … Continue reading

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