Victorian Feminist Prudes

This is some cray shit:

‘Bama sorority video worse for women than Donald Trump

Remember all those bikini-clad, sashaying, glitter-blowing, and spontaneous piggyback-riding days of college? Me either. But according to a new video, it’s a whirlwind of glitter and girl-on-girl piggyback rides at the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi house.

No, it’s not a slick Playboy Playmate or Girls Gone Wild video. It’s a sorority recruiting tool gaining on 500,000 views in its first week on YouTube. It’s a parade of white girls and blonde hair dye, coordinated clothing, bikinis and daisy dukes, glitter and kisses, bouncing bodies, euphoric hand-holding and hugging, gratuitous booty shots, and matching aviator sunglasses. It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It’s all so … unempowering.

Are they recruiting a diverse and talented group of young women embarking on a college education? Upon first or even fifth glance, probably not. Hormonal college-aged guys? Most assuredly yes. Older, male YouTube creepers? A resounding yes.

Like the many other videos of its ilk found online for sororities far and wide, it’s supposed to work as a sales tool to draw in potential new members (PNMs). But unlike many other videos, Alpha Phi’s video stands out in the “beauty and bounce” category and in its production value. Yes, sororities are known for being pretty and flirty; they aren’t bastions of feminist ideologies. But perhaps they shouldn’t completely sabotage them either.

Just last week during the GOP debate, Megyn Kelly of Fox News called out Donald Trump for dismissing women with misogynous insults. Mere hours later, he proved her point by taking to Twitter to call her a “bimbo.” He also proved the point that women, in 2015, must still work diligently to be taken seriously. The continued fight for equal pay, the prevalence of women not being in charge of their own healthcare issues, and the ever-increasing number of women who are still coming out against Bill Cosby after decades of fearful silence show that we are not yet taken seriously.

Meanwhile, these young women, with all their flouncing and hair-flipping, are making it so terribly difficult for anyone to take them seriously, now or in the future. The video lacks any mention of core ideals or service and philanthropy efforts. It lacks substance but boasts bodies. It’s the kind of thing that subconsciously educates young men on how to perceive, and subsequently treat, women in their lives. It’s the kind of thing I never want my young daughters to see or emulate.

To the incoming PNMs, this video has a clear sales pitch: beauty, sexuality, and a specific look above all. They’re selling themselves on looks alone, as a commodity. Sadly, commodities don’t tend to command much respect.

So who is buying what they’re selling?

Men, from Donald Trump on down to fraternity pledges, are buying it over and over again with devastating results.

There’s more but I’m pretty sure your eyes are already glazed over. Shorter version: Men are bad, lustful animals. Women are sweet and pure angels who mustn’t be allowed to sully themselves or arouse male lust.

Hey, I know! Let’s mandate dress codes for women that require them to keep their bodies covered so men cannot eye-rape them! And we will keep them segregated from those horndog men and boys with separate classrooms and dormitories, and lots of laws and social rules to prevent them from mingling unsupervised. And rape codes that make it clear that the man is always guilty.

That oughta do it.

Seriously though, this shit is cray. Yes, women are more than just their bodies. But they do have bodies. Human nature being what it is, sex is gonna rear it’s ugly head sooner or later. Shouldn’t there be a happy medium between sexual repression and letting it all hang out?

I watched the entire video (for educational/scientific reasons only) and I can assure you that there is nothing in there that you don’t see on television every single day. On the other hand, the other day in Yemen a father let his daughter drown rather than allow male lifeguards to touch her.

BTW – The original video has been pulled and both the school administration and the national sorority have denounced it.

Welcome to Alpha Phi

Welcome to Alpha Phi


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  1. Myiq2xu says:
  2. mothy67 says:

    I have really good seats for Pirates Giants on Saturday. I’d love to post pics but no clue.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Where are the seats? Wear something distinctive and I’ll watch for you.

      • mothy67 says:

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  3. Underwhelmed says:

    Gonna disagree with you on this one. Those women are being packaged and marketed as meat, as having no more value than their bodies, as tits and arse, as having no intellect or academic or sporting achievements to celebrate. They are being marketed as sex prizes for college boys. It’s possible to condemn the shit treatment of women everywhere without being a prude. Just because it’s not burkas and drowning doesn’t mean it’s not abuse and cultural misogyny, because it is. The fact that you can’t see that doesn’t make it not so.

    • Myiq2xu says:

      Packaged and marketed by whom? The girls made that video themselves as a recruitment video.

      • elliesmom says:

        They aren’t even marketing themselves to men. Sororities are looking for women to want to join them. They are obviously marketing the sorority to attractive young women. While they might have some philanthropic outreaches, it’s not their recruiting tool. They also aren’t marketing themselves as being committed to academic excellence although there may be some Rhodes Scholars in their midst. The only packaging being done is being done by the sorority itself. If we as “older, wiser folks” have a problem with that, it’s our problem. We might want/hope young women put value on more than just their physical beauty, but if they don’t, it’s not because the competing message hasn’t been out there for awhile.

        • 1539days says:

          Honestly, if they showed more, um, average members of the house, I suspect the first-year girls would be less likely to join.

