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Trump Can’t Say That! Or Can He?

This ad is already causing some panty-wetting among the social justice warriors: Trump’s nasty “Act Of Love” ad is pretty much Willie Horton 2, Electric Boogaloo. I suppose you could say that Jeb deserves it, since his dad gave us … Continue reading

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If The Media Wasn’t There, Did It Really Happen?

Nobody got arrested. No stores were looted. No police cars were torched. They had all the proper permits. No wonder the media ignored them. ‘All Lives Matter’ march draws more than 20,000 to Birmingham Led by conservative activist and talk … Continue reading

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Sunday Reflections: With High Emotions, Logic Runs Low

The picture above was the focus of a snarky Tweet yesterday during the #BlackFair event, hosted by #BlackLivesMatter, at the Minnesota State Fair.  (Update: Via Denise VB, this is a picture of Dorian Johnson, the young man with Michael Brown … Continue reading

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Open Thread ~ Back To School

Love this. Happy Sunday Open Thread 🙂

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Cold Blooded Murder

A Texas sheriff’s deputy was killed execution style. The deputy was white. The killer was black. Excuse me, he had a “dark complexion”. The suspect was described in multiple media outlets as follows: Police described the suspect as a male … Continue reading

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The Power Of Shunning

Two articles – the first is from Rick Wilson: This was like a thousand other murders, carried out by a thousand other madmen. This was like a thousand other killings, be it with a knife or a hammer or a … Continue reading

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Another Awesomesauce TCH Open Thread GaGa Style

Who knew Lady Gaga was was classically trained in opera, this is frilliant, warning goosebumps. Enjoy! Latest on Erika: Major changes to latest NHC forecast. Everyone in Southeast should watch #Erika this weekend for additional changes. — CNN Weather … Continue reading

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Sure Happy It’s Taylor Open Thread

Last night at the Staples Center Taylor Swift surprised everybody with a special guest when she performed a duet of “Smelly Cat” with Phoebe Buffay. (Tay crushed it.) If I had a daughter I wish she was just like Taylor … Continue reading

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This Is Really Sickening

What happened yesterday in Virginia was bad enough, but now the media ghouls are feeding on the dead. The worst part is that this latest nutjob has raised the bar for all disturbed psychos who want to become infamous – … Continue reading

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An HBO Miniseries Is Not Real History

If you want to be a hate-filled bigot, Hollywood will show you the way. John Cole (who else?): I’ve been watching Show Me a Hero on HBO the past few weeks, and you should too. They are showing two episodes … Continue reading

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Open Thread – Primary So Far Edition

I saw this photo and thought it was a great metaphor of the media and politics, and we have over a year to go !

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Tuesday Open Thread – Tinfoil Edition

Stock markets, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and other shiny objects to start the day. Will they or won’t they?

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I Hate Mondays

I’m glad I don’t have a 401k because the stock market took a shit today. When the Dow Jones goes up, thank Obama. When the Dow Jones tanks, blame somebody else. When I saw the Planned Parenthood videos I was … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread: Dont Stop Me Now Edition

This made me think of  Trump, Carly, Carson ❤

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Noah Ward Wins Five Hugos

Authoritarians want to control things. Totalitarians want to control everything. SET PHASERS TO KILL! SJWS BURN DOWN THE HUGO AWARDS TO PROVE HOW TOLERANT AND WELCOMING THEY ARE At the seventy-third annual Worldcon science fiction convention on Saturday night, social … Continue reading

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How to Stop a Terrorist in 5 Easy Steps

So this happened. A couple of US Armed Services personnel and their friend were traveling through France when they stopped a terrorist who had opened fire on the train they were traveling on. The terrorist, a Moroccan man, was armed with … Continue reading

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Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave . . .

Shaun King doubles down: After coming under fire by a slew of conservative Web sites that claimed he lied about his biracial identity, prominent social justice activist Shaun King told The Washington Post Thursday that he is biracial because he … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread – Time of Your Life Edition

This song reminds me of the 2016 primary season, especially all the candidates and how we’re coping with them so far.  Yep, still having the time of my life.

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Game of Thrones, Obama Version

He hates her. He really hates her. Monica Crowley: Why Obama is torpedoing Hillary Clinton There is only one person who controls Hillary Clinton’s fate, and it isn’t Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton is careening toward possible criminal charges involving her … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread – Bad Lip Reading is Back ! Edition

Here’s a fresh cuppa smiles to start the day with  🙂

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