        • Underwhelmed says:

          Given that they truly believe this is how they must market themselves to gain success, they are the inevitable by product of the current culture cf: Miley Cyrus et al. I am angry because once upon a time feminism had the chance to make a real difference. Now there’s this shite. That these girls/women could value themselves so cheaply is an indictment on pretty much anything I can think of.

  4. helenk3 says:

    how long have women wanted respect and equal opportunity? These are college girls, they will go out into the world and learn the flirting and good looks might help you some, but a brain and talent will get you further. I really do not have a problem with young girls trying to look good. Hell we all did it.

    • elliesmom says:

      I agree. Some of us are “sorority girls” and some of us are not. Feminism is about “choice”, I thought. No one forces young women into joining a sorority, and most campuses that do have sororities have ones that have different purposes. If you want to raise thousands of dollars for charity, there are sororities that have that as their main purpose. If you want to pursue your MRS at the same time as your BA or BS, there are sororities for that. If you’re just not interested in hanging out with other women, there’s always the chess club. I see nothing wrong with truth in advertising. If I was a freshman looking to pledge at Alabama, and I wasn’t into bikinis and peroxide, I’d skip Alpha Phi. But there’s a market for membership so why not? These young women are adults, and the choice is theirs.

  5. helenk3 says:

    off topic

    Hillary’s e-mails in the bathroom????????
    you can not make this up

  6. Myiq2xu says:


    After leaving the car on the battery charger for several hours yesterday I attempted to go shopping. The car died at the mall in front of CVS pharmacy where I was buying some lose-dose aspirin for mom. I do not mean “wouldn’t start” I mean “was running and then died”.

    My BIL came and gave me a jumpstart and then followed me around to the other side of the mall to Sears. I left the care there for a battery and charging system test. BIL brought me home. I sit at home wondering how I am gonna afford to eat for the rest of the month.

    At 5:45 I received a call from Sears. The battery was bad. The replacement would normally be about $150 but since I had a DieHard battery already I got $50 credit on the old one. Cost for everything was about $107 and could I come down there now because they close at 6:00?

    Sure, I’ll just jump in the car and . . . .wait . . . what? When did they start closing at 6:00? When I worked there (20+ years ago) they were open until 9:00 except for Sundays. The store is still open until 9:00 but the shop closes at 6:00 now.

    So I call BIL – he says he’ll come get me and I tell him they close at 6:00 and he says he’s not sure he can make it. So I wait, and wait, and wait. At 6:15 he pulls up out front. As you might guess I am kinda stressed.

    He hands me some paperwork and my car keys and tells me he stopped off at Sears and paid for my car. When I offer to repay him he tells me to take it up with his wife. Arguing with my big sister is like arguing with a cat.

    So far this month: Home A/C started freezing up whenever I turned it on. Went thru a hot, sweaty weekend. Last Monday morning the A/C tech came by and added freon. A/C working again.

    Monday afternoon Mom has heart attack. Monday night they move her to Turlock. Tuesday they put three stents in. Wednesday she comes home. Friday the car needs a jumpstart. Yesterday it dies again when mom has heart Dr appt. Later car dies at the mall.

    If bad luck comes in threes then I should be good for a while.

    • elliesmom says:

      Big sisters are like that. Bossy as hell at times, but there for you when you need them. 😉

    • helenk3 says:

      I had to get a new battery today also. was going to the doctors yesterday and got in car and car was dead. called triple A and they charged it. by that time it was too late for the doctor. Monday pool guy comes and said the pump motor froze up and a new one is needed. That my daughter will pay for, I just pay the normal cleaning cost every week.


    • 1539days says:

      My car wouldn’t start after I picked up my mom from the doctor one time. We sat there for about 20 minutes until it started. It went on for almost a year like that. Car would start if I left it for 30-60 minutes, but wouldn’t start right after engine was shut off. Never had a problem going to work and back. One garage couldn’t figure it out and I didn’t go to another until the car stopped turning over entirely.

      Fuel system $1300. That was 3 or so years ago. Car is mostly okay thus far.

      • lildoggy4u says:

        Most likely your car just needed a fuel filter. $30. I’m so glad I work on my car myself. I do not trust any mechanic.

    • 49erDweet says:

      My “one day in and out” brake job sat in the sun at the shop all day without hearing anything from them, so when I called at closing time they said they were backed up and “oh, by the way” the new estimate would be three starbucks visits less than a thousand. I told them to put it back together and I’d pick it up in the morning. That’ll be one less job that’s backing them up, so I’m sure they’ll be real happy.

    • votermom says:

      Hurray for family!

    • Underwhelmed says:

      Fingers crossed, Klown!

  7. Myiq2xu says:

  8. Dora says:


    JWhat difference does it make?

  9. And just in time for Alpha Phi!

    F.D.A. approves a libido pill for women
    Tuesday, August 18, 2015 6:55 PM EDT


  10. 1539days says:

    There is way better porn on the internet than this. Since it’s already August, this is most likely an attempt to get the Freshmen (women?) who are already enrolled to consider that sorority.

  11. Dora says:

    Elite NWO In ‘Full Freak Out Mode’ – Cannot Be Bought, Sold, Gagged Or Controlled

